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Saturday December 31st, 2011
~ As the last day of 2011 rolls down the driveway we want to say: Happy Birthday Drew!!! Hope it's a great day for you and a wonderful year ahead for all of us!!! We'll miss the partying in KY this year but have found a link to New Year's Celebrations all over the place, and in almost every time zone (even ours). Haven't had a chance to check them all, and some load slowly but there is quite a list here. Please note ~ you don't have to download anything, just click on the "view live webcam" under each picture when you have selected a site from the list. Have a safe and Happy New Year and we'll meet you all back right here, on the driveway, next year!

Friday December 30th, 2011 ~ Fast away this old year goeth...[today is the 364th day of the year which, as it turns out, is the total number of gifts in the Twelve Days of Christmas song: 1+(2+1) + (3+2+1)... (thanks Pat's Blog)]... bringing us to today, which is also the birthday of Rudyard Kipling (not only a writer, he also invented snow golf!)(from Futility Closet). On this date in 1953 the first color TV sets went on sale by Admiral for about $1,175 and in 1924 we learned we were not alone. That is the day Edwin Hubble announced the existence of another galactic system in addition to the Milky Way. Up until then we thought our galaxy was the ONLY galaxy and that we were the entire universe. He expanded our vision (and still does via the telescope named after him) further by discovering that the universe is itself expanding ~ Enjoy the views ~ and Thanks Edwin!

Thursday December 29th, 2011 ~ Some answers for the current quiz have arrived but are being verified so there is still time to get your answers in! While 2011 continues its race out-of-here take some time today for cake and ice-cream (well, you should do that everyday) for birthday boy Charles Macintosh ~ born in 1766 he is the inventor of rubberized waterproof clothing. If you want to send him a card you can (okay he might not read it but it's the thought that counts) because it's also the birthday of the founder of Hallmark Cards ~ Mr. Joyce Hall born back in 1891. And The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra turns 100 today so enjoy the views, the cake, and the tunes ~

Wednesday December 28th, 2011 ~ It's new furnace day on this side of the driveway ~ But the day is perhaps better known as the day back in 1065 that Westminster Abbey was consecrated (although there has been a church on that site since the 8th century!) Beginning with William the Conqueror in 1066, Westminster Abbey has witnessed all but two coronations. It has hosted 16 royal weddings, and houses the remains of 17 monarchs. It is also the final resting place of many notable writers, poets, scientists, and politicians. And today it is the host of Catch Cheryl if you Can Quiz Day! To top it off we have some snow flurries (not a lot, so we have to be quiet and not scare them as they gather). Check out the quiz to see if Cheryl can be stopped from a total sweep of this year's quizzes and enjoy all the views ~

Tuesday December 27th, 2011 ~ There is snow on the way (they say) and snow happening out there ~ it's just a matter of finding it. Maybe try the traffic cams for Idaho, Montana, Ohio(click on webcams on left, then on update map), Michigan, and with any luck New York (we're keeping our mitten free fingers crossed). Snow can be found on many of the usual views (below) and on the search for snow links too, well, a few of them anyway. And there is a tiny bit of snow in Antarctica ~ still keeping our fingers crossed for the chicks there to arrive ~ enjoy all the views today with the wish for snow ~

Monday December 26th, 2011 ~ Happy Boxing Day! (not so much for people in London where the Tube has been shut down by a 24 hr strike today) But for those of us (sadly) not walking around London, a question: what do cowcatchers, occulting lights for lighthouses, and uniform postal rates have in common? While you scratch your head over that one go get a cup of coffee to clear the cobwebs courtesy of James H. Mason, who, in 1865, was issued the first U.S. patent for a coffee percolator (No. 51,741)! Make an extra pot for some spectacular sky watching at sunset as Venus and the slender crescent Moon will gather for a jaw-dropping conjunction in the western sky. Starts 'round 4:30 - 5:00 this evening ~ a view you don't want to miss. Enjoy ~

Sunday December 25th, 2011 ~ Merry Christmas to all our viewers and viewees ~ here's to peppermint tea and cookies all around!

Saturday December 24th, 2011 ~ A very Happy Christmas Eve to all ~ we hope your running around is done (or nearly so)(we have 1 more trip to the grocery store to make...) We are sure things at the North Pole are heating up....NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracks Santa Claus every year and you can too by clicking on this link (while waiting there are games in the village there too). And at the South Pole (well a bit north of there) we hope the new chicks(?) and/or soon to be chicks are warm and toasty too. And we hope and wish that everyone in-between is too. Take some time today to relax and take in the sights, (or sites) and sounds (live or mp3s (try clicking on the squares)) of the day... A little Christmas Eve driveway treat ~ it's snowing!!!! Enjoy the views and the day ~

Friday December 23rd, 2011 ~ Where to begin? First ~ today's firsts: in 1968 Frank Borman, James A. Lovell, Jr and William Anders became the first men to orbit the moon (in their Apollo 8 Lunar Module); in 1912 the first of the Keystone Cops movies premiered; in 1893 Englebert Humperdinck's Hänsel und Gretel first premiered; and in 1823 the poem titled 'Visit from St. Nicholas' but known as 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' was published for the first time. Secondly ~ the seconds: as of right now there are 167891 seconds left until Christmas, but check here for the current NOW count! Third things third: Tonight is Noche de Rabanos ~ Night of the Radishes (in Oaxaca, Mexico), so let your inner radish carver out! Fourthly ~ go forth and hustle and bustle. Sing carols, make snowflakes, visit fairs, go ice-skating, hunt for penguin chicks, and simply enjoy the day, the season and the views ~

Thursday December 22nd, 2011 ~ A little tidbit to ponder as we all recover from solstice celebrations: it was this day back in 1882, that Edward Johnson, an associate of Edison's, created the first string of electric lights to decorate a Christmas tree in his home. Which means that some where, some one has been untangling Christmas lights for 129 years (assuming he didn't create them tangled!). Before we leap into the last 3 days before Christmas hustle and bustle, or get back to untangling those lights, let's all sit back, have some tea (peppermint, or spice, or plum, or ...) and enjoy the new season, the new track of the sun, and the views ~ seasonal or otherwise

Wednesday December 21st, 2011 ~ It's all about finding balance this time of year ~ and today we hit the point on the see-saw we can only get to because of our tilt. From the solstice forward, the sun's rays will begin a slow northward shift bringing back (albeit slowly for a while) longer days. The Solstice may only last a moment (and that moment is at 12:30 am tonight (well, tomorrow morning to be exact)) but it is cause for celebration along with a sigh of relief. And while it seems that winter has skipped this neck of the woods, celebrate we will ~ Take a deep breath, enjoy the tilt today and though it's a very short day enjoy the viewing too ~

Tuesday December 20th, 2011 ~ The days continue to get shorter and the nights longer.. which makes it good that it was this day back in 1880 that New York's Broadway was first lighted by electricity and became known as the "Great White Way." (some views of Broadway right now, here, and here, and here) It's also the 65th anniversary of the premier of Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life,"! Throw in it's also the day that a skating link page was added (will be below the pictures of the driveway for the duration) and if all that (and the dry weather)(and only 5 more days to Christmas) doesn't make your hair stand on end maybe this will ~ today is the birthday of American physicist Robert Van de Graaff, known for the literally hair-raising generator that carries his name. Enjoy the hustle and bustle and the views today ~

Monday December 19th, 2011 ~ We are off to the Post Office in the hopes that we make it back before Christmas!! General running around is on today's agenda so there should be several trips out, and, with luck, back(!) during the day. Which leaves lots of time for all your favorite viewing, for looking for Penguin chicks, and for Christmas Fairs and Santa's Workshop! Enjoy ~ (and if you don't hear from us tomorrow please come rescue us from the Post Office line (or at least bring cookies!)) :)

Sunday December 18th, 2011 ~ It's a sunny Sunday on the driveway and visions of Sugarplums are flying (it is the anniversary of the premier of the Nutcracker Suite after all). Put on your favorite rendition of said Suite, pour a cup of peppermint tea and relax ~ just let the visions twirl in your head. Or...put on your favorite skates and go for a twirl yourself! Better yet, combine the two and watch some skating while you relax. A favorite of the Christmas Fairs (in Holland) is hopping (local times prevail of course). But there are rinks for a fair-thee-well: in Raleigh, NC, or in Ocean City, MD, or out in Boulder CO, or Beaver Creek, CO. For complete time zone coverage you can check in later (or earlier?) on skating in China. Where ever you glide today ~ Enjoy the views!

Saturday December 17th, 2011 ~ We wish you a Happy Birthday, We wish you a Happy Birthday, If your name is Haydon Clo-ore...Happy Birthday to You! And a Happy We-got-a-snow-flurry-last-night Day to all! May be a very busy weekend for everyone (baking, wrapping, postofficing, and a little more baking are happening here) but don't forget to take some time to stop and smell the roses, no that's not it... stop and view the Roses? Closer... but.. oh wait ~ it's stop and check the views ~ don't forget the Fairs (for a fair-thee-well) and all the other views waiting for you. Enjoy!

Friday December 16th, 2011 ~ Started your weekend before Christmas running around yet? We haven't either ~ but we are about to. And with luck, some cookies will be baked this evening! Meanwhile, as it's the 238th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party we say throw some tea into some boiling water today (preferably peppermint, or cranberry spice) and raise a cup (or two) in the general direction of England with thanks for taxing us into existence. :) If you have some time for viewing there are Fairs a plenty (with ice skating to watch at the one in Holland!) and of course the elusive snow to look for... Enjoy ~

Thursday December 15th, 2011 ~ Today the Bill of Rights is 220 years old (thank you George Mason) ~ not one to notice it's age, all 10 Amendments like to be taken out and exercised on a regular basis... So it's Take an Amendment to Lunch Day! And speaking (on a soap box or off) of frameworks, you may want to also take it for cake and ice-cream as it's also the birthday of Gustave Eiffel who, when not making weather towers, made the framework for the Statue of Liberty. It's getting busy for everyone, but there are chicks to look for, snow to find, and a great array of Fairs (love the Christmas Fairs) waiting for your viewing today. It's your right (per the 9th amendment) to take a break, grab a cup of peppermint tea and ~ Enjoy the views!

Wednesday December 14th, 2011 ~ Happy Birthday to Adam today!!!! We all hope it's a wonderful year ahead for you Adam and to celebrate, there are rumors of chicks in Antarctica!! (if you see one let us know ~ we're on the edges of our collective seats). Today, 'round these parts, we are in search of snow finding ourselves at an embarrassing 20+ inches below normal (with just 1.8 inches this December it's the least snowiest winter on record so far). If you have snow send us a picture please (yes, we are that desperate). The usual snow watching links also leave much to be desired so far, but, always hopeful, we have retired the leaf peeping link and put the Snow Watching link in it's place below. Enjoy the views, and all the crazy sunshine on the driveway ~

Tuesday December 13th, 2011 ~ Driveway Cam sees to be back in good spirits with it's eye firmly on the driveway (yay!) ~ While it's covering the ground, don't forget to look up tonight because it's time for meteors and mulled wine again as the annual Geminid Meteor Shower peaks this evening. Moon shine will make viewing difficult, but up to 40 meteors an hour will zing by for your viewing pleasure. And it was a mere 434 year ago today that Sir Francis Drake set out on his adventure to explore the Pacific. It took him 3 years to return as the first British Explorer to make it all the way 'round the globe. You can hop your way around much faster today and we hope you enjoy all the views along the way ~ be sure to stop in on Christmas Fairs and other Seasonal links along the way. Bon Voyage and Happy Meteoring!

December 12th, 2011 ~ We're back ~ and working on getting driveway cam back on duty. But from what we hear, you didn't miss any snow events (here). While we are working on returning the driveway to the airways enjoy all the Christmas Fairs and other Seasonal links along with all your favorite views ~

Wednesday December 7th, 2011 ~ They are once again saying snow this week....fingers crossed we get some! The PC is off for some down time so the blurb may not get updated for a few days but never fear ~ driveway cam will be keeping it's eye on the driveway (and on the lookout for the possible snow event) to keep you up to date with all the driveway news. And here is the link for the Christmas Fairs and other Seasonal links to enjoy while you sing along with us... Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

Tuesday December 6th, 2011 ~ A Very Happy Birthday to Christopher today!!!!! No matter where you wander in your viewing today (or on life's highway for that matter) we hope you'll stop by the driveway for a view or two and also check out some of our favorite views that always remind us of Chris ~ the other side of the aisle view here, and of course one of the classic driveway cam views that we heard of from Chris, right here!!! ~ Have a great day Chris and everyone else too ~

Monday December 5th, 2011 ~ If you aren't certain where to look for snow, check out New Mexico today ~ here and traffic cams here (select cameras and msg signs from the legend and then check the camera box you want) or any other areas shown here. If you aren't certain snow is the precipitation you're looking for, pick any cameras along the front (usual suspects are Air Quality Cams, Traffic Cams, River Cams, Lake Cams, and the driveway) And if you aren't certain just in principle ~ don't fight it. It's Heisenberg's birthday, and we're sure you know what that means. Enjoy the views ~

Sunday December 4th, 2011 ~ There is snow all over the place ~ just not on the driveway. But you can watch it on the Traffic Cams (check out Kansas, North Dakota, Colorado, or Minnesota, to start). Today is the 13th anniversary of when the shuttle Endeavour, and crew of six, blasted off with the 2nd module of the ISS, on the first mission to begin assembling the international space station. The ISS may be visiting your skies so you can wave hello ~ you can check here for times in your area. And given it's National Cookie Day ~ AND ~ Chester Greenwood's birthday (inventor of earmuffs), when you aren't viewing you might want to be baking... these (or these) ~ Enjoy

Saturday December 3rd, 2011 ~ And the Stupidroo is back on the driveway ~ still unpacking but it's a lovely day for viewing. A sad note... our favorite Christmas Goat to watch during the holiday season was torched(already!?) the day before yesterday and only the frame remains (never even got to see it this year). Will work on getting the snow links and other holiday links in place ASAP ~ meanwhile there are the fairs to watch and will a little luck (in between unpacking and napping and running around) the rest of the December links will be up by tomorrow. (the leaf peeping and traffic links work for snow peeping too(in some cases, if you simply can't wait)) Enjoy ~

Friday December 2nd, 2011 ~ A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to AMY today!!! Hope it's a wonderful day and year for you!!! The PC is still traveling a bit but driveway cam is keeping it's keen eye on the driveway, and on Jim's partying. Meanwhile since it's now December (yay!) it's time to break out the links for the Christmas Fairs 'round Europe. Other December favorites and the Snow Watching links will return as soon as we do too. Have a good week and if you spot some snow on the driveway, save the picture, and send it in for an early Christmas surprise. Enjoy ~

Thursday December 1st, 2011 ~ The PC is still traveling a bit but driveway cam is keeping it's keen eye on the driveway, and on Jim's partying. Meanwhile since it's now December (yay!) it's time to break out the links for the Christmas Fairs 'round Europe. Other December favorites and the Snow Watching links will return as soon as we do too. Have a good week and if you spot some snow on the driveway, save the picture, and send it in for an early Christmas surprise. Enjoy ~

Wednesday November 30th, 2011 ~ The PC is still traveling a bit but driveway cam is keeping it's keen eye on the driveway, and on Jim's partying. Have a good week as November wanders out of here (we'll be watching the driveway and the wandering right along with you)... bonus watching possibilities: there are rumors of snow for driveway cam later in the week). Enjoy ~

Tuesday November 29th, 2011 ~ It's a 2FER HAPPY BIRTHDAY Day ~ to CHERYL and MARY QUINN!!!!! Hope it's a great day AND year for you!!! (The PC is still traveling a bit but driveway cam is going to keep it's keen eye on the driveway, and on Jim's partying. Have a good week as November wanders out of here (we'll be watching the driveway and the wandering right along with you)... bonus watching possibilities: there are rumors of snow for driveway cam later in the week). Enjoy ~

Monday November 28th, 2011 ~ The PC is traveling a bit but driveway cam is going to keep it's keen eye on the driveway, and on Jim's partying. Have a good week as November wanders out of here (we'll be watching the driveway and the wandering right along with you)... bonus watching possibilities: there are rumors of snow for driveway cam later in the week. Enjoy ~

Sunday November 27th, 2011 ~ The PC is traveling a bit but driveway cam is going to keep it's keen eye on the driveway, and on Jim's partying. Have a good week as November wanders out of here (we'll be watching the driveway and the wandering right along with you)... bonus watching possibilities: there are rumors of snow for driveway cam later in the week. Enjoy ~

Saturday November 26th, 2011 ~ 11 years after it was first thought of .... Curiosity took off this morning headed towards Mars ~ can't wait to see what it finds when it gets there (next August)! It was just 89 years ago today that more than 3,000 years of curiosity was satisfied when British archaeologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon become the first souls to enter King Tutankhamen's tomb since it had been sealed. Hope your curiosity is served by some of our links here today, and of course by seeing what's happening on the driveway ~

Friday November 25th, 2011 ~ It's a bright Black Friday here ~ hope everyone is enjoying leftovers. It isn't just yesterday's meal that is being repeated today...off in London it is the 59th Anniversary of the day that Agatha Christie's murder-mystery play The Mousetrap had it's opening night in London's West End ~ curtain goes up at 7:30, and if you can make it... Upper Circle seats E6 E7 are still available in the "nosebleed" section, or there are some front row seats open at a slightly (?) higher price. Another thing going up is the Mars Rover: Curiosity ~ we enjoyed watching them build it and can't wait to see it launch tomorrow morning at 10:02AM EST ~ you can watch it online on NASA TV here and/or here ~ as well as on spaceflightnow tv here. And now... its back to your turkey sandwiches...

Thursday November 24th, 2011 ~ A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone ~ have a wonderful day, enjoy the festivities whatever they may be in your neck of the woods. If you are a parade watcher, or even if you aren't, there is some good viewing, via earthcam (and it's opening commercial) of the Macy's Parade (from Times Square), the Philadelphia Parade here , and (rumor has it) of the Chicago Parade here. If you are going over the river and through the woods today be careful out there, and no matter where you are ~ it's okay to have some pie! Enjoy ~

Wednesday November 23rd, 2011 ~ Turkey time is drawing near ~ and many of you may be traveling today to draw near the turkey (and then again, many of you may just want to draw a turkey). Watch the road people! (okay, don't watch it here if you are driving) ~ Luckily, it's Fibonacci Day (11/23) which could really help with traffic patterns if people would cooperate and embrace the sequence... :) For some other lovely examples of Fibonacci's number check out this google link and then go check out Google's logo ~ try clicking on the turkey's feet, feathers, head..... Enjoy!

Tuesday November 22nd, 2011 ~ If you haven't gotten your turkeys defrosting ~ now is the time! And since it's National Peanut Butter Lover's month you might want to try some Peanut Butter Pumpkin Bread while waiting for it to thaw, or while baking for Thanksgiving, or while baking because it's Tuesday. Enjoy the views and the bread ~

Monday November 21st, 2011 ~ It's World Hello Day ~ so we are attempting to greet 10 people with a hearty: Hello!!!, via Driveway Cam (of course that means 10 people would have to visit the site, but hey - it could happen!?). Today is also the anniversay of the opening of the Alaskan-Canadian Highway (Alcan Highway to it's friends (and we hope we fall into that category, and would also love to drive it some day)) back in 1942. For your viewing today you might want to check out where it starts: in British Columbia, and along the way, or where it stops: in Alaska (and along the way) (or vice versa if you prefer). And if you find yourself humming Mary Had A Little Lamb while viewing, well, don't be surprised.....

Sunday November 20th, 2011 ~ Some rain and wind on the driveway today ~ a perfect day to enjoy wandering the links. Check in on eggs being kept warm in Antarctica, and the day working it's way across the US (see below) and the rest of the planet as well ~ where ever you look, enjoy the views ~ here's morning, on it's way out west today (click pictures for larger view)

Saturday November 19th, 2011 ~ Today is the 42nd anniversary of the 2nd Moon Landing as Apollo 12 astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean became humans 3 and 4 to walk on the lunar surface (with Astronaut Richard Gordon aloft). Plan a walk this evening to check out the moon ~ currently a waning crescent at 39% full ~ and unvisited now for 39 (!) years. We're at the tail end of the Leonid Meteor shower, so, if you are up and out (and looking up) around midnight, you may spot a few 'shooting stars' (bundle up, take hot beverages with you). And last but not least it's World Toilet Day should you be wanting to get involved with something most useful (and strange) on this Saturday before Thanksgiving ~ Safe travels where ever you are going today and enjoy the views ~

Friday November 18th, 2011 ~ Technical difficulties kept driveway cam offline yesterday - so you missed seeing our snow burst ~ those of us here mostly missed it too, but luckily the snow stuck around! Don't know if it will stay for long but you can still catch a glimpse of it (yay!) If snow doesn't push your buttons (but, how could it not?) this might ~ it was 48 years ago today that the first push button phone was placed in commercial service in the US. (there were only 10 buttons to push back then but you could play songs with your buttons even before phones started playing us songs) ~ so it's on to the views with the haunting tune 3,2,1,2,3,3,3 ~ 2,2,2 ~ 3,3,3 ~ 3,2,1,2,3,3,3,3, ~ 2,2,3,2,1 playing in our heads.... (if you want to play your phone, first call a friend who will let you play tunes to them so you don't accidently end up ordering pizza in Macau)

Wednesday November 16th, 2011 ~ There may be magic about today on the 10th anniversary (!) of the U.S. opening of the first Harry Potter movie ~ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, based on the book published late last century (1997), began the movie series which just ended this July with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. If there were a Hogwarts Cam it would be here ~ still looking, we haven't found it yet, but if you do please (oh please) let us know. However... if YOU have a web cam have we got an Augmented Reality here for you ~ haven't tried it ourselves (what with driveway cam being in use at the moment) but we will ~ Enjoy!

Tuesday November 15th, 2011 ~ It's sing along day here on the driveway. Since you don't want the day to get the better of you, you've got to come along right now and just forget all your troubles, and forget all your cares ~ and, in honor of Petula Clark's birthday, sing along with Downtown! (You know you want to) Then be sure to check out Sign of the Times (this is excellent), and I know a Place ~ and soon we know you'll be tapping your feet because the beat is the greatest there! Enjoy the Tunes (and the views) ~

Monday November 14th, 2011 ~ Another week gets underway on the driveway and this one starts with the birthday of Louise Brooks, google her name and you'll have a great day of reading and pictures to review. We hope you also brought your binoculars with you because it's whale watch day (in honor of the publishing of Moby-Dick by Herman Melville back in 1851)(the book initially flopped like a fish caught out of water) ~ and don't be surprised if you find yourself humming Simple Gifts today since it's Aaron Copland's birthday as well. Enjoy ~

Sunday November 13th, 2011 ~ Happy Birthday to Grandma Scorse today! And to Robert Louis Stevenson ~ naturally we should all have cake and ice cream in their honor (it'd be unnatural not to). Since it's also the 81st anniversary of the day the 50 stall Rotolactor milking machine was first housed in the lactorium of the Walker Gordon Laboratory Company, Inc., in N.J. ~ as well as the 55th anniversary of the day artificial snow from a natural cloud was first produced in the U.S., there are new views for a fair-thee-well. There are Cows in Connecticut to watch, a Custard shop in Virginia to observe, snow falling in Utah, to see if it's natural snow there are current cloud modification projects to check in on here or just simply watch what we believe to be au natural clouds go by here.

