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Wednesday December 28th, 2005 Driveway Cam's pc is traveling to KY today. Will try to post some pictures of the trip and the festivities ~ but until Driveway Cam is back and showing you the splendor of the driveway take some time to enjoy the penguin chicks (and eggs) and the mountains, and the pandas and the various mountains via the links below. Enjoy and have a safe and very Happy New Years Eve!!!!!

Tuesday December 27th, 2005 Getting ready for our trip to KY tomorrow....means lots (?) of driveway action (well, at least 2 trips up and down the driveway) today and a very slow day on the driveway tomorrow. Driveway cam will, of course, keep you up to date on all the driveway news!

Monday December 26th, 2005 Happy Boxing Day! The penguin chicks are getting very cute, and while it's raining here it's a beautiful day down at the base in Antarctica. In between all the action on the driveway don't forget to check in on them too. Here is a shot from Christmas Eve:

Enjoy ~

Sunday December 25th, 2005 Merry Christmas to all....and to all a good view ~ Best wishes from Driveway Cam for a lovely Christmas Holiday!

Saturday December 24th, 2005 Happy Christmas Eve!!!! A happy and safe holiday weekend to everyone ~ even the penguins. :) Now, go finish your shopping.

Friday December 23rd, 2005 We at Driveway Cam hope that you have a very Jolly Christmas Eve Eve! Temperature here is going up to 40 (well, the days are getting 3 seconds longer every day now....) so while you enjoy watching the snow melt today we will all hope for a White Christmas, for everyone ~

Thursday December 22th, 2005 A good Thursday morning to everyone. Hope you all had a very merry solstice and that winter, so far, is going well for you. :) Enjoy the Driveway ~

Wednesday December 21th, 2005 Shortest viewing day of the year ~ catch the driveway action while you can! And a very Happy Solstice to all ~

Tuesday December 20th, 2005 Happy Solstice Eve ~ hope your penultimate shortest day of the year is a good one! Driveway Cam spies some snow this morning....a few more flakes are in the forecast ~ nothing serious. Penguin Update: The seal was chased away by some of the soldiers stationed down there ~ it was a nail biter (in 15 minute increments!).

Monday December 19th, 2005 The days are getting VERY short now - have to get your Driveway viewing done earlier and earlier. (Forgot to flip the files yesterday so everything went into the first view of the day, sorry about that. It's fixed.) Lot's of penguin chicks ~ if you don't catch any when you go to the site, click on the word Pictures, in the Red Section between camera shots and look through those pictures. They are remarkably cute. Apparently a seal is 'visiting' today?! Doesn't seem to be doing much, at the moment......

Sunday December 18th, 2005 A perfect day to put on some Christmas Carols, sit back with a cup of peppermint tea and enjoy the Driveway Cam vista....

Saturday December 17th, 2005 Let the cookies begin!!! (Just a reminder....the driveway gets plowed when 3 inches of snow have fallen. And Driveway Cam will be keeping an eye on that for you.)(Reminder the Second...there are penguin chicks in the Antarctic!) Happy Viewing!

Friday December 16th, 2005 More ice than snow....seems everyone got that. Hope all of our Southern viewers are keeping warm and being careful on the roads. It's beautiful out there, in it's all grey coated with ice way. It's a good weekend to stay inside and watch the driveway, yours and ours. If we get snow this weekend Driveway Cam will post pictures more frequently....Last weekend before Christmas, and not a cookie in the house yet so here, behind Driveway Cam, there is going to be a cookie marathon!

Thursday December 15th, 2005 Thursdays are still condo days so no updates today....but a couple of morning shots to view......that storm is supposed to get here this afternoon and over the evening so check in tomorrow for the comparison. Today; the calm ~ Meanwhile!! Check out the penguins! Rumor has it there has been a hatching or two down in Antartica. Please let Driveway Cam know if you spot one!!!!

Wednesday December 14th, 2005 Two sunny days in a row!! Luckily Driveway Cam is here to document it or no one would believe it ~ big storm coming on Friday they tell us so it will be back to normal soon enough. Right now Driveway Cam is looking for it's sun screen.....

Tuesday December 13th, 2005 Hope you are checking in today to see the sun. A rare showing. It's very bright here in Greyville today! Hope Driveway Cam doesn't get snow blind. :)

Monday December 12th, 2005 Driveway Cam didn't get shut down last night....so there was no first picture of the morning (but I just put one out there). Keen eye'd viewers will notice that over the weekend we got lights and there are even some that Driveway Cam gets to watch! (thanks Jeff!). Snow this morning and hopefully more on the way ~ Have a good Monday.

