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Sunday, December 31st 2017
~ The very last day of 2017 is here ~ and with it is Drew's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Drew!! We hope you have a great day and that it's the start of a fabulous year for you (and all of us!) We missed New Year's in Australia (make us so sad) but here are some links for following the new year around today ~ Earthcam has NYC and global links for the watching and this is a set of links to check out as well (try these too, hit and miss but some of them work (Moscow link is working, 5 1/2 hrs to midnight there as of 10:30)). It's been a year ~ enough said ~ and we'll pack it away this evening. We're looking forward to finding out what 2018 will bring ~ but until it gets here to start letting us know, enjoy all the views of 2017 as it fades from view on all the sites, including the seasonal links and the penguins of course! Stay warm, be safe, and have a very Merry New Year's Eve ~ Watching Snow ~ Watching Lights ~ Watching Skating ~ Watching Fairs ~ the other Seasonal Views ~

Saturday, December 30th 2017 ~ Just 93 years ago today we learned we had galactic neighbors as Edwin Hubble announced the existence of another galactic system in addition to the Milky Way ~ the Andromeda nebula proved to be another galaxy as large as our own. It was nice to learn we weren't alone. :) Who knows who or what we'll discover today, out there, 'round here, or on the views. On the driveway you may discover visitors stopping by after they visit a galaxy far, far away... Grab some hot chocolate, get your penultimate views of 2017 in today, and stay warm!!

Friday, December 29th 2017 ~ The last Friday of the year is here, and on it we have snow (!), and it is the last palindrome day of the year as well (day 363) so a two-fer! Another two-fer for the day in birthdays as it is day Charles Goodyear was born in 1800, and 45 years later, to the day, Texas became our 28th state! We have no idea how to combine those two things except with lots of cake and ice-cream ~ and a quick look in at all the rubber hitting the roads in Texas. Also going to take a look in at Times Square to watch the preparations for New Years Eve (other (slow) Times Square earthcams are listed on that site). The penguins are also dressed up and getting ready for their celebrations (always fun to check in on them AND THEIR CHICKS!!!!!!). Enjoy watching the year wind down, the population of penguins winding up, and wandering all the views today ~

Wednesday, December 27th 2017 ~ A quick walk down memory lane as the year wanders it's way out of town... it was 14 years ago today that Amy, Cheryl, and I took Charlie to England for his 80th birthday! Sadly drivewaycam was not keeping an archive then, and even sadlyier (!) the Microsoft app we used to post pictures and messages then went away taking our posts and pictures away with it. We still have several thousand pictures spread across 3 computers, waiting to get organized (hey, it's only been 14 years) but for now just a note that it was a hell of a good time, and our pre boarding picture in Cincinnati ~ In other news of comings and goings on this date, in 1831 the HMS Beagle left England with Charles Darwin aboard, and in 1968 Apollo 8 returned after the first manned flight to the moon with Frank Borman, James Lovell, Jr., and William Anders aboard. Wonder where we will all travel to today? Anywhere you want with the views. :) Enjoy what ever traveling you do today, virtual, armchair, or actual ~ and stay warm! (For a larger view, click on the picture)

Tuesday, December 26th 2017 ~ Happy Boxing Day ~ we hope you get to put your feet up, and read your new book, try out your new sweater, or slippers, eat some of your christmas candy... and enjoy grazing through all the leftovers. In other words relax, enjoy the views, have some peppermint tea (or a candy cane as it's National Candy Cane Day). Or maybe brew up some mint coffee in honor of the first U.S. patent for a coffee percolator (No. 51,741) awarded this day in 1865 to James H. Mason. But now, there is a panorama of views waiting for us (in between naps of course) on this the 360th day of the year and so we're off to them ~ Watching Snow ~ Watching Lights ~ Watching Skating ~ Watching Fairs ~ the other Seasonal Views ~

Monday, December 25th 2017 ~ A very Merry Christmas to all! We have fresh falling snow, the best last minute present ever. In 1999, space shuttle Discovery's astronauts finished their maintenance work on the Hubble Space Telescope on Christmas Eve, correcting the optics in the mirror. On that Christmas day the STS-103 crew returned Hubble to orbit and with the repairs the telescope returned crisp images of a clarity never before possible from terrestrial observatories ~ that we are still enjoying today. While work continues on the Webb Telescope to enhance our view of the universe even more, we are reminded this Christmas that we need to take the long view, work for clarity and peace, and to always hope for better days. Merry Christmas ~ now get out there and enjoy the day, the food, the noise, the quiet, the snow (!!!), and the views ~ Watching Snow ~ Watching Lights ~ Watching Skating ~ Watching Fairs ~ the other Seasonal Views ~

Sunday, December 24th 2017 ~ Christmas Eve is here! With luck your rushing around is done and you are ready for the next phase which is enjoying the fruits of all that rushing. :) While we are looking forward to Christmas we are also looking back and remembering that it was on Christmas Eve, in 1968, that the Apollo 8 astronauts saw the entirety of Earth for the first time. Turning their cameras to the Earth they took the first pictures of the whole earth from space. Including the one below by William Anders. Hard to beat that view! Don't forget that you can track Santa's flight tonight right here thanks to the friendly folks at NORAD. And you can track EVERYONE else's flights (we're looking at you Haydon and Jess) right here as well ~ prepare to be amazed. With a wish for everyone to have a wonderful day we'll post again the seasonal links as we too head off to the views ~ Watching Snow ~ Watching Lights ~ Watching Skating ~ Watching Fairs ~ the other Seasonal Views ~

Saturday, December 23rd 2017 ~ Christmas is approaching at the speed of light (which is 670,616,629 mph (yes, we, like the nation, apparently gave up on metric here at drivewaycam, but) however you write it it's Pretty Damn Fast). We have rain currently lending its touch to the celebrations and preparations as we, and yes oh yes it is the collective we, get ready to head off to Wegmans and go once more into the breach before it all freezes and we need to skate there (an image that sends chills up broken spines everywhere). We hope however you spend your Christmas Eve Eve you'll stop and enjoy the views and some peppermint tea too perhaps. Whatever your weather we hope your day is sparkle-y and bright!

Friday, December 22nd 2017 ~ Not much beats waking up to the quiet of freshly fallen snow! If the snow doesn't make you feel like dancing (hard to imagine) perhaps the 209th anniversary of the world premiere of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67—the “Fifth Symphony” will. Crank up the tune, it goes well with snow coming down. If you don't have your own snow you can make some snowflakes here while you listen and watch. Or just wander the views in the snowy areas with the music in the background (try to ignore the annoying commercials mid recording, sigh)... starting with a peek in at Vienna where the debut took place. Enjoy the snow, the music of the day, and the views ~ all of them but especially ~ the Seasonal Views ~ Watching Snow ~ Watching Lights ~ Watching Skating ~ Watching Fairs ~

Thursday, December 21st 2017 ~ Welcome to a (so far) very bright, sunny day on the driveway. While we wish the sun was bouncing off of snow... we'll press on without the white stuff, because today, at 11:28 eastern (here in Rochester anyway), is the Solstice! Another one of those lovely days brought to us by our lovely tilt. It marks the end of the days getting shorter and shorter and begins the climb back to longer days, with a few more seconds each day from here on out. If we can get through tonight, we're golden.    :)    It's a lovely day to visit Antarctica, or any of the views, and to check out the where is it daylight view as well. Today is also the day back in 1968 that Apollo 8 took off which was the first manned mission to the moon, with astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell, Jr., and William Anders aboard who would become the first men to orbit the moon and the first to see the dark side of the moon! Embrace it all, the dark, the light, and the tilt ~

Wednesday, December 20th 2017 ~ Five days, and counting. Not trying to increase your stress, just your excitement ~ Our snow went away, but we did get frozen melt water on the driveway? (yeah, not the same at all). To help with the lack of snow here is our favorite snowflake making link which we hope will bring a flurry of activity to you while watching the views ~ Here is the link to the snow depth/snow finder link to help with your general viewing ~ and because 'tis the season, once again here are the Snow Watching links, as well as the Lights Watching, Watching Skating, and Christmas Fairs links, along with the rest of the Seasonal links. Today is also Poet Laureate Day so with last words (and a few of her poems here) to Tracy K. Smith (our current poet laureate) we're off to the views and some hot chocolate... it's cold this morning! ~ 'everything/ that ever was still is, somewhere' ~ Tracy K. Smith

Tuesday, December 19th 2017 ~ Fast away our old snow passes....temperatures in the 40's (deg F), and winds in the 20's (mpg) are working hard today on snow removal. Luckily we can still look for, and find, snow on the Snow Watching links, as well as on the Lights Watching, Watching Skating, and Christmas Fairs links. Might be a good day to watch the views while at a coffee shop ~ you never know who you might run into... as it was on this very day in 1765, in a popular coffee house near St. Paul's Cathedral that John Priestly was introduced to Benjamin Franklin. Before the night was over, Priestly had acquired support for a book about their mutual efforts in the discovery of electricity. With a check in to some coffee shops that might be changing futures all around (in Paris, and Hilton Head, and St Louis) we're off to the views and to the lovely hustle and bustle....

Monday, December 18th 2017 ~ A quick look in at Plymouth (MA) since it is just 397 years since the Mayflower docked there to begin a new settlement. And, just 338 years later, to the day (!), the first American communications satellite was launched. Coincidence, or not, there is a direct link between the two events ~ couldn't have had the 2nd without the 1st. :) In other interesting direct links... it's a good day for watching Snow, and Lights, and Skating, and Fairs for a fair-thee-well, and Penguins! All of which you can do from the comfort of your own pc via the driveway. Enjoy the views, tis the season!