Saturday November 12th, 2011 ~ A lovely Saturday on the driveway served up in 10 minute slices (as always, we recommend having a side of a'la'mode with it) full of sun shine and blue skies. The nature of those blue skies explained to us by today's birthday boy ~ John William Strutt, born in 1842, discovered the phenomenon now called Rayleigh scattering, explaining why the sky is blue (among all his other accomplishments (there were many) this is our favorite). Did you vote for the ferret's name? While a ferret by any other name might smell as sweet, you can check the results here for introductions. Now it's on with the show, this is it ~

Friday November 11th, 2011 ~ a.k.a. 11/11/11 It doesn't get much better than being 11-11-11! And yet it does, because not only is it Friday, but, there is snow in the forecast too on this Veteran's Day! (Which means possibly some snow-falling-on-the-driveway viewing as well as making it the perfect day to warm up by donating time, energy, or money, to either the VA or your local disabled Veterans.) It is also the 81st anniversary of US patent #1781541 being awarded to that very cool guy Albert Einstein (and co-inventor Leo Szilard) for his relatively little known invention of a refrigerator that had no moving parts (except, we're hoping, for the doors...?) ~ Enjoy the views ~

Thursday November 10th, 2011 ~ It was 36 years ago today that the Edmund Fitzgerald disappeared in a November gale ~ quite a bit farther west today there is a major (some say historical) gale blowing in and slamming the Bering Sea over western Alaska. Here are some Lake Superior views, and if the cameras stay active through the storm, you can see a view of Nome here and check out any of the weather cams in Alaska here. We hope everyone affected by the storm stays safe and we hope that the song now running through your head doesn't stay there much more than the rest of the day.....

Wednesday November 9th, 2011 ~ Break out the cake!! It's going up to 70 here today (!?), for (probably) the last time this year ~ wall to wall day star shine (millions and billions of photons) for the birthdays of Carl Sagan, and our favorite spread-spectrum communication technologist (and some time actress) Hedy (Markey) Lamarr ~ and it is the 22nd anniversary of the opening (and eventual tearing down) of the Berlin Wall. Enjoy the view ~

"The Berlin Wall was erected in the dead of night and for 28 years kept East Germans from fleeing to the West. Its destruction, which was nearly as instantaneous as its creation, was celebrated around the world. ...suddenly, on the evening of November 9, 1989, an announcement made by East German government official Günter Schabowski stated, "Permanent relocations can be done through all border checkpoints between the GDR (East Germany) into the FRG (West Germany) or West Berlin." People were in shock. Were the borders really open? East Germans tentatively approached the border and indeed found that the border guards were letting people cross. Very quickly, the Berlin Wall was inundated with people from both sides. Some began chipping at the Berlin Wall with hammers and chisels. There was an impromptu huge celebration along the Berlin Wall, with people hugging, kissing, singing, cheering, and crying." (from about.com)

Tuesday November 8th, 2011 ~ So... here is what dear old YU55 looked like as it was coming at us yesterday. If you open your mini blinds and see that out your window today ~ close the blinds and then go check in on the dust bunnies under your bed! After you vote of course. Enjoy the views, the soon to be silence that denotes the end of election commercials season, and the whooshing sound of YU55 passing by. (But don't worry if you miss it. It will be back, April 13th 2029) ~

Monday November 7th, 2011 ~ Samuel Pepys, Lord Byron and Charles Dickens may no longer be by-lines in The London Gazette, first published this day in 1665, but you can still read the oldest known journal still in publication: right here. Throw in that it's the 68th birthday of Roberta Joan Anderson (born in Fort MacLeod, Alberta, Canada) and that is more than enough reason for cake (always a good thing on a Monday), for enjoying the views (this one is the closest one to Ft MacLeod found so far), and maybe even for some singing today ~

Sunday November 6th, 2011 ~ Time does keep on ticking, ticking, ticking, into the future, except for last night when we all did a little time traveling into the past ~ but it was just a little continuum hopping for it's still the 310th day of the year or the 1234th day in base six. And no matter what time your clock says we (this little planet we call home) still have a close encounter inked in for day 1240. Fans of the Don't Look link know these earth approaching objects pass by all the time and we'll have more as the time (and asteroid) approaches ~ but don't worry, it's not going to hit, so you can put away your hard hats (unless you are in Oklahoma) and enjoy the views ~

Saturday November 5th, 2011 ~ Happy Guy Fawkes Day!!! ~ You can keep an eye on the area around Parliament today right here. And while we're not saying to forget all the gunpowder, treason and plot..... just don't forget to remember, remember to enjoy all the first Saturday views on this 5th of November ~

Friday November 4th, 2011 ~ A slightly chilly start to the day's driveway viewing (only 7 degrees warmer here on the driveway than in Antarctica for the penguins (but with a lot less snow ~ and a more sunshine)) but an excellent day for viewing where ever you want to wander today ~ Enjoy the views ~

Thursday November 3rd, 2011 ~ The newest ferret on the driveway is looking for a name ~ and voting ends tomorrow. Check out the Name the Ferret site at ferret cam at the National Zoo to vote for your favorite name (no pressure or influence intended but driveway cam voted for... (secret ballot is here)) If you are in Detroit today you may want to take an anniversary drive to Canada via "the only vehicular international subaqueous border crossing in the world"!!! The Detroit Windsor Tunnel opened for traffic 81 years ago today ~ and tho' the view back isn't working you can watch cars arrive in Canada even if you can't make the trip ~ good times eh?

Wednesday November 2nd, 2011
~ Good Morning Driveway Cam ~ as the east side of the country cleans up after their snowfall, there is new snow to watch today out west. The Department of Snow Links was caught without it's mittens on this early in the season and hasn't completed the 2011 set of links yet, but there are plenty of views in all of your favorite places while they get their act together... such as Denver or any of the Traffic cams in Colorado. ~ Enjoy ~

(ps: the Air Quality folks fixed the DC cam and added a new one in Grand Teton NP)

Tuesday November 1st, 2011 ~ Not only is it All Saint's Day ~ no matter if you are inside or out, it's also (in honor of the opening of the Sistine Chapel to the public (in 1512) and of the first very first forecast prediction by the United States Weather Bureau (in 1870)) Stretch Out and Look Up Day. If you can't stretch out where you are you can check the links above and/or watch the clouds roll by here or on almost any of the views in their honor as well ~ Enjoy ~

Monday October 31st, 2011 ~ Boo! (shhhh, we are hiding under our beds today so we have to whisper...however... we have achieved pumpkins (!), please beware of but enjoy the bumps in the night and on the driveway today ~ could be the ghost of Houdini finally finding it's way back on the 85th anniversary of his death ~ could be the ghost of Martin Luther reenacting the day in 1517 he nailed the radical 95 Theses on the door of Castle Church ~ could be the headless horseman out looking to get ahead ~ or it may just be wee beasties looking to nibble on your toes (EEK!). A very Happy Halloween to all ~ enjoy some creepy viewing and ghost hunting: watch for things that go bump in a haunted library, or a haunted catacomb in Paris ~ but please don't tell any of the above where we are hiding)

Sunday October 30th, 2011 ~ While east coast snow views abound on this All Hallows Eve Eve ~ pick a state and you'll find some there NJ / MD / VA / RI / NH / PA / NY ~ back in 1944 it was the sounds of Appalachian Spring filling the air for the first time as it premiered at the Library of Congress. Here at Driveway Cam International (hey, we can see Canada on a clear day*) there is no snow, no spring, and still no pumpkins... so to get in the Halloween Eve mood we're reviving the survey on favorite Halloween candy: Click on the one you prefer (vote early, vote often for) ~ Butterfingers; or Snickers; or Reese's; or Milky Way; or 100,000 Grand; or Kit-Kat; or All of the Previous...and more! ~ and practicing our pumpkin carving online while enjoying the views ~ Hope you'll join us ~ *to keep the Legal Department from possible apoplexy the Blurb Department would like to hasten to add that under certain circumstances involving roof tops, ladders, powerful binoculars, and crystalline atmospheric conditions, this statement is (or would be), in fact, true

Saturday October 29th, 2011 ~ The wish for pumpkins continues here just off the driveway, and elsewhere snow has come to visit a wee bit early. The new Statue of Liberty Cams make for good weather watching (did you catch the fireworks last night?) and right now they are awash in rain ~ check out the leaf peeping, traffic, air quality and all the other views too of course for great (indoor) weather watching today ~ Enjoy (and stay safe and warm!)

Friday October 28th, 2011 ~ The Statue of Liberty was dedicated 125 years ago today and a celebration is being held ~ the main Ceremony is from 10 AM - 12 PM on Liberty Island ~ and The Statue is getting new Torch Cams in honor of the occasion! There will be fireworks this evening viewable from Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan, and Liberty State Park as well as from the driveway via live feeds from the new 'torch cam' to viewers around the world. Fireworks will begin at 7:45 pm and last approximately 12 minutes. Win1010 will be airing the musical score that was written to accompany the fireworks. (they will be done by the time the final game of the World Series begins ~ if it's anything like last night's game it's going to be a doozy!!!) As soon as we have the actual link to the cameras we'll post it and make it clickable --> RIGHT HERE. It's also the 46th anniversary of the day construction on the Arch was finished in St. Louis ~ so, for some background viewing during the game, check in either here and/or here. Hope all your views are monumental today ~ enjoy the last Friday of the month, the last game of the World Series, the current view of the Statue of Liberty, and the very soon to be available new views of NYC ~

Thursday October 27th, 2011 ~ A very Happy Birthdays to Bob, Raybees, Isaac Singer [of continuous-stitch sewing machine fame] and, James Cook! [no, not our James Cook, the other one, the Captain Cook one] ~ Hats off to you all (unless viewers are in the snow laden areas of Colorado, high wind watch areas of Wyoming, or generally in any cold, rainy area and then, in honor of all of you, its Hats On). Some views for birthday viewing today: there is NYC for Isaac, with a little Newfoundland thrown in for Captain Cook (cameras for Louisville and Flint are flaking out so far this morning) ~ and of course traffic cams and all the other views for snow watching and general wandering all day ~ Enjoy! ps ~ don't forget our '8.5 fer' quiz offer ~ check yesterday's posting below (after the grid)

Wednesday October 26th, 2011 ~ Back in 1985 the Senate, the House, and the President (in a hard to believe at this point act of working together) declared "that October 26, 1985 is hereby designated as 'Mule Appreciation Day'. The President of the United States is authorized and requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to recognize October 26, 1985 as 'Mule Appreciation Day'." Well, we're just stubborn enough to think every October 26th should be Mule Appreciation Day and so, without further ado.... 1/2 Mule Cam (hey, times are tough all over, can't find an all Mule Cam for love or money). We're also offering this carrot on an old quiz ~ The World Series continues (and hopefully doesn't end) tonight ~ meanwhile the World Series Quiz from '09 remains unanswered (as does this year's) ~ who ever answers the '09 quiz will get 8.5 points for it! (current quiz is at the regular 1 point level)

Tuesday October 25th, 2011 ~ Some running around today out and back (grid willing) on the driveway ~ with a little knitting thrown in to honor the disastrous Charge of The Light Brigade in the Crimean War. "On this day in 1854, a British light brigade attempted to charge the Russian troops on a hill, but they misunderstood their orders and charged down the hill instead of up. Hundreds of British soldiers were surrounded and about 200 were killed." (from Writer's Almanac) Why knitting?(you may well ask) Well, as it turns out ... And among the missing was rumored to be the Duke of Purl (with thanks to Emily, you can groan at her) ~

Monday October 24th, 2011 ~ The last week of October is underway here on the driveway and 'round our little planet as well. Our little planet had it's picture taken from space for the first time this day back in 1946 when a camera mounted in a V-2 rocket gave us our first view. And take some time out of your regular viewing today to check in on some great views of Niagara Falls ~ maybe not quite the same view that Annie Edson Taylor had as she made the first successful barrel ride over them back in 1901 (on her 63rd birthday!), but a lovely view none the less. Happy Monday(?) and enjoy the views ~

Sunday October 23rd, 2011 ~ It may be pumpkin acquisition day here on the driveway ~ but it's Take a Mole to Lunch day everywhere! That's right, it's National Mole Day! from 6:02 am to 6:02 pm. The day was established to commemorate Avogadro's Number (6.02 x 10^23) ~ and to all you molers out there ~ Please celebrate responsibly. When you wander back from your Mole Day festivities you might want to peruse these pumpkin carving sites for ideas ((site 1) and (site 2)). Enjoy the views (and go easy on the mole punch) ~ "Way out in the country tonight he could smell the pumpkins ripening toward the knife and the triangle eye and the singeing candle." - Ray Bradbury (Dandelion Wine)

Saturday October 22nd, 2011 ~ While leaf peeping or pumpkin harvesting today take some time out for cake and ice-cream ~ it's the 277th birthday of frontiersman Daniel Boone (it's the date he used anyway (there was a calendar paradigm shift and adjustment during his lifetime so some claim November 2nd as the date)). He was born in Reading, Pennsylvania ~ and it is the 200th birthday of Franz Liszt, born in Raiding, Hungary (it's the country he used anyway (there have been border paradigm shifts and adjustments since and it's now Austria)). For your viewing pleasure, here are views in Reading and as near as we could find to Raiding ~ and for your listening pleasure, of course, both Boone(!) and Liszt. Enjoy the views and the tunes ~

Friday October 21st, 2011 ~ A beautiful Friday on the driveway that is on track to bring in the weekend and today it also brings along a new quiz (check below) as well as the 268th anniversary of the day Benjamin Franklin tracked a hurricane, in the first recorded instance in which the progressive movement of a storm system was recognized. No storms for Ben to track today (but a couple of lows he might be interested in...) It also brings along the birthday of Samuel Alderson, the inventor of the crash test dummy (Thanks Samuel!), with it ~ and if that doesn't warrant some traffic views along with your leaf peeping, we don't know what does. Enjoy ~

Thursday October 20th, 2011 ~ Wednesday came and went so fast it was like it was never here ~ however, we're back ~ just like General Douglas MacArthur was as he stepped ashore at Leyte in the Philippines this date in 1944, 2 1/2 years after he had said, 'I shall return.' The World Series got underway last night in St. Louis with a win for the home team (yay!). Another game tonight (yay!). There is plenty of time before the first pitch to enjoy the views so without further ado ~ the driveway......

Tuesday October 18th, 2011 ~ If you feel like jumping up and smelling the... toast... this morning, it's no wonder. The pop-up toaster was patented (Patent: 1394450 (US)) today by Charles Strite back in 1921. And while we're using our noses ~ it's also the birthday of Christian Schonebein, the man who discovered ozone (and named it for its peculiar smell). Throw in that it is the 135th anniversary of the official transfer of Alaska to the US by Russia as well as Mark and PattiBeth's anniversary and you'll be toasting all day ~ Enjoy the views ~ (ps: there are some great views from all over Alaska here, and a nice Alaskan dock cam here).

Monday October 17th, 2011 ~ A very merry Monday to all our viewers and potential viewers ~ it was just 5 years ago today that the US Census Clock, at the Department of Commerce, turned over to 300,000,000 as the number of potential viewers in the US (!). You can watch here as that rushes towards 400 million (we may need to get a new server...). Rushing towards us (as it turns out at a speed of 400 million miles per hour) is the shockwave of gas and dust from the last supernova observed in the Milky Way. Today is the day that Johannes Kepler witnessed it in 1604 ~ luckily it was bright enough to be seen with the naked eye as telescopes hadn't been invented yet. If you look closely (and long enough) you may see some of Kepler's Supernova zing on down the driveway along with the rest of the day and the views ~

Sunday October 16th, 2011 ~ It is DonnaP's birthday (A Very Happy Birthday to you Donna) *and* National Feral Cat day! But let's not lose our heads celebrating (although 218 years ago Marie-Antoinette did just that) ~ instead.... how 'bout we all sit back, wander the links, peep at some leaves, watch the penguins, check out the air quality, nap a little, have some cider, go for a non virtual walk, kick some leaves (it's much easier than kicking the ones online), and generally, enjoy the views ~

Saturday October 15th, 2011 ~ It's the middle of the month and autumn is buzzing in the air ~ some of that buzzing may be caused the high wind warning we're under until tomorrow (who knows what may fly past the driveway today), and some of the buzzing is (no doubt) because it was 21 years ago today that killer bees first reached the southern tip of Texas, in the city of Hidalgo. While Texas was the first U.S. state to be invaded, they were not the last (a map of the current range of the bees is here). [side note: seems the buzzing of bees differs by species and activity ~ anyone out there fluent in bee?] Another historic buzzing occurred on this date in 1950 when the first American radio paging service sent its first page to a doctor.... who was on a golf course 25 miles away. But enough of this droning, it's on to the views ~

Friday October 14th, 2011 ~ It's Friday, it's World Egg Day (?), and at the moment the day's sunny side is up ~ so initially the blurb waxed poetically about those things. However, given that it's the birthday of e.e.cummings, *and* the day that A.A. Milne first published Winnie the Pooh (in 1926) ~ it is now primarily, albeit secondarily, given over to initials. (not convinced? please note it's also D.D. Eisenhower's birthday) First last words to Milne who said ~ "People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day" and the last last words to the driveway ~ Enjoy the views ~

Thursday October 13th, 2011 ~ Here it is ~ the 286th day of the year, the moon is ebbing* and is at 98%, it will rise at 7:01 PM and set at 8:57 AM (here on the driveway) (your times may vary) ~ and we know that because The Old Farmer's Almanac was published, for the very first time, this day back in 1792, and is still going strong. So it's a perfect day to pay them a visit and check in on their parking lot... as well as do a little leaf peeping in their back yard. Enjoy ~ *and not only is it ebbing and waning, the almanac tells us it's also getting farther away! See, it's not your eyes, it really is farther away... "Because Earth spins slower every day (that's just what spinning objects do), the Moon moves not quite two inches away from it each year. The rate decreases by 1-1/2 thousandths of a second every 100 years -- not enough so that you'd notice, but enough for the Moon's gravitational pull to lessen. This allows its orbit to increase, which results in a greater distance from Earth."

Wednesday October 12th, 2011 ~ In honor of the day Columbus accidently found the Americas (no matter where you land on the good vs evil side of the on going Columbus argument he did land in the new world back in 1492 - tho' lost himself, he wandered into finding the Bahamas (not that they were lost, they knew where there were the whole time....)) we have a new link for you to discover, and, a new interactive tool (from NASA) for exploring the universe. It's also worth a journey to Google today when not out discovering new views ~

Tuesday October 11th, 2011 ~ It's a beautiful day on the driveway, perfect for paddling around the 'net and taking in the views ~ hoping to take advantage of all this sunshine (rains and cooler weather due in tomorrow) and paddle around some views near here today ~ c'mon down and join us if you can. It was a mere 143 years ago today that Thomas Alva Edison filed the papers for his first patented invention ~ an electronic vote recorder to rapidly tabulate floor votes in Congress. Members of Congress rejected it (well, we think they did, it took them quite a while to count the results....). We can count on one hand the number of days the rest of the year that will be as nice as this one so it's time to get on with the day and the views ~ Enjoy ~

Monday October 10th, 2011 ~ Wednesday is Columbus Day but apparently we are celebrating it today - which, upon reflection, makes sense as it probably was on this date back in 1492 that the Bahamas starting getting ready for his arrival. With the small population at the time there, the banks and schools were closed so that everyone was available to help with the preparations. And so in their honor (and for Columbus too of course) a view of the Bahamas (which may or may not be live, electricity issues abound currently for Bahamian web cams). And of course, a traditional Columbus (islandingin2) Day(s) dish as well ~ Enjoy the day and the views ~

Sunday October 9th, 2011 ~ Another little lapse into summer today with highs near the 80's expected on the driveway. In other driveway news, and since talk of meteors has been in the air lately, today is the date, back in 1992, that The Great Meteor, seen from Kentucky to New York, was observed at 7:50 pm EDT, and hit a Chevrolet Malibu car belonging to Mrs. Michelle Knapp of Wells Street in Peekskill, NY! Other objects that should have been slinging through the air and crashing today were a wide variety of conkers at the World Conker Championships which sadly was cancelled due to high winds ~ hopefully competitors will join the rest of us and enjoy the views in their newly found free time ~

Saturday October 8th, 2011 ~ We (not the royal we but the Earth we) are passing through the dusty filaments shed by Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner causing a lovely Draconid Meteor Outburst (of upwards to a possible 1000 meteors an hours), during the hours of noon to 6PM (EDT). So Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East all get a chance at some great viewing, however, we can at least listen to them live (!) right here (and watch them collect on a graph, live, right here) ~ It's a good day for listening to great balls of fire ~ since it is the anniversary of the start of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the anniversary of Jerry Lee Lewis recording Great Balls Of Fire in 1957, *and* (some say), the anniversary of the sighting of a 'local' supernova. [Keplar's Nova is one of the few supernovae, and to date the last, known to have occurred right here at home in the Milky Way Galaxy]. A busy Saturday all around the neighborhood ~

Friday October 7th, 2011 ~ So, it's congratulations to the Tigers rolling on to the League Playoffs ~ and while there is no joy in this Mudville, there is always next year. A happier tale (here anyway) to tell is that we don't have to wait at all for the start of the National Storytelling Festival Weekend, which begins today, in Jonesborough, TN (not too far from this view). Tangentially ~ 56 years ago today, poet Alan Ginsberg read his poem "Howl" for the first time any where and echoes of that telling are still repeating ~ And to top it all off, today marks the 205th anniversary of Ralph Wedgewood's invention... an "apparatus for producing duplicates of writings"... aka Carbon Paper. Beautiful day here again, snow in the mountains again, and views all over the place to enjoy (again, and again) ~ pictures of Washington, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho taken yesterday from drivewaycam links, click for larger views

Thursday October 6th, 2011 ~ On the other side of the pond it's simply the 6th day of the 10th month (6/10) ~ but over here, it's 10/6 ~ The date back in 1945 that a goat brought a Curse upon the heads (and bats) of the Chicago Cubs (which has kept them out of the World Series since) ~and~ it's Mad Hatter Day! And what is Mad Hatter's Day? It's a kinder, gentler Fool's Day. Brought about by the illustration in Alice in Wonderland by John Tenniel (original illustrator of the first edition), and a need for some nonsense, it's best celebrated with a tea party, some general silliness, and today, a great look at Disney's staging of the Hatter's party. Don't know what to serve at your party? Try one (or all) of these ~ they'll suit you to a tea... Enjoy ~ [picture from http://www.kafejo.com/holidays/img/hatter.gif]

Wednesday October 5th, 2011 ~ Happy Balloons Around the World Day to all and especially to all you balloon animals out there (you know who you are). Congratulations to the Rangers who advanced in the playoffs, with a nod to the Rays who are feeling a bit deflated today. And good luck to all the other teams still hoping their playoff dreams don't pop! While not twisting yourselves into interesting shapes today, get out and enjoy the views ~ Enjoy ~ (click picture for larger view)

Tuesday October 4th, 2011 ~ A very late start for our blurb department ~ but the views and the driveway are all out there waiting. October 4th was the day, in 1957, that the Space Race got underway with the launch of Sputnik, and 30 years earlier (to the day) a sort of Face Race got under way as carving on Mt. Rushmore began. So a look at Mt. Rushmore and a new quiz is launched (see below) ~ in both of their honors. Enjoy ~

Monday October 3rd, 2011 ~ It's the first Monday of October and many of our viewers (well, okay, it's only 9 and they aren't known to be viewers per se (but 9 is a pretty big number of viewers 'round here known or otherwise, and hey! they could be!)) are now off pondering things like ...can the police be allowed to attach a tracking device to your car without a warrant and without your permission, and if so, and if used, does that violate the Constitution? (US vs. Jones)... instead of driveway viewing online ~ We wish them wisdom and good counsel but we too have promises to keep (and penguins to view and leaves to peep). Today is also the day in 1964 that 57 East Berliners escaped to West Berlin via tunnel, as well as the day, back in 1990, that East and West Germany were reunified ~ and so a look at Berlin today. Enjoy it and all the views ~

