~~~~ A Drivewaycam Action* Spotting Contest for 2016/2017/2018 ~~~

[as of 02/02/18 there have been 68 prizes awarded ~ with only 14 more to go!!]
click on the link to see the winning entries

*Action on the driveway may be defined differently than Noah or Merriam define it ~

For this contest you need to call on your eagle eyes and look for "what's different" on or about the driveway. If you spot anything** (** "anything" is defined in rule 7 below) on the driveway that is not normally on the driveway (the little blue wagon parked in it's usual spot doesn't count for example),

(but another car parked in the driveway does count)(so does a person, a bike, and a pumpkin as it turns out)

or should you spot anything that is usually on the driveway but in a different place on the driveway (the little blue wagon leaving or returning for example)

or if you see anything or anyone walking/driving past, over, around or on the driveway (Jim shoveling for example, or a school bus going by, or ....)

take a screen shot of it and send it in, along with your snail mail address and we'll send you a prize! Contest lasts until we run out of prizes. So show us what you've seen on drivewaycam and we'll show you we appreciate your viewing. (all examples above can be enlarged by clicking on them to make the example of what you are seeing more see-able)

~ Now for some rules ~

(the legal department insists and you don't want to see them on the driveway calling a halt to the contest!)

1) We always appreciate seeing what you've spotted on the driveway any time you want to send it in ~ following the rules below.

2) Only 1 occurrence of each spotting will be considered per spotter ~ that is you can't send in a picture of a car parked on the driveway and then several hours later send another picture of that same car still in the driveway. Once you spot something and send it in... it is off limits for you to send in again. However ~ as many viewers as we have (both of you) can send in the same thing spotted, there are no limits (other than the pile of prizes) to the number of people who can spot the same thing and win a prize.

3) Please note ~ multiple different sightings ARE permitted per spotter per day! (also please note the legal department insists that we state categorically that we do NOT encourage sitting and keeping your eyes peeled on the driveway (or peeled anywhere for that matter) all day long. Get up, wander other views, digitally and physically for goodness sake.)

4) One prize per verified picture/per spotter, which means if you save a picture of a cat, on a broomstick, playing with a basket ball on the driveway and send that picture in, you get 1 prize for the picture, not one prize per occurrence of **anything in the picture sent in.

5) All entries must be verified by the Don't Try To Fool Us With Photo Shopping Department with additional verification by the How Low Do You Have To Fall To Try To Cheat On A Drivewaycam Contest Department.

6) If you are not sure if you are seeing 'anything' (see rule #7) ~ send it in anyway, we'll let you know.

7) ** Anything ~ as in "If you spot anything** on the driveway that is not normally on the driveway" ~ does not apply to leaves, rain, reflections of lights, or snow. However, birds, cats, Amelia Earhart, and in fact any sentient or previously sentient beings do count; any vehicle or tool used by any sentient being counts, containers for leaves, rain, and snow count only as determined by the judges: i.e., the driveway as a container or receptacle would not count (argue if you will but we know the judges), but a can or receptacle for weeds or recycling would. The occasional large squash counts too interestingly. And remember, as always, the judges can be bought.

8) Contest runs until the prizes run out.


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