Sunday, December 17th 2017 ~ It's HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY HAYDON Day!!!! We hope it's a fabulous day for you Haydon, and the start of a remarkable year ahead for you!! Yesterday, while we were out Haydon dropped by and driveway cam was pleased as punch to catch him in action doing us a big favor ~ and so drivewaycam is sharing it in case you missed his visit. Thanks Haydon! Here are pictures and even videos (!) of Haydon on his last day of being 24 ~ Enjoy them, some birthday cake-n-icecream, and the views, and all the rest of the trimmings too :) (click on top pictures for larger views, and the pictures below for Haydon's Drivewaycam Action Videos) (all of them are very short .mp4 files, but if you want to make popcorn, you should!)

Saturday, December 16th 2017 ~ We've passed the halfway point of the month and things are going to start rolling very fast down to the end of the year! As the pace increases we hope you'll take time to stop and catch a few of the usual views along with some of the lovely seasonal views, with a tasty warm seasonal beverage, some tasty warm seasonal cookies, and some lovely seasonal music playing in the background (okay we'll stop...) You get the idea... take some time to relax and enjoy all the madness no matter what sort of traffic jam, cash register line, encampment at the post office, or fight with wrapping paper you find yourself in (despite your best planning and swearing that this year you'd get done earlier!) ~ Now, to the views and the fa-la-la'ing!

Friday, December 15th 2017 ~ Through no fault of their own the blurbetts were out yesterday and so today we are celebrating (1 day late) Adam's BIRTHDAY!!!!! ~ We hope it was a good day for you Adam and the start of a wonderful year!!!!! To celebrate may we suggest birthday cupcakes and tea all around, while wearing your worst or best (just ugliest) sweaters as it is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, National Cupcake Day, *and* International Tea Day!    Happy Birthday Adam!

Wednesday, December 13th 2017 ~ There is much joy (and some snow too!) in Mudville ~ we have enough to cover the ground and it's still falling. Ahhhh snow. Today is a great day to wander the views (if you don't want to wander outside that is) and explore new territories as it is the 440th anniversary of the day Sir Francis Drake sailed out of Plymouth to explore the Pacific (he returned there 3 years as the first British explorer to circumnavigate the earth). And it is the 99th anniversary of the day Woodrow Wilson arrived in France to begin the first official visit by a U.S. president to Europe. You can wander the globe all day long from the comfort of the driveway ~ so brew up some hot chocolate and Allons-y!!! We'll meet you out on the views ~

Tuesday, December 12th 2017 ~ Snow!!! Snow!!! Snow!!! There is dancing, not so much in the streets (the plows are very big and have trouble stopping quickly) rather among the blurbettes! History is celebrating the S word too ~ as it was 116 years ago today that Marconi sent the first wireless Atlantic transmission ~ it was simply the Morse-code signal for the letter “s” and it traveled more than 2,000 miles from Poldhu in Cornwall, England, to Newfoundland, Canada. Today is also the birthday of S crooner Frank Sinatra who would be turning 102. Last words to Frank as we head off to make some tea or hot chocolate (it's National Cocoa day after all) and watch it snow ~ via the windows for a while and then via the views ~

Monday, December 11th 2017 ~ Some snow to grace the driveway this morning ~ always helps on a Monday. Today's we-wish-were-meeting-these-interesting-lunch-companions are a couple of today's birthday-ers ~ Teri Garr (turning 73) and Alexander Solzhenitsyn (who'd be turning 99). We'd love to meet them at Freemans, or any where else they might like and would suggest.... It will help us get past the fact that today is also the day that the Apollo XVII astronauts Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt became the last men (to date) to land on the moon. Those were the days my friends ~ but before that gets stuck in our collective heads it's to the views and finding snow ~

Sunday, December 10th 2017 ~ Back in 1901 on this very day the very first Nobel Prizes were awarded ~ and as we type and watch, the 2017 awards are being presented. You can watch the presentations here. And (motives aside) today is also the day in 1869 that Wyoming became first territory or state in the history of the nation to acknowledge the right and allow women to vote. With thanks to Wyoming, a quick look in there, and a reminder that with the snow happening in the south and on the east coast the traffic cams are always a good view ~ it's off to see what the 344th day of the year brings ~ hopefully it will bring some more snow for us! Stay warm and enjoy the views ~

Saturday, December 9th 2017 ~ One of those days where there is so much to do (hustle and bustle wise) ~ there is the 5th Annual Holiday Brainery Bazaar (c'mon down, we'll see you there) to get started on that if you need a nudge. Hopefully we'll also finish putting up our snowflakes around the offices of Drivewaycam International (very important right now as we have no real snow flakes to watch) and get some other bustling done as well. Along with that it is the birthday of dear Grace Hopper (there wouldn't be driveway cam without her), and it's the anniversary of the most famous knitting poem (EVER) being published (Charge of the Light Brigade ~ yes, really). And, so you can set your alarms, tomorrow morning at 7AM (eastern) is the ceremony to award the Nobel prizes. You can watch it here, or c'mon over and watch it here. It's such an encouraging reminder that thinking is still valued, despite all the evidence daily that counters that notion. A driveway cam favorite, Kazuo Ishiguro, (author of novels including Never Let Me Go) is receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature ~ a list of all the recipients is here ~ now to the views and the hustling and bustling ~

Friday, December 8th 2017 ~ The blurbettes skipped out yesterday as the admin group had to leave early for a meeting at the service department for the little blue car ~ the car is fine now, pocketbooks have been drained, and the blurbettes reprimanded... so we're all back at it! And just in time for the snow that is everywhere but here. It's snowing in Georgia (eagles nest bonus with the snow view), it is snowing in Mississippi, it is snowing in Tennessee as well as in the usual spots of Wyoming, Alaska, and Montana (and of course the traffic cams are always interesting when it snows). But it is not snowing here ~ yet. Fingers crossed the snow fairy will show up. Until then There are views (of snow and everything else) a plenty, and there are some winter/santa/reindeer games via google here to play in between views. Enjoy the day and the views ~

Wednesday, December 6th 2017 ~ It is with great pleasure that we highlight a couple of our favorite views today (the Donkey Sanctuary, and the Jefferson County Clerk Branch Waiting Rooms! (without a doubt two of the top five sites for everything that is drivewaycam...)) And we highlight them in honor of the birthday of the person who is responsible for us having those links ~ Christopher!!! Happy Birthday Christopher!!! We all hope it is a splendid day for you today and the start of a wonderful year ahead. There will be cake and ice cream all around! Well, maybe not at the donkey sanctuary or in the waiting rooms but certainly for all our viewers (you both know who you are!) Those links are always available (not just on Dec 6th) in the table below see "Equal Time link for Christopher" and "Jefferson Co. KY Clerks waiting rooms"). Now for some cake, ice cream, and the views....

Tuesday, December 5th 2017 ~ We'd like to wish Paul Painlevé a very happy 154th birthday! Known for many things (including being Prime Minister of France), we are fond of him because he was Wilbur Wright's first passenger! (after all, any number of people have and will be Prime Minister of France). And from up in the air we come down to the ground (in a controlled landing of course) to celebrate World Soil Day as well. We hope you can find an event near you. If not you can go outside and thank your soil in person, or you can watch the soil on many of the views from the driveway ~ (and please notice the restraint we are using in not saying "can you dig it" in relation to World Soil Day). Now, it's on to the views ~

Monday, December 4th 2017 ~ The first full week of December gets underway snowlessly here ~ but as it starts on National Cookie Day (!) we'll get through it. :) Back when the US was thinking a bit more globally the Senate overwhelmingly approved full U.S. participation in the United Nations on this date in 1945 ~ also on this day, in 1998, the space shuttle Endeavour and a crew of six blasted off as the first mission to begin assembling the international space station. So while you hunt for snow, eat cookies, and enjoy all the views ~ don't forget a stop in at the ISS for a lovely global view ~ To see what the blurbettes and the rest of the Will Code For Food Division does when not view hopping check out Google today ~ now on to the cookies! Oh and to the views too of course ~

Sunday, December 3rd 2017 ~ It's a beautiful but snowless day on the driveway ~ the fact that Hawaii has had more winter storm warnings than we have so far doesn't mean we're giving up, but the 50+ degree weather is apparently going to win here today. Luckily the snow watching links are available along with all the other seasonal links (check under the driveway pictures and in the table below). Although... many of those views are snowless too at the moment. However there are black squirrels for a fare-thee-will wandering around on the Gaylord Mi cam who are almost as cute as the penguins (who do have snow snow, by the by). Enjoy the first Sunday of December and enjoy hunting for snow ~

Saturday, December 2nd 2017 ~ A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Amy today!!! We wish you a wonderful day and an even more wonderful year ahead! To celebrate in Maine they are having a parade for you as it is also Chester Greenwood Day ~ one of our favorite days especially when it happens on the 2nd ~ in honor of Amy's birthday (of course) and of Chester, the inventor of the ear muffs. The festivities are well underway in Farmington but at any point today we can all don a pair of earmuffs and parade around. So cake and ice-cream and ear muffs all around! And a lovely day of viewing to all ~

Friday, December 1st 2017 ~ Snowshoe Hare! Snowshoe Hare! Snowshoe Hare! It's December on the driveway! What we need to make December on the driveway even better is.... snow! Since we don't have any, and 'tis the season, we've brought out the Seasonal Views for ~ Watching Snow, Watching Lights, Watching Skating, and Watching Fairs! (We're still trying to find the current link for watching the Christmas Goat in Sweden if there is a cam this year (and we'll be very sad if there isn't)) Quite a few of the links quit working or changed this year, so check back often as we find new ones to add or replacements for broken links (did we mention the Goat?) Links are in the blurb today and below the pictures as well as in the table below for the rest of the season ~