Sunday October 2nd, 2011 ~ If the driveway isn't screaming stay-in, hot cider, and naps to you today... you aren't listening ~ Rain and wind are prancing about here making it a perfect day to curl up with some good views, a good book, and a big mug of hot cider ~ and may we suggest a mystery or perhaps a little science fiction? Looks like it's going to be crummy weather all day so maybe both? It is, after all, the 56th anniversary of the premier of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ and the 52nd anniversary of the premier of ‘Twilight Zone' (haven't found these online, yet). Raise your hands if you have a favorite episode from either (or both) of them.....and enjoy all the views from the threshold of a new dimension we like to call ... the driveway cam ~

Saturday October 1st, 2011 ~ Welcome to October! That time of year when anything can happen and we have to beware the bumps in the night! (and beware the forecasts for the playoffs) It's rainy and windy on the driveway, frost is already nipping at the Midwest, and in the Atlantic Phillipe is chasing Ophelia about ~ may be a perfect day to stay in and wander the country side online. Today is World Vegetarian Day so don't forget to celebrate the day (and the month!) And take a look, or 2, at Yosemite today on the 121st anniversary of Congress establishing it as a National Park ~ Stay warm and dry and enjoy the views ~

Friday September 30th, 2011 ~ The last day of September in glorious driveway cam color ~ just for you. But it's also the first day of Baseball's Post Season (YAY!) and today there will be Tigers and Rangers and Rays (oh my!) along with the Yankees out there for your viewing ( and cheering) pleasure. Banned Book Week is drawing to a close tomorrow so there is still time to get to your library and check one out. And while there is no postseason for the Cubs this year ...today is the birthday of William Wrigley today so a quick check in at Wrigley Field (named for him because besides dominating the chewing gum markets, he was also the owner of the Chicago Cubs) is in order. Enjoy the day, the games, the books, and of course, the views ~

Thursday September 29th, 2011 ~ There was some remarkably exciting down to the last out, in the last inning, of the last game of the season, ball games last night. A night of comebacks and wild cards dealt. And of great battles ~ which makes sense because it's Michalemas, feast day of the archangel Michael (who threw the devil himself out at home (we're told)). Michaelmas marked among other things the fast darkening of the days in the northern world and the time to pick apples and make cider. The symbols for today are (according to legend): gloves, for open-handedness and generosity [and great catching ability (!)]; and ginger to keep you warm and well in the coming cold (or at least while you watch the playoffs) ~ Enjoy

Wednesday September 28th, 2011 ~ It's Catherine's Birthday today! And the birthday sheep and all of us hope it's a great day as well as the start of a wonderful year for you! As it is also the feast day Wenceslaus, the patron saint of the brewers of beer, it's the perfect day to raise a pint (or two) to both Catherine and Wenceslaus ~ as long as you are staying home and viewing. If you are out and about save the pints for when you return. Enjoy ~ and Happy Birthday Catherine!!! :)

Tuesday September 27th, 2011 ~ It was just 106 years ago today that Einstein's little equation, E=mc2, was published making matter and energy equivalent. (A subsequent equation was postulated on how much energy was used wondering if the equivalence mattered (turns out it does (also turns out that said pondering probably created 16 1/2 particles*))). You can read more about it (expending more energy and thereby reducing your mass?) at the Library where Library Card Sign Up Month is in it's final week, or by using our favorite search engine that is turning 13 this very day. You may also want to read about the upstart (?) neutrinos now working on disrupting that very equation (which, if they are correct, might then make you gain mass?). Mull it over, we'll keep a count of particles created.... *the entire Prevention of Spurious Random Nonsense Being Touted as Science Department is out filing for injunctions to stop this particular nonsense from seeing the light of day, however, clearly they weren't fast enough :)

Monday September 26th, 2011 ~ Last week of September already?!? Make it a good one starting.... now. After all, it's the 269th day of the year which in no small dose of whimsy is (in Europe anyway) written 26/9 ~ hard not to like a day like that even if it is a Monday. It's also the birthdays of Johnny Appleseed (perfect time of year for him to have his birthday), TS Eliot, and Robert Cade. (we didn't know that one either). He was the lead developer on the team that came up with Gatorade. Which of course can only mean Gatorade Cupcakes all around! (they might go perfectly with online leaf peeping, you never know...) Enjoy the views ~ ...And the apples were gathered and stored... ~ T.S. Eliot

Sunday September 25th, 2011 ~ In a calendar mishap Banned Book Week actually started yesterday not today as we here at driveway cam thought (the Calendar Department is being questioned). So when not viewing this week be sure to visit your library (it's still Library Card Signup Month) to check-out, and read, a banned book. (maybe even a Faulkner as it's his birthday today and his As I Lay Dying is on the list) And don't forget to take a live look near where Balboa got his first live look of the Pacific Ocean 498 years ago this very day. ~ A censor is a man who knows more than he thinks you ought to. -- Laurence Peter ~

Saturday September 24th, 2011 ~ It's autumn! Apples to pick, cider to drink, and cake donuts to eat while leaf peeping and pennant watching of course ~ The satellite came down (or so they think) in the Pacific Ocean so we can put our umbrellas away for now (but don't lose track of where you put them... apparently there are 1 or 2 other pieces of junk zinging around out there). And if not getting hit by a falling satellite isn't enough, as icing on the cake for today: some early birds have wandered back on camera! Throw in that the icing is on birthday cakes for Greta today (!) and for Jim Henson as well (check out the google) as well as it being National Punctuation Day and it's almost so busy of a day that naps are called for ~ Enjoy the views (click on pictures for a larger look)

Friday September 23rd, 2011 ~ At 5:04 this morning it arrived ~ the autumnal equinox ~ and with it the posting of the 2011 Leaf Peeping Page! (here today & in the table below for the season). Along with leaves falling you may see a falling satellite today (but not in North America rumor has it) as we wait to find out where and when the UARS satellite will come down. And it's the birthday of Mary Mallon today. Born in 1869 Typhoid Mary became well known for more than her cooking skills ~ however, it's still her birthday and instead of baking a cake may we suggest cookies? (just wash your hands before passing the cookies around) Enjoy the views of Autumn and the driveway ~

Thursday September 22nd, 2011 ~ The last full day of summer is rolling down the driveway today ~ the autumnal equinox (one of our favorites of the equinoxes) occurs at 5:04 AM (eastern) tomorrow morning. Until then we have one more day to take a deep breath of summer we can hold. In honor of International Elephant Appreciation Day today take that deep breath before visiting the herd in Tennessee. And, maybe also in honor of I.E.A. Day, a satellite the size of an elephant is falling towards earth and will 'land' with it's 26 pieces of debris in a 500-mile path sometime between today and Saturday ~ so keep an eye out for it (there are nasa updates here), and an umbrella handy... The summer night is like a perfection of thought. ~Wallace Stevens

Wednesday September 21st, 2011 ~ Getting back from vacation is hard and apparently interferes with getting the blurb posted for the day ~ but it is a sparkly day out there and with all the multifaceted views available it should be a delightful day even with a late start. Which makes sense because it's the anniversary of the day in 1837 that Tiffany & Co. was established in New York. And speaking of diamonds...baseball season is winding down as the race to the post season gears up. Detroit has already clinched their division and there are 16 more games on tap today starting at 12:35 for the other top spots ~ Enjoy ~

Tuesday September 20th, 2011 ~ It's the birthday of the man who invented the remarkable (and magic) vacuum thermos - that mysterious device that knows how to keep hot things hot and cold things cold without having to tell it which is which. And we owe our tasty beverages at their correct temperature to... James Dewar. Born back in 1842 in Kincardine-on-Forth (just down river from this camera where it appears they are having a lovely afternoon). You can put a tasty beverage in a thermos (don't tell the thermos if it's hot or cold and see if it figures it out)(it always does) and bring it along while enjoying watching the ships go by in the Firth of Forth (and find out who they are and where they are going) right here. Enjoy the views ~

Monday September 19th, 2011 ~ We're baaaack ~ and hope you had as good a time as we did while we were gone. It's a beautiful day here on the driveway, and should be in many of the views out there too. Found a camera view from near the southern end of the very lake where we just spent the last week enjoying a very similar view, at the northern end. Said lake being Honeoye Lake to it's friends. (pictures posted soon)(we were here)(should be a zoomable map) And we made it back just in time for Talk Like A Pirate Day ~ thank goodness ~ So smartly now lads and lassies, eye patches on and Enjoy t' views (if you need any help with your accent, try here)

Saturday September 10th, 2011 ~ (or 9/10/11 as we like to call it) While the launch of the Grails, on their way to the moon, may be moments away (it was scrubbed once again this morning, hoping for the 9:08am time to work)....today is much running around day on the driveway as well as oh boy! oh boy! Hannah will be here soon day as the "Goils" once again prepare for Going to The Lake! ~ Driveway cam will be on it's own for a while, starting tomorrow, watching the antics of Jim dancing and partying while we're gone. :) But today it's many trips out, and many trips back ~ getting ready. While we're gone there will be the Harvest Full Moon (on the 12th)(the 2nd brightest thing in the sky while we're gone is Jupiter) as well as all the regular views a little closer to home. In the meantime ~ enjoy the views and the driveway ~ see you next week! [9:42 update ~ the launch was successful and the first weld on the next series of space bound crew modules (Orion) happened yesterday!]

Friday September 9th, 2011 ~ It's Friday! There is joy in Mudville and on the driveway. And while some would say that the day by any other name would smell as sweet... they're wrong. We like the sound of Friday and sometimes the name matters. Thinking the same thing this date back in 1776 (it was a Monday then) the Continental Congress formally changed the name of our new nation to be the "United States" of America (instead of the "United Colonies"). Other names for the day include ~ (Captain) William Bligh (of Mutiny on the Bounty fame) who took his first breath back in 1754 (it was a Monday then too) and Leo Tolstoy, who arrived in 1828 to join in the fun (it was a Tuesday that year). No matter what your name for it is (hvala Bogu na petak, takker gud sin fredag, luojan kiitos sen perjantai, remerciez Dieu c'est vendredi, ringraziare i suoi venerdì dio, or, bedanken Sie sich bei Gott es ist Freitag) TGIF and enjoy the views ~

Thursday September 8th, 2011 ~ Today is International Literacy Day as well as day 8 of National Library Card Sign Up Month ~ so when not viewing the driveway and/or watching your favorite library online you might want to head out to a less virtual one (library that is, although a less virtual driveway will be helpful too). You can get your card if you haven't already, and visit your local library in person (they do love visitors). Tropical storms and hurricanes continue to form, grow, and wander in the Gulf and Atlantic and some how, after pounding (and soaking) New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Lee continues its reign of rain into the still waterlogged eastern coast. If you are in those areas be careful and stay as dry as you can.....

Wednesday September 7th, 2011
~ Rumor has it that today is Neither Rain nor Snow Day ~ to celebrate the opening of the New York Post Office building on this day in 1914 ~ so take your postal worker to lunch (the saying doesn't rule out stopping to eat). It is also the birthday of our favorite Tudor, Elizabeth I, (Happy 478th Birthday Elizabeth!) and the 151st birthday of Grandma Moses (the queen of American Folk Art). Throw in that it's also the 88th anniversary of the formation of Interpol and it'd be a crime not to take time out from your viewing to celebrate. So write a letter to a grandmother, then bake some Elizabethan postal cookies* and enjoy the views ~ *mouse over picture for mini mystery

Tuesday September 6th, 2011 ~ Hope everyone remembered to rise and shine and get back to work/school today. Hope you all also will remember to take in a few views today ~ it's always best to ease back into the daily grind/routine so you don't get the bends (plus driveway viewing has been proven to lower blood pressure, cure warts and bring a sense of wellbeing*). Happy viewing on this the 249th day of the year ~ [*the legal department is near collapse at this statement and begs us (upon their collective bended knees) to remind you that "This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease"][spoilsports]

Monday September 5th, 2011 ~ A very Happy Labor Day to all ~ we hope that returns from vacations and cruises and quick trips to visit kids in college are all good ones and that everyone watches the road out there. If you aren't out there you can always read On the Road (published this date in 1957) and, of course, watch all kinds of roads and the driveway right here. Problems with the camera this morning meant that Amy and Cheryl got out of here off camera but we're working on getting driveway cam up and running for a full rest-of-the-day viewing schedule. Enjoy ~

Sunday September 4th, 2011 ~ Saturday raced down the driveway almost faster than we could catch it ~ trying for an earlier start for Sunday (for viewing and running around). Tropical storms and hurricanes continue to churn through the Atlantic and pound on the South Coast. We hope all our viewers in New Orleans are on high enough ground and are away from the flooding and from Lee, and we hope that Katia behaves herself and decides to head out to sea and not make landfall. It was on this day, back in 1842, that the U.S. Naval Observatory was authorized by an act of Congress ~ and in their honor (the observatory's honor that is) you can check your watch against their coordinated universal time in all sorts of ways right here too.

Friday September 2nd, 2011 ~ It's the start of the last long weekend of summer ~ or the first long weekend of the fall season (sounds better). We have visitors from the south who will be making their way up here late tonight (you'll catch them on the driveway tomorrow), and the return of the "door guy" to finish up this morning as well as a mostly sunny day lined up for today's viewing. Take some time out of viewing to go get your library card if you don't have one...it's day 2 of Library Card Sign Up month after all. And just 259 years ago today was the very last day the Julian calendar was used in Britain and the British Empire (aka us (at the time)) ~ the following day became September 14th and the Gregorian calendar was in effect. (Most other countries made the adjustment in 1582)(never could rush or bully the British into anything) Luckily we aren't about to lose 11 days so enjoy the views at your leisure ~

Thursday September 1st, 2011 ~ Bunny-Bunny-Bunny. Now that the formalities are out of the way...Welcome to September on the Driveway ~ and to the start of Smart Card month. Do you have yours yet? Okay, day one we'll let it go but don't put it off people. A look out at the sea today in honor of the day in 1952 that Hemingway's last novel was published (The Old Man and the Sea). (Same day 33 years later, the Titanic wreck was located by the American-French expedition) ~ which makes it a very good day for sea watching, and reading...... Enjoy ~

Wednesday August 31st, 2011 ~ It's move-in day at RIT for Haydon and all the other freshman there today! Which means it's day one of the now on-going Hunt for Haydon program ~ permanent link is in place in the table below (at least until he graduates) for use after today ~ In other firsts it was 40 years ago today that Dave Scott became the first person to drive a vehicle on the Moon, the Lunar Rover they brought with them on Apollo 15, and it was 165 years ago that Le Verrier first announced his prediction of the location of the yet to be discovered planet Neptune. Using only mathematics and astronomical observations of the known planet Uranus his predicted location was only off by 1° when the planet was found less than a month later ~ good thing he paid attention in math class eh? But enough of then, there is now happening, on the driveway and at RIT :)

Tuesday August 30th, 2011 ~ Camera started up but the text creators got a late start ~ so we turn you over to the views as August skips it's way through it's penultimate day (where did the month go?) (not a new quiz question, but we are in need of an answer to the old quiz... should you be wondering) Enjoy the views ~

Monday August 29th, 2011 ~ As the cleanup from Irene gets underway we start the last Monday of August with the sun shining here. Seems it is shining all over the place, in many of the places that it can be shining. Hope you are in one of those places. Today's cake is for the birthday of Charles Kettering ~ who not only removed the crank from cash registers (okay, maybe not all the cranks BEHIND them) and gave us the self opening cash register drawer (!) but who also keeps us from getting cranky everytime we start our cars...by inventing a key operated self starting car motor. Thanks Charles! And now on to the views (and the cake of course) ~

Sunday August 28th, 2011 ~ On this day back in 1609 Henry Hudson sailed into the Delaware Bay. Irene has sailed in there today so we can't watch the bay live but the picture below is from yesterday ~ just 226 years later (to the day!) pharmacists John Lea and William Perrins of Worcester, England began the manufacture of Worcester Sauce ~ and~ it is also the birthday of Seymour Cray (of the supercomputer Crays). If all that doesn't call for a batch of Delaware's Best Crab Cakes we don't know what does. While munching on your crab cakes you can keep an eye on Irene as it wanders up the coast. Traffic cams in NYC were pretty amazing this morning before they quit working. Here's hoping they come back soon...

Saturday August 27th, 2011 ~ A beautiful day in on store here while just to the east of us... a rougher couple of days are in the works still for much of east coast. New East Coast cameras have been added to the wave watching link (power comes and goes so some are intermittent at best) for those of us not caught in the path to see where it's going and where it's been (traffic cams are good for that too). And here are some views of Irene from Space Station for a slightly different perspective. To our viewer (viewers? I guess it's possible) in Irene's trajectory ~ be careful out there ~ and for those of us with time for a little cake and ice-cream and some reading, it's Theodore Dreiser's birthday ~ now it's off to our views but let's all meet back here tomorrow ~ (these cameras and others are on the East Coast views link)

Friday August 26th, 2011 ~ While today is the anniversary of the 19th Amendment being formally incorporated into the U.S. Constitution ~ and we pause to remember and to celebrate women's right to vote ~ old Irene is taking up a lot of space both in the ocean and in any online surfing as well. If you are in it's path - listen to the warnings and be careful and safe. The rest of us can watch as Irene's story continues online through the National Hurricane Center site, and through web cams and through any other of the myriad of sites out there when you google. Let's hope Irene's bark is worse than her bite..... pictures are from these sites (these cameras and others are on the East Coast views link)

http://www.intellicast.com/Local/WxMap.aspx and http://www.carolinacoastsurfclub.org/surfcamnew.shtml and http://www.avalonpier.com/piercam.html

Thursday August 25th, 2011 ~ It's one of those going in circles days today ~ back in 1981 Voyager II sent back pictures of the rings of Saturn from it's closest approach to the planet, showing not a few but thousands of rings circling the planet. And it's the birthdays of a trio of circular supporters... Arnold Newustatder (inventor of the rolodex), Sir Hans Adolf Krebs (discoverer of the (oft dreaded in HS Biology) Krebs Cycle), and, Joshua Lionel Cowen (who made an electric train model as an eye catcher (only) for a display window but ended up creating the Lionel Train Company when more people wanted the toy train than the goods on display that it circled). And Irene continues to spin on a slow but continual path up the coast, you can watch it's progress at the NHC, and web cam it here ~ if you are in it's path, be careful out there ~

Wednesday August 24th, 2011 ~ Happy Birthday Da-veed!!! Have a wonderful day and a great year (and have lots of ice cream and cake)! Despite Bogdan's birthday, Irene is now a category 3 Hurricane continuing on the track up the east coast (and eastern seaboard) this week. With earthquakes and hurricanes lurking about, the east coast may not want to hear that today is also the anniversary of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, in 79 AD, that buried Pompeii. (and maybe no one wants to be reminded of all the various volcanoes that are 'over due' so we won't mention them (but this site does for all you worst casers out there)). And last, but in NO way least, today is "Hiss at the IAU Day" as the 5th anniversary of the day they demoted Pluto to a dwarf planet has arrived. Enjoy the views and go out and wave at Pluto tonight, due south sky 'round about 10PM ~

Tuesday August 23rd, 2011 ~ First and foremost today the King is back to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Charlotte ~ hope it's a great year for you Chuk! While she is celebrating in Indiana, Irene is kicking up her heels in the Atlantic and continues to grow. Now a category 2 Hurricane Irene has her eye on, and will be visiting, the east coast (and eastern seaboard) all week. And today back in 1989 Pete Rose, still baseball's all-time hits leader, was kicked out of baseball ~ as punishment for betting on baseball he accepted a settlement that included a lifetime ban from the game. Interestingly, now many states believe that gambling is the way to be fiscally responsible... in any case, driveway cam is betting that no matter what your view is on gambling, you'll enjoy the views 'round the driveway today ~ at first, second or right here at home ~

Monday August 22st, 2011 ~ Today is the 91st birthday of Ray Bradbury ~ c'mon over, the Dandelion Wine is chilling and will be sipped in his honor, and stories will be read. There are several short stories online: The Pedestrian, The Sound of Thunder, There Will Come Soft Rains, The Fog Horn, or All Summer in A Day (3rd link from the bottom in the table, click to read online or download), and of course... the original Dandelion Wine short story/article ~ or better yet, go visit his whole universe of books and stories and poems at the library (ps - while they really would understand, please don't take the Dandelion Wine with you to the library) "And suddenly everything, absolutely everything, was there." — Ray Bradbury (from Dandelion Wine)

Sunday August 21st, 2011 ~ Today is the 233 day of the year and thanks to Pat's (Math) Blog we now know that 233 is the only three digit prime that is also a Fibonacci number. If math gives you a headache don't worry because today is also the birthday of Charles Gerhardt, who developed Aspirin in 1853. (Which may be a good thing too because we also have to celebrate the birthday of Christopher Robin (the real one) and the 52nd anniversary of Hawaii becoming a state). Google Hawaii Webcams and you'll be viewing all day ~ here is one to get you started that more than lives up to the driveway cam standards of web cam views ~ Walea! ~ :)

Saturday August 20th, 2011 ~ Put out a pitcher of ice tea along with some zucchini bread and some cookies because with any luck we'll all have company today. After all, we sent the invitations out 34 years ago today ~ launched on Voyager II in 1977 (the invitation was sent again 3 weeks later on Voyager I). Still sending signals from 8.9 million miles away (or, specifically, 8878987363 mi. and 1399.9 yards as of about 8:50 est this morning), scientists believe it will be able to continue sending back signals until at least 2025 ~ we'll be right here waiting for our guests until then or at least for their RSVP's. Meanwhile, enjoy the views a little closer to home...

Friday August 19th, 2011 ~ In 1856, Gail Borden of Brooklyn, NY, was issued a U.S. patent, No. 15553, for his process for condensed milk ~ which could make milk, from all of his contented cows, more readily available to large cities than ever possible before. Slightly less contented animals ~ 2 dogs named Belka and Strelka, along with 40 mice, and 2 rats ~ were launched into orbit this day 51 years ago aboard Sputnik 5 and became (luckily) the first animals to return alive. After the mission Strelka gave birth to a litter of six puppies. One of them, Pushinka, was given to the First Family, as a present from Premier Khrushchev on one of his visits to the United States (back when diplomatic gestures had more flair than the ones today). After peaceful negotiations with the family dog Charlie, Pushinka too had a litter ~ of what JFK called Pupniks, in honor of the Soviet satellites. :)

Thursday August 18th, 2011 ~ Put on your party hats it's Happy Birthday to Delores (Pat) Beedle Day! Hope it's a gloriously gorsen-spotted day for you Delores ~ and while we're celebrating ~ a tip of the hats to the 19th Amendment to the Constitution which was ratified this very day back in 1920, giving women the right to vote. And if that isn't enough, hang on to your hats because it's also new-patio-door-installation day here! Should be hours of hectic viewing watching the truck in the driveway while they install the door. Updates every 7 minutes today to catch all the parked truck, new door off truck, old door on truck, action. Enjoy the views ~

Wednesday August 17th, 2011 ~ It's take a Medical Dosimetrist to lunch day on this lovely National Medical Dosimetrist’s Day! If you can't take one to lunch that site has other suggestions on how to celebrate. It's also the 103rd anniversary of the release of the first fully animated movie: 'Fantasmagorie' ~ which you can watch (in case you missed it back in 1908) right here. Whether it's dining with a dosimetrist or animatedly watching cartoons, enjoy the day and the views ~[and while figuring out what to view today be sure to check out google's logo]

Tuesday August 16th, 2011 ~ If you're feeling loopy today it may be because yesterday was really not the 14th (Mondays are hard for the staff around here), or, it may be because today is the day back in 1898 that Edwin Prescott got the patent for the Loop-the-Loop Roller Coaster. Coney Island built one but people were more inclined to watch than to ride.... It's also the day that Ringo Starr replaced Peter Best as the Beatles' drummer which turned the music world upside down without a patent. You can catch some Coney Island action here and (as always) on our favorite Amusement Park Cam, here ~ and if you ride a coaster today, let us know!!! Enjoy ~

Monday August 14th, 2011 ~ Morning driveway cam viewers ~ it's fishcakes all around today (?) for the birthday of R. J. Lechmere Guppy ~ that's right, he is the civil engineer, geologist, conchologist (?) and paleontologist whose name was given to the guppy fish after he found it in Trinidad and sent one to the British Museum. It is also, some say, the day back in 1877 that Thomas Edison coined the telephone greeting "Hello." It was his suggestion for answering the phone instead of the "Ahoy, ahoy" suggested by Alexander Bell (can you imagine hearing that a zillion times a day over nearby cell phones?!?). While we're happy it gained acceptance it was not exactly one of Edison's most original ideas as folks back in Chaucer's time used the greeting "Hallow" too, even though telephone use hadn't caught on there yet. However you decide to greet the week ~ enjoy the Monday views ~

Sunday August 14th, 2011 ~ Rumor has it today is the day the Cologne Catherdral was completed in 1880. Work began on it in 1248.... Currently undergoing some cleaning and repair you can watch it live here as well as here. And break out your code books for today is National Navajo Code Talkers Day ~ whatever the day brings TEHI HAL-ZID DI KA-YAH TA-BILH ~

Saturday August 13th, 2011 ~ It's a running around Saturday with several trips out from and back to the driveway in the works - enjoy the views in between your running around today.....