Sunday December 11th, 2005 Hope all our viewers (where ever you are) are staying warm while Driveway Cam brings you the vista and excitement that is the driveway! It may be the start of cookie season today ~ it is at least the start of buying cookie ingredients which is easily another 8-10 trips in and out of the driveway today. Pace yourselves. :)

Saturday December 10th, 2005 While every one scurries around this weekend decorating trees, shopping, baking, playing in the snow, napping, whatever scurry-ing needs doing.....don't forget to take some time out to relax and watch the driveway!

Friday December 9th, 2005 The snow storm that clobbered the midwest raced through here too fast to leave much snow behind, but we did get a few flakes overnight. Enjoy the view, have a great weekend, bundle up and watch the road! (Driveway cam can be such a mom some days)

Thursday December 8th, 2005 Looks like a beautiful day as Driveway Cam sees it! The PC has to go to the condo today so the updates are only from this morning....more updates this afternoon if the meeting doesn't run too long.

Wednesday December 7, 2005 Good Morning Driveway Cam viewers....we hope Christopher had a very Happy Birthday yesterday and that everyone is keeping warm today. Rather cold here, and a snow advisory is out ~ but not for us, it's for anyone about 1 mile east of here on over. Maybe if the winds shift we'll get some. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we do!

Tuesday December 6, 2005 A little more snow today. Sit back and enjoy the show.........by the by, the driveway gets plowed whenever there is 3-4 inches of snow (always exciting on driveway cam)

Monday December 5, 2005 Driveway cam will be up and down today ~ the PC has to do a little traveling. But you'll get all the driveway news we can bring you this lovely Monday morning. Congratulations to the double A Ky State Champions the Russell Red Devils!!!!

Sunday December 4, 2005 The snow is lovely ~ enjoy the view!

Saturday December 3, 2005 YeeeHa!!! Snow this weekend!! Hope you enjoy it too! (Good Luck to the Russell Red Devils in the State Championship this weekend ~ want to check in with them? Click
here. )

Friday December 2, 2005 Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!

Thursday December 1, 2005 December is here! And with it is coming the chance of some snow tonight. Driveway cam is here for you. (well, today it's not (PC has to go to the condo to work of all things) so much) We're waiting to see which way the wind blows to see if we get the snow or not. You'll know when we do! Meanwhile the poor penguins in Antarctica are having yet another storm as well......

Wednesday November 30, 2005 Driveway Cam will be keeping an eye out on the driveway this last day of November ~

Tuesday November 29, 2005 Links are back, page two is gone. Check out the link for the Clore's visit for some skating pictures (and some of the other new links/where's elmo is a pretty cute link). Big weather changes on the way here at the driveway as a winter storm alert looms for later in the week. Today? I'm going to try to get some tulips planted! Happy Viewing.

Monday Evening November 28, 2005 Slowly getting Driveway Cam back in service (slight technical issues....) Sorry we didn't get pictures posted previously. Check out the link on page 2 for the Clores Page. You'll see pictures from skating on Saturday. Hopefully Driveway Cam will be back and bringing driveway news to America tomorrow.

Friday November 25, 2005 Playing around today ~ pictures posted as we can...... Enjoy!!!

Thursday November 24, 2005 Happy Thanksgiving!!!! The white truck, covered in white is the Clore Suburban ~ keep an eye on Driveway Cam for sightings of Bubba, Hannah, Lydia, Haydon, B-Man and Amy frolicking (?) in the cold and snow. Have a great Thanksgiving!! We'll post some pictures and give you a link when we get ourselves more organzied......

Wednesday November 23, 2005 Got a little dusting last night....a lot more snow due tomorrow. Luckily it is going to wait until the Kentucky group gets up here! They left early this morning so they are en route! You'll see them arrive right here on Driveway Cam. Up to the minute breaking Driveway News brought to you in 1/2 hour increments!

Tuesday November 22, 2005 There has been some discussion about this page loading slowly ~ so we at Driveway Cam are trying to speed things up for our dedicated viewers. For the next few days we will try out this split page approach. The only thing on this front page will be the Driveway Cam pictures, and a link to Page Two. Page Two will have the table of other favorite links etc...please let Driveway Cam know how it works for you. Even bigger news is the impending arrival of the Clores! They'll be here tomorrow and we can't wait!!! We are also expecting some snow over the course of the holiday weekend so grab a mug of hot chocolate and watch it snow, watch it snow, watch it snow ~

Monday November 21, 2005 Good Monday Morning! Some new links were added over the weekend (see previously on Driveway cam down below the table or just look through the table ~ some are marked as new. Panda Cam isn't marked that way but it's new and a lot of fun to watch). Driveway Cam will be keeping it's eye out on the weather. Snow is due in...they came and put in the driveway stakes yesterday (!) and the Clores are coming up for Thanksgiving. (both sure signs of snow!!). You'll see it here live (more or less) on Driveway Cam. Enjoy ~

Sunday November 20, 2005 A recap from yesterday ~ There are some new links in the table below, some pictures of Santa Fe (there is also some music on those pages...just hold your mouse on the link on those pages to hear it). And a Panda Cam!! From the National Zoo. And if you haven't checked out the zoo penguins yet you really should ~ especially at feeding time (1:30 eastern and 6:00 eastern) it's a riot to watch and to hear.