Wednesday, November 29th 2017 ~ Today is, although it seems impossible, the ***60th*** birthday of Cheryl Jones (currently of the Russell, KY Jones'), out of the (formerly) Ohio, Michigan, Ohio, Michigan, Ohio, England, Michigan, and Kentucky Miller's! We're not sure exactly how she got to be so old, er um, wise, but she did and we wish her the best of birthdays today and a great year ahead of her. We have to say it Cheryl, because it's true ~ you really don't look a day over 59!!! :) Toasts all around for Cheryl, and for Mary Quinn who is also celebrating her birthday today, with an eye ahead on Cheryl's next 60 (they do say the first 60 is the hard part Cheryl so you're golden!!) Enjoy the views and some cake and ice-cream too! (You can click on the picture for a larger view of Cheryl and friends (Cheryl is the one in the middle)(lol) ~)

Tuesday, November 28th 2017 ~ Running late and it's time to get a move on ~ however this applies only to the blurbettes and perhaps our (human) viewer(s), and not to any tectonic plates that might be checking out the driveway today! Also applies to the divine Ms. Em who is doing just that today (moving, not checking out the driveway) Happy Moving Day Em! ~ Now it's off to enjoy the waning November views as you wander all over the planet ~ (again, not a suggestion for you tectonics out there)

Monday, November 27th 2017 ~ Happy day 331 in the year of this particular calendar system two thousand ten and seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundredth forty first. Not only is 331 the day of this year we are splashing about in, it is also the sum of five consecutive primes, and is both a centered Pentagonal number and a centered Hexagonal number! Go figure! (and show your work) :) Makes you want to sit up a bit straighter today doesn't it? Well, it is also the day, back in 1895, that Alfred Nobel, creator of powerful explosives for use as weapons (dynamite for example) had his will drawn up in Paris, then deposited in a bank in Stockholm ~ which a year later would create the trust to provide for the Nobel Prize, to be given to reward those persons who provided benefits to mankind. (Thank you Alfred, we do appreciate it) We are liking the whole geometric balance of the day and are off to watch penguins to celebrate ~ and then to check out, at the very least, a centered Pentagonal number of other views ~

Sunday, November 26th 2017 ~ Yesterday did happen (we have proof, driveway cam was recording it happening), but the blurbettes were out (maybe doing some shopping at some small businesses?) In any case, they've returned and are here to help us all celebrate the day Casablanca (the movie) premiered! So a perfect day (when not wandering the views (it could happen, maybe)) to watch the movie. Or to watch a lovely camera not actually in Casablanca (the city) per se, but a mere 211 miles North East of it ~ and a lovely view it is. So grab a falafel or two, settle in, and enjoy the views ~

Friday, November 24th 2017 ~ Are you still as stuffed as many of the aprox 46 MILLION turkeys eaten yesterday were? Well it's a beautiful day here (and on many of the views) so get out and wander (but not to the stores, talk about stuffed!) or stay in and wander. We'll be busy snacking on leftovers, wishing Scott Joplin a very happy birthday (no one is sure of the date/year but generally assumed to be today and 1868). And don't forget to look for D.B. Cooper who hijacked a plane, and took the $200,000 ransom with him when he parachuted from the 727 into a thunderstorm over Washington State. He was never found, but you never know when he'll turn up on some view somewhere ... :)

Thursday, November 23rd 2017 ~ A very Happy Thanksgiving to one and all ~ we wish you were all here! We thought it was interesting that this national day of Thanksgiving came about back in 1863 when, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November. Well the part we thought was most interesting was that he only did that after being pestered for years by Sarah Hale, author of the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” For 36 years, she’d been sending letters to governors, senators, presidents, and other politicians, pleading for the establishment of a national holiday. So, Thank you Sarah! (Ms Hale gets around... (see the post from 11/21)). If you are a parader person, starting at 9AM you can watch the Macy's Day Parade on TV or right here (rumor has it). Or you can just wander the views in a turkey/cranberry/pumpkin pie haze ~ with the rest of us. Enjoy the day and all it's trimmings ~

Wednesday, November 22nd 2017 ~ Circumstances and procrastination have led us to Belly Of The Beast Day here on the driveway ~ as we head off to (gulp) Wegmans on (again, gulp) The Day Before Thanksgiving. While we have no one to blame but ourselves (and well, the universe. of course) we'll be leaving bread crumbs so if you don't see the little blue wagon return by night fall.... please come find us. Start with aisle 18B (9 times out of 10 that's the flashpoint for the mayhem). In between your running around and cooking, or traveling, or the first of the last minute shopping trips ~ enjoy the views ~

Tuesday, November 21st 2017 ~ With the playing of a nursery rhyme, the world would never be the same. Only 140 years ago today Edison announced his invention of the phonograph ~ meaning we could record and play back sound! First number one hit in the world? Mary Had A Little Lamb done not by the "Original Stars" (that ubiquitous band) but by Mr. Edison himself. His stylus on a tinfoil cylinder wow'd everyone ~ in Menlo Park and around the globe. That recording is from the 50th anniversary of his invention when he recreated his first recording. Here is a restoration from a tin cylinder from 1878 (the earliest known (to date) recording of Edison's). We wonder what Thomas would think of the fact that we no longer use a tin cylinder but now record on a cloud...

Monday, November 20th 2017 ~ SNOW!!!!!! Not a lot of it, but enough to have brought out the plows. :) We're running late, and the blurbettes haven't shown up yet, (pretty sure they are stuck in their own drift(-ty-ness)) but we're good with leaving you to wishing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip a very happy 70th (!!!) anniversary, and to the views, including the one of SNOW !!!!!!!!! on and about the driveway ~ Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 19th 2017 ~ Yesterday slid by, and before today does too ~ now presenting Sunday on the Driveway! There were rumors of snow, but we fear they were simply that, rumors. Haydon and Jess and maybe Emily will be over later, so, much action on the driveway is in store, even if we don't get snow. So we'll leave you to the views with a reminder that it was on this very day, in 1863, that Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It's worth re-reading it ~ an almost perfect blend of eloquence, brevity, and understanding of the occasion ~

Friday, November 17th 2017 ~ We're keeping our pinkies up high today ~ with toast all around and toasts to: Elizabeth I ~ to celebrate the day, 459 years ago, that the 25 year old Elizabeth succeeded her half-sister Mary I to begin her long (45 year) reign. With, and aided by, her amazing abilities to govern, her wisdom, and her insight, came the flowering of the English Renaissance and her place in the history of the world. So raise a pint, of tea, of ale, or of ice cream (!) to her majesty ~ Elizabeth! The heavens are joining in the celebration with the Leonid Meteor Shower. It peaked this morning at 3:00am, but if you are up tomorrow morning pre-dawn (and you have clear skies (wonder what that's like?)) then head out and enjoy the show. Today, enjoy the views ~

Thursday, November 16th 2017 ~ No one called us to come for cake yesterday ~ we're you not feeling well? But on with today... while we are getting a *very* late start to the blurb posting, that doesn't mean it's not a big day. It is the day back in 1907 that for the first time, if you walked far enough south from Topeka you would find yourself not in Kansas anymore but in our newest state: Oklahoma! It is also the day back in 2001 where we were able to watch Harry Potter on the big screen for the first time. Might be a good day to watch The Sorcerer’s Stone again. Or wander some views in Oklahoma before heading out to the rest of the planet ~ check in here, or here or here. Now it's off to the views and to find some cake, somewhere.     :)

Wednesday, November 15th 2017 ~ It's not just Dromedary day (C. dromedarius if you will), it's a Bactrian (C. bactrianus) day as we hit the middle of the week *AND* the middle of the month ~ and speaking of humps... it's also National Bundt Pan Day (we don't make this stuff up, but we'd like to meet the people who do) so perfect time to celebrate with a cake! There isn't much that can improve on the views, but cake is always a good idea ~ Enjoy the views and let us know what time the cake will be ready...

Tuesday, November 14th 2017 ~ It's Take a Teddy Bear to Lunch Day as it was on this day in 1902 that Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear that had been trapped specifically for him to shoot (which prompted a stuffed bear to be made and presented to him as Teddy's Bear in support of his sportsman like behavior)(the bears caught on). After lunch (or breakfast, or brunch, or all of the above) you and your Teddy Bear can hunt (in a very sportsman like way, Teddy would approve) for white whales on the driveway ~ Moby Dick may have been published 166 years ago today but that is no reason one of his descendents couldn't pick today to show up here. (okay maybe there are a couple of reasons, but we're going to watch anyway!) With no currently working white whale cams to be found, when not watching the driveway you can hunt for other whales in the wild, as it were, on this lovely cam. Happy hunting, and viewing ~

Monday, November 13th 2017 ~ The possibility of getting to meet Jim Hawkins happened this very day back in 1850 when wee Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh ~ if you haven't read Treasure Island today would be an excellent day to start it, (or The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or any of his many other stories and books) as it will keep you up reading long into the night and you'll be ready, just before sunrise, to see the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. They were closer today than they will be tomorrow (sorry we didn't get notice out sooner) but they will still be a lovely sight to see ~ we of course will be cloud covered but hope any of our viewer(s) up then will get a front row view. Speaking of views ~ we're off to them...