Friday August 12th, 2011 ~ Welcome to Friday on the Driveway ~ we may have mentioned that the Perseids Meteor shower is peaking tonight and it's worth getting out there to get a peek of it if you can. The International Space Station is also visiting overhead (you can check times here by state/city or here by zip code). For meteors the best time is midnight to dawn (pre dawn is the darkest sky) and to find them just look to the northeast: "The meteors will radiate from the constellation Perseus, which, in North America, rises in the evening in the northeast. You need not look in this direction, however. The Perseids are noted for their long trails and should streak across much of the night sky. Look anywhere from 30 degrees to 80 degrees above the horizon and about 45 degrees away from the constellation Perseus" (see map). Here's to clear skies for all the views ~

Thursday August 11th, 2011 ~ A very Happy Birthday to Marty today!!! Hope it's a great year ahead for you Martha ~ While having cake and ice cream today remember the Perseids Meteor shower is underway and about to peak. Tonight (i.e. tomorrow morning) after midnight (later=better) catch the peak (August 12th - 13th) of the shower, or what can be seen of it with the full moon. Get yourself outside with a blanket, or a chair, and a (warm) beverage (as the nights cool off, at least up here) and just lay back and enjoy the late summer watching for meteors (out of the northeast portion of the sky). And for the anniversary of Alcatraz opening for business as a civilian prison (back in 1934) a couple of views both here and/or here ~ Enjoy ~

Wednesday August 10th, 2011 ~ Summer ended in KY today as the new school year got underway this morning (!?) ~ seems a mean way to celebrate the anniversary of the first state to be located entirely west of the Mississippi River... Missouri ...which became our 24th state today back in 1821. And it is the 346th anniversary of the foundation of the Greenwich Observatory. Since it's also the 175th anniversary of the creation of the Smithsonian ~ with many thanks to James Smithson who decreed that the whole of his estate would go to "the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an Establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge." ~ maybe it is the perfect day to increase and diffuse some knowledge either in school or by enjoying the views ~ of a school in Missouri ~

Tuesday August 9th, 2011
~ Much needed rain on the driveway today ~ may dampen the evening view of the the Perseid meteor shower (after midnight, northeast sky) which is upon us but it's a trade we'll take. The border between Canada and the US is 169 years old today! Established by the signing of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty to resolve almost all of the border issues from previous treaties and still in effect today. (the last border dispute: the [still] undetermined owner of Machias Seal Island.....)(Luckily the puffins there don't care which side of the border they are on) Enjoy the views and some anniversary border watching... in Washington, or in British Columbia, or in Ontario, or even more Ontario, and in Detroit, or Windsor ~

Monday August 8th, 2011 ~ Today is the 2nd Monday of the month already! Its also the birthday of Svetlana Yevgeniyevna, the Russian cosmonaut who was the 2nd woman in space, and its the day that the 2nd teacher to go on a shuttle, Barbara Morgan, launched on the U.S. Space Shuttle Endeavour. As it turns out it is also the day, back in 1876, that Thomas Alva Edison, obtained patent #180,857 for a “method of preparing autographic stencils for printing,” or, a mimeograph machine... Today started with 18,975,721 seconds of the year behind us, with about 12,560,279 seconds left ~ which means it is time to pour that 2nd cup of coffee and get on to the views ~

Sunday August 7th, 2011 ~ Welcome to National Farm Markets Week. You can find your local (and nearest) Farm Market right here to visit when not checking out the views today (and all week). Back in 1947 Thor Heyerdahl and the crew of the Kon-Tiki were coming ashore on Raroia proving travel by raft was possible over great distances. (a picture of that island, taken by the crew of Endeavour, may one day help prove travel by space shuttle over great distances used to be possible too...) ~ luckily it's a short hop to all of the views 'round here and no raft is necessary ~ Enjoy ~

Saturday August 6th, 2011 ~ First Saturday in August is here ~ and you can watch it cross the driveway, right here. Back in 1926 on this day Gertrude Ederle swam across the English Channel, being the first woman to do so. You can watch the English Channel here, and you can watch what is crossing the channel, right now, right here. As shocking as Gertrude's accomplishment was (she was just a woman after all) even more shocking was... nope, we just can't do it... we can't finish that sentence with a reference to the first use of the electric chair back in 1890. (we want to, but the Eschew Marginal Segues Department called and pulled the plug on it). Which now brings us to ~ enjoy the day, and the views ~

Friday August 5th, 2011 ~ It is the birthday day of Neil Armstrong and Wendell Berry, and it is Pie Day in Braham Minnesota ~ couldn't find a Pie Cam there, but here is a look nearby (about 40 miles from the festivities). Today is also the 150th anniversary of the first federal income tax ever imposed in the U.S. ~ a 3 percent tax on annual incomes over $800 (all the peices of the tax pie were the same size back then). But enough about taxes (talking about them this early is in bad taste) ~ Watch out for the weather if the storms are in your area, and enjoy a slice of pie along with the veiws ~

Thursday August 4th, 2011 ~ Happy Birthday to John Venn, born this day in 1834 in Hull England (seen here) ~ and to birthday boy #2, Nicolas-Jacques Conté, born in 1755 who devised a way to make pencils by baking graphite and encasing it in wood. It is also the day that champagne was invented by Dom Perignon back in 1693. We're pretty sure if we were to pick up our pencils and draw a Venn diagram of those events, they would intersect at this site.

Wednesday August 3rd, 2011 ~ Some lovely rain on the driveway this morning - more in store we're hoping. The National Weather Service says we may get from 1/4 up to 1/2 of an inch! Throw in the thunder they are also predicting and it's a lovely day to sit on the porch and soak in the views ~ Its also a good day to keep an eye on Emily too (luckily she doesn't have one yet) And given that it is also National Watermelon Day along with Martha Stewart's 70th Birthday ~ when you are not savoring the views (or spitting seeds) have some cake (and ice cream of course). Enjoy ~

Tuesday August 2nd, 2011 ~ If you find yourself feeling contrary today it may be because back on this date in 1932 Antimatter was discovered, by Carl D. Anderson (rumors that British cars are made out of it have not yet been proved). Today is also the birthday of Elisha Gray (1835) who narrowly missed being the "Inventory of the Telephone" by not getting to the patent office until very shortly *after* Alexander Graham Bell did. (hmm, Ma Gray doesn't have quite the same ring to it as Ma Bell)   Interestingly, or not, Bell died on Gray's birthday in 1922. Whatever the positives and negatives are for you today, you can enjoy the views and looking for antimatter here (or here), and please be sure to call if you find some!

Monday August 1st, 2011 ~ Take a deep breath.... it's August. We're at the height of the dog days, in the home of the peak of the Perseids Meteor shower, and it's officially time to be as corny as Kansas in August (for an actual corn cam you can't beat this one in Iowa). Birthday greetings (and views) to Mr. Herman Melville and to Colorado ~ admitted to the union as the 38th state in 1876, 15 years before Melville was born. From the leading edge of August, the sky's the limit so sit back and enjoy the views ~

Sunday July 31st, 2011 ~ An eagle eyed viewer pointed out that yesterday was either Thursday or it was July 30th but it wasn't both. So while our editorial staff is off looking for the guilty parties to flog ~ we're pretty sure that since it is Sunday today, yesterday was probably the 30th. (thanks Pebble!) And since it's Sunday, as well as the 31st, we'll celebrate the birthday of John Ericsson inventor of the propeller ~ some one had to invent it, turns out it was him. So as July is propelled on down the driveway and 'out of here' a look at the last day of the Blueberry Arts Festival and at all the other July views out there ~ Enjoy ~

Thursday July 30th, 2011 ~ Cake and ice-cream today for birthday boy Henry Ford (of the Model T car Fords) and for the birthday of another American classic ~ Corn Flakes. Invented in 1898, by William Kellogg, they were a favorite of the patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium where his brother was the staff physician. In fact, why not a Corn Flakes Cake? (which comes with it's own ice-cream topping!). The perfect viewing food (would go great with the Blueberry Arts Festival too) ~ If you check in on Ithaca today, you may find Loretta, Elaine and I wandering the commons ~ a more live and larger view here for all of you who can't find your glasses (you know who you are...) Thanks to all who crossed their fingers yesterday and got us some rain ~ and now, on to the last Saturday of the month

Friday July 29th, 2011 ~ One again the calendar has rolled around to the anniversary of signing of the National Aeronautics and Space Act which established NASA (per section 203) 53 years ago ~AND~ it's Rain Day in Waynesburg, PA where for 112 of the last 136 July 29ths...it's rained. You can watch their weather here to see if they make it 113 out of 137 (tho it's looking mighty sunny there this morning) ~ We have some mostly heavy dew in their honor this morning, and we appreciate it but we're hoping to help them celebrate with a good steady soaking (you never know, it could happen (fingers crossed)). Enjoy watching for rain on the driveway, the Blueberry Arts Festival get underway, and of course all the views ~

Thursday July 28th, 2011 ~ If you feel like burping ~ today is the day! That's right, it's the birthday of Earl Silas Tupper!! It's also the birthday of Ms. Beatrice Potter so make a few of them discreet burps for her. While burping you may want to check in on Ely Minnesota to watch the preparations for the Blueberry Arts Festival this weekend (as National Blueberry Month works it way out of here). Enjoy all the views of the last Thursday in this July ~

Wednesday July 27th, 2011 ~ One of those days where anything can happen... in 1918 the world's first steel reinforced concrete barge (!?) was launched, while in 1949 the world's first jet airliner took off on its maiden voyage, and in 1940 Bugs Bunny first appeared (in The Wild Hare) to make us all wonder ~ What's Up Doc? An excellent question for a Wednesday and if you figure it out please let us know. In the meantime, enjoy the views ~

Tuesday July 26th, 2011 ~ While continuing to hope for rain (if you have any extra send it up, we'll pay postage (only fair as today is the 236th anniversary of when the US Postal System was established)) keep an eye on the driveway today for cheshire cats (or their grins), red queens and white rabbits. It's the 60th anniversary of the premier of Disney’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ today and nothing would surprise us. (well okay, technically that isn't true, and as the legal department gets pretty antsy, after the whole knock-me-over-with-a-feather debacle, let us hasten to add that we probably would be surprised if the Red Queen showed up here ~ we heard she's off recruiting ~)

Monday July 25th, 2011 ~ We're back (and working on those pictures). As the last week of July starts to roll on down the driveway and we still wait for rain (looks like it will come today) we'll channel our thoughts and resources to ~ the English Channel which was crossed for the very first time by airplane on 7/25/1909 and just 50 years later, to the day, was crossed for the first time by a full-sized hovercraft ~ so a look on each side of the Channel (the English side here and the French side here) while we watch (fingers crossed) for rain ~ enjoy the views ~ [here is the SR.N1 - the first full-sized hovercraft - on it's journey from Calais to Dover on 25th July 1959. Cockerell (Hovercraft inventor) can be seen on the bow of the craft acting as moveable ballast (from the Hovercraft Museum)]

Sunday July 24th, 2011 ~ More pictures when we return but .... the wedding was fabulous and no flamingoes were hurt in the making of the 2011 Flamingo Fling ~ a good time was had by all. (click pictures for larger views)

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 ~ A very Happy Flamingo Fling to all with this years special bonus of A very Happy Wedding To Cheryl and Mike. Pictures when we can but there is flamingo flinging to be flung all over for now. :)

Friday, July 22nd, 2011 ~ While one version of the legend has it that the Pied Piper piped the children out of the town of Hamelin this day back in 1284... we think that if the weather then was like the weather today then they ran out of town headed for the beach, the local pools, the AC in the libraries, the open hydrants.... Driveway cam continues to watch the driveway melt but the PC has joined us for a trip to the hottest party happening! That's right the Flamingo Fling is tomorrow here in lovely downtown Russell KY and we wouldn't miss it for the world. Stay out of the sun, stay as cool as you can and enjoy the views (we're looking for some Russell views to post)

Thursday, July 21st, 2011 ~ Last landing of the last shuttle today.... early... "The first attempt for the shuttle landing is set for 4:49 a.m. with a landing time of 5:56 a.m. and the second attempt is scheduled for 6:25 a.m. with a landing time of 7:32 a.m." So I'm putting today's posting up early just in case some early rising shuttle watchers are checking in ~ It's still hot as blue blazes (and you know how hot those are) so find a shady spot for viewing, kick back, feet up, ice tea in hand and enjoy the views ~ And if it helps at all... it was back on this very date in 1983 that the lowest temperature ever recorded on earth was reported at Vostok Station in Antarctica when it reached -128.6°F !

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 ~ Today the last shuttle is working it's way back home for the last time...42 years ago today Apollo 11 landed on the moon for the first time. Or it was the premier of the first Moon Landing Movie if that's your side of the coin... Meanwhile here on the driveway we continue to melt along with much of the country. Stay inside or at least in the shade today and google (you'll love their current logo, and these cupcakes for old Gregor) the moon landing while you enjoy the views ~ Stay cool and hydrate!

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 ~ The shuttle Atlantis undocked from the Space Station early (early) this morning and is targeted to land, for the last time, around 5:57 AM (EDT) on Thursday. Set your alarm clocks now. And then break out the balloons and birthday cake for Ms. Lexi who has reached the far flung universe of 6 today!!! Have a wonderful day Lexi and a fabulous time being 6. Enjoy all the views today no matter what universe you are viewing from....

Monday, July 18th, 2011 ~ Don't look now but it's sprinkling out there (shhhhh ~ don't want to scare it away). There is also thunder rolling about (we should get some audio equipment). Today's driveway view is brought to us in no small part by the 43rd anniversary of when the 'Integrated Electronics Corporation' was first established, known today as Intel. While today's cake is brought to us by the birthday's of Martha Reeves, the Martha of "...and the Vandellas", who is turning 70 (!) and of John Glenn who is turning 90 today. We need fireworks!?! Better yet, and perfect for both of them, Pop Rocks Cupcakes!!!! (can't find pop rocks in your neighborhood? you can make your own....) Enjoy ~

Sunday, July 17th, 2011 ~ A very Happy Anniversary to Aunt Joyce and Roger! In their honor the Perseids Meteor shower is underway ~ but doesn't peak until August 12th - 13th (with some better viewing starting around August 9th). However, if you are outside with a blanket just lay back and enjoy the summer evening watching for meteors (out of the northeast portion of the sky). And as the heat waves on you might want to check in on Antarctica for a cool breeze of a view (air temp was at 1°F there last time we checked).

Saturday, July 16th, 2011 ~ It was just (?!?!?) 42 years ago today that Apollo 11, along with Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., and Michael Collins, left for the moon ~ on what is, this year, the 197th day of the year. 197 being a prime number which is the sum of all the digits of all two-digit prime numbers, the sum of the first 12 prime numbers, and (can you believe there is more?), the smallest prime number that is the sum of 7 consecutive prime numbers!!! Go ahead, do the math, we'll wait here. While pondering that winsome fact why not also enjoy watching some popcorn cakes and (Antarctic) ice-cream in the making, for birthday boys Ronal Amundsen and Orville Redenbacher. Enjoy the day and the views ~

Friday, July 15th, 2011 ~ Of the 53 skidzillion (an estimate) people who saw Harry Potter last night .... we know at least 4 of them ~ who else went? Raise your hands (send us pictures). This side of Hogwarts, it's another sunny day for watching the lawn turn into straw ~ which is a little scary because it's also St. Swithin's Day and legend has it that whatever weather happens today, happens for the next 40 days as well....'St. Swithin's day if thou dost rain, For forty days it will remain, St. Swithin's day if thou be fair, For forty days 'twill rain na mair'. Well, if it's 'rain na mair', we can at least watch some coasts, lakes and rivers, as well as check in on the rainforest live in Brazil or in Ecuador ~ Hydrate, and enjoy the views ~

Thursday, July 14th, 2011 ~ Having problems storming through Paris this morning via web cams ~ the usuals aren't cooperating but the traffic cams seem to be up and running and there are a couple of other lovely views here and/or here for catching fireworks. Speaking of fireworks, it's also the 144th anniversary of the day Alfred Nobel demonstrated dynamite for the first time ~ so let's eat some cake (permettez-nous de manger un gâteau)! And enjoy the views (appréciez les vues) ~

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 ~ Apparently today, the 194th day of the year, is also Gruntled Workers Day (here's hoping they are contented enough at work not to dis the rest of us?). It's also Erno Rubik's birthday who is very gruntled in his work we are sure ~ his work being to reduce the rest of us from happy to nonverbal grunting (and occasional throwing of cuboidal objects) by inventing The Rubik's Cube ~ the joy toy where the point is to find the one arrangement, out of a possible 43 quintillion arrangements, that solves the puzzle. If you get too gruntled today, enjoying the views... just work on the cube** ~ but please no throwing of computers. **note: you have to first click on the picture of the cube on that page before using the keyboard to solve the puzzle

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 ~ Get thee to a pond today (or watch some lakes), take some pictures, and should you find some fog ~ sound the alarm... all in honor of the birthday of Henry David Thoreau (in 1817), the birthday of George Eastman (in 1854) and in honor of the first "telephone" demonstrated on this day in 1844. Captain J.N. Taylor of the Royal Navy demonstrated the first fog horn, then called a telephone - meaning 'far-signalling, an instrument for signalling by loud sounds or notes'(!). Stay cool and enjoy the views ~ "Be it life or death, we crave only reality" ~ Henry David Thoreau

Monday, July 11th, 2011 ~ Another sunny and hot day here and on driveways all over the place ~ feel the need to get up on the roof top and shout about it? Go right ahead as it's International Town Criers Day (little known fact (at least on this side of the driveway) the village of Mariemont located within Cincinnati still employs, and uses, a town crier. He is of the last few in the US) To cool off a little today some ice cream (and cake) specifically for the birthday of Theodore Maiman who built the first device that produces monochromatic coherent light ~ aka a laser (aka, in this case, a ruby laser). Stay cool and enjoy the views ~

Sunday, July 10th, 2011 ~ Running late ~ quick congratulations to Derek Jeter on getting his 3000 hit in such a perfect way yesterday! Have a great Sunday ~ enjoy the views and the day too ~

Saturday, July 9th, 2011 ~ Check either of these links to see if you are lucky enough to get to see the shuttle Atlantis and the Space Station go by overhead: At spaceweather ~ http://spaceweather.com/flybys or at NASA check here. You can also map track Atlantis here (click around on some of the links at the top to see various orbits, pretty entertaining site) And it's Independence Day in Argentina ~ so, in their honor...a quick trip to South America and a few views of Argentina, right now ~ views of Monte Olivia, and the beach at Mar Del Plata, and Ciudad de Mendoza. Enjoy ~

Friday, July 8th, 2011 ~ The last day of the work week brings us the last Shuttle launch ~ and the last manned launch by the US for who knows how long. If weather cooperates the Atlantis will lift off at 11:26 ~ the crew is getting into their gear now and will leave for the launch pad in 25 minutes (it's 7:10 here now) You can watch it all on NASA TV and of course online right here (live streams are up top to the left on that page, or under the various camera views shown], and live here, with the countdown clock site right here. If you sent your face to space you can get your certificate here ~ Enjoy the views and the launch ~ we're off to find our kleenex. 11:36 update - it was a beautiful launch!

Thursday, July 7th, 2011 ~ On the eve of the last Shuttle Launch (tomorrow 11:26 AM)(still makes NO sense whatsoever) ~ some summer rearranging as a new trial site moves in and the non working Grape Vine Cam is replaced by a charming underwater fish cam. This is historically a day for new things ~ in 1550 chocolate was introduced to Europe(!), in 1928 sliced bread was sold for the first time, and the next best thing since sliced bread on this date was in 1936 when Henry F. Phillips got the patents for his Phillips-head screw and screwdriver. So sit back, enjoy the views and who knows what great ideas will pop into peoples minds today..... maybe even something as radical as continuing the space program? [10:27 This just in!!!!!! Starting at 11:30 Eastern -> live coverage online of the festivities kick-off to commemorate Yale professor Hiram Bingham’s rediscovery 100 years ago of this world-famous Inca citadel, Machu Picchu ~ to watch live use this link http://www.peru.inkaterra.tv/english/english.html Over 400 singers and local dancers are expected to turn out for the 100-years-in-the-making event. Sound and light shows will take place alongside special ceremonies at the revered site itself, as well as in Cusco and Lima.]

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 ~ First things first ~ a very Happy Birthday to Mark who doesn't look a day over 55 (yet). Hope it's a great year for you. This is also the day that, back when Mark was turning 2, John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time, at a Church fete. On Monday our sadly absent 4th of July gang was celebrating on their driveway in KY. Not here in person but in spirit they made us some amazing sparkler pictures that are not to be missed ~ many thanks to the entire sparkler crew in KY and now, on to the views ~ sparkler views here, rest of the views in their usual places... Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 ~ On this date in 1946, over in Paris, the bikini was being introduced (but not for the first time as many people believe ~ according to evidence found, the modern bikini may have been popular in ancient Minoan civilizations about 3,600 years ago). But it was this date in 1937 that will live on in infamy as Hormel Foods first introduced SPAM to America (tried once to get a road trip together to go to the SPAM Museum in Minnesota, but nobody would bite). Which brings us to a little something to chew on while recovering from fireworks overload ~ a new quiz. Savor the day and enjoy the views ~

Monday, July 4th, 2011 ~ Happy Birthday Ellie!!!! Hope it's a firecracker of a year for you!!!! And a very Happy 4th of July to all ~ have a great day with everything you do today ~ parades, picnics, and of course some good old 4th of July pyrotechnics.

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011 ~ Writer's Almanac tells us that, according to the Farmers' Almanac, today is the beginning of the dog days of summer, 40 days of especially hot and humid weather with little rainfall. Are you ready? When you aren't out in them, you can watch them all, starting right now, as they meander down the driveway ~ enjoy!