Last but not in any way least there is a link to show you the penguin nests in Anartica as of 11/12/05. The picture is on that site but also now here in case you haven't found it ~ along with a picture of what nests are still there as of 11/19/05. (seems nest #6 has been abandoned)

Saturday November 19, 2005 Driveway Cam loved the snow yesterday and hopes you did too. There are some new links in the table below, some pictures of Santa Fe (there is also some music on those pages...just hold your mouse on the link on those pages to hear it). And a Panda Cam!! From the National Zoo. And if you haven't checked out the zoo penguins yet you really should ~ especially at feeding time (1:30 eastern and 6:00 eastern) it's a riot to watch and to hear. Last but not in any way least there is a link to show you the penguin nests in Anartica. The picture is from that site but also now here in case you haven't found it ~ along with a picture of what nests are still there as of today. (seems nest #6 has been abandoned)

Friday November 18, 2005 The Return Of Driveway Cam!!! And just in time for the start of Snow Cam Season. Santa Fe was beautiful. Didn't get out much but there is a link of some pictures from the conference down in the table below. Enjoy and start making plans to go visit there ~

Sunday November 13, 2005 Seems I hosed up the files yesterday and forgot to set it back to current picture....oops. So Sky Cam has the current picture until the PC gets back on Thursday. Check out some of the links in the table below while you are waiting for Driveway Cam to get back. Those mountains are great to watch - almost as fun as the penguins! Have a great week. The beauty and the splendor of the driveway will return soon.

Saturday November 12, 2005 Sort of going to miss Sky Cam! Driveway Cam will be back momentarily... but Sky Cam gets the first picture of the day. : ) Driveway Cam's PC is going to Santa Fe tomorrow until Thursday so there won't be any updates during that time. However, enjoy the driveway vista today and next week spend some time wandering through the table of links. Added one to a penquin cam that is in Monteray with the kelp cam. They do live video of their penquins from 7AM to 7PM Pacific Time - it's really cute. Especially feeding times! Have a great weekend ~

Friday November 11, 2005 Apparently Driveway Cam is tired as it's laying down on the window sill ~ since it's Veterans Day it can just be Sky Cam for today. Enjoy watching the clouds go by........

Thursday November 10, 2005 Thursdays are going to the condo days ~ so a couple of quick 'looks' this morning and then the PC has to leave which always annoys driveway cam.... Hope you have a great day. There is the L.E. word in the forecast today (lake effect) and driveway cam wishes you could see it happen. The web cams listed in the table below are up and about today so if you are missing all the driveway excitement and action please don't forget you can watch several different mountains as well as see moss grow. We'll be back tomorrow!

Wednesday November 9, 2005 A quiet day on the driveway - a few trips here and there and some rain to watch. Should be a good day to curl up and catch up on all your driveway viewing. A few new links added to the table ~ you don't want to miss kelp cam!

Tuesday November 8, 2005 Election Day! Get out and Vote!! (you can come back and watch the driveway when you're done)(KY viewers are exempt this year and can watch all day long)

Monday November 7, 2005 Hard to believe that (for now) the Knitting to the Rescue Sale is over. They did a GREAT job! Over the 3 days of moving things into the van, up to the sale, setting up, out of the sale and back into the van they moved a total of 72 tables, 442 boxes, 48 drying racks, 16 chairs and raised over $3000!!!!! Here are a few day 3 pictures . Chris goes home today at noon ~ we are going to miss him and all his help (especially his amazing money counting/balancing abilities!) There are rumors of one more sale at a busy suburban mall with everything that didn't sell .....we'll keep you posted!

Sunday November 6, 2005 Last day of Knitting to the Rescue and Emily, Chris and Greta want to start earlier again today....... Here are some
day 2 pictures to see, while on driveway cam you can be watching for the change of weather due through here. Balmy this morning to thunderstorms and 60 mile an hour gusts of wind this evening ~ and you can see it all right here on Driveway Cam.