Sunday, November 12th 2017 ~ We're going to condense the blurb with just a quick nod and Happy Birthday to DeWitt Wallace, turning 128 years old today if only he could, who is the founder of Readers Digest (started it in 1922). And another quick Happy Birthday to Neil Young (turning 72 today)(!) ~ then with quick stops for a couple of interesting looks at St. Paul and Toronto(their respective hometowns) we're off to the views ~

Saturday, November 11th 2017 ~ It was at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 that "the Great War" (WWI) ended. At 5 a.m. that morning, Germany had signed an armistice agreement with the Allies in a railroad car outside Compiégne, France and the peace that would lead to WWII began. A look in at the region there as we remember all veterans from all wars today. If your skies are clear tonight get out and look up ~ the Taurid Meteor Shower peaks this weekend! These are "near dawn for best viewing" meteors but if you're up.... and don't forget ~ the Leonids are up for viewing next weekend. Stay warm, enjoy the views, and hope for snow! (for us if you aren't up to hoping for snow for yourself, but why wouldn't you want snow????)     :)

Friday, November 10th 2017 ~ SNOW!!!!!!! We got some SNOW!!!! The geraniums, fuchsia, roses, and petunias look a little confused (yep, all still blooming as of the temperature crash of last night) but we couldn't be more delighted!!! It's not much but it's SNOW!!!!! It is also the birthday of Martin Luther who was born this very day back in 1483. We'd bake him a cake if he were here (you don't hit your 534th birthday every day after all (in point of fact you only hit it after the first 194,910 days or so (but we digress))). We may bake a cake for him anyway ~ a perfect way to warm up the kitchen. Enjoy the views and the SNOW!!!!! and stay warm baking or just viewing while buried in blankets and sweaters and shawls and slippers and..... (okay a little over reaction maybe, but it's our first SNOW!!!!! of the season)

Thursday, November 9th 2017 ~ Today we are remembering Carl Sagan as we celebrate his birthday and the collection of star stuff that he was ~ his ability to see beyond the pale blue dot we live on while keeping his focus clearly on life on the said same mote inspires so many still ~ Enjoy wandering the views today of our home planet and many others. Last words to Carl ~ Our species needs, and deserves, a citizenry with minds wide awake and a basic understanding of how the world works ~ Carl Sagan

Wednesday, November 8th 2017 ~ On this day in 1895, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen (1845-1923) became the first person to observe X-rays, by accidentally making the invisible visible! You can don your X-ray glasses via drivewaycam and see all sorts of things that are invisible to your naked eye from where you are.... like the penguins! (yes, we're obsessed, but you knew that, and the storks aren't back yet so...), or Loch Ness, or even a 24/7 Sheep Cam (!)(was going to be a new trial link but we couldn't wait, we're so excited)(be careful, it's VERY addicting). If all the views aren't enough you can build your own actual X-Ray vision Camera ~ let us know if you get it working. Meanwhile, back to watching the invisible become visible ~

Tuesday, November 7th 2017 ~ A couple of technical difficulties but hopefully we're back online ~ just in time to remind everyone to be sure to enjoy the views AFTER you vote. No matter where on the spectrum of politics today you find yourself, with luck you are motivate to get out there and cast your ballot! And if you're not motivated, do it anyway. Hard to take anyone's opinion seriously if they deliberately forego the process ~ just saying. And with a quick Happy Birthday to Madam Curie and Albert Camus (wouldn't lunch with those two be one for the books?!), and a stop in at their hometowns (we couldn't find a camera in Mondovi, Algeria (Mr. Camus' hometown), but here is a look in at Warsaw (Ms. Curie's hometown) ~ it's off to the polling place and the views ~

Sunday, November 5th 2017 ~ So many things to remember, remember on this lovely Guy Fawkes Day. Did you remember to set your clocks back? We are no longer saving daylight ~ no doubt all your electronic things remembered but if you have any electric or battery driven clocks you'll need to set them back an hour. And don't forget to gather up the wood for the bonfire to celebrate that Parliament was *NOT* blown up. It's also Drag Out Your Monopoly Board Day (which ever of the 1144 versions you have) as it was this very day in 1935 that Parker Brothers began marketing Monopoly! Save your old tokens if nothing else as the boot and the thimble (both part of the game since 1935) along with the wheelbarrow (which joined the game in the 1950's) have been retired. Starting this fall they are being replaced with a T-Rex, a rubber ducky, and a penguin!?!, joining the other tokens of Scottie the dog, the hat, the car, the cat (new in the early 2000's, we've still never seen this one in person) and the battleship. Hmm, today might be Buy A Monopoly Set To Get The New Tokens Day... But enough of this ~ it's time to take our token (the camera) and go to the views, go directly to the views, and as always in this version there will be no collecting of $200 as you pass by the driveway ~ Click on camera to see the new tokens

Saturday, November 4th 2017 ~ In 1879 on this very day as the story goes, James Jacob Ritty with help from his brother John invented the first cash register, intended to combat stealing by bartenders in the Pony House Restaurant, his Dayton, Ohio saloon. Called the "incorruptible cashier," with no cash drawer, it showed how much money should have been collected. However, their cash registers didn't catch on ~ largely because shop staff distrusted this "thief trap". There's a moral in there somewhere... we'll look for it while we wander the views ~ if you find it first let us know! Happy 1st Saturday in November ~

Friday, November 3rd 2017 ~ Get your quills out as it's the first Friday of November and you'll want to be ready ~ because it's also Fountain Pen Day! Yeah, we've got no idea (and sadly, no fountain pen somehow (where did they all go?)). We'll be working on fixing that particular lapse while you enjoy the views today and get ready for the view early (early) tomorrow morning as the Full Moon arrives at 1:23 am. We love it when the moon picks such an ordinal-ly nice time. A quick nod to John Montagu, on his 299th (!) birthday. John was the 4th Earl of Sandwich, a politician, inventor and explorer, and the man for whom the sandwich is named, which is said he invented in 1762. So enjoy a sandwich or two while viewing today and if you want to send us a note, written in fountain pen, we'd be delighted to receive it. :)

Thursday, November 2nd 2017 ~ As it was this very day, back in 1920, that the KDKA radio station in Pittsburgh sent out the first-ever regular radio broadcast in the US (they sent the Harding-Cox presidential election results out “over the ether” to some of the only 5000 Americans who owned radios on that date)...well, we were going to suggest listening to them now but so far all we've gotten there is a seemingly endless wait loop there so try it if you like but meanwhile take a look in at Pittsburgh (one of our favorite cities) via this lovely webcam view. And then it's off to the views (in our case, it's off to check in on the penguins for no reason other than it's just fun) Enjoy all your views today ~

Wednesday, November 1st 2017 ~ Quicker than you can say Trick-or-Treat it's November and All Saints Day ~ While you ponder what to do with all the candy you either collected or have left over, settle in (preferably on the floor with your screen held (safely please!!)) above you, and ponder that it was this very day in 1512 that Michelangelo's paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel were displayed for the first time. It took Michelangelo four years (only 4?) to complete the ceiling. After pondering that, you can then wander the ceiling with this wonderful set of pages (which is almost better) at least for getting up close and seeing it from Michelangelo's view point (there is no zoom feature at the chapel). So enjoy the views either supine or upright as November steps up to the plate ~     (Click pictures for larger views)

Tuesday, October 31st 2017 ~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Be careful out there as the ghosts and goblins and beasties (large and wee) wander the streets, alleys, villages, towns, cities, and of course your neighborhood ~ (insert scary music here) ~ And be careful while you wander the same from the driveway ~ be it out in Tombstone AZ, or Boos, IL (or as close as we could get to Boos), or as close as we could get to Spider, KY (and with spiders, you don't want to be close!), Witch Hazel, OR, or even Frankenstein, MO, and amid the specter of Casper WY ~ and don't even get started on the Devils... (Devil's Tower, Devil's Glen, Kill Devil Hills ~ no, STOP!, we said DON'T get started!) Here's to a hauntingly fabulous day where ever you roam ~ BOO! (Driveway Cam Jack-0-lanterns: protecting the driveway for nigh on 14 hrs so far!)

Monday, October 30th 2017 ~ High winds, rain, and a rush to get pumpkins are the order of the day ~ things will be going bump in the day as well as the night for a lot of us if the weather reports are true.... However, the hour is nigh to gather pumpkins while we may and to get to jack-o-lanterning! If you are still jack-o-lanternless too you can try your hand here and/or here until you get your own to carve, with some ideas here (lol)(road trip next year!)..... And now with one more look at the wind and the shorelines it's off to the views ~ Let's be careful out there people, all the Hallows are gathering ~

Sunday, October 29th 2017 ~ Today marks the beginning of the internet as Charley Kline and Bill Duvall, at UCLA and Stanford, attempted the first connection (ever) back in 1969. The characters “L” and “O” were the first bits of data ever sent over the first long distance computer network, before they got the first dropped connection! They were able (about an hour later) to send the entire sequence of LOGIN, bringing us to today. It seems only fitting that INTERNET DAY is also National Cat Day, since cats take up an approximate 97% of the space, time, and bandwidth of the internet (in our humble opinion) ~ so get out there (or in here)(geographic designations are a little tricky on the interweb) and look at and/or watch some cats! Oh! And also enjoy watching the driveway ~ Charley and Bill and the Department of Defense worked very hard so that you could.     :)

Saturday, October 28th 2017 ~ Once again the Blurbettes missed Bob's birthday yesterday! So a very one day late but still heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB and many good healing vibes coming your way!!!! There are still no pumpkins on the driveway, about the driveway, or behind driveway cam. Given this is the last weekend before Halloween... we think this has to be rectified, and quickly! Amid the trips out today to get cider and donuts there may just be a pumpkin procurement mission launched. Fingers crossed! Now a quick look in at Gateway Arch as it was this very day 1965 that construction was completed! (quick is a relative term, its earthcam so be patient) Then it's off to the views and to the pumpkin patch perhaps ~

Friday, October 27th 2017 ~ Somehow the last weekend of October *and* the last weekend before Halloween has gotten here with nary a pumpkin on or around the driveway! We are totally jackolanternless and that has to be corrected! We are going to CHARRRRRRGE!!!! to the pumpkin patch at some point over the weekend and rectify this situation. So with a quick nod to Teddy Roosevelt who is turning 159 somewhere today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEDDY!), we're off to the views (and maybe a little look in at some pumpkin carving ideas...here and/or here.) Last words to Teddy regarding our lack of jack-o-lanterns ~ If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month ~ Theodore Roosevelt    :)