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 ~ Saturday, in the park, you'd think it was the 2nd of July (?) ~ a beautiful Saturday is underway on the driveway, and hopefully where you are too. Several trips out and back are in the works, and Emily and James may stop by for some pre-moving moving action ~ but generally we suggest you relax and enjoy the views (while keeping an eye out for Amelia Earhart too, because you never know, it could, it might, it may be the day she reappears, after disappearing 74 years ago today, and what better place to do that then the driveway?)

Friday, July 1st 2011 ~ July, July, July ~ get yer first (of the five) July Friday's here ~ much is being made of July's 5 Fridays, Saturdays, and, Sundays (at least online) and while it is cool to have 5 weekends in a 4 week month it's not quite as unusual as one might have heard ~ luckily for all of us who enjoy extra weekends whenever we can get them. But no matter what you think of it (spoiler math here) (and/or rumors here) it's Friday!! Let the long holiday weekend viewing commence

Thursday, June 30th 2011 ~ The time has come to wave goodbye to June as it sails out of here (via the driveway of course) ~ and goodbye to Louise's youth (Happy Birthday you (still) crazy **OLD** bat!) ~ and goodbyes to the Union Jack were waved back in 1997, in Hong Kong, as Britain got ready to lower their flag and hand the colony back to China ~ along with the goodbyes that were waved to the wind (!) back in 1936 with the publishing of Gone With the Wind" (another live view in another time zone here). A few hellos have been waved on this date too ~ in 1908 to the Tunguska asteroid that arrived over Siberia and in 1894 to the Tower Bridge on it's opening day. So settle in, enjoy waving at those views and at all the last views of June ~

Wednesday, June 29th 2011 ~ Clean your glasses, your windows and your computer screen ~ you'll want to have an unobstructed view as you observe the penultimate day of June traverse the driveway ~ and it's a perfect day to observe an observatory as well; Mt. Wilson in particular, founded by today's birthday boy George Ellery Hale. You can also watch his namesake at Palomar, the Hale telescope, live. This has been a sky watch day for quite some time... just 5,134 years ago a Sumerian astronomer observed a devastating asteroid approaching, according to an interpretation of a clay tablet (which is a Cuneiform version of a Xerox copy of the astronomer's notes) and verified by a computer recreation of that night's sky. We've avoided several non-virtual recreations of that this week, and will continue to dodge some today so relax, and enjoy the views ~ ~ To see the summer sky is poetry ~ Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, June 28th 2011 ~ June continues to work its way down the driveway and out of here and is taking National Ice Tea Month and National Rose Month with it. Before it goes we say grab some ice tea, sit back, enjoy the views, and don't forget to stop to smell the roses..... In particular try to find a Queen Victoria rose to smell in honor of Victoria’s coronation in Westminster Abbey, just 173 years ago today (on the then 291st birthday (today he turns 464) of Henry VIII ~ her 13th great uncle ~ (or so we think he was, you can climb the tree here.)) And, in honor of the dedication of the Mackinac Bridge just 53 years ago today, why not check in on it live? (A marvel at that time it is still the 12th longest suspension bridge in the world.) ~ It is the month of June, The month of leaves and roses, When pleasant sights salute the eyes, And pleasant scents the noses ~ Nathanial Parker

Monday, June 27th 2011 ~ June's last week starts it run down the driveway today ~ before it disappears entirely (like writing did on this date in 1978, when the first pen with truly erasable ink, the Gillette Eraser Mate, was invented ~ or like Route 66 did on this date in 1985 when it was decommissioned; the familiar highway markers came down and 2,448 miles of the Mother Road officially vanished) may we suggest you sit back and get your kicks (and views) along the ghost of the road from Chicago to Santa Monica (those cameras are the closest we found to the original start and end of the route) ~ It is not down in any map; true places never are. ~ Herman Melville

Sunday, June 26th 2011 ~ A very Happy Birthday to the Captain of the New York Yankees ~ Derek Jeter ~ :) Born as he was on the very same day in 1974, as the first Universal Product Code (on a pack of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Gum) was scanned at a supermarket cash register (at Marsh's Supermarket in Troy, Ohio, a test facility for the new technology). (and just as an fyi - the quiz from November 6, 2009 .... is still unanswered (as is the latest one )) ~ I just can't think of anything cooler than being one of the boys of summer! ~ Garth Brooks

Saturday, June 25th 2011 ~ Might be a good day to tilt your head and take a look around from a different angle as it's not only the birthday of George Orwell but also Antoni Gaudi. You can read some George here and there are some great pictures and models of Gaudi's buildings here. Haven't yet found a web cam for (or on) one of his buildings but here is a live look at Barcelona until we do. Have a great last Saturday of the month which is also the first Saturday of the summer (as the 5th day of summer rolls on down the driveway ) ~ Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. ~ Henry James

Friday, June 24th 2011 ~ Lots of reasons to celebrate today ~ mostly because we made it to Friday! Then throw in that it's the 62nd anniversary of the premier of the first television Western - 'Hopalong Cassidy' ~ and that it's the 138th anniversary of when Samuel Clemens got patent # 140,245 for a self-pasting scrapbook(!) ~ as well as being the 502nd anniversary of the coronation of Henry VIII, and you've got a great first Friday of the Summer of '11 staring right at you (10 minutes at a time from the driveway) ~ Go get out on the trail of a good weekend and enjoy (and take some pictures to share with us or to put in your scrapbooks!) ~ Here is the ghost of a summer that lived for us, Here is a promise of summer to be. ~ William Ernest Henley

Thursday, June 23rd 2011 ~ If we were in old Finland it would be Midsummer's Night Eve ~ luckily, we can visit Finland online so Midsummer's Night Eve it is! (A lovely market to watch here (more summer insomniac viewing) as well). And it wouldn't be Midsummer's Night Eve without a little reading of the ever popular play by the same name. We've been doing some summer cleanup 'round the site here ~ gotten new pictures posted (New Years Eve thru the solstice(still working on the graduation pages)), retired some snow links to put in their summer replacements (a building and whales to watch) and there is a new trial link out there waiting for you too. Enjoy the views of summer, day 3 :) ~ Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? ~ William Shakespeare

Wednesday, June 22nd 2011 ~ It's summer ~ time to break out the bats and balls to work on your pitching, and batting averages. Just watch out for those googly pitches! Yep, it's all cricket today on the anniversary of the first recorded cricket match played back in 1814 at the current Lord's Cricket Ground ~ with your cricket field viewing needs taken care of live in Lancashire and Sidney (perfect for summer insomniac cricket field viewing). Also, birthday cake all around for our old friend Knorad Zuse loved (here anyway) as being the first to propose that the universe is being deterministically computed on some sort of giant, but discrete, computer (what's not to love?) which you can read about here, should the computer determine you will. :) ~ Cricket to us was more than play, it was a worship in the summer sun. ~ Edmund Blunden

Tuesday, June 21st 2011 ~ It's here, or will be at 1:16 pm ~ it's Summer, a zenith, a pause, a solstice. No matter where you are, stop and take it all in. It is 11:30 PM on Monday here as this is being posted, while at Stonehenge sunrise is just over 2 hrs away. Meanwhile there are all sorts of places where the sun barely sets these days so as you enjoy the start of the long lazy days and short nights of summer take in some of the usual northern views below as well as some in Greenland's Capital (Nuuk), in Iceland, in Norway, the Arctic, and all over Alaska (here) and of course (here) as well as (here) too. Happy Solsticing ~ and without further ado... Summer on the Driveway ~ In summer, the song sings itself. ~ William Carlos Williams

Monday, June 20th 2011 ~ The Solstice is Coming! The Solstice is Coming! Today is the last full day of spring so gambol while you can. (summer arrives at 1:16 (eastern) tomorrow). It is also a good day to swashbuckle, in honor of Errol Flynn's birthday, and/or to rule the waves, for the anniversary of the day Queen Victoria ascended to the English throne (the first of the 23,226 days she would be Queen). Okay, so maybe we can't rule said waves, but we can at least watch them live ~ from her ship ~ while also keeping an eye out for swashbucklers, right here. So spring on and enjoy the views ~

Sunday, June 19th 2011 ~ A very busy day today as not only is it Father's Day (Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there)... But it is also the birthday of Karen (Happy Birthday Karen!!) and, we are pleased to announce, it's the 30th Birthday of James!!!! A very Happy 30th James! From everyone on every side of driveway cam.

Saturday, June 18th 2011 ~ Today We Want You to have some cake and ice-cream not only for the birthday of illustrator James Montgomery Flagg but for the birthday of Paul McCartney (who is not dead), and for the 88th anniversary of the first Checker Cab that rolled off the line in Kalamazoo, Michigan ~ In honor of all of them: a great site where you can watch, with your shoes on or off, traffic and even taxis zoom by (and maybe even get flagged down), or for less hectic viewing on this lovely Saturday, sit back, put your feet up and take a live look at taxis waiting to be hailed. Fare thee well today and enjoy the views wherever they take you today ~

Friday, June 17th 2011 ~ It's Friday, our days are only 1 minute shorter than they are going to be all year (!) and there is viewing from sea to shining sea to be done (okay, okay, from Harbor to shining (as long as it's not fogged in) Bay (a room full of the legal department here is more nitpicking than a room full of monkeys (although otherwise indistinguishable))) ~ Not only is it the 126th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty arriving in New York Harbor, it's also the 432nd anniversary of Sir Francis Drake sailing into what is now San Francisco Bay and along with the views listed here are the 2 great views in the table below. Whatever coast you view today ~ from east to west, from sun rise to sun set (where ever you are) Enjoy the views ~

Thursday, June 16th 2011 ~ On this lovely Bloomsday we want to wish Uncle Ed a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! If he were here, and here was there, we'd take him for a pint at our favorite [Bloomsday] pub to watch ~ O'Shea's. We'd raise a pint (or two) to him and we'd also down a pint (or two) to the first roller coaster in America that opened this day, in 1884, at Coney Island, in New York. Hope you caught the lunar eclipse online yesterday... mark your calendars because Driveway Cam is hosting a Total Eclipse of the Sun party here on the driveway (smack dab in the path of totality!) on April 8, 2024 and you are *ALL* invited! (details to follow)(as will some eclipse pictures from yesterday). Enjoy the ups and downs of Bloomsday, with cake and ice cream all around and enjoy the views ~

Wednesday, June 15th 2011 ~ And just that fast it's the middle of the week on the middle day of the middle month of the year ~ (more or less)(work with us here). But there is nothing middling about it. It's a full moon tonight and in the rest of the world there will be a total lunar eclipse visible. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere luckily can catch the eclipse online either here, and/or here and/or here ~ starting at 3:12:36 p.m. EST [even a full moon is hard to see in the broad daylight we'll be having]. It should be spectacular, lasting 100 minutes and possibly being quite red due to volcanic ash from the eruption last week in Chile. So sit back, enjoy the views and, of course, the full moon shine later this evening ~

Tuesday, June 14th 2011 ~ A rainy start to this Flag Day ~ but luckily while that interferes with weeding plans for the day, it doesn't stop the water delivery due today, or stop us from getting to wander the views all day (rain or shine). If you don't have your own flag, here is a nice view of the Capital (and its flag) to watch in between other views. Today is also the 200th birthday of Harriet Beecher Stowe whose words changed the world ~ author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, which you can read here or here in between viewing. And if you are in Cincinnati (we know that some of you are) you can go visit the Harriet Beecher Stowe house there, while viewers in Hartford (you never know) can visit her home there. For the rest of us it's ice cream and cake and on to the views ~

Monday, June 13th 2011 ~ It's Monday on the driveway again, and, if you are east of the 180th meridian (or antimeridian to it's friends), it's probably Monday where you are too. (the international date line tends to wander around the 180th, and will move again this December.) And while there are times when there are actually 3 days happening on the planet, that makes our collective head hurt so we're assuming we have no viewers on Christmas Island (or Kiritimati to it's friends). This day was a Sunday back in 1920 when the American Postal Service prohibited sending children as parcels by post. It was May Pierstorff (everyone called her May) who, at 48 1/2 lbs or just under the 50lb parcel post limit, brought an end to the dream and threat of almost every parent at some point. She was mailed to her grandparents with 53 cents of postage stuck to her coat. In honor of May, this Monday in June ~ a post office to watch. Enjoy the views ~

Sunday, June 12th 2011 ~ A quiet rainy start to this Sunday ~ may we suggest a cup of tea and some nest hopping, mountain viewing or checking in on the coastal views (all below) or on some lakes (the same ones we watch get covered in ice and snow, now in more summer like apparel) and rivers. Enjoy the views ~

Saturday, June 11th 2011 ~ If you missed the re-sealing don't despair, you can catch it right here. And as the march into summer continues (even as the heat backs off a little most places, and the need to sit in front of the open door of the fridge fades for now) a tip of the (mug?) hat to birthday boy Carl Paul Gottfried von Linde who broke winter's hold on brewing with his invention of refrigeration ~ first used to removed the need of large quantities of block ice for the making of beer. And while we are tipping hats, another tip (but not over) to John E. Purdy and James R. Sadgwar who, 122 years ago today (and just 4 years before seasonally independent brewing was possible), got a patent (US 405.117) for a portable, folding chair ~ So pull up a seat and enjoy all the cool views as they unfold ~

Friday, June 10th 2011 ~ The fastest 17 minutes in driveway viewing is due up sometime today between 8AM and 5PM (although they are almost always here early morning) as the lightening fast Driveway Re-Sealing of 2011 is set to happen. We'll try to catch it for you in case you miss it (staying up late to watch the Yankees, after a 3 hr rain delay, could interfere with that but we'll do our best). Other lightening on this day back in 1752 helped Ben Franklin's kite experiment ~ and with unsettled weather bouncing about we recommend staying in, watching the driveway get sealed and enjoying the views ~ at the very least if you do go out flying kites today please leave your keys safely in the house.

Thursday, June 9th 2011 ~ If you haven't checked out Google this morning ~ you should. Go ahead, we'll wait. (it's worth the trip) And as Ice Tea Month continues (as does Ice Tea weather) you may want to switch to having root beer on the veranda while viewing today, in honor of the 142nd anniversary of the day, in Philadelphia, Charles Elmer Hires sold his 1st root beer (which was originally going to be called "root tea" so it works). Or better yet ~ a Root Beer Float! Put some mugs or glasses in the freezer, get (or make) some vanilla ice cream and Hires Root Beer (of course) and let the nucleation begin ~ enjoy the views, and the bubbles.

Wednesday, June 8th 2011 ~ Today is the birthday of Tim Berners-Lee ~ and it's also day 8 of Skyscraper Month. Thanks to one you can google and surf about the other. Sir Berners-Lee is the guy who thought of combining Hypertext with the Internet giving us the World Wide Web as well as the first browser for wandering in it. So to wish him a happy birthday and to celebrate (while having cake and ice cream of course) check out some of the worlds tallest buildings online and watch the building of some new skyscrapers in NY both here and here as well as in London (click on either picture for live view of the Shard). Stay inside some where cool today and enjoy the views ~

Tuesday, June 7th 2011 ~ June is Skyscraper Month ~ but today is the anniversary of when, Hudson Stuck, back in 1913, lead the first successful ascent of Mt. McKinley, the highest point on the American continent at 20,320 feet. So it's Mt. McKinley's sky scraping from 3 different views! (it's almost like being there, but without the climb)(you're welcome) View 1, view 2, and of course view 3 ~ If that's all too much, as mountains can be, it's a quiet day on the driveway for your viewing pleasure ~ Enjoy!

Monday, June 6th 2011 ~ Back behind the driveway, after a lovely week in Kentucky ~ and ready to watch the first Monday of June, and the anniversary of D-Day unfold (in 10 minute slices of course). While we were driving home yesterday, Chase was turning 1!! Hope it was a wonderful birthday for him. And even though we are not wanting to get back in the car just yet.... it was 78 years ago today that the first drive-in movie theater opened, in Camden, New Jersey. (At our local drive-in there are 4 screens, no waiting) Enjoy the views on screens and off ~

Saturday, June 4th 2011 ~ Graduation Day for Jessie and Haydon ~ with a party afterwards!!! Stop on by (for both) if you are in the neighborhood and join driveway cam in wishing them all the best in all the years ahead. [Jessie heads off to Berea College in the fall and Haydon will be heading to drivewaycam's neck of the woods as he starts at R.I.T.] But for now at least for them it's... No more teachers! No more books!

Friday, June 3rd 2011 ~ If you want to get out and howl at the storms and weather (or at anything else at all) this would be the day as it's the birthday of Allen Ginsberg. It's also a great day to raise a glass of ice tea (it's National Ice Tea month after all) to the completion, back in 1889, of the Canadian Pacific railway from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. Given the heat it's perfectly okay to howl and toast accomplishments from the veranda with said glass of ice tea ~ Happy Friday and enjoy the views!

Wednesday, June 1st 2011 ~ What is so rare as a day in June? Matching fingerprints are! [Chances of duplicated fingerprints are 1 in 64 billion (!) while chances of a day in June are pretty high given 8.21917808219178% of the year is June ~ And, as it turns out, chances currently are now at 100%]. Since the first day of June is the birthday of Henry Faulds, noted for developing fingerprinting, be sure to check out the arch, loop, and whorls here at drivewaycam while enjoying the views of Junes ~ “And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days” James Russell Lowell

Tuesday, May 31st 2011 ~ Fast away the month of May passes ~ fa la la la la, la la la, la. The first official weekend of the summer has come and gone, leaving some heat in it's wake (mid to high 90's here all week). The last day of May is also the first day of a new year for Ms. Pat and we hope it is a great year ahead for her. It's also the birthday 2 other favorites, Walt Whitman and, Big Ben (watch here), whose chimes (listen here) rang for the first time on this date in 1859. So get thee to some leaves of grass, relax (in the shade) and catch up with some old friends (with a glass of iced tea) while you enjoy the views ~ Happy non-Birthday Pat!!

Monday, May 30th 2011 ~ Happy Memorial Day to all our viewers, and to all our non-viewers too (if there are any)(in either category!). 'Round these parts (and the driveway) we'll have to get up early to see the Double Flybys of the Space Station and the now undocked Endeavour ~ but it's worth the effort. There should be "... a series of beautiful double flybys: The shuttle and station will soar through the night sky side-by-side in advance of Endeavour's final landing on June 1st. Check the Simple Satellite Tracker to see if you are favored with an apparition: http://spaceweather.com/flybys" The other site to check for sightings is here. If you are up early (we're talking 4'ish) get outside and look up. (before all opportunities for viewing free range shuttles become extinct) Enjoy ~

Sunday, May 29th 2011 ~ A very HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY to Bman today!!!! ~ we are shifting from graduation mode to birthday mode as the partying continues. Looks like a beautiful day on the driveway up there, and we are having a beautiful day on this driveway as well. Come by for cake today, or have some where ever you are for the birthday boy ~ pictures of the graduation and other doings posted when we can. But here's a two-fer until then. Enjoy all the views ~ and click picture for larger view

Friday, May 27th 2011 ~ The Stupidru is heading to KY for Hannah's graduation (which you can watch on your computer, tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:30 pm by clicking HERE, and it will be staying in KY for Jessie's and Haydon's graduation (not online sadly) June 4th. So while driveway cam will be on its own, hopefully it will continue running fine, catching all of Jim's parties and antics while we are gone. We hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day Weekend and a wonderful week, and we'll be watching along with you to see how it all unfolds on the driveway ~

Thursday, May 26th 2011 ~ Department of Date Flipping didn't flip the date yesterday, which really was not the 2nd 24th of the month, and so you may be surprised to see that today is the 26th and wonder where the 25th went. Please don't wonder. It's not you, it's them. Jessie and Ellie and friends will be on TV in Louisville shortly, at 10:00 AM, this morning and you can watch online right here ~ and the driveway will be a blur of activity (it's all relative you know) as there are at least 3 trips out and back planned. Pace yourselves ~

Wednesday, May 24th 2011 ~ As Spring continues it's rampage we hope everyone stays safe and sound ~ Cake today (not that any day needs a reason for cake) is for Ralph Waldo Emerson born in 1803 ~ and for the last home run (#714 in his career, oh and the 3rd one he hit that day) hit by Babe Ruth, in 1935 at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (the man hits 3 home runs, drives in 6 runs and they still lost!). Enjoy the views and be careful out there ~

Tuesday, May 24th 2011 ~ [please stand by for some slight technical modifications]HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM! HOPE IT'S A GREAT DAY AND THE START OF A GREAT YEAR. Cake all around as Jimbobillybob celebrates his arrival(?) 61 years ago today![hope that font was big enough for him to read] ~

Monday, May 23rd 2011 ~ The New York Public Library is 100 years old today ~ and if you can't visit there, visit your local library and take a book out to celebrate. While enjoying some cake for the Library have a piece for the birthday of Margaret Wise Brown, born the year before the library opened. And some cake too for the patent on the Accordion (back in 1829) awarded to its inventor Cyrill Demian of Vienna. A side of views will go nicely with all that cake ~ Enjoy ~

Sunday, May 22nd 2011 ~ Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! ~ on the driveway ~ keep your eyes peeled (not literally you understand) and you never know, you may just happen to catch some excitement on the driveway (no, none is planned, but it could happen) High temperatures and more rain combine today so you may be able to actually see the grass grow throughout the day via the 10 minute views. Whatever you do this lovely Sunday, enjoy it, and enjoy the views ~

Saturday, May 21st 2011 ~ Wall to wall sunshine is the rumor for today's weather, so get out to visit the lilacs while ye may. Drive carefully (avoiding all walls where possible) and within the speed limit, as today is the 110th anniversary of the first ever speed limit law passed in the U.S. ~ Connecticut legislatively limited the speed of motor vehicles to 12mph in cities and 15mph on the open country roads. But instead of raising a pint for speed limits how about donating a pint for the Red Cross founded 130 years ago today by Clara Barton ~ they can always use your blood and/or any donation, no matter how small, from your wallet (which is not a small wall for some reason). Now it's off to the views ~ enjoy ~

Friday, May 20th 2011 ~ For those of you in the tri-state area ~ Haydon is staring as Don Lockwood in Singing in the Rain. A limited run but fantastic production so see it today, tomorrow, Sunday afternoon or all 3 if at all possible! It will actually be raining on stage there ~ so we drummed up a little rain here in celebration. You may not see dancing in it on the driveway but in our minds it's there ~ break a leg Haydon!!! And for those of you attending...pictures people, we want to see pictures! Happy Friday ~ enjoy the views ~

Thursday, May 19th 2011 ~ Some running around today so Drivewaycam is mostly on it's own today bringing you whatever it sees on the driveway in 10 minute slices. (should anything untoward seem to be going on please let us know). Speaking of untoward...it was 475 years ago today that Jane Seymour, being raised to the head of Henry VIII's not-so-very-short list of loves, indirectly caused the head of his current wife, Anne Boleyn, to fall with the lowering of an axe. (if you should notice any of those Tudors showing up on the driveway please let the police know)(well, except for Elizabeth I - if it's her, please oh please, let us know). Enjoy the views ~ and the day ~

Wednesday, May 18th 2011 ~ We have a sinking feeling that the Lilac Festival might be cancelled for an unprecedented 4th day in a row. As today's local headline proclaims, The Lilacs are in Full Gloom. If you are stuck inside today here is something to sink your teeth into ~ today in 1897, just days before the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker will be published in London, the very first public reading of it is staged in London. And today is the 31st anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption, when the cataclysmic blast transformed what had been a perfect cone into a crater. You can visit today (also always in the table below) and here are several other volcanoes to watch as well. Enjoy the views here or grab an umbrella and head out to smell the lilacs....