Saturday November 5, 2005 Driveway Cam is still wishing it could show you the Knitting to the Rescue Sale live but will stay here today reporting on all the driveway action. The sale started yesterday and was great! Emily, Chris and Greta want to start even earlier today....... There are
pictures here and through the table below of everything just as set-up was finished so you can see all the lovely things that they had to sell.

Friday November 4, 2005 IT'S HERE!!! THE KNITTING TO THE RESCUE SALE STARTS TODAY!!!!!! Chris got in last night (yeee ha!), the boxes and tables are all loaded into the van (see first picture of the morning) and it's a beautiful day out there. Driveway Cam has been trying to figure out how to be Knitting to the Rescue Cam for the next couple of days ~ if it gets figured out you'll be the first to know! Meantime it's on to the sale....... :)

Thursday November 3, 2005 Driveway Cam is hopping with excitement.....the Knitting to the Rescue Sale is almost here and so is Chris!!! He'll be up this evening and we can't wait to see him. Any one else who wants to come for the sale is more than welcome. We'll keep the light on, and driveway cam will keep it's eye out for you. :)

Wednesday November 2, 2005 Good Morning from Driveway Cam. Today's driveway excitement includes a trip out this morning to pick up Em for her interview on the noon news! As well as general running around. In case you were wondering, and how could you not (?) it took us (6 of us) 7 hours to price all the knitting last night!! There are a LOT of great things at good prices so Come on Down to the sale this weekend.

Tuesday November 1, 2005 Happy All Saints Day from Driveway Cam. Hope you had a safe, scary, and candy filled Halloween. Lots of visitors are due in this afternoon so the driveway should be hopping. It's Pricing and Sorting day in the countdown to Knitting to the Rescue!!!! Sale starts Friday - hope to see you there.......

Monday October 31th, 2005

Sunday October 30th, 2005 Today is pumpkin day here at the home of Driveway Cam (talk about last minute...) Driveway cam hopes you all remembered to set your clocks back and change the batteries in your smoke detectors (driveway cam likes to keep it's eye on public service too you know). It's sunny and warm and looks like it's going to be a perfect day for Halloween Eve!


Saturday October 29th, 2005 The goblins are gathering.....had a wasp right on driveway cams eye yesterday!!! It was shocking. And a little scary once it started walking all over the lens...there is a picture of it in the table below. Hope it's a good weekend where ever you are. Watch out for headless horsemen and other things that go bump in the night. If you missed the pumpkin link the past couple of days, have no fear, it's still here plus you can still find it in the table. Happy Weekend before Halloween.

Friday October 28th, 2005 Today is the anniversary of the opening of the Statue of Liberty back in 1886! (thanks to Writers Almanac for info below and the link). A very scary weekend ahead as Halloween looms! Hope all of your protective jack-o-lanterns have been carved (ours here at Driveway cam have not and frankly we're a little worried). Have a lovely Friday ~ and happy viewing. [...from the Almanac...... It was on this day in 1886 that the Statue of Liberty was officially unveiled and opened to the public. A group of French intellectuals came up with the idea for the statue one night while talking about how much they admired the example of democracy and freedom in the United States, especially since the U.S. had recently abolished slavery. One of the men suggested that France should build a monument to liberty and give it to the U.S. as a symbol of their shared love of freedom. Both French and Americans helped raise funds for the statue through lotteries and art exhibitions and boxing matches. The statue was assembled in France, then broken down into parts and shipped to the U.S. in 214 crates. Workers put it back together in New York. The day of the dedication was cold and rainy, but huge crowds came out for the celebration anyway. The hotels were full throughout New York City, and many of the tourists who arrived for the occasion were French. The sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi was alone in the statue's crown, waiting for the signal to drop the veil. A boy down below was supposed to wave a white handkerchief at the end of the big speech. The boy accidentally waved his handkerchief before the speech was over and Bartholdi let the curtain drop, revealing the huge copper lady. A salvo of gunshots rang out from all the ships in the harbor. The speaker, who had been boring everybody, just sat down.]

Thursday October 27th, 2005 A great day for watching the wind blow across the driveway ..... and in between leaves dancing about don't forget to check out the pumpkin link and the penguins!

Wednesday October 26th, 2005 There is snow in the hills, but just rain and wind here. Although they say there could easily be some flakes mixed in with the rain today. We shall see. (so shall you ~ if you are watching!) Here again is the pumpkin link because, 'tis the season! And here is a picture of some marshmellow mummies that Em made for a jack-o-lantern party she went to last night.

They were too cute not to get their picture taken!