Thursday, October 26th 2017 ~ It's take a canal to lunch day (works no matter how you parse that, and yes Venice, Mars, and Amsterdam, we're nodding in your directions too) as it is the day back in 1825 that the Erie Canal opened and connected the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean via the Hudson River. Governor DeWitt Clinton of New York, led the opening ceremonies and rode the canal boat Seneca Chief from Buffalo to New York City! C'mon by and we'll grab a mule (by the name of Sal) and have some lunch, by the Erie Canal ~

Wednesday, October 25th 2017 ~ In honor of this day back in 1861, when the keel of the Union ironclad Monitor was laid, we're going to check in with the Monitor today (!) with one of our favorite (with it's place in the table below) links ~ Turret Cam! There are actually 3 Monitor cams you can watch now with that link, hard to beat them for sheer driveway cam excitement! It is also the day 190 years earlier that Giovanni Cassini (yes, THAT Cassini) discovered Iapetus, Saturn's third largest moon (of the 18 it has, 4 of which were found by Cassini, all of which were studied by the more modern Cassini). And now it's off to the views ~

Tuesday, October 24th 2017 ~ We'd like to wish Antoni van Leeuwenhoek a very happy 385th birthday today. He was the first person to observe bacteria and protozoa, which he called "animalcules", and was also the first to see red blood cells! (and building microscopes and observing things through them was just his hobby; he was a haberdasher and draper (then dabbled in being a government clerk) by trade) He also disproved the previously held belief in spontaneous generation of insects as he was able to see tiny flea eggs for the first time to prove they do breed, they don't just appear out of nothing. Way to go Antoni! So a quick look in at Delft (his hometown) and then it's off to turn our drivewaycam macroscope on to the rest of the world to see what the animalcules are up to today ~

Monday, October 23rd 2017 ~ Driveway Cam seems to have taken yesterday off but it (and the blurbettes) are back in time to celebrate National Mole Day! ~ that lovely day set aside to celebrate the basic measuring unit in chemistry ~ Avogadro's Number (and no, you don't use it to make guacamole)(although...). Today is also the day that the swallows leave Capistrano, seems like just yesterday (or March 19th) that they came back ~ our favorite rail cam to watch there (to see if they take the train) is still down, but here is the beach near Capistrano, just in case any of them decide to sail away ~ Happy Monday viewing ~

Saturday, October 21st 2017 ~ Ack! We thought the Pumpkin Festival in Circleville (OH) was just getting started and found out today is the last day! So get your Pumpkin Festival Viewing in here (it's such a great camera) ~ while we go find the What's Coming Up Department and start the heads a'rollin!! Don't forget the Orionid meteor shower ~ be sure to stay up late or get up before early and check it out. And now, it's on to the views (and maybe some pumpkin procurement for the driveway???)

Friday, October 20th 2017 ~ It's opening night for Jess in Hunchback of Notre Dame! ~ if you haven't gotten your tickets yet you can get them here ~ Break A Leg Jess!! It's also a night for what appear to be stars (sort of, 'tho not of the stage) to come out, and, well fall.... (hey it's autumn isn't it?) as the Orionid meteor shower peaks tonight and through the weekend ~ and it is a great time for it without a pesky full moon to brighten the sky. So get out this weekend and look up to see pieces of Halley's Comet going out in a blaze of glory. And while you wait to look up tonight, you can look around here ~ enjoy the views ~

Wednesday, October 18th 2017 ~ A very Happy Birthday to Dieter and Chuck Berry ~ as well as a very Happy Anniversary to Mark and PattiBeth. In some delightful prescient celebration of the birthdays and anniversaries to come, the United States formally took possession of Alaska on this day in 1867, after purchasing the territory from Russia for $7.2 million (best $7.2 million we've ever spent) so we'll head off to the wilds of Seward's Folly (and to a harbor named after him) and enjoy the views there, and every where else too ~

Tuesday, October 17th 2017 ~ A quick nod to Nathanael West, born on this very day in 1903 and another quick nod (with marinara sauce maybe) to National Pasta Day! Whatever your favorite pasta dish (and there are a couple to choose from) and whatever your favorite pasta shape we hope you enjoy a serving or two along with a dash of Nathanael West's writing and the views from the driveway of course ~

Monday, October 16th 2017 ~ The blurbettes are at your service, posting the blurb (hopefully) before the clock strikes 12 and they all turn back into pumpkins (or whatever they turn into to) ~ quickly then... today is National Feral Cat Day! Take a feral cat to lunch (or take lunch to a feral cat, might be easier and better in the long run for you and the cat). With a look in at some rescue kitties (would like to adopt the grey one with the 4 white paws) we'll leave you to the views, and try to beat the noon hour which is closing in on us.

Sunday, October 15th 2017 ~ Almost midway through October and things are going to go bump in the night here (we have a high wind warning out overnight, the winds are due to pick up late afternoon so who knows what you might see zooming past the driveway later)... In fact there are coastal warnings of various flavors on all 4 coasts so some wave watching is in order (as is some wind watching ~ quite mesmerizing, be careful). Here is another graphical wind *AND* wave watching site that is pretty fun, you can slide the map over and watch Ophelia too (with other lovely maps to look at as well). Today is also Global Handwashing Day so please, oh please participate in that as needed ~ And now, with a wave as we go, we will hand you off to the views ~

Saturday, October 14th 2017 ~ In order not to run too late this morning ~ a quick reminder to leaf peep outdoors when you can, and from the driveway anytime to see the glory that will soon be or is fallen out of the sky...speaking of which, we'd also like to offer up a most happy birthday to e.e. cummings today and with that it's time to get out and embrace the day and the views ~ (which now include the penguins (!!) in case you haven't been there to watch them returning to nest)    :)

Friday, October 13th 2017 ~ Yes, we are running a bit late... but if we know our viewer(s?)( maybe on a good day) you're under you bed hiding because it's Friday the 13th and what better place to be? Well you can be hiding from the dreaded Friday the 13th (with all the other paraskevidekatriaphobiacs out there) any where you like, but do come out once in a while for some water, air, and the views too of course. See how the rest of the world is handling the day ~

Thursday, October 12th 2017 ~ Baseball (oh lovely October baseball) conspires to keep us being late in the mornings. However ~ if you have the need to protest our lateness, or last night's game, or any of the games to come, feel free to take off your shoe and pound on a table with it in honor of Nikita Khrushchev doing just that, as a protest to a speech critical of the Soviet policy in Eastern Europe, this day in 1960. It was arguably perhaps the most surreal moment in foreign relations (well, at that time). Shoes of course continued to play a part in diplomatic relations when George W Bush had to dodge one thrown at him... Our lawyers just called to insist we mention that while protest is a healthy and important process and is encouraged in a free society, we here at driveway cam would recommend that given the weather today you may want to keep your shoes on. We don't want our viewers catching a cold! Meanwhile, there are plenty of views to catch so what are we still doing blurbing? A quick look into a shoe (of sorts) and we're off ~

Wednesday, October 11th 2017 ~ Oh so very late again today ~ so a quick Happy Birthday to Eleanor Roosevelt who would be turning 133 today were she able. It is also the birthday of Mason Locke Weems, perhaps best known for his invention of the George Washington chopping down his father's cherry tree myth. He'd be turning 258 today (if he didn't make up his birth date that is) But enough blubrbing, there are places to go, views to see, and game 5 of the ALDS to watch tonight!! (GO YANKEES!!!!)

Tuesday, October 10th 2017 ~ A very late start to a remarkably beautiful October day ~ get out there and take it in (along with the views of course) ~ 'O suns and skies and clouds of June, And flowers of June together, Ye cannot rival for one hour October's bright blue weather' ~ Helen Hunt Jackson

Monday, October 9th 2017 ~ Nate is raining down upon us ((still), started last night) ~ while out west a ways there are warnings of winter with freeze warnings and snow! So a quick look in at Cheyenne, because well, snow, and a reminder about the National Park links, and the Traffic Cams that are such lovely weather watching cams too, along with many of the links below.... Another quick look in at the Washington Monument as it was opened to the public this very day back in 1888, and then it's on to some running (or swimming) around here, with multiple trips out and back (fingers crossed), and of course to the views ~

Sunday, October 8th 2017 ~ It is the 281st day of the year (already?) and it's a palindrome of a day (we learned from Pat's Blog) as 281=9•8+7•6+5•4+3•2+1+2•3+4•5+6•7+8•9! Not sure exactly how to run with that (except backwards after running forwards) so we'll step right to some evening viewing news (after jumping to the left of course) as it is time to get out and look for meteors from the Dracnoid Meteor Shower (now showing in the early evening skies near you). It's not a big producer, however early evening is the best time to view it so you don't have to stay up all night. All you need is to simply find a dark open sky, away from artificial lights, and spend a few hours lounging comfortably under the stars. What could be better? Bring along a reclining lawn chair, and something warm to drink (we're told mulled wine goes great with meteor watching), have your feet point in a general north or northwest direction, and look upward ~ and let us know if you spot any ~

Saturday, October 7th 2017 ~ Cleveland is proving to be too strong a team for the Yankees so far... here's hoping game 3 isn't the last game of this portion of the playoffs. Meanwhile ~ it is Cephalopod Awareness Day and we are hoping to spot some from the driveway. We'd love to spot some ON the driveway but the ecological implications of that are a little overwhelming (well, we are 363.86 feet above sea level currently, and not really all that close to the sea...) so it's on to from (so to speak). Here is a view in Oregon, and one in Washington. The penguins, about 6 arms short of being a cephalopod, are back and as cute as ever and can also be seen from the driveway, right here. Enjoy whatever views you bump into today ~

Friday, October 6th 2017 ~ Found a lovely new cam while we were gone ~ it's now appearing in the Trial Site spot in the table below, and also right here today. The previous trial site link is now on the retired links page. And tho' the weather seems to deny it's autumn, the leaves are still out there for peeping... use the link in the table below and right here today as well. October is (as it turns out) National Caramel Month, National Pizza Month, *AND* National Seafood Month! Luckily we couldn't find a recipe that included all of those, however..... we did find this one, which if you sprinkle with sea salt before serving.... in any case, try it ~ it's as autumn as leaf peeping and baseball playoffs! (go Yankees!)