Tuesday, May 17th 2011 ~ The Lilac Festival has been closed the past 2 days ~ we're hoping it's open today. (The Lilacs themselves are, of course, still available, even in the rain.) Meanwhile it's also World Information Society Day (!) a day dedicated to societal changes brought about by the Internet and new technologies (per UN Resolution A/RES/60/252). Fitting in any number of ways here on driveway cam, where we too contribute to societal changes (okay, no we don't, but for today let's go with it), and fitting because it's also Discovery of the World's Oldest (and our favorite) Computer Day. That's right it's Antikythera Mechanism Day ~ said mechanism being, so far, the earliest known (2nd century BC) beginnings of Driveway Cam. With thanks to the Greeks for starting it all ~ it's on with the views!

Monday, May 16th 2011 ~ The launch is still a go (as of 7:58AM), for 8:56 - you can still watch as they prepare for Endeavour's liftoff...and don't forget the ~ countdown clock is here) Wish we were all there ~ And as the crew of STS 134 gets ready to head off to work, a small reminder for the rest of us that it's the start of Ride Your Bike to Work week, here in the midst of National Bike Month ~ Enjoy the launch and the views.

Sunday, May 15th 2011 ~ The rain is not helping the flood conditions but is helping driveway cam's first picture of the day look a bit like a painting by birthday boy Jasper Johns (though driveway cam dabbles more in the old school abstract expressionism than Johns). Today also marks the 48th anniversary of the last Project Mercury flight that launched Faith 7 and Gordon Cooper ~ as Cooper became the first American to spend more than a day in space. (He'd spend many more days there as an astronaut in the Gemini program as well). With rain (or snow) all over the map it seems like a good day to just stay inside and wander the views without (hopefully) an umbrella... and to watch as they prepare for tomorrow's shuttle launch...(which is at 8:54 tomorrow MORNING ~ countdown clock is here)

Saturday, May 14th 2011 ~ Rains are due in but it won't dampen the weekend too much as the driveway tree is in bloom ~ as are the Lilacs which can be seen in person at the Lilac Festival that opened here yesterday ~ When you visit, breathe deeply. And today is the anniversary, back in 1804, that the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the "Corps of Discovery", started up the Missouri River. (had they waited until today they would have had to postpone their departure due to flooding....). While Cheryl and Mike continue to explore Chicago, it's a good day to explore some of the nooks and crannies of Driveway Cam or better yet, the unknown territories of your own neighborhood! (don't forget to draw a map of where you go).

Friday, May 13th 2011 ~ Friggatriskaidekaphobics take heart ~ this is the only Friday the 13th all year. Get through today and it's clear sailing until January 2012. Cheryl and Mike continue their whirl-windycity visit with an afternoon at Wrigley Field and eagle eyed viewers may catch them here going into the Cubs Vs Giants game (starts at 2:20 ET). A blackcatbrokenmirroroverheadladderspilledsaltless day to all, and enjoy the views, even if they are from under your bed. :)

Thursday, May 12th 2011 ~ A quiet day on the driveway leaving lots of time for viewing ~ Cheryl and Mike are on their way to the Windy City so you might be able to spot them en route. And since Cheryl is out of town (don't tell her we said that) there is also time for a new quiz! And while puzzling have some birthday cake for Ms. Katherine Hepburn, Ms. Florence Nightingale, and Mr. Edward Lear today. Enjoy the cake, the quiz, and the views ~

Wednesday, May 11th 2011 ~ Got up to look at the planets this morning, but who knew dawn came so early? Missed it by about an hour. It's a sunny day here on the driveway even while the flooding wreaks havoc and the weather continues to run amok. If you are in the path of the weather or the water be careful out there. Stay inside and enjoy the views ~

Tuesday, May 10th 2011 ~ A very special * Happy Birthday * to Opal Mobley ~ who is turning 92 today!! Happy Birthday Opal!!!!!! Much love and happiness from all your friends on both sides of Driveway Cam ~ For you early risers (we hear rumors) be sure to check out the early morning sky show ALL MONTH ~ about 1/2 hr before sunrise, eastern sky, details here. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be one of the exceptionally good views. There are some pictures here (and if any of you get some pictures please send us a copy)

Monday, May 9th 2011 ~ It's a beautiful day on the driveway (even if it is a Monday). A most civilized way to start off National Etiquette Week! If you've been to the google today (if you haven't you should go, several times) you noticed it's the birthday of Roger Hargreaves ~ creator of the Little Mr. and Little Miss books. There may not be a Little Ms or Mr Manners however, there is Miss Manners should your etiquette need a little bit of polishing this week. So have a perfectly polite day and it's pinkys up while enjoying all the views ~

Sunday, May 8th 2011 ~ A very Happy Mother's Day to all ~ for some fine Mother's Day viewing (when your done with your Mother's Day activities) check in with the nests as there are chicks blooming all over the place! (click picture for larger view)

Saturday, May 7th 2011 ~ And it's off to the races on a sunny(?) Derby Day ~ while they are running the 137th Kentucky Derby today, we'll be running too... the entire length of the driveway... to the grocery, to the garden store, to the flowerbeds, to the porch swing, and to the OTB. So pick your horses, pour your juleps and if you're in the area come on by our Old Notquitein Kentucky Home with your gardening gloves (and Derby hat of course). Sadly haven't found any Churchill Downs web cams this year ~ but it looks like a beautiful day at the Horse Park in Lexington ~ Enjoy the views (and if you have any hot tips for the race let us know!)

Friday, May 6th 2011 ~ It could be a going in circles day, if history has it's way ~ today in 1954 Roger Bannister became the first person to run around the track for a mile in under four minutes (3:59:4), while in 1915 Babe Ruth ran around the bases on his very first major league home run hit ever, and in 1844 the world's first mechanically frozen ice rink, The Glaciarium, opened in London allowing skaters to glide around all year round. What with history having the keen sense of whimsy that it does it might almost make your head spin that today is also not only the birthday of Sigmund Freud, but the anniversary of the opening of the Eiffel Tower (1889) and the Chunnel (1994) too. (don't roll your eyes, we are only stating facts) ~ and last but not least, more cake all around for Bob Seger who is turning 66 (tho' round here we can't believe it) ~

Thursday, May 5th 2011 ~ It's 5-5 and not only is it Cinco de Mayo, it's also the Cinco Multiplicado Por Diez de Mayo or the 50th (cincuenta) anniversary of the 1961 launch of Freedom 7 and the day Alan Shepard became the first American in space. If we throw in that it's the day that Chanel No. 5 first went on sale in 1921, and the day the Games of the Fifth Olympiad (aka the 1912 Summer Olympics) opened in Stockholm Sweden you'll have all the 5 facts we found for the day. Go easy on the fifths today and enjoy all the views

Wednesday, May 4th 2011 ~ May the Fourth be with you on this lovely Star Wars Day ~ a quiet overcast (qu'elle suprise)(or welche Überraschung as we like to say) day on the driveway will allow you plenty of time to enjoy all the other views. It's birthday coffee and crullers today, at Tiffany's, for Audrey Hepburn ~ with a showing of Charades in the line up round these parts (stop by, we have plenty of pop corn, or if you have Netflix you can watch it online there). We couldn't find a camera for watching Tiffany's at 5th Ave & 57th (of movie fame) but here are the 2 closest cameras we could find to enjoy along with your breakfast ~ 5th Ave at 49th Street, and Madison at 57th....

Tuesday, May 3rd 2011 ~ Welcome to Tuesday on the driveway ~ this particular Tuesday is the 123rd day of the year, which somehow helps make up for the overcast skies. [While not understanding all the ways that mathematics affects weather, given that weather is a 4 dimensional entity, and that time is one of those dimensions, we'll give a nod to the partial derivatives implications but we're going to stick with ~ it somehow helps make up for the overcast skies.] But it doesn't do a thing for the rain and widespread flooding however ~ or any of the active weather wandering about, so put away your calculators and be careful out there ~

Monday, May 2nd 2011 ~ It's American Wetlands Month and the weather folk (or maybe it's the wetland fairies?) are working on expanding their territory as the soggy spring continues. However it's Play the Ukulele Day (!) today, so forget that it's Monday, forget that it's raining (at least here on the driveway it is) and strum your cares away. Don't have a Ukulele? Use one of ours, we have two - no waiting. You might want to croon a tune while watching for Ole Nessie since it was 78 years ago today that the modern legend was born when a couple's report of sighting the monster made it to the news. Enjoy the strumming and the views ~

Sunday, May 1st 2011 ~ Today is May Day, the first of May, a date that may have more holidays than any other ~ it's most important holiday being HANNAH'S BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a fabulous day Hannah! And as the Empire State Building was dedicated on this day back in 1931 we thought a view of it, while having birthday cake, was in order.

Saturday, April 30th 2011 ~ We'd like to be the first to say, on this last day of the month, a very happy Walpurgis Night to all! We are relieved to see some sunshine (any sunshine) in this record breaking, rain soaked, water logged, April. Hopefully the soggy grounds won't dampen your bonfires this evening. The Endeavour launch has been put off until Monday at the earliest. Keep all your fingers crossed that the auxiliary power units can be fixed by then. But wash your hands before crossing them should you find yourself re-enacting the anniversary of the first "prints" ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre back in 1927. It's brownies all around for the birthday of Alice B. Toklas, which may (or may not) help you enjoy watching Grauman's and their red carpet events and all the views today as April rolls down the driveway ~

Friday, April 29th 2011 ~ This is going up by midnight for any early morning viewers ~ more London than you might be able to stand to augment your wedding viewing right here ~ and after the wedding (and a nap) be sure to catch the lift off of Endeavour slated for 3:47 pm (countdown clock here) ~ which you can watch on NASA TV and here (at least we hope so. They've changed their online viewing for some reason). It's the very last flight for Endeavour, and the penultimate shuttle launch (it's so hard to even type that) for the US. (which is a dark matter of it's own that is obvious even without an Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) Here's a look (at about 10:30PM eastern) at both London and Cape Canaveral the night before the festivities in either place get underway ~

Thursday, April 28th 2011 ~ Don't know who is responsible for the lateness in updates but they will be spoken to (as soon as we find them). Meanwhile ~ we hope all our viewers are surviving the spring storms and rain. Be safe out there; in fact stay in your basements when viewing. Tomorrow, much earlier than the staff here at Driveway Cam International gets to work, or even out of bed, the Royal Wedding is taking place. (you may have heard?) In case watching it wall to wall on every TV channel in the known universe isn't enough (and it isn't) you can also watch it online! Make some scones, put on a hat, and raise a cup of tea to William and Catherine. And as a fabulous bonus....the shuttle lifts off tomorrow! More on that tomorrow ~

Wednesday, April 27th 2011 ~ The actual age of the universe may be debated but this is the day, according to German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler, that the universe was founded (!) back in 4977 B.C. As no one has ever contradicted the date we'll go with it and who cares if we are 6,988 years old (per Kepler) or 13.7 (or so) billion years old (per everyone else) ~ it's cake all around. While singing ourselves Happy Birthday be sure to check in on some of the newest occupants (and soon to be occupants) of the universe as the nesting season is in full swing ~ the eagle chicks have survived the storms in Iowa, and the 3rd of the 4 falcon eggs in Cleveland hatched yesterday. Enjoy the views and trust us, we don't look at day over 6,987!

Tuesday, April 26th 2011 ~ Birthday cake today for Dr. Charles Richter (of Richter Scale fame) and there is always a whole lot of shaking going on to watch in his honor. And it's the birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted American landscape architect; designer of Central Park in New York City, parks in Rochester, and Louisville, and so many others (in 26 states) that everything we understand a park to be comes from his work. And it was this day back in 1884 that the Post Office Committee of the U.S. House announced they were going to investigate “sending mails by electricity” (hmmm, the Post Office investigated email, and it didn't catch on for another 100 years or so... if we didn't love 'em so much we might have to wonder...) ~ With so many parks underwater at the moment it's a good day for staying out of the quagmire and sending email or for watching for quakes online ~

Monday, April 25th 2011 ~ If you are really quiet this morning you can hear the creak of knees down in Georgia where cousin Mike is turning 50 today ~ Hope it's a great year ahead for you Mike! (if you need us to type louder just let us know) :) Not so quietly, the stormy spring continues, with rumors of US 42, in KY, buckling from the rain, the Ohio River reaching and exceeding flood stage, tornadoes, and even heavy snow out west. So we're going to concentrate instead on the Hubble which is celebrating it's 21st year of service this week - it was 21 years ago today that it was put into orbit and it still continues to complete one orbit every 96 minutes ~ as well as continue to bring us amazing views. Stay safe (and dry) out there today and if you get a chance in between bailing... enjoy the views ~

Sunday, April 24th 2011 ~ Happy Easter to one and all and a very Happy Birthday to Allison! We hope it's a wonderful day and year ahead for her and we hope you all find all the hard boiled eggs you've hidden. We also hope the Easter Bunny is particularly generous with your Easter Baskets. According to some sources, the Easter bunny first arrived here in America in the 1700s with German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and transported their tradition of an egg-laying hare called "Osterhase" or "Oschter Haws." Their children made nests in which this creature could lay its colored eggs. And we can't let the 21st anniversary of the launching of the Hubble telescope pass by without recognition ~ so jelly beans, ice cream, cake and some amazing pictures all around ~ Glückliches Oschter!

Saturday, April 23rd 2011 ~ A wild night of egg dying is responsible for the late start of driveway cam this morning (that's our story and we're sticking to it). But there is still plenty of time for viewing the driveway and for celebrating the birthdays (real and presumed) of Mr. Quantum Physics himself ~ Max Planck, and Mr. Eloquence for a Farthing himself William Shakespeare. Throw in that it's St. George's Day and it's an all day festival on the driveway and off. So no matter what side of the waves or particles debate you fall on, no matter if you think Bill did or didn't write the plays, and no matter if you are for or against St. George ~ enjoy the views from all sides today.

Friday, April 22nd 2011 ~ Good Earth Day to one and all. Hope you take time today to enjoy the planet we all wander upon and watch ~ with a little more tree, and a little less driveway in view today. From nests, to lakes, to mountains, to rainforests, to trees a plenty (where ever you look and of every oeuve (including artifical!)) ~ enjoy wandering all the views here, and, especially today, those less virtual.

Thursday, April 21st 2011 ~ A very Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Queen Elizabeth II ~ as she turns 85 today! It's pints all around!! And if you want to have a extra couple of royal pints... it's only 9 days until William and Catherine are married (live on drivewaycam too of course) and it's only 1 day since Prince Charles officially became the heir who has had to wait longest to be crowned a monarch (beating out the 59 years, 2 months, 14 day record held by his great-great grandfather Edward VII). But mainly, a toast to a very Happy Birthday Your Majesty, from all your friends on both sides of the driveway ~

Wednesday, April 20th 2011 ~ We are smack dab in the middle of the week and in the middle of National Parks Week ~ but as the wild weather of spring continues it may be a good time to stay in and wander through the National Parks online. You can look for your nearest National Park here, and wander all the links we have below (and here) if you can't get out to actually go to a park. However, entrance to all the parks is free this week... so if you can, go visit, and if you do visit any this week ~ send us a postcard!

Tuesday, April 19th 2011 ~ It was 236 years ago this morning that the "shot heard around the world" was fired from an undetermined gun and the 77 armed minutemen there then fought with the 700 British troops. The Battle of Lexington was underway and the American Revolution began. So it's a perfect day to check in on the eagles nests (the one in Iowa seems a bit snowed under), and/or all of the nests for that matter. [The chicks in Colorado are growing like weeds, and there are 5 (!) eggs in the Columbus falcon nest (and 5 in our favorite storks nest too)(hopefully the ones in the storks nest are not falcon eggs or vice versa (talk about a revolution)). If you haven't checked in on the owls recently you'll be amazed at the chicks] ~ Enjoy the successful end of the revolution that started today, and the views too of course ~

Monday, April 18th 2011 ~ Yesterday's and today's snow flurries are being brought to you by Jim - who with great bravado announced yesterday that winter was over as he put away his gloves (with a flourish).... But we're going to press on regardless because once again it's take a Ham to lunch day ~ aka International Amateur Radio Day. Or if you are looking for another way to communicate ~ hop on your horse, and ride through town screaming just as Paul Revere did 236 years ago tonight. (we suggest you not wait until midnight; zoning laws and noise ordinances have changed a smidge since his ride). However your day unfolds, here in 10 minute slices ~ Monday on the Driveway ~

Sunday, April 17th 2011 ~ A day of several trips out and back, with wind visiting most of the day, is in store for the driveway. That should give you lots of time to catch up on all your other viewing, as well as to take any naps you've been neglecting ~ Enjoy!

Saturday, April 16th 2011 ~ April is working on May's flowers today here and about. Flooding and severe weather might make it a good day to just stay in and let your travels be online ~ Your viewing can take flight while you have cake and ice cream for the birthday of Wilbur Wright and for the 99th anniversary of Harriet Quimby becoming the first woman to fly the English Channel. It's also the 7th anniversary today of the launching of the maiden voyage of The Queen Mary 2 ~ you can see the view from her bridge right now, right here. Wherever your flights of fancy take you today, enjoy the views ~

Friday, April 15th 2011 ~ It's National Don't Worry Day (okay, we made that up but it should be) ~ because ~ If you haven't gotten your taxes done yet, don't worry ~ they don't have to be mailed until Monday! And, if you missed Hannah at her Honors Convocation yesterday, don't worry - you can catch some of what you missed here. Besides, why worry when it's Friday and there are views a plenty waiting to be seen? Including this one, completely worry free (or as zey say in zee french: complètement sans souci), for your N.D.W.D. viewing ~ So don't worry, be happy, and enjoy the views ~

Thursday, April 14th 2011 ~ It's time to start looking around at your books because it's National Donate a Book Day and your library would be tickled pink (it's one of their favorite colors) to get a book from your stash. While looking around there don't forget to look around here (it's a beautiful day on the driveway), enjoy the views, and at 3:30 check out this link to catch a glimpse of one of our viewers at her senior Honors Convocation ~ there are still plenty of seats in the drivewaycam section.

Wednesday, April 13th 2011 ~ We hope no one has to utter the words heard 41 years ago when the astronauts on Apollo 13 said "Houston, we've had a problem here". And since you are (hopefully) not having to spend the day wondering how to get your space ship back to earth, how about taking a trip to the Library in honor of National Library Week ~ you can check out books or movies about Apollo 13, about how 151 years ago today the 1st Pony Express reached Sacramento, CA, about how 27 years ago today Cincinnati's bad boy (and troubled son as Cole calls him) Pete Rose became the first ever in his league to get 4000 hits, or about almost any other subject you like. Enjoy wandering the library and of course the views ~

Tuesday, April 12th 2011 ~ A very Happy Birthday to Ms. Pebble today as she turns... well it's just not polite to talk age so lets talk math ~ Beverly Cleary (who named the divine Ms. Em) is having a birthday today and Pebble is [Beverly Clearly - 36]. David Letterman is also having a birthday today and Pebble is [(David Letterman + Beverly Cleary) - 100]. Another way to look at it is she is [(The Year of the Great Plague) - (The Year England adopted the Union Jack (on this date) as their flag)], or, to make it even easier, she is [(the ordinal of the anniversary today of) the very first space flight + the square root of 81]. If word problems are too confusing, and they can be, today Pebble turns ((((((((100*a)/b)*(a+1))/(b+1))*(a+2))/(b+2))*(a+3)) - 41) (where b-a = a and b is less than 5) [hey, no matter how you figure it, it's going to take a calculator] Hope it's a great day and the start of a wonderful year for you Amanda! :)

Monday, April 11th 2011 ~ It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood (even if it did get off to a late start). Cloudy, but in the upper 70's! Of course a cold front is racing this way ~ stay tuned for wind and rain and falling temperatures ~

Sunday, April 10th 2011 ~ Amy (and Haydon) have sailed on out of here and are on their way back to the wilds of Kentucky. Temperatures sure to eliminate any icebergs in the region are supposed to soar to the 70's today (cooler near the lake, and sometimes near the driveway, still both places should be iceberg free) There are some lovely ocean liner web cams to watch as we celebrate the 99th anniversary of the only time the Titanic set sail, leaving Southampton on this date in 1912. Check out the view from the Aurora at sea, steaming towards Brazil, the Queen Mary 2, sailing towards Italy, and, with a view most similar to that the Titanic had, the view from the Queen Victoria as it makes it way towards Cork. Enjoy all of the views and please make note of your nearest exits, life jackets and lifeboats today, just in case....

Saturday, April 9th 2011 ~ A beautiful day on the driveway with lot's of driveway action (?) in store. Today is moving day for Ms. Em, with several trips we're sure (one with a truck!) here, there and back again. And it's opening day for the Rochester Red Wings (baseball returns locally, there is joy in Mudville) and the Wow-You-Really-Got-That-Wrong Department would like to announce that it's cake and ice cream again today for Ms. Kathy T who is celebrating her actual birthday TODAY! (yesterday was a sneak peak into the future by the psychics that type around here). A very Happy Birthday Kathy ~ today and everyday!! :)

Friday, April 8th 2011 ~ Today it's cake and ice-cream for the birthday (and naming) of Kathy T (Happy Birthday Kathy!!! Have a great day!!!) as well as the naming of Times Square ~ as on this day, back in 1904, Longacre Square in Midtown Manhattan was renamed Times Square. We don't have a Kathy Cam (sadly) but you can check in on Times Square here, or here, and here. And we have a bonus round of Hunt for Haydon(!) today as he, Lindsay, and Amy attend his Open House... (send in a picture of them on camera and win a prize)(or at the very least our admiration). Enjoy the day and the views ~

Thursday, Apri1 7th 2011 ~ It's a quiet day on the driveway with only 4 planned forays out and back ~ leaving plenty of time to check in on the nests, or just watch the sun come up while you hunt for daffodils as the birthday of William Wordsworth's birthday ....Enjoy the views ~ (from east to west)

Wednesday, Apri1 6th 2011 ~ The-day is th' 4th annual National Tartan Day haur in th' us ~ sae pit oan yer plaid, grab th' bags an' donner taa. Tae design th' tartan fur yer ain clan try thes link. Hae a guid day an' enjoy th' views (an' min' if ye ur wearin' yer kilt, th' warld appreciates a wee mystery... ) :) say what?

Tuesday, Apri1 5th 2011 ~ Overcast and cooler here on the driveway ~ while out in Iowa the last eagle chick is due to join it's 2 siblings at any time. And today is the birthday of Bette Davis, Gregory Peck and Thomas Hobbes without whom we might never have met Margo Channing, Atticus Finch and Calvin(and Hobbes) ~ so ice cream all around and enjoy the views.

Monday, Apri1 4th 2011 ~ The quintessential April Showers are upon us (and upon a lot of you) ~ flood warnings abound (April doesn't mess around) along with those for everything from avalanches to wildfire which means it's probably a good day to stay inside and catch up on your viewing. Might want to raise a toast to Casparus van Wooden and check in on Amsterdam today for the anniversary of his patent for chocolate milk powder there in 1828 ~ And don't forget Houston where tonight Butler and UCONN (!?!) will bring an end to March Madness (looks like it's Apriling there too).