Tuesday October 25th, 2005 Happy Tuesday Morning to one and all from the Driveway. Lots of rain due this morning, and several trips out and back into the driveway. With excitement like this you'll want to settle in, get comfortable, and enjoy. I'm keeping the pumpkin site up here for a couple days as well as in the table below because it really has some great carvings to look at. And driveway cam LOVES pumpkins!

Monday October 24th, 2005 Driveway Cam was up and broadcasting yesterday, but I wasn't so the web site text didn't get updated. (in case you were wondering). It's a less damp Monday at the moment. We had a very rainy weekend here. Wilma is slaming someone and will be up here in a day or two to bring more rain (they even mentioned the possibility of SNOW (!) here sometime this week. Heavy wet stuff but snow none the less) Hope everyone in the path of Wilma is or was safe and the rest of us need to hold on to our hats as she visits. A fun pumpkin site with some really GREAT carvings can be found by clicking on great carvings or seeing the link in the table below. Enjoy!

Saturday October 22, 2005 Driveway Cam is back - and enjoying watching the rain! Also the penguins which have returned in force while Driveway Cam was off the air. They are too funny - hope you check in on them often. Driveway Cam is glad to be back online and will be keeping it's eye on the driveway so that you remain up-to-date on all the driveway news. Have a good weekend!! (another (new) what's the weather link in the table below)

Saturday October 15, 2005 Drivway cam gets the week off while it's PC goes to Florida. Thought you might like to see the penguins playing around last night. New driveway pictures will be back on Friday. Until then have a great week and watch the penguins!!!!!

Friday October 14, 2005 if up's the word and the world grows greener, minute by minute and most by more..... well it's friday once again here at driveway cam and probably where you are as well. it is also the birthday of one of our favorites....
e.e. cummings (edward estlin cummings),born in cambridge, massachusetts (1894). (with thanks to writers almanac for the link)
in honor of old e.e. i hope everyone's day is poetic in any case! :)

Thursday October 13, 2005 PC is working off site today so Driveway Cam can't show you the driveway. Here are a couple of shots to look at until the PC gets back. Picture one is in my kitchen, picture 2 is the Atlantic, low tide, coast of Maine.

Wednesday October 12, 2005 Another Wednesday on the driveway.........

Tuesday October 11, 2005 We're back - and so is Driveway Cam. Em and I went to Maine for the weekend, while Driveway Cam took a small break. Portland was great! Rainy but a very nice town. The hard part is going to be getting back to work....but not for Driveway Cam. It's already back on duty and showing you all the driveway action you can stand every 30 minutes.

Saturday October 8th, 2005 Driveway Cam is taking the weekend off. It will be back showing the driveway (almost) Live! on Tuesday. Until then please enjoy watching for penguins, keeping an eye on some mountains and in fact all of the links below. Have a great weekend!

Friday October 7th, 2005 Friday again?! Lots of trips up and down the driveway today and maybe even a lawn mowing to watch if the rains take their time getting here. Enjoy!

Thursday October 6th, 2005 Keeping an eye on the driveway.......

Wednesday October 5th, 2005 Driveway Cam's PC will be traveling for the next few days (here and there) so the driveway updates will happen as often as they can but maybe not every 15 minutes. Looks like another beautiful day out there ~ the rains are coming but so far they are taking their time!

Tuesday October 4th, 2005 A quiet day seems to be in the works today........a new link to look at in the table below (and here) What's the Weather 10/4/05?

Monday October 3rd, 2005 Best way to start the week ~ is to get a cup of coffee and catch up on the weekend driveway cam updates that are in 'Previously on Driveway Cam' before you settle in to check out what's currently happening on the driveway...

Sunday October 2nd, 2005 Looks like another beautiful autumn day on the driveway.........

Saturday October 1st, 2005 It's here at last! The land of Poe, Bradbury, Sleepy Hollow and things that go bump in the night ~ Welcome to October! A traditional Dutch name for October is Wijnmaand (wine month) because the first wines of the year have ripened. In Finnish, October is called lokakuu, meaning "month of dirt". In Irish, October is called Deireadh Fómhair, meaning "end of harvest-time". In Turkish, October is called Ekim, meaning "sowing" because of the sowing of wheat. You're just a link click away from more October Triva . And today is the 4th Annual Rochester Knitting Guild Knit Out! If you are at the Greece Ridge Center Mall between 11-3 please stop in and say hello. Have a great weekend.

Friday September 30th, 2005 Happy Friday! Enjoy the driveway view ~

Thursday September 29th, 2005 Rainy overcast windy and did I mention rainy? A wet autumn day on the driveway. One early trip out to the public market and who knows what else the day will bring? A very Happy Birthday to Miguel de Cervantes! And now....it's off to tilt with windmills!