Thursday, October 5th 2017 ~ We're back, more to the point the computer and drivewaycam have decided to rejoin us as well. It was a fabulous wedding and a good time was had by all! There is a full moon tonight, for a little more celebrating ~ the Full Harvest Moon and it should be a beauty. Hope you have clear skies for viewing it this evening. MLB playoffs continue this evening as well with the Yankees meeting up with the Indians in Cleveland at 7:30 ~ (The Sox are playing the Astros today starting at 4:00 as well). And now, it's on to catching up on the views ~

Wednesday, September 27th 2017 ~ We are leaving early (well for us) for Kentucky for Hannah and Dan's wedding! And the PC is going with us so driveway cam (and the blurbettes) are getting a break. It means you won't get to see Jimbo partying on the driveway but after all these years you know the drill and can wander the rest of the views all of which will be waiting to show you the last few days of September. Including the penguins who... are back!!!!! (at least some of them are) It is also the last few days of National Library Card Sign Up Month so don't delay... get your library card today! And on that note, Happy Travels to all and we'll see you back on the driveway in October!

'Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere' ~ Mary Schmich

Tuesday, September 26th 2017 ~ A few trips out and back again, from the driveway this morning, as we wish T.S. Eliot a very happy 129th birthday (where ever he may be) ~ one place you'll find him is in your local library... and since we are running out of National Library Card Sign Up Month it would be a good day to go to your local library, get (or use) your card, and wander the aisles. Not only do libraries have books, they also have air conditioning and given our current heat snap (we are still visiting the 90's and we are still not happy about that) both things are a big draw. When it's this hot the best thing is to sit back, relax, read, and enjoy the views ~

'... by losing yourself in a thoroughly engrossing book you can escape from the worries and stresses of the everyday world and spend a while exploring the domain of the author's imagination' ~ David Lewis

Monday, September 25th 2017 ~ A late start so a quick Happy Birthday to William Faulkner ~ as Banned Book Week continues here at the end of Library Card Sign Up Month. It is also the 228th anniversary of the Bill of Rights, passed by the first Congress this very day ~ first 10 amendments (of 27) to the Constitution designed to protect the basic rights of U.S. citizens ~ you can celebrate all of the above with a trip to the library to check out As I Lay Dying (sporadically banned in it's day) ~ or by reading any of his works (all waiting to go home with you and your library card). And now it's off to the views ~

'No two persons ever read the same book' ~ Edmund Wilson

Sunday, September 24th 2017 ~ Not only is it the start of National Banned Books Week ~ it is also National Punctuation Day! Ways to celebrate are here. So brush off your ! / ; / . / ? / , / " / ' / () / - / ; / ... / []s and start using them now! And use your library card to check out a banned book ~ support our right to read ~

'If you don't think punctuation is important, try forgetting the comma when you tell someone "I'm sorry, I love you"' ~ Jamie Capria

Saturday, September 23rd 2017 ~ A patch of blues in the yellows and oranges of fall as we wish a quick Happy Birthday to Ray Charles, born this day in Albany, GA back in 1930 ~ and to Neptune as well which had been there a lot longer but was first 'discovered' this day in 1846; first mathematically with calculations by Urbain-Jean-Joseph Le Verrier, and hours later, via observation based on those calculations, by Johann Gottfriend Galle at the Berlin Observatory. Your library card (if you already have yours look around you... who else might need one?) can get you the voice of Charles and more information on Neptune and would love to do so on this first full day of Autumn as seen from a driveway sitting on Neptune's distant neighbor, the 3rd planet from the sun...

'When I step into this library, I cannot understand why I ever step out of it' ~ Marie de Sevigne

Friday, September 22nd 2017 ~ One of drivewaycam's favorite days is here. At 4:01 (eastern) stop and take a breath in summer, and let it out at 4:02 in autumn as autumn arrives with the vernal equinox. Enjoy the balance and then the rush as the fall begins! We're posting the leaf peeping (without vetting so far, so be forewarned, but we'll get them vetted soon) because it's time, we're wishing this hot weather would leave because it's time, and we're so ready for the chance to get to the autumn of books, and whispers, and hot drinks, and piles of leaves, and longer nights, and reading in autumn (perhaps the best reading ever), because, it's time! So embrace the tilt, those wonderful 23.5 degrees off kilter that bring us the change of seasons ~ (sure some times in the 40,000 year cycle it's as little as 22.1 or as much as 24.5 (man our viewers are sticklers!)) take autumn in and enjoy it, and the views too of course ~

'Aprils have never meant much to me, autumns seem that season of beginning... ' ~ Truman Capote

Thursday, September 21th 2017 ~ Yesterday may have escaped the blurbettes, but we are here today to watch the last day of summer flitter on down the driveway ~ (autumnal equinox is tomorrow at 4:02pm)(yay!) ~ but back to the last day of summer and the miriade of reasons to go get or go use your library card today. While the list of those reasons goes on and on, among them is the birthday of H.G.Wells (author of The Time Machine (he's turning 151 somewhere)), as well as the birthdays of Sir Allen Lane (founder of Penguin books), and Fannie Flag (you'll find her Green Fried Tomatoes at the library). The library will let you take them all home with you this last summer day, to end one season and start the next in the best of company ~ So a look in near where Wells was born (great camera by the by), a look in at a place where penguins soon will be, and a look at a garden with a fried green tomato recipe then it's off to the miriade of views too ~

'A library is infinity under a roof' ~ Gail Carson Levine

Tuesday, September 19th 2017 ~ Shiver yer timbers you old sea dogs ~ it's talk like a Pirate Day! And while Krispy Kreme has bowed out of the free donuts gig for today... at Long John Silver's you can hornswaggle a free deep fried Twinkie (!) if you talk like a pirate. If ye be in Germany or just have the need for talking like a pirate in German ~ we've got you covered (but please note, as we do not want yet another international incident with them, that the Long John Silver's at Emser Str. 86, in Berlin ...is not the same Long John Silver's of which we speak (so do NOT tell them drivewaycam sent you. Savvy? (You wouldn't want to get Über die Planke schicken would you? And they'll do it, trust us))) Arggggh then ya scallywags, enjoy the views ~

'I ransack public libraries, and find them full of sunk treasure.' ~ Virginia Woolf

Monday, September 19th 2017 ~ It was on this day, in 1870, that "Old Faithful" in Yellowstone National Park was discovered by the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition. They observed it spouted regularly, about every 74 minutes, so Henry Washburn named it "Old Faithful." For a time, expedition parties to the park used the geyser as a laundry service: clothes were placed over the crater while it was dormant and were summarily ejected "thoroughly washed" after the eruption! Old Faithful is no longer the park's laundromat, and since the year 2000 the eruption cycle is every 44 to 125 minutes. Since 2004 (or so) we've been watching it from the driveway ~ and are off to do some geyser gazing again ~ Enjoy the views! (ps, your local library has much more information on Old Faithful, Yellowstone, and all the National Parks, and your library card will let you bring that information home)

'Read a lot. Expect something big, something exalting or deepening from a book.....' Susan Sontag

Sunday, September 17th 2017 ~ One more beautiful summer day (?) on the driveway as the temperatures here head towards the mid to high 80's for the next week.... *and* it's day 17 of Library Card Sign Up Month. You want your Sunday to have even more adventure, danger, time travel, drama, laughter, history, mystery, glamour, excitement, visits to other galaxies, romance, and/or cowboys than the driveway can provide? Not a problem ~ take your magic wand, that is your library card (or get one) and enjoy all the views here and that are waiting on all the shelves in all of the (estimated) 119,487 libraries in the United States right now. What are you waiting for?

'Books are uniquely portable magic' ~ Stephen King

Saturday, September 16th 2017 ~ Late (you'd be shocked if we weren't right?) and getting ready to head out to the Fringe Festival Festivities (the blurbettes of course are always on the fringe and haven't been seen since the festival started) ~ today we're doing the behind the scenes tour of the main library! Okay so not quite as on the fringe as most of the activities but Em and I are looking forward to seeing the library from river to roof ~ Enjoy the views today, visit your library, get your card if you haven't already, and find a spot to enjoy whatever treasures you bring home from the library (they really want you to borrow some of their treasures, they'll be sad if you don't).

'A library card is the start of a lifelong adventure' ~ Lilian Jackson Braun

Friday, September 15th 2017 ~ The universe has one less Cassini in it today ~ but plenty of pictures and data to keep its memory alive. And while Cassini continues to help solve many mysteries of Saturn, it is also the birthday of mystery novelist and playwright Agatha Christie ~ worth a trip to a library to get your card (we're half way through National Library Card Sign Up Month) to read more about our universe and more of Ms. Christie ~

'The idea of a library full of books, the books full of knowledge, fills me with fear and love and courage and endless wonder' ~ Elizabeth McCracken

Thursday, September 14th 2017 ~ Early tomorrow morning (or late tonight depending on your view of it) the spacecraft Cassini ~ launched on October 15 1997 (!) will make a dive into Saturn's atmosphere and end its amazing data collection career. The mission entered orbit around Saturn on June 30, 2004. Beginning in 2010, Cassini began a seven-year mission extension (!) in which it completed many moon flybys while observing seasonal changes on Saturn and Titan. You can have a front row seat (without the burning up like a meteor over Saturn part), and or catch up on other information, by checking out viewing options here.