Sunday, Apri1 3rd 2011 ~ Remembered to turn on drivewaycam but not to push the text up to the server ~ hope your Sunday was a good one. We have a visitor from the south all week ~ keep watching to see if you can spot Amy on the driveway. And here again is the link to the great nest cam (streaming) so you can watch at the eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa (the eagles were just on the CBS news which reminded me to get up here and upload some text)

Saturday, Apri1 2nd 2011 ~ It's International Pillow Fight Day people, so get out there, participate and let the feathers fly ~ it's also the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, with his own feather tale here. And while it's true that ALL kites need tails (those with feathers and without) ~ since it's National Kite Month it's a good time to take one, without feathers, out for a spin today if weather permits. Some brand new tail feather holders are due to be hatched today and there is a beautiful nest cam (streaming) so you can watch at the eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa. However you get your feather fix today enjoy the views ~

Friday, Apri1 1st 2011 ~ A11 the foo1s here at drivewaycam internationa1 hope a11 foo1s everywhere have a very Happy Apri1 Foo1s Day!!!! And 1et's be carefu1 out there as mother nature is p1aying her own Apri1 Foo1s jokes with the weather (which of course means interesting viewing at the most of the snow 1inks and northeastern sites, 1ike this one in NH, as we11 as this one, a1so in NH). Today's tip is taste the sugar *BEFORE* you put it in your coffee and check the sink sprayer for rubber bands *BEFORE* you turn on the water ~

Thursday, March 31st 2011 ~ The last day of March is here, and with it comes the 122nd anniversary of the inauguration and opening of the Eiffel Tower, and if you aren't there, it's only a click away here. It's also the anniversary of the day, back in 1791, that a contract was made for the first lighthouse built after we got our independence, the first American lighthouse, at Cape Henry. (which used to have a webcam but no longer does so you can celebrate by checking in with another favorite lighthouse view ~ at Peggy's Cove) But best of all today, while there may be snow and rain and giant robots (well, there could be) out there, it's all okay because it's Opening Day for Baseball!!!! (Tigers vs. Yankees among other games today). Batter Up and enjoy the views ~

Wednesday, March 30th 2011 ~ As spring is working its way (slowly) towards the driveway it's a good time to check in on the nests ~ there are eagle chicks, stork eggs, owl chicks, and falcons for a fair-thee-well. It's also a good day to check in on Alaska ~ it was 144 years ago today that we bought the 586,412 square miles from Russia (at 2 cents an acre). From Anchorage, to Barrow and everywhere in between there are views enough to keep you busy watching our amazing 49th state all day. And as we are all stewards of the investment, it would be sheer folly not to ~

Tuesday, March 29th 2011 ~ Today is the 140th anniversary of the day Queen Victoria opened the Royal Albert Hall, and, the 125th anniversary of the brewing of the first batch of Dr. John Pemberton's concoction as a cure for "hangover," stomach ache, headache as well as an esteemed brain tonic and intellectual beverage. That's right.... Coca-Cola. We suggest you may want to try some brain tonic before attempting today's quiz, or maybe just settle back and watch the last Tuesday of March tumble on down the driveway ~ (you can still check in on the cherry blossom festival by clicking on the date above if the overcast driveway leaves you feeling unfulfilled)

Monday, March 28th 2011 ~ Keeping the link to the Cherry Blossom Cam while the trees are in bloom. And today is the birthday of one of the kings of the king of beers ~ August Busch was born on this date in 1899. Among other ideas he had, it was his idea to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition by having a team of Clydesdales haul the first case of Budweiser down Pennsylvania Avenue for delivery to President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White House. It is also (rumor has it) Weed Appreciation Day (we're talking Dandelions etc (the other weed day is April 20th)) ~ So, while we are not sure why we'd do this, we suggest perhaps a Dandelion greens salad (if they are available in your area) followed up by some Cherry Beer Cake (??!?) for your celebrations and viewing today. (a meeting will be scheduled with the Department of Foods for Links, we promise)

Sunday, March 27th 2011 ~ The Cherry Blossom Festival is underway in DC ~ if you can't get there you can check out some of the beautiful blossoms here (makes a nice break from the chilly temperatures here on the driveway). And be sure to sing at least one chorus of Happy Birthday today to Patty Smith Hill, born in Anchorage, Kentucky (in 1868) who wrote the lyrics to 'Happy Birthday to You', (while her sister Mildred wrote the melody). Hope you enjoy all the views on this last Sunday of March, including this one of Louisville where Ms. Hill taught kindergarten ~

Saturday, March 26th 2011 ~ Today in honor of the birthday of Tennessee Williams ~ a look at a where it's hot [and where a catamaran could go by, as seen from a bar with a tin roof.] It's also the birthdays of Joseph Campbell and Robert Frost (still looking for the exact right views for them, but for now a look at San Francisco where Frost was born, and New York a place of many myths and the birthplace of Joseph Campbell). The march to madness continues with an interesting group of 8. Which means that it's time once again to turn to the link Christopher provided years ago for the answers to who will win...that's right, it's the online Magic Eight Ball! Enjoy the views and the games ~

Friday, March 25th 2011 ~ It's Tolkien Reading Day and this year's theme is Tolkien's love of trees. Events abound (if you want to do more than read Tolkien at home) ~ One such event is in Syracuse (where it all began). You can look for trees on almost any drivewaycam link below and you can look for Shire folk wandering by the driveway or here, while you read. It's also the anniversary of the day in 1807 that the first passenger railway services got underway and ran between (the hobbits would love this route too) Swansea and Mumbles, in Wales. If you can't make the journey there and back again in person, you can always check in on the area from the comfort of your own hearth. Whatever adventures you pursue today ~ enjoy the views ~

Thursday, March 24th 2011 ~ Watch closely as before your very eyes, with nothing up it's sleeves, the driveway will pull Thursday out of it's hat! (a little trick it learned from Harry Houdini who would have been 137 today if he could have ~ keep watching because who knows, he could wander by). It's also the birthday of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and in his honor, if you don't mind, with a little internet magic it's a look at Coney Island. Enjoy ~

Wednesday, March 23rd 2011 ~ Moss cam has been retired (it's not working) and while it is very hard to replace such a riveting webcam we are hopeful that many of you who depended on Moss Cam will find solace in it's replacement as we welcome peeling paint cam to the fray ~ give it a chance, it just may exceed your expectations. If peeling paint is a little too edgy for you and you need to seek calmer views you're in luck. Today is National Puppy Day and puppy watching links abound ~ you can watch schnauzer puppies, and/or puppies in daycare, and/or dachshund puppies, and even puppies who don't speak English for a fare-thee-well. And we hope you do, both watch the puppies and fare well. Enjoy the views ~

Tuesday, March 22nd 2011 ~ Snow on the way, but for now there are tulips, mountains, nests with eggs, and empty nests out there... oh! and wind ~ don't forget to check in on the wind as another day of heart pounding thrills get underway here on Driveway Cam. A perfect day for wandering the links awaits (while in MA the chickens and goats couldn't wait any longer and are already up and about and strutt'n their stuff) ~ Enjoy the views ~

Monday, March 21st 2011 ~ Somehow, and we are not sure at all how this could be, but somehow Lydia is turning 20 today!!!!!!!! Everyone on this side, that side, and all around the driveway wish you the very Happiest of Birthdays Lydia ~ cake (and milkshakes) all around!

Sunday, March 20th, 2011 ~ Happy Equinox!!! (Well, come 7:21pm 'round these parts) We made it! We can adjust the sundials, reset the henges, place our eggs on end and embrace those oh so lovely 23.4 degrees (or so?) of tilt that bring us spring ~ because it's here and it's gespronging today (whatever the weather). Hope you got to see the moon rise last night, we actually had clear skies for a change here to take it in. Didn't look online until late but did find it already up in Arkansas and Texas (click pictures below for larger views). As the madness continues it's march, Driveway Cam is proud to present the Vernal Equinox, as seen on, and around, the driveway ~ Enjoy.

Saturday, March 19th, 2011 ~ Today it's time for the Swallow's to return to Capistrano ~ celebrations are ongoing there if you can make it. Or you can watch for them here and/or here (you never know, they might arrive by rail). Brackets are fluttering like confetti or standing strong after Round 2 of March Madness, with Round 3 poised to do it's own bracket dance. And don't forget to go out at sunset and catch the largest full moon in almost 20 years ~ if you have clear skies it should be quite a view. If you have cloudy skies you can follow the sunset and hunt for the moon rise here, via any number of cams below (if you catch the moon on any of them save the picture and send it in!). Here is a possible one to start (if the skies clear there). Good Luck bracketing, and full moon hunting ~

Friday, March 18th, 2011 ~ It's the brink of a weekend of Madness (already underway and very exciting) ~ to add to the lunacy there is a a full Moon of rare size and beauty that will rise in the east at sunset tomorrow (March 19th). It's a super "perigee moon"--the biggest in almost 20 years. Out there with it over the next few nights you'll see Jupiter and Mercury (Mercury is currently the higher of the 2) ~ you'll want to wave in that direction as 'Messenger' is now orbiting (as of last night) Mercury ~ and is the first spacecraft to ever do that. Enjoy the views, enjoy the weekend, and enjoy the Madness ~

Thursday, March 17th, 2011 ~ A very Happy Birthday to Mike o'n this St. Patrick's Day morning ~ Here's to a wonderful year ahead for you! The yard is even awearing o' the green around the driveway in honor o'f the day's viewing and don't forget to check in o'n o'ur favorite Pub in Dublin...O'Shea's, for no doubt there will be lots o'f green people there before the day is o'ver. Looks like a sunny day for looking for leprechauns and here are a couple of cabbage cams(!?) worlds apart ~ o'ne in that Irish Stronghold O'regon, and o'ne in a particularly Irish section of Australia.... Enjoy the watching o' the views ~

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 ~ Since it is Freedom of Information Day you have the right to know that while you can't hear them, the robins (and their friends) about the driveway are in fine voice this morning. The chirping and warm temperatures more than make up for the dampness still about. While the last of the (current) snow (which has been there since early December) disappears today ~ it can't win in this stretch of warm weather ahead. Resistance is futile (tho' ever present according to today's birthday boy Georg Simon Ohm (1789) who gave us Ohm's law (and his name to chant along with it)) ~ here is a Robin's nest to watch live and a link to listen to their calls and songs. Enjoy ~

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 ~ Today is the ides of March. While you are bewaring out there (if you aren't you should be), don't forget to also check in on your favorite views ~ that are brought to you by (well, sort of) the pioneering folks at symbolics.com ~ which is the very first Internet domain name ever registered, back on this date in 1985. Today is also the expected arrival date of the Buzzards to Hinckley Ohio (one of these years...Road trip!!) And it is the start of Madness! So finish your brackets and let the games (and viewing) begin ~

Monday, March 14th, 2011 ~ It's Einstein's birthday which can only mean.... it's Pi day too!!!! (or day ) So break out some chocolate banana pie (Albert's favorite pie of all time (and place)) to celebrate all day and especially at 1:59 (through each and every time zone) when it will be Pi to 5 places [3.14159]. Want to calculate Pi? You'll need some frozen hot dogs ~ or ~ if you are way beyond that level you can take a Pi Day Quiz (not a driveway cam quiz) to bend your brain a bit. [If anyone gets through the whole quiz let us know] And if you just want to settle back and get lost in a good story, get some pie and read some Pi... here are the first 1,000,000 places to get started and for you die hard irrationals, you know who you are, check here. Finally, because the day wouldn't be complete without it, enjoy your choice of some live PIE views ~

Sunday, March 13th, 2011 ~ While we all wait for the brackets to appear we can have some red-white-and blue(berry?) (cheese?)cake and ice-cream for Uncle Sam who made his debut on this day in 1852 as a cartoon in the New York Lantern ~ and while we have celebrated Chester Greenwood's birthday in the past, today it's hats off to him again as this is the day, back in 1877 that he was awarded the patent for his invention of .... ear-muffs. It's also a good day for cake because not only is it the day that Clyde W. Tombaugh announced the discovery of the planet Pluto (in 1930) ~ it's also the birthday of Percival Lowell who predicted the existence of the Pluto and initiated the search that ended in its discovery. Don't have a webcam for watching Pluto, but here is one of our favorites for watching a place where they can watch Pluto ~ Enjoy ~

Saturday, March 12th, 2011 ~ Busy weekend ahead what with the time change and the brackets coming out (even before the crocus, at least here on the driveway) ~ but those are both tomorrow. Today it's a tip of the birthday hat to sweet baby James (Taylor), and Jack Kerouac. Oh the road or not there are views a waiting ~ so without fanfare (well, maybe some Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland, which was performed for the first time ever this date back in 1943 by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra) or further ado, it's Saturday, on the driveway ~

Friday, March 11th, 2011 ~ Rough day for much of the planet as the shifting below the surface continues. There is more information than is possible to process out on the 'net, here is just one place to start. Whatever your view ~ let's be careful out there people.

Thursday, March 10th, 2011 ~ Weather permitting, at 8 p.m. EST this evening NASA Television plans to provide live coverage of the beginning of the shuttle Endeavor's rollout. While you're waiting, it's a good day to reach out and call someone, preferably named Watson, in honor of the very first telephone call ever made back in 1876. Another fun thing to do while waiting is to make some money... no, not earn it... actually make it, in honor of the very first time the United States issued paper money, as we know it, on this date in 1862. And that brings us to a quick quiz to ponder while you are waiting too.... Enjoy ~

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 ~ The eggs in the incubator are hatching ~ started yesterday and continues today! And speaking of chicks (sorry)... it's the 52nd anniversary of when our most recent quiz subject Barbie first appeared at a toy fair in New York. Did you know that in keeping up with her fashion sense the over 105 million yards of material used (so far) has made Mattel one the largest apparel manufacturers in the world? Not surprising when you consider the rumor that if laid end to end all Barbies (and friends) ever sold would circle the earth, SEVEN TIMES. Which is 6 more times than our other birthday celebrant Yuri Gagarin did on the first ever manned space flight. Meanwhile in keeping with what he started ~ Discovery will be landing in about 3 hrs and the Endeavour will be heading out towards the launch pad later. Busy day no matter where you look. click pictures to enlarge and enjoy the views of today's fashion highlights ~

Fat Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 ~ A very happy Mardi Gras to all ~ pick a parade and watch the beads fly or just check in on the French Quarter ~ the viewing doesn't get much more entertaining than this. If you are out strolling the links today, our favorite volcano for watching in Hawaii is erupting. It's also the 100th International Woman's Day today ~ you can check in on google's info and if you can't make it to an event, then check in on a couple of the bridges holding events, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. Also, don't forget that tonight is the last chance to see Discovery fly by overhead before it returns home tomorrow ~ and it's flying just in front of the ISS. We had an amazing view of them going over last night. Check for your viewing times here ~ Enjoy all the views up, down, under, over, and along the parade route ~

Monday, March 7th, 2011 ~ We find ourselves, this first Monday in March, in the midst of Celebrate Your Name week ~ So we're celebrating here on the driveway. There is a new quiz, winner to be named later, and if you don't like your name, or simply want a new one for the day, you can check out this site which has more about names than you can imagine, including many (many) name generators (some of which even work!)... want a new pagan name? or need a new viking name? They can be yours for the clicking. (Driveway Cam's pagan and viking noms du jour are: Autumn Horizon Midnyte and Heiðr Seahawk) Enjoy the monikers, and the views ~

Sunday, March 6th, 2011 ~ It appears that the lamb that wandered in here the first of the month has wandered off ~ which brings hazardous conditions and a winter weather watch for watching all day on the driveway and it's environs ~ along with back-to-back-to-back parades down in warmer (less snowy) New Orleans. And raise a toast or better yet a mug of hot chocolate to the 61st anniversary of the day that a piece of plastic clay composed of 65% dimethyl siloxane (hydroxy-terminated polymers with boric acid), 17% silica (crystalline quartz), 9% Thixatrol ST (castor oil derivative), 4% polydimethylsiloxane, 1% decamethyl cyclopentasiloxane, 1% glycerine, and 1% titanium dioxide was introduced as a toy by (the soon to be millionaire) Peter Hodgson. Since then over 4500 tons of Silly Putty have been sold.... 0.46 ozs at a time.

Saturday, March 5th, 2011 ~ Going up to the 50's 'round the driveway. The temperatures will be fluctuating all over the place, and this is just the place to watch that happen? For your Saturday viewing pleasure check out thermometers (live) in Montana, New York, and Vermont. And don't forget ~ there are parades in New Orleans to watch today as well. Schedule here, parades (with sound) here, and a few pictures from the Morpheus parade last night, here: click pictures to enlarge and enjoy the views ~

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 ~ An excellent day for egg and nest watching ~ all 3 eagles nests have eggs, as does the owl's nest, the falcons are returning, the storks are back, there are eggs (due to hatch in 4 days) in the incubator, and the penguin chicks are growing like weeds down in balmy Antarctica. Throw in that today is the day back in 1931 that our national anthem became official and it's quite the Star-Spangled day for viewing ~

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 ~ There are views out your window There are views on PCs But your view isn't bound by what your eyes see ~ There are other great places you can use for a look... Which are all of the places in all of the books ~ On this Read Across America Day, we hope you are not flooded out and can join in the celebrations by reading to your favorite young person, or your favorite old person or your favorite self ~ and if you are wondering what to read check out the birthday link for today. You may be sort of surprised what there is to be found Once you go beyond your PC and start poking around! with affection and apologies to Theodor

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 ~ It's here ~ a month of saints, equinoxes (or is it equinoxen? equinoxi? equinoces? aequinoctia?? doesn't matter there really is only 1 this month), carnivals, the end of one season, the start of another, and, of course, much madness. Here on the driveway it's coming in like a lamb ~ but however it looks, wherever you are, let the March viewing begin ~ hmmm, some daffodils might be nice for the occasion.

Monday, February 28th, 2011 ~ As February runs down the driveway and out of here today, why not also check in on Niagara Falls ~ in honor of the birthday of funambulist (love that word) Chevalier Blondin, first person to ever walk across the falls on a tightrope (as well as first (and only?) one to walk across, with a stove, stop midway and make himself an omelet!). And it is once again take your Double-helix to lunch day on this, the 58th anniversary of when Watson and Crick announced that they had found the structure of DNA, finally solving many ancient mysteries such as "What did the biologist wear on his first date with a super model?" The answer is here, on this why isn't it missing link. [one more mystery to solve... will your dna make you click that link?]

Sunday, February 27th, 2011 ~ The parades continue in New Orleans ~ you can check the schedule here, then watch here. Today's birthday cake is brought to us by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and John Steinbeck. While enjoying some cake (and/or some reading)...the shores of Gichigumi are a lot nearer than you think, and while it's not in Soledad, this nearby cam works for viewing while visiting with Lenny and George. Wherever you end up looking today, enjoy the views ~ with last words to Mr. Steinbeck: "There are two kinds of people in the world, observers and non-observers..."

Saturday, February 26th, 2011 ~ It's a great day for Parade watching in New Orleans ~ with 3 of them visiting parade cam today starting at 2:00 (1:00 Eastern). [You now have to click on the arrow and select ParadeCam from the a playlist.] Rest of the schedule is here. As it turns out, today is the 92nd anniversary of the Grand Canyon being designated a national park under President Woodrow Wilson in 1919, and, the 82nd anniversary of the Grand Teton National Park, signed into existence by Calvin Coolidge back in 1929. If you can't make it out to visit them today to celebrate, you can check in on their festivities here and here. (more clouds than parades passing by, but great scenery) ~ Enjoy all the views, the floats and if you figure out how to catch beads online let us know ~

Friday, February 25th, 2011 ~ February's final Friday finds some of us flooded, and some of us snowed. If the window clears up you might see 4-8 inches of the snow version of rain blowing by (and on) the driveway. Rain in other areas is easing up (and some of it turning to a bit of snow), but all in all the general impression is that it's a good day to just stay inside and watch the world through your windows (electronic, rain soaked, or iced) and your favorite links. As it's the birthday Pierre-Auguste Renoir, it's also a good day to stay inside and see the world through his eyes ~ and have some cake (of course) ~ Landscape between Storms

Thursday, February 24th, 2011 ~ The last launch of the shuttle Discovery is today at 4:50 p.m. (EST) from launch pad 39A ~ and it looks like a beautiful day down in Florida for the launch. You can watch it all on NASA TV and of course live, right here. (at 10:15 this morning they will also show the arrival and docking of the "Johannes Kepler" Automated Transfer Vehicle at the ISS) They are currently in the process of 'tanking' Discovery which means fueling is underway (that link also has audio so you can hear launch control). Gets busy and very interesting around the shuttle entrance as the crew arrives and the ground crew prepares for departure. You can also watch the launch countdown clock and other views are here. It's a quiet day on the driveway so enjoy all the comings and goings of the space program ~ (Wish we were there)

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 ~ A little (early) heads up for tomorrow's (Thursday, at 4:50 p.m. (EST)) launch of the space shuttle Discovery (it's last planned launch). There are only 2 more shuttle launches after it, ever, in the shuttle program. While chewing on that fact, you might want to know that it was this date in 1896 that the Tootsie Roll was introduced ~ Thanks Leo! ~ America's first penny candy, and the first ever individually wrapped candy. Hand made then, now Tootsie produces over sixty four million Tootsie Rolls each day (good grief). Couldn't find a cam to watch that production, but here is a lovely one from the top of a store that sells candy...maybe even Tootsie Rolls for a penny?

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 ~ Old George (of the George Washington George's) would have been 279 today (or 280 depending on which side of the Old-Julian-New-Gregorian calendar street you live on) if he could have. He can't join us, but that doesn't mean we can't have some honest-to-goodness great cherry pie in his honor. And throw some ice cream on the pie for Edward Gorey too (who would have been 86 today (having the forethought to be born on this side of the whole calendar thing)). Enjoy the views (and the pie) ~

Monday, February 21st, 2011 ~ Happy Birthday Aunt Joyce!!! From all of us on either side of drivewaycam. Hope it's the start of a most remarkable year for you. :)

Sunday, February 20th, 2011 ~ Almost 1/2 of the states are under some type of weather warning from blizzard, to fog, to ice, to wind, to drought, to fire, to a 100% chance of race cars in excellent weather ~ lots of snow (1-2 feet) and wind are barreling from the west, through the northern plains and midwest today, heading east (toward the driveway), along with lots of sunshine in Daytona to watch. All of which means it's a perfect day for traffic/weather/snow/coast/mountain/your favorite link here hopping ~ enjoy the views (while wishing the U.S. Postal Service a very happy 219th birthday)~

Saturday, February 19th, 2011 ~ Sadly, we find one of our favorites, Aging Cheddar Cam, is no longer available. So that spot has now been filled with a view almost as action packed (tho' it can never replace the thrills and chills of aging Cheddar): a live view of the Continental Divide. Closer to home winter is back, along with the winds that have been wailing through here ~ and wind on the driveway can be as fun to watch as cheese. If you find more snow is too much for you ~ avert your eyes and check in on the Greenhouse Cam for a break, and for the 485th anniversary of the birthday of Charles de L'Écluse (1526) who was the French botanist who introduced the tulip to Holland. Or check out this Holland if you just can't watch enough winter weather ~ Cold or hot, enjoy the views ~

Friday, February 18th, 2011 ~ Yesterday's update refused to post until quite late, hopefully today will be better. Mardis Gras season is gearing up ~ so parade watching is just around the corner. Parade Schedule is here and any marked Uptown can be watched here. Another excellent N'awlins watching link is this one (stay tuned for more as we march along). Our ever controversial planet Pluto was found on this day back in 1930 ~ if we were to shout Hello to it, very loudly, using calculations by one of today's birthday boys Ernst Mach (the original, or Mach 1)(born in 1838), and if sound were able to overcome it's fear of vacuums (the cause of that fear on this planet was patented on this date in 1901, when Hubert Cecil Booth got his patent for the first vacuum cleaner, and dogs (named Pluto or not) would never be the same) it would only take about 115.74 days for the greeting to reach Pluto... might be easier to just wave in it's general direction as it goes by.