Wednesday September 28th, 2005 Busy middle of the week on the driveway coming up. Could be anywhere from 2 - 4 trips in and back ... on one day! Driveway cam, your eye on the driveway, will catch it all. And from the Writers Almanac today: Today is a big day in the history of the English language. On this day, in 1066, William the Conqueror of Normandy arrived on British soil. Having defeated the British in the Battle of Hastings and on Christmas day he was crowned the King in Westminster Abby. At the time the British were speaking a combination of Saxon and Old Norse. The Normans, of course, spoke French, and over time the languages blended. To the Saxon word "house" came the Norman word "mansion." To the Saxon word "cow" came the Norman word "beef" and so on. So the English language now contains more than a million words, one of the most diverse languages on earth. Cyril Connelly wrote, "The English language is like a broad river ... being polluted by a string of refuse-barges tipping out their muck." But Walt Whitman said, "The English language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race, and range of time, and is both the free and compacted composition of all." ~

Tuesday September 27th, 2005 Rain is done for a while - should be a sunny day on the driveway!

Monday September 26th, 2005 For our non-weekend viewers a brief recap of the weekend, the weather was great and the penguins have started returning in the Antarctic! There is a picture of them down in previously ~ or you can check out the link from the table below. Hope it's the start of a great week for all our viewers.

Sunday September 25th, 2005 You may have heard....the penguins have started arriving!!!

Check out the link below - when the action slows down a bit on the driveway that is.

Saturday September 24th, 2005 Hard to imagine that Rita is roaring on down south when the weather here is as spectacular as it is.

Friday September 23rd, 2005 Another Friday on the Driveway ~ brought to you by Driveway Cam! Up to the minute driveway news when you need it.

Thursday September 22nd, 2005 Driveway Cam's live pictures are back and ready to show it's viewers how the driveway greets Autumn as it arrives today.....at the autumnal equinox (Sept. 22, 2005, 6:23 P.M. EDT), the sun appears to cross the celestial equator, from north to south; this marks the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. (from infoplease.com)
Happy Equinox!!

Wednesday September 21st, 2005 The still vacationing Driveway Cam hopes you enjoy todays "guest" pictures which are of a sunrise in Maine and a sunset in Montana, as seen recently via links in the table below.

Tuesday September 20th, 2005 Driveway cam asked for a couple of days off ~ so today and tomorrow please enjoy a few shots from various other 'cams' in the table below. Today is sunrise (these were saved in the past couple of weeks) in Washington DC and over the Tetons ~ taken by watching Haze Cam and Grand Teton Cam (links below).

Monday September 19th, 2005 Hope Monday is a good one for everyone out there and here at the driveway too!

Sunday September 18th, 2005 It's on to day two of the Fiber Arts Festival down at Hemlock Lake. The weather today is supposed to be perfect for yarning, spinning, buying, herding, and knitting! If you come be sure to visit the Knitting Guild Tent. :)

Saturday September 17th, 2005 After so much rain yesterday that Em was white water kayaking in the back yard !!! (A sight I truly wish we had captured on film)... things have calmed down a little and it's the weekend of The Spinners Guild Fiber Fest down at Hemlock Lake. Being held in conjunction with that is a competition of the Australian Shepherd Club of America - 80 trials each day being held where the dogs will be herding ducks, cows and sheep! Should be highly entertaining! If you come be sure to visit the Knitting Guild Tent. :)

Friday September 16th, 2005 The mini-blinds decided to change the angle of Driveway Cam....because it's Friday we're going to let them have their way. Enjoy!

Thursday September 15th, 2005 Luck is with all the viewers who watch Driveway Cam today.....that's right...the action and suspense of possible intermittent showers all day in the driveway!!! Pace yourselves!

Wednesday September 14th, 2005 Happy Protuberance Day to all our viewers. :)

Tuesday September 13th, 2005 The Dog Days of September? It's going up to 90 today!

Monday September 12th, 2005 Driveway Cam wants to remind you that no matter how busy you get this week to be sure to take time out to stop and view the driveway........

Sunday September 11th, 2005

Saturday September 10th, 2005 Now presenting: Saturday at Driveway Cam!

Friday September 9th, 2005 Another weekend rolls into view here at Driveway Cam. Enjoy and take care.

Thursday September 8th, 2005 A little overcast here today as Autumn creeps in. Please check out the new Knitting Project Link in the table........... :)

Wednesday September 7th, 2005 'Round these parts we are losing 3 minutes of daylight every day now.....if you find them please return them!