'A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair' ~ Katrina Mayer

Wednesday, September 13th 2017 ~ Today is Roald Dahl's 101st birthday ~ and we wish him an eternity more of them! A perfect day, this 13th day of Library Card Sign Up Month, to go to a library and find some Dahl to read. You'll find him all over the library, from the children's section, to novels, screenplays (like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and James Bond ~ You Only Live Twice), and poetry ~ as well as hanging out in section 823.912 and there about. Take your library card out for lunch or take your new card out for a test run ~ grab a giant peach, or some chocolate, and enjoy the views ~

'If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books' ~ Roald Dahl

Tuesday, September 12th 2017 ~ We are all thinking about the damage from the various storms that have hit the US mainland and have ravaged so many islands and lives ~ it doesn't seem possible with the amazingly good weather we are having here. We can all help in someway; don't give up if you haven't found where to help yet. You can check at the library, check online, check with your favorite charities, and here is a list of places to check out as well.

Monday, September 11th 2017 ~

We can learn to see each other and see ourselves in each other and recognize that human beings are more alike than we are unalike ~ Maya Angelou

Sunday, September 10th 2017 ~ Florida is in the thick of it now ~ the Bradenton Patch has a list of webcams for watching the storm so we're adding it to the mix of those of the southern coast, the eastern coast, traffic cams and any other views in the table below and that you find elsewhere (like earthcam's florida cams). The hurricane's path continues up the west coast, but with the storm so big the whole state (and several states to come) are going to get inundated. Stay safe.

'Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time' ~ James Russell Lowell

Saturday, September 9th 2017 ~ Hard to imagine what is going on off the southern coast and what is headed to Florida and other parts (as yet exactly) unknown at this time. We hope for safety for all of our viewers, and everyone else in the paths. Especially hard to imagine when it is such a remarkable and beautiful early autumnish day here on the driveway. Almost as hard to imagine is this very day back in 1776 when the Continental Congress formally declared the name of our new nation to be the “United States" of America replacing the moniker "United Colonies" which had been used. We've come a long way ~ and with some luck are still in the early days. Batten down all hatches and enjoy the views where/when possible ~

'If you get down about the state of American culture, just remember there are still more libraries in this country than there are McDonalds' ~ David McCullough

Friday, September 8th 2017 ~ We are thinking of everyone in the path of Irma and all the storms here and hope everyone is on their way to safety or are able to stay safe. On a totally not related side note we'd like to attach it is the 87th anniversary of the day that 3M began marketing Scotch Tape (insert small cheer and celebration here). Meanwhile, if you are not in harm's way today enjoy the views, visit a library, and get your library card. If you are in Irma's path and safely able to get online (at least for now) enjoy the views and do not go visit a library. If you are in Irma's path and still working on getting safe... hopefully you aren't reading this ~ Let's all be careful out there ~

'A good book is one you can't put down while reading, and then sticks with you when you've finished it' ~ Ida Noe

Thursday, September 7th 2017 ~ The Hurricane season is wreaking havoc ~ if you are in the storms paths we hope you get your hatches battened down, can evacuate, and/or find a place of solid shelter. Keep track of the storms here (as well as on TV and radio). Not in the area, or once you are safe, you can watch what is now the calm before the storm (in some areas) on the coastal views here and here with some Miami cams here (all loading extremely slowly this morning) as well as watching traffic cams and the other (see table below) weather/location cams we always check out. Stay safe, by leaving if you are told to ~

'Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are' ~ Mason Cooley

Wednesday, September 6th 2017 ~ We wonder how many trips to grocery stores will be made today, on the 101st anniversary of the day the first "self service" grocery store (a Piggly Wiggly) opened (before that you handed a list over and store employees gathered your goods (hmm, sort of like online shopping)). One study says: On an average day, 32 million Americans head to the grocery store to pick up the necessities. That works out to 1 in 7 adults who are shopping at any given time(!). Or, on average, around eleven billion two hundred sixty-four million trips to a grocery store a year. Another study shows in 2012 (most recent figures we found): there were one billion five hundred million in-person visits to public libraries across the United States. Our suggestion for today? Go get your library card and feed your head ~

'I think the health of our civilization, the depth of our awareness about the underpinnings of our culture, and our concern for the future, can all be tested by how well we support our libraries' ~ Carl Sagan

Tuesday, September 5th 2017 ~ Today is the International Day Of Charity ~ so in between views if you get a chance it's a good day to try to find some time or money for your favorite charity. Given it's also day 5 of Library Card Sign Up Month you could go get your card *and* look up charities that could use your help. A couple of lists of book related charities are here and here (in case you were wondering). And now, it's off to the views all over the planet ~ on this only September 5th we're having all year!     :)

'A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert' ~ Andrew Carnegie

Monday, September 4th 2017 ~ A very Happy Labor Day to all ~ we hope you all got today off and will enjoy views all over the place (including perhaps over a picnic, over ball games, over some corn on the cob....) We're running late (big surprise) because the blurbettes did get today off so it's a quick reminder to take lots of pictures today ~ it's the 129th anniversary of the patent for the Kodak camera after all ~ and enjoy the day.

'Reading can even relax your body by lowering your heart rate and easing the tension in your muscles. A 2009 study at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%. It works better and faster than other relaxation methods, such as listening to music or drinking a hot cup of tea' ~ John Q. Internet

Sunday, September 3rd 2017 ~ On this day in 1963, Malcolm Gladwell was born ~ author of The Tipping Point (among others) in which he examines the moment when an idea, product, or behavior reaches the point where it tips, or spreads and gains critical mass. With the rain on the driveway, and the trees already starting to be tinged with non-green color it looks like Autumn is working towards its tipping point this morning. If you take your library card, or go and get a card at your local library, you can find Mr. Gladwell's books in the 302 section there. You'll find Goodnight, Moon there as well, in the Children's Section, on this, the 70th (!!!) anniversary of the day it was published and that quiet old lady first began whispering "hush" ~

'Shout for libraries. Shout for the young readers who use them' ~ Patrick Ness

Saturday, September 2nd 2017 ~ It is the 245th day of the year. 245 being the fifth Stella Octangula number, to celebrate you can learn to make your own Stella Octangula right here. It is also the start of National Buffalo Wings Weekend ~ no better place to celebrate than... Buffalo! (A lovely variation on said wings is right here.) And it is the birthday of Eugene Field (he's turning 167 somewhere today) who is the author of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. You can read all of his books at your library when you go to get your library card maybe even today on the 2nd day of National Library Card Sign Up Month ~

Friday, September 1st 2017 ~ Bunny, Bunny, Bunny as the -BER- months return! September on the driveway brings kayaking, Library Card Sign Up Month, and the lovely fall into autumn. Lovely that is if you aren't in the many areas that have been pounded by storms. The flooding and damage in Houston is almost unimaginable ~ even as more storms work their way across the Atlantic. Finding ways to help can be tricky but keep looking, we can all help on some level. The public libraries in Houston are closed, but a couple of locations are opening up with limited hours to provide information and access to computers. A couple of their branches were also used as temporary staging areas for evacuees. It's a perfect day to go to your library and get a card if you don't have one ~ and find out how you can help in the recovery efforts in all areas. ~

(Library packed with evacuees in the aftermath of wild fires in Saskatoon)
'So the library helps you to see, not only that you are not alone, but that you're not really any different from everyone else' ~ Maya Angelou

Thursday, August 31st 2017 ~ It's the last day of August (but not the 2nd Thursday of the week as the day-of-the-weekers might lead you to believe) ~ which means it's the last day this month we get to run so very late. We hope everyone is enjoying the views on this the 97th anniversary of the very first news broadcast on radio! The first radio news program was aired on Detroit's 8MK on this date in 1920 ~ the station is still on (thou no longer run by a teenager as it was back in 1920) under the call letters WWJ, and is still an all news station (which you can listen to right here). Enjoy the news and the views ~

Thursday, August 30th 2017 ~ We're back.... and just in time to wish Linda a very Happy Birthday! Ice cream and cake all around!! The blurb division did make it back but as they are still bumping into walls looking for coffee we'll just remind everyone that it's International Cabernet Sauvignon Day ~ so a little of that for a birthday toast, along with your ice cream and cake, and it's off to the views (while we round up the blurbettes) ~

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017 ~ Some of us are off to KY ~ driveway cam and the PC can be separated no longer so they are both staying behind to bring you all the partying that is going to happen on the driveway while we are gone (we see you Jim....)   :)     That does mean no blurbs while we are gone but the views here and all over will be up and running (grid willing) to keep you entertained. Enjoy all the views, the last days of August and we'll be back next week (well, we'll try to get the blurbettes back but....)