Thursday, February 17th, 2011 ~ The big melt is still underway - it's already 37 and on it's way up to mid 50's. The snow should be running down the driveway all day. Today's raisons d'cake are the birthdays of Aaron Montgomery Ward, who was born in 1844 and is the man who started the very first mail order business, and of René Theophile Hyacinthe Laënnec (should be great names day!) who was born in 1781 and is the man who invented the stethoscope. Both excellent raisons d'icecream too. And, in some capricious (or not) timing for all the Jeopardy fans out there who watched the computer Watson play with human competitors this week ~ today is the day back in 1996 that human chess master, Garry Kasparov, beat computer opponent Deep Blue in a six game match, with a final score of 4-2. (Deep Blue won the following year in a re-match but that doesn't take away from the '96 Kasparov victory. We'll have to wait to see if there is a rematch between Ken, Brad and Watson.... but at the moment, all their base are belong to him.)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 ~ Dmitry Kondratyev and Oleg Skripochka, our favorite spacewalking cosmonauts, are taking their show on the road again this morning ~ NASA Television coverage of the spacewalk begins at 7:45 a.m. EST. Kondratyev, in the spacesuit marked with red stripes, and Skripochka, in the suit with blue stripes, will emerge from the Pirs Docking Compartment airlock at about 8:15 a.m. They are extremely fun to watch and even more so to listen to (via their translators) and it's hard to find better scenery on any live cam. They will be outside the ISS for about 6 hrs ~ So whip up a big batch of lighter than air popcorn (with maybe a root beer float?) and catch them on NASA TV or right here; however you catch them, enjoy the show ~

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 ~ The big melt is on hold for a day (it's 12 at the moment) but should start back up tomorrow. Until then you can visit St. Louis here as today is the 247th anniversary of it's founding. (Honestly St. Louis, you don't look a day over 246) ~ It is also (rumor has it) the day that back in 1903 the first Teddy Bear went on sale. You can check in on some bears today as well (okay, they aren't Teddy Bears but...) and for more arch views try here as well as here. Where ever you or your Teddy Bear wander today, enjoy the views ~

Monday, February 14th, 2011 ~ Happy Valentine's Day ~ high winds alert here 'till 5PM, so anything might fly by the driveway today. Hang on to your hats and

Sunday, February 13th, 2011 ~ The rumor is that on this date back 1867 the lovely notes of Johann Strauss’ waltz ‘The Blue Danube’ were first heard, in Vienna. So, in it's honor today we can (and will) waltz on by the Danube in Hungary, as well as catch some glimpses of it in Vienna ~ Enjoy waltzing while you surf the driveway, and beyond...

Saturday, February 12th, 2011 ~ Today is Abraham Lincoln's 202nd birthday. Enjoy reading his writings, here, or watching the courthouse that stands on the site where he practiced law, here. While not particularly much of an online viewing fan himself, he is rumored to have said about it..."People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like" ~ Okay, maybe he didn't say that about webcam hopping, but it applies. Enjoy the views ~

Friday, February 11th, 2011 ~ A very very Happy 18th (!) Birthday to Jessie today, we all hope the year ahead is a delightful one for you ~ and while shining light on birthdays, it's also the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison (1847). Link hopping today, while having cake and ice cream today in their honor, should include a check in on current earthquake activity (?) (sorry Jessie, couldn't find a live webcam near you so we'll just have to keep an eye on the local birthday rowdiness) and a live look at an old favorite light bulb ~ Whatever your views today... enjoy them ~

Thursday, February 10th, 2011 ~ Welcome to Plimsoll Day on the driveway ~ please wear your sneakers while viewing the net today. In the 'Things aren't always as they seem' department (yes, we do have one) the sun is shining down upon us here but it's only 9 degrees out there, and not supposed to get much warmer today (apparently in a planetary game of rock, paper, scissors...arctic air beats sunshine) (really don't want to know what beats arctic air...). But the cold makes it a good day to celebrate Boris Pasternak's birthday (in 1890) with a blanket and a copy of Dr. Zhivago, or John Suckling's birthday (in 1609) with a blanket and a cribbage board. Liberal applications of hot chocolate or tea work for both celebrations. Enjoy the views and keep your plimsolls dry ~

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 ~ Despite the snow, with the penguin chicks growing like weeds, incubator cam back online, and eagles preparing their nests in Colorado and West Virginia (to say nothing of the storks seen at the Germany nest) ~ it has to be the start of Nest Watching Time! So the leaf peeping link has finally been retired and the Nest Links are back (below) ~ And with today being the 141st anniversary of the establishment of the US National Weather Service be sure to enjoy weather watching while link hopping today ~

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 ~ Packers fans, in case you missed it yesterday ~ check out these views in Green Bay today (gates open at 2, party is 4-5). The rest of the viewing day is going to be pure adrenalin here on the driveway with temperatures and maybe more snow falling (which could mean another visit from the plow guy (he was here before drivewaycam got up this morning)), at least 3 trips out (and back, grid willing), a water delivery *AND* a couple of UPS deliveries due. Pace yourselves, it's only Tuesday.

Monday, February 7th, 2011 ~ They are clearing snow from the field (always fun to watch) and getting ready to party (tomorrow is the “Return To Titletown” celebration at Lambeau Field, from 4 to 5 p.m. Stadium gates open at 2 p.m.) in a little town in Wisconsin (things are a bit bleaker in Pittsburgh this morning) ~ but no need to wait for tomorrow when you can party today for Charles Dickens, Sinclair Lewis and Laura Ingalls Wilder all having birthdays today and who wrote (in no particular order) books about Gopher Prairie, about a Little House on the Prairie (and in the Big Woods of Wisconsin) and about a Bleak House that was anything but. So cake all around ~ and enjoy the views ~

Sunday, February 6th, 2011 ~ Today is the 110th anniversary of the birthday of George Herman 'Babe' Ruth, the 59th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne, and the 46th anniversary of the day the Maasdam left New York for Southampton taking some pilgrims back for a while. The ripples of all those events go on. Combine all that with a little bit of snow (maybe) to view and it's a perfect day for a party. And, in honor of the start of National Jell-O Week, perhaps some Jell-O for your party? With or without the jell-o, enjoy the views ~

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 ~ A quiet day on the driveway leaves plenty of time to catch up on all your other favorite views out there. Besides the images in the link under the driveway pictures, there are other satellite images here. Some of which may help with the first quiz of the year ~ then again, they may not but they are fun to look at anyway. Enjoy ~

Friday, February 4th, 2011 ~ The first Friday in February is here and with it comes the first Friday of the Chinese New Year! Year 4709, the Year of the Rabbit, started yesterday and hopefully will be a good year all around. It was this day back in 1938 that we first started whistling Heigh-Ho,Heigh-Ho as Disney's first full length feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was released. Clyde Tombaugh, who first discovered the planet Pluto, turned 32 the day Snow White was released. Some have tried to turn Pluto (the planet not the dog) into a dwarf, but just as certainly as there are only Seven Dwarfs, here on the driveway there are still Nine Planets ~ and today on his birthday Mr. Tombaugh continues on his Pluto fly-by mission, and is now more than 1/2 way to his (and New Horizons) closest approach in just 1620 days. Can't wait! But meanwhile, Happy New Year ~ and enjoy the views.

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 ~ Time is relative ~ but frequently flashes by in what seems like a fraction of a second or a blink of an eye. Numbers are arbitrary ~ just symbols of unique meaning that can be derived by counting. Or, as it turns out, many numbers indicating time can be derived by calculation (hopefully without fracturing ones brain (but maybe not without blinking a few times)) ~ for example: It is time today for Emily's Birthday!! Yay!!! And we all wish her a very happy day and year ahead. Now, you might be wondering what number of candles to put on her cake and this time that is a relatively easy number to figure out because as luck would have it... 1/2 of Emily's age 3 years from today, plus 1/9th of her age 4 years ago today, is 20. So ~ pencils ready? ~ How old is she, today? :) Happy Birthday Em!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 ~ Happy GroundHog Day! For those of you sick of winter (?) you'll be pleased to know that both Punxsutawney Phil and his rivals agree... spring will be early this year. [We, however, are hoping they use the same doppler 29,000 that keeps weather forecasters in the area so accurate; even as we look for solace in the GroundHog's Glogg] Today we (all) are exactly halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, and while the Midwest continues to dig out and recover there is still plenty of good snow viewing (almost) anywhere you look. But if you need a break from snow viewing, and to celebrate the birthday of James Joyce ~ try a view of our favorite Dublin Pub... where they may be serving some of the Glogg we seek... Enjoy ~

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 ~ Welcome to February ~ And if the predictions of the storm swirling across 1/3 of the country are even 1/2 right ~ there is a 5/4ths chance it's going to be a memorable start to the month. There are blizzard, wind, snow, thunderstorm, ice and/or freezing temperature warnings in 33 states along the course of this storm in which one 2100 mile long swath is predicted to get over 12 inches of snow (that's 190,000 square miles that might get over a foot of snow)(they say). More than 100 million people are going to be visited by this storm, and some are bracing for 2+ feet of snow along with a covering of ice. No matter where you are along the pathway and surrounding areas ~ stay in if you don't have to go out and, for as long as the power stays on where the cameras are, or where you are ~ enjoy the views..... in all the usual locations (traffic, snow watching, leaf peeping etc) as well as some old favorites, or some new ones around Tulsa, other Okla. views, Peoria, Toledo and others... and lets be careful out there people ~

Monday, January 31st, 2011 ~ Last day of January being served up in 10 minute slices on the driveway today ~ while on NASA's driveway this evening, starting at 8:00PM Eastern, the shuttle Discovery will begin it's travels to the launch pad for it's very last flight, now scheduled for Feb 24th. You can watch the rollout on NASA Television and here online. Today is also the birthday of Ann in Fort Knox (HAPPY BIRHDAY ANN!! Hope it's a great year ahead) as well as the birthday of Samuel Loyd (1841) famous for giving us (among others) Parcheesi *and* the ever popular 14-15 Puzzle (warning: addictive rating on that link is HIGH (used to be orange (found that helpful chart here))) ~ As January and Discovery roll on down driveways, enjoy the views ~

Sunday, January 30th, 2011 ~ The 30th has been a noisy day in the past. 78 years ago today in Detroit, with the stirring notes of the William Tell Overture and a shout of "Hi-yo, Silver! Away!", The Lone Ranger debuted on radio station WXYZ. It was also fairly noisy back in 1956 when Elvis Presley recorded his version of "Blue Suede Shoes". And on this date in 1969 the noise brought the police, who shut down the last public performance of the Beatles being heard from a London rooftop... but here on the driveway it will be a quiet day, with a couple of trips out and back, maybe, and some snow to watch. All of which means there is nothing to disturb your napping between views ~ Enjoy

Saturday, January 29th, 2011 ~ Tonight at 9:00 (eastern) NASA TV will provide a live broadcast of a Russian cargo ship arriving at the space station bringing three tons of supplies for the ISS and it's six crew members. The link for watching the docking live is: right here. Should be a great show, but forget the popcorn ~ instead, why not enjoy some Pineapple Rum Cake while you watch in honor of today's birthday boy, W.C. Fields, born William Dukenfield back in 1880. And since it's a Russian cargo ship you might want to splash in a little vodka too..... The cake and the ISS views are both out of this world. Now, quit rolling your eyes, go make the cake, and Enjoy the views ~

Friday, January 28th, 2011 ~ In honor of Jackson Pollock's birthday today: the be-your-own-pollock link (a left click changes the color...). If you'd rather Pollock outside we suggest some food coloring, some brushes for splashing and some trampled down snow. Today is also the day in 1934 that the 1st U.S. ski tow rope began operation, in Woodstock Vermont. A bit north of there, but a lovely view of Vermont none-the-less, is here. (hmmm, food coloring + a ski lift for a large canvas approach?) If you manage to stop painting (it's pretty compelling online or off) enjoy all the abstractions of the last Friday of the month and of course, all the views there of....

Thursday, January 27th, 2011 ~ While you may want to send Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) a telegram for his birthday today (it's his 178th birthday after all), or perhaps send one to let us know you have fallen down a rabbit hole (and can't get up)... unfortunately, you can't, as it was this date, way back in 2006 that Western Union sent it's last STOP and stopped sending telegrams. (It's said that in a crude way, the telegraph was a precursor to the Internet, allowing rapid communication, for the first time, across great distances.) Okay, well sure, you also can't because Mr. Carroll hasn't been receiving telegrams since 1898. So, if you are in fact stuck in a rabbit hole today, see if you can find a time machine before composing your telegram. In any case and from wherever you are ~ Enjoy the views

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 ~ It was on this date back in 1802 that Thomas Jefferson signed the Library Act making it the first law establishing the structure of the Library of Congress (those pesky British would burn it down in 1814 but that's for another day). This is also the day in 1837 that Michigan became our 26th state (yay!). While watching Michigan today... here, and or here, and or here or on any of the other drivewaycam MI links around and about (check out the snow and leaf and north coast links etc) you might want to sing along here. (belt it out, no one is listening and you know you want to)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 ~ In case you missed it, there is a new cam (snow tubing cam) for your viewing pleasure that today looks like we're just in time for the snow to be melting there ~ and speaking of time... today is the 121st anniversary of Nellie Bly's successful attempt to best Jules Vern's character Phileas Fogg's fictional time for going Around the World in 80 Days. She beat that time by 8 days arriving back in New Jersey on January 25, 1890, at 3:51 p.m ~ 24,899 miles and "seventy-two days, six hours, eleven minutes and fourteen seconds after her Hoboken departure". If you set off on any adventures yourself today be sure to take a camera, send us postcards and updates, and enjoy the views ~

Monday, January 24th, 2011 ~ Happy Monday Morning ~ it's a bright (tho' rather cold) start to the week which means another lovely day of viewing the driveway and all your other favorite links (driveway's sunshine does not necessarily extend to all your favorite links but it does try), with a new (snow tubing) link to try out as well. So make some of your favorite hot chocolate and from coast to coast, and from (neighborhood of) pole to (neighborhood of) pole, and everywhere in between ~ Enjoy the views ~

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 ~ A very Happy Birthday to PattiBeth today!!! We hope the heat from all those candles helps in keeping warm :)
A few trips (as few as possible) out from and back to the driveway today, one of which may be to get some pie to celebrate National Pie Day! For a sense-sur-round experience (thanks for the idea Em!) and since it's the perfect day for staying in and watching movies, try some pie while watching either one, or both of these 2 excellent pie movies: Starman and/or Michael ~ what kind of pie? Dutch Apple of course ~ warmed up and with ice cream.... Enjoy the pie ~

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 ~ Break out the slow cooker ~ you can fill it with stew, soup, chili, baked potatoes, or maybe even hot chocolate (which sounds pretty good and may be tried on this side of the driveway today) but get it going. It's the start of a wintry weekend, made for thick socks, hot comfort food, and link hopping all around, with of course the occasional quick trips out to enjoy the season (and/or take some pictures to send us). Stay warm and enjoy the views ~

Friday, January 21st, 2011 ~ Don't know why but today is National Hugging Day ~ so grab a tree, a friend, a pet, a loved one, your favorite blanket, or all of the above and participate. And, as the Arctic has decided to come and visit so many of our viewers, maybe grab several blankets and a hot water bottle to hug ~ anywhere you look today it's cold, and most places you look it's snowy (try out the animated links for the various maps ~ you'll be hooked in no time). Here are some 'Snow in Indiana' pictures taken yesterday by our reporter on assignment in Hanover, Ind. (Thanks Hannah!) ~ Bundle up and enjoy the views ~

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 ~ Snow from Oklahoma through the Midwest, the Great Lakes region, and on to the east coast the next few days means the lots of good viewing. We hope the folks in KY, IND, and OHIO are enjoying this latest round, and that the folks in the deeper south (GA, LA) are catching their breath, and drying out a bit. Traffic cams provide a great way to watch the weather as do any of the mountain, wave, or other outdoor links. And the penguins chicks are growing like weeds and are having a lovely sunny day today ~ so if you are sick of winter, check out Antarctica?

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 ~ Our brief flirtation with above freezing temperatures is over, and now again, through the icy air of night ~ all around us seems to twinkle, with a crystalline delight.... with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe, on his 202nd birthday today ~ full moon tonight if you are wanting to get out to howl, but as the cold returns you can always join us staying in, enjoying some Poe, and the views ~

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 ~ Looking like a beautiful morning out there on a day that is rumored to be bringing melting and rain ~ a perfect day for ice cream and cake [block, brick, loaf, lump, mass, slab] for birthday boys: Peter Roget (1779) ~ of thesaurus fame; Thomas Watson (1854) ~ first person to ever hear a human voice [articulation, call, cry, delivery, murmur, sound, speech, statement, tone, tongue, utterance, vent, vocalization, vociferation, words] over a telephone; A.A. Milne (1882) ~ who took us to the Hundred Acre Woods [copse, grove, thicket, weald, boscage, bosk, coppice, copse, silva] and Cary Grant (1904) ~ who certainly could and did turn a phrase in his 74+ movies. Enjoy [adore, appreciate, cotton to, dig, dote on, fancy, get a charge out of, like, luxuriate in, relish, revel in, savor] the views [appearance, aspect, field of vision, glimpse, landscape, panorama, perspective, picture, representation, scene, seascape, sight, spectacle, tableau, vista] ~

Monday, January 17th, 2011 ~ Heat wave is over on this Martin Luther King Jr Day, as we start off the morning at -4. The temperature is no doubt working to recreate this date back in 1912, when Sir Robert Scott reached the South Pole (only to find that ...Norwegian Roald Amundsen had beaten him there by 4 weeks). When you get out of your blankets today (or is that if?) have some ice cream for Benjamin Franklin's birthday, and why not make it chocolate and vanilla ice cream for the birthday of Antonio Prohías, creator of Mad Magazine's Spy vs Spy comic, too? ~ Enjoy the views (even if they are from under the blankets)

Sunday, January 16th, 2011 ~ We're having a heat wave ~ a tropical heat wave ~ that's right, it's almost 11 degrees warmer this morning than it has been in recent mornings as we soar to 19. (luckily for the penguin chicks (who are getting so big!) it's much warmer in Antarctica) And the sun is out so who knows where this heat wave could end? Today is the birthday of Dian Fossey, born in 1932, and the day that Superman first appeared as a daily comic strip, in 1939, so it's time to put on your capes and red boots and race around the globe with driveway cam, faster than a speeding bullet (or at whatever connection speed you can muster). You can check in on gorillas, but no mist (when we checked this morning) on this side of the pond and in England ~ and all the other views hope you zoom by while globe hopping too. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 15th, 2011 ~ A tip of the hat today for Queen Elizabeth I, on the 452nd anniversary of her coronation, and to the British Museum, which opened 252 years ago today, and of course to James Heatherington, with thanks for the hat to tip, as back on this date in 1797 he became the first person to ever wear a top hat ~ where upon he was summoned to appear in court before the Lord Mayor and fined £50 for going about in a manner "calculated to frighten timid people." Let warmer hats prevail today while enjoying the views ~

Friday, January 14th, 2011 ~ The second Friday of the year is visiting all day today on the driveway and it brought a new huh? and some more snow with it. It's beautiful out there this morning and if you are home from school and work (or even if you aren't) may we suggest dressing warmly, getting outside and making a snow angel? Or two? Or get some friends together... We'd love to see pictures! If you prefer your winter sports to involve warm socks, a blanket, hot chocolate, and a good link, then may we suggest the wonderful Calvin and Hobbes search engine for this snowy Friday? Type in a word and it will show you all the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips that have that word in it! (snowman is always a good start)(but be careful, it's a very addicting link). Enjoy the snow, and the views ~

Thursday, January 13th, 2011 ~ Still snowy, still cold (it's 9 here this morning), and it is day 13 of National Soup Month ~ and what better place to get soup recipes than from Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science? Use one of theirs, or one of drivewaycam's, or one of Campbell's, or one of your favorites ~ but make some soup today. Here are 2 recipes, in honor of the 2 stars and stripes added to the American flag this very day back in 1794 for the admission of Vermont and Kentucky to the Union.

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 ~ Heard on the news last night that 49 of our 50 states have snow on the ground ~ with only Florida abstaining. So once again, almost anywhere you look today you're going to find snow. (did you know there are upwards of 35 different types of snow flakes? Time to start a scrapbook(!)) To those of you stuck in the south who are most likely not enjoying it, take heart. It will melt... eventually. Meanwhile, here on the driveway, we're still enjoying it and the quiet it brings (no, not by knocking out electricity but by trapping air). And all the snow, no matter where, makes it a perfect day to curl up with a good link when you can and enjoy the views ~

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 ~ It's another one of those lovely eleveny days we're going to have this year ~ it's 1-11-11, so it's one fine day for viewing. There is snow for a fair thee well (see the links below and below that in previously for Sunday), and it's the anniversary of the Grand Canyon becoming a National Park just 103 years ago today, thanks to Teddy Roosevelt. You can check in on just some of the more than 800,000 acres we all own right here on the air quality cam. Stay warm, watch the roads, or any of the links for that matter and enjoy the views ~

Monday, January 10th, 2011 ~

Sunday, January 9th, 2011 ~ Snow in all sorts of places today ~ great for viewing, not so much for traveling, especially in the purple and pink blob areas ~ so stay inside, stay warm and watch from drivewaycam as snow falls in Denver, North Dakota, Nebraska, and from Dallas to Charleston SC where 5+ inches of snow and ice are expected. Don't be the traffic, watch the traffic in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The Weather Bug Cameras are searchable by zip code or state, and while not all of their links always work... WXNation is a good place to watch weather as well (mouse over map on their link to find cameras) along with all the usual suspects here on drivewaycam below. Get some tea, pile on the blankets and watch the snow pile up. If you have to go out in the blob areas...be careful out there ~

Saturday, January 8th, 2011 ~ It's that lovely day of the year when physics hits rock and roll ~ nope, not in reference to the 20 earthquakes so far today but instead is in reference to the birthday of Stephen W. Hawking and Elvis Aaron Presley today. Both enjoyed a avid interest in time, and the passage there of, from slightly different viewpoints ~ one liked to ponder where time started and one liked to rock around the clock. And both birthdays are excellent reasons for cake and ice cream while viewing. Another birthday boy today brings us the first Huh? of the year. Enjoy the views today as a brief history of the driveway is presented in 10 minute slices ~

Friday, January 7th, 2011 ~ It's 4:19 PM, do you know where your update is? The cameras were working all day but the "text" portion of our little site was inflicted. It now seems to be over the problem, so on to tomorrow with a nod to the First Friday of the year as it glides on out of here ~

Thursday, January 6th, 2011 ~ Today would be an excellent day for sudden insight or comprehension of the larger essence or meaning of something ~ were it possible to plan for that. But as it's not (generally), luckily it's also an excellent day for watching the driveway, or watching snow pile up, or waves crash or mountains, doing what mountains do best. And, as the days continue to get longer, there is an additional minute between sunrise and sunset today to enlighten your viewing even more. Online or off, wherever you wander, have a radiant day and enjoy the views ~

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 ~ And we're back... with a little snow for viewing, penguin chicks to watch (yay!) and some new year tidying up, all on the very first shiny new bright Wednesday of the year. The current driveway picture was moved ahead of the first picture of the day so you should now see the current conditions first (for those of you who don't see them side by side). And a new trial link is in order (and in place) as well as. We're working on getting the New Year's pictures posted (still collecting them, send 'em in if you have any) but will get them out there soon. Enjoy the views ~

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 ~ In the couple of days between updates, penguin chicks have been hatched, drivewaycam has fallen over, and gotten back up again (thanks Jim!), an old year has ended and a new one begun ~ hope yours has started out well and that this, the 2nd day of the first month of the 2,011th year (in this cycle anyway), is a good one for all of you and all of your views. There is a fresh new year with .... 363 days, or 21,780 hours, or... well you do the math, it's too early for drivewaycam.... of viewing ahead of us. Time to get started ~

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