Tuesday September 6th, 2005 Okay, Labor Day is over....Get Back to Work! (An update of good news: Catherine was rescued from her apartment in New Orleans by helicopter, taken to the N.O. Airport and is due back here in Rochester late this morning!)

Monday September 5th, 2005 Driveway Cam wishes everyone a Happy Labor Day!!!!!

Sunday September 4th, 2005 The weather here is spectacular ~ hope yours is too wherever you are. Driveway Cam will be here all day/night so be sure to take a break from viewing and go outside to play! Driveway cam was thinking a new 'cam' should be set up for true breath-taking, constantly changing action......GAS PUMP PRICE CAM.....If I could figure out how to set one up I would. :)

Saturday September 3rd, 2005 Jim is due back from Detroit, I have a couple of errands to run, but mostly it's shaping up to be a lazy Saturday in the driveway.

Friday September 2nd, 2005 The weekend is upon us. Driveway cam hopes you have a great weekend and suggests with the rising gas prices you stay home if possible and enjoy puttering around. Watching driveway cam is a great way to conserve energy!

Thursday September 1st, 2005 Happy September ~ driveway cam is keeping watch but it's PC is off traveling again. Updates for a while this morning and then back tomorrow.

Wednesday August 31st, 2005

Tuesday August 30th, 2005 Hope everyone in Katrina's path holds on today while she completes her visit up the east coast. Catherine was heard from and while she and the cats are stranded in their 2nd floor apartment until the water subsides, they are okay....damp but okay. Busy day in the driveway, and continuing to keep an eye on Katrina. Let's be careful out there!

Monday August 29th, 2005 Keeping an eye on Katrina and hoping for the best for our friends and everyone down there (and in the path the rest of the week!)

Sunday August 28th, 2005 It's looking like a lazy Sunday here at Driveway Cam. Good day for laying around in a hammock and watching the driveway comings and goings. (you never know, there might be some)

Saturday August 27th, 2005 Day two of the garage sale across the street ~ and what looks to be a lovely day ahead. Happy viewing!

Friday August 26th, 2005 A great day for driveway viewing! First it's Friday, and that's always a good day, then there is lawn mowing *and* a garage sale across the street!!! Yeee Ha!

Thursday August 25th, 2005 ~ off line (pc out traveling)

Wednesday August 24th, 2005 Good Morning Driveway Cam viewers ~ And a happy birthday to our *OLD* friend Bogdan!

Tuesday August 23rd, 2005 Lots of action expected today in the driveway.... water delivery.... trips out... at least three of them are in the works... and then back in again... and intermittent rain. Driveway Cam is getting dry eye just thinking about all it's going to see today. :)

Monday August 22nd, 2005 Driveway cam wishes you and yours a very happy New Week! It is also the birthday of Ray Bradbury ~ so a toast with some Dandelion Wine (if only I had some) to one of Driveway Cams favorites!! (Little known factoid: Driveway cam can often be found in the library reading Bradbury, Christie, Baker and others, with that one eye it has, during the off hours when it's just too dark to see anything out on the driveway)(thanks to Writers Almanac for the link)

Saturday August 20th and Sunday August 21st 2005 If it's still the weekend and you are reading this at work....GO HOME! [It was on August 20th in 1862 that the newly formed National Labor Union called upon Congress for the first time to establish the eight-hour work day.The eight-hour workday didn't become federal law until 1933, when Congress enacted the National Industrial Recovery Act, which provided for the establishment of maximum hours, minimum wages, and the right to collective bargaining. Then, with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, American workers were guaranteed overtime pay for hours worked above 40 per week.At the time those laws were passed, most sociologists predicted that Americans would work steadily fewer and fewer hours. But in fact, the opposite has happened. Today, more than 25 million Americans work more than 49 hours each week. And 11 million spend 60 hours or more at work each week. Americans also take fewer vacation days than employees in any other industrialized nation. (from the Writers Almanac)]

Friday August 19th 2005 It's the weekend! (nothing gets past driveway cam). I'm hoping to take the new kayaks out at some point this weekend. (Have to see if the weather cooperates. Humidity is on it's way back up and storms are lurking about.) Enjoy all the action in the driveway and all you Kentucky schoolee's enjoy your first weekend of the new school year!

Thursday August 18th Driveway Cam was not taking pictures (a union dispute or something)

Wednesday August 17th = Technical Difficulties. Back as soon as we can be. (First picture of day finally out there at 4:10 (ish))

Tuesday August 16th, 2005 The Gerbil TV link hasn't been working so it's been retired for now... And speaking of retired (!?) today is the day that Elvis Presley died back in 1977. So a tip of the hat to all you hound dogs out there!

Monday August 15th, 2005 New Week, New Options here on Driveway Cam. Here's yesterday's notes for all you non-weekend viewers: Driveway Cam did some housecleaning and posted some new links in the table below. If you are into fast paced Driveway Cam Action Links try out the one for Old Faithful. If you are one of the Don't Rush Me I'm Watching The Driveway type viewers then check out the Haze cam or the Live Coral Reef cam. And if your cable provider doesn't provide enough rodent channels for you don't miss the Rat Cam and Gerbil TV links. Enjoy!

Sunday August 14th, 2005 Driveway Cam did some housecleaning and posted some new links in the table below. If you are into fast paced Driveway Cam Action Links try out the one for Old Faithful. If you are one of the Don't Rush Me I'm Watching The Driveway type viewers then check out the Haze cam or the Live Coral Reef cam. And if your cable provider doesn't provide enough rodent channels for you don't miss the Rat Cam and Gerbil TV links. Enjoy!

Saturday August 13th, 2005 (Not quite) Live from NY (but in 30 minute increments) it's Saturday Morning at Driveway Cam!

Friday August 12th, 2005 It was too cloudy here to see any meteors this morning. Hopefully the skies were clear for you ~ we'll try again tomorrow morning (maybe)(staying up that late 2 nights in a row could be tough) to see if there are any stragglers. Meanwhile...it's Friday!!!! Hope you all enjoy the beauty and the splendor of the driveway (?) and have a great weekend. (ps - for you sharp eyed viewers yesterday really was Thursday it just wasn't the 10th. Our date counter has been off this week, but it's back on track this morning. We think.)

Thursday August 10th, 2005 Lawn mowing day again, how the weeks just fly by here at driveway cam! No errands planned so today would be another good day to make a pitcher of lemonade and pull up a rocking chair and just watch the grass grow, then get cut, then start growing again.......

Wednesday August 9th, 2005 Driveway Cam took a day off yesterday but is back today bringing you all the driveway news you can possibly use. And then some.

Monday August 8th, 2005 Driveway Cam welcomes you to another manic Monday ~ whatever you are doing today (vacations, coming home after a vacation, working, playing hookey, going to work but playing hookey, running around or sitting back and watching the clouds......) we hope you've scheduled in some driveway viewing time!

Sunday August 7th, 2005 It's a glorious day in the neighborhood.

Saturday August 6th, 2005 It actually cooled down last night and the humidity has wandered off. They say it will be back but for now we are enjoying a remarkable break. Driveway cam has a busy weekend ahead - someone has to go to the grocery store at some point this weekend. Add that to the 3 or 4 trips in and out of the driveway that usually occur and well, it's another blisteringly exciting weekend for the driveway. Have a great weekend and stop by when you get a chance. (Did anyone see that the fire hydrant got a new paint job yesterday?)(check out table below if you missed that breathtaking installment here on driveway cam)

Friday August 5th, 2005 The slightly cooler weather they promised us seems to have gotten lost on it's way here. If any of you have seen it please report it's whereabouts immediately....we were really looking forward to it's visit. Have a great weekend out there!

Thursday August 4th, 2005 Driveway Cam is back online - sweating through the hot summer along with everyone else. Hope everyone is staying cool however they can! [For those of you who visit the bird feeder cams from the links below...the site in Vermont has added a new Sky Cam. Very nice.]

Wednesday July 20th, 2005: Driveway Cam is tickled pink to announce the arrival of the newest member of the family! (and newest potential viewer ~ (driveway cam likes long range planning)). At 20 inches and 9lbs. 9oz she joined the party at 2:49 PM yesterday and even unbiased rumors say she is even prettier than the law allows. Mom and baby, and dad too, are doing well! We love you guys!!!! Congratulations and Welcome to the world!

Tuesday July 19th, 2005: Good Luck Allison!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Just heard from Karen that Allison and Drew are at the hospital with the baby on the way!!!!)

Monday July 18th, 2005: Good Morning Driveway Cam Viewers Around the World and a Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela. (with thanks to Writers Almanac for the info and the link.) Because some of our viewers, and you know who you are, have trouble getting the daily updates the "Previously on Driveway Cam" feature has been added for a trial run (see below). And now ~ on with the day!

Sunday July 17th, 2005: Happy Day After Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Day! Have you gotten your copy of the new Harry Potter book yet? Busy time in the driveway this weekend ~ goodness, there must be at least one shopping trip and a couple of errands to be run so the non-stop action (?!) will be even more intense. Have a great weekend!

And for those of you who have been wondering....the other car now mostly parks in the garage..... out of the viewing range of Driveway Cam.

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