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017 ~ Hope everyone has recovered from their eclipse viewing ~ we're collecting pictures from our viewers from their viewing experience so if you have one or two... send them in! Meanwhile, it's going to be a busy day on the driveway with at least 2 (!) trips out and back, including a visit from Bailey with his person, Em ~ so lay in some supplies and be sure to pace yourself while viewing today. Some of your viewing should be of Ray Bradbury stories (it's his birthday!!!)(we do wish he were here to celebrate with us) and of some Dorothy Parker (it's her birthday too!) Enjoy the views ~ last words to Mr. Bradbury ~ "Stuff your eyes with wonder. Live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. see the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories." ~ Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Monday, August 21st 2017 ~ You may have heard.... it's Eclipse Day!! :) So get your eclipse glasses on and get out there to watch the darkness at noon ~ or at 9ish on the coast, or 2ish on the driveway.... check your local times and then get out there. If you don't have safety glasses, you can still see it (and it's fabulous this way) by watching the ground under a tree ~ you'll see thousands of eclipses shimmer there (on the ground) through the leaves. Just heard this one (thanks Em!) ~ you can also take a colander, one that has holes, not mesh and hold that up over the ground. On the ground you'll see the crescent eclipse shining through all of the holes! Take something white with you, paper, cardboard, etc. for even clearer images. And take some pictures to share with us! Remember: DON'T LOOK AT THE ECLIPSE THROUGH the trees or the colander ~ rather look at the amazing view of it on the ground, walks, paper, walls around you (both things act just like a pin hole camera, and there is no danger to your eyes at all looking down!) Click on pictures for larger views

Sunday, August 20th 2017 ~ This very day in 1911, a dispatcher in the New York Times office sent the first telegram around the world via commercial service. Only 66 years later (to the day) NASA sent a different kind of message ~ the Golden Record ~ containing information about Earth for extraterrestrial beings, aboard the unmanned spacecraft Voyager II. Telegrams may have gone the way of the dodo but Voyager II is still out there (about 12,941,875,126 miles out there), as is Voyager I launched 3 weeks later (a mere 10,646,363,242 miles away)(or they were, they are both traveling at over 34,000+ mph so....) and both communicate with NASA daily even after 40 years of racing through space! Our invitation to anyone out there to come visit was built to last a billion years. The Voyagers power sources for communicating are only good until 2020, but they should keep on zinging through space for millions of years provided all the lights at all the galactic intersections are working and no fender benders ensue. So, we'll continue to check the mail box daily for any RSVPs, as well as keep checking in on the Voyagers. Please (oh please) let us know if you hear anything before we do... :)

Sataurday, August 19th 2017 ~ It is World Photo Day ~ and ~ it is World (formerly National) Honey Bee Day ~ and ~ it is World Humanitarian Day. On a much lesser scale it's a busy day on the driveway so when not out celebrating and honoring the day and humanitarian aid workers, do find some views to enjoy. Last words to the UN Secretary-General... ~ "Every year on World Humanitarian Day, we shine a spotlight on the millions of civilians around the world whose lives have been caught up in conflict. On this day we also take a moment to honour the brave health and aid workers who are targeted or obstructed as they set out to help people in need, and pay tribute to the government employees, members of civil society and representatives of international organizations and agencies who risk their lives to provide humanitarian aid and protection." ~ UN Secretary-General, António Guterres

Friday, August 18th 2017 ~ First and foremost a very Happy Birthday to Delores Beedle! Hope it's a great one for you Delores and the start of a fabulous year! Secondly, rumor has it, it's National Fajita Day!? So take a Fajita to lunch, or better yet... order a fajita for lunch. And thirdly, but certainly not in any way leastly, it's the day back in 1920, that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified (thank you Tennessee!), finally acknowledging a woman's right to vote (with many Thank Yous to Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who drafted the amendment and first introduced it in 1878(!?!?!) and many more Thank Yous to all who continued to work for it and get it passed and ratified) And now it's off to the views ~ click on picture for why a yellow rose....

Thursday, August 17th 2017 ~ Some early morning kayaking is about to happen ~ down by the bay, where the water melon grows..... Enjoy the views ~

Wednesday, August 16th 2017 ~ A very late start this (it's almost still) morning! So without further ado ~ it's on to the views ~

Tuesday, August 15th 2017 ~ It was this day in 1969 the Woodstock Music & Art Fair opened in New York State on Max Yasgur's Dairy Farm ~ attending were, according to the latest estimates of the number of people who claim to have been there, 19.7 billion people. The fact that it wasn't in Woodstock but in Bethel has never stood in the way of the festival's iconic name and story either. You can watch the thruway at Woodstock as open today as it was then, as well as check in on these views in Connecticut (!?) one of which is only 27 miles from Bethel. (it's what we found, webcamming isn't an exact science, yet). So today ~ be stardust, be golden, and enjoy the views in the early morning (or whenever you get to them) ~ with thanks to Joni Mitchell (who is one of the 6 people of the time who will admit they didn't go) for the song it's off to the garden, er ah, the views....

Monday, August 14th 2017 ~ Happy Birthday to Jess today! We all hope it's a lovely day for her and we thank her for this opportunity for cake and ice cream!!! :) ~ Not that she's anywhere near old enough for it... but today is also the birthday of the original Social Security Act, signed into law on this date in 1935. Last note before we head out to the views (and cake and ice cream) ~ Today is National Navajo Code Talkers Day and if you are in, or near, Window Rock, AZ head over to the Veteran's Park there for a parade (starts at 9:00 mountain time). And now, it's off to the cake, oh and of course the views ~

Sunday, August 13th 2017 ~ Sadly today Brannaman is heading back home ~ we are going to miss him! However, after watching his car on the driveway this week it will be easier (?!) to spot him on the way home via the traffic cams ~ in the reverse order from Wednesday.... the Bay Road Exit and then going over the bridge; then 104 to 590 to 390; then the NY Thruway headed West to Pennsylvania and I-90 West through PA; followed by the long stretch of I-71 South in Ohio to Cincinnati, and I-71 to La Grange ~ And this evening after resting up from tracking Brannaman on cameras.... don't forget to get outside and track some meteors ~

Saturday, August 12th 2017 ~ It is here ~ the midpoint of the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower is tonight. And with some luck we may get clear skies tonight over the driveway. If your skies are clear get out there and look up (and north/east)! It's a lovely meteor shower and requires little patience or effort for viewing. Blankets to lay on, some tasty treats, and a dark sky (darkish if that's all you can find) place from which to view and you're set ~ while the sun is up we are going to be making a couple of trips to Abbott's today to make up for the shocking lack of Abbott's so far in Brannaman's visit, as his last full day here has arrived ~ so please have some frozen custard along with us for the perfect summer day leading up to some perfect summer night viewing of meteors ~

Friday, August 11th 2017 ~ The Dates R Us group totally hosed yesterday's blurb day and date... while we think it's right today, no promises! (have to get the help wanted ads placed...) We're still running (very) late so a quick Happy Birthday to Marty (!!!) and to Alex Haley ~ and a stop in to view Alcatraz in commemoration of the first prisoners arriving there this very day back in 1934 and then it's off to the day and the views and the reminder that the Perseid Meteor Shower is peaking over the next couple of nights so get out there and look up (and north/east)!

Wednesday, August 10th 2017 ~ Late start after a late evening of delicious turkey burgers and most enjoyable conversations (the brownies/cherries/ice cream helped too) ~ so with a quick nod to James Smithson who bequeathed his estate to his nephew and his heirs unless there were none in which case the money was to go to the United States for the foundation of an institution for "the increase and diffusion of knowledge." The nephew died without any heirs in 1835 and in 1846, on this very day, and after much debate, the United States Congress passed legislation creating the Smithsonian Institution. And also with a quick reminder to get outside this evening and watch the stars fall (sort of) as the Perseid Meteor Shower gets ever closer to its peak which should be the 11-13th. Enjoy the views and the comings and goings on the driveway ~

Wednesday, August 9th 2017 ~ Big doings on the driveway today as Brannaman wends his way north for a visit!!!! You can follow him on the traffic cams (he'll be on I-71 North in Ohio now, between Cincinnati and Columbus we reckon), then I-90 East on thru Pennsylvania to the NY Thruway, and then 390 to 590 to 104 and then the Bay Road Exit! (there is a cam there if you don't spot him going over the bridge!)(lol). And then he'll be here ~ appearing on driveway cam through the weekend. Enjoy all the comings and goings (visits by Haydon and Jess are also in the works with other trips out and back for a fare-thee-well) ~ as well as all the other views too!

Tuesday, August 8th 2017 ~ The Perseid Meteor shower is heading towards it's peak on August 11-13 (sky map here). Forecasters expect the shower to peak during the nights of Aug. 11-13 with perhaps dozens of meteors per hour streaking through the moonlight with more information on viewing and the shower here. Pack up some treats, a comfy blanket or chair, and settle in for some great late night sky viewing (the full moon makes it a little tricky, but not impossible)(you can always look before moon rise too!). Local viewers have already been out spotting meteors ~ you don't have to wait for the "peak" the Perseid Meteors are visiting all month! So enjoy the views here today, and the views up there tonight ~

Monday, August 7th 2017 ~ It's a great day to look up, once the sun starts to set, as it is the night of the full moon, complete with a partial lunar eclipse! Not that the eclipse is visible in the US but just knowing it's out there is a good thing. (plus if you happen to be any where between Africa and Australia....) You can watch the partial lunar eclipse at Slooh right here, starting at 11:45 *AM* Eastern. (The webcast will run through 3:20 p.m. EDT) ~ good practice for watching the solar eclipse coming to a star near you August 21st! (more on that later). No safety glasses needed for lunar eclipses in person or online. Or needed for regular driveway cam viewing either ~ so get out there and look ~ up and in every other direction too!     :)

Sunday, August 6th 2017 ~ It's starting out a beautiful Sunday here ~ rain and rumors of rain is what's being touted, but not seen so far. We're going to wish Alfred Lord Tennyson a Happy Birthday with, perhaps, a Root Beer Float as today is National Root Beer Float Day! There are free root beer floats at your neighborhood A&W ~ if you need to find your neighborhood A&W ~ check right here (ours is sadly 108 miles away). Don't have an A&W nearby? You can (and should) make your own float ~ as nothing (today anyway) enhances view hopping like a root beer float. Last words to Mr. Tennyson (with apologies as always for hijacking his words) and then it's off to wander the world (as seen from the driveway), frosty mug in hand. ~ I myself must mix a root beer float, lest I wither in despair ~ Afred Lord Tennyson(ish)(actual quote is in his interesting Locksley Hall)

Saturday, August 5th 2017 ~ The first Saturday of August is here and it brought the Park Ave Fest with it! Big time opportunity for some possible webcam catching of an elusive viewee... the divine Ms. Em is rumored to going (maybe) to the festival today ~ BIG prize to any one who spots her here or sees her on camera here! When not watching for Em we'll be reading some Wendell Berry today to celebrate his 83rd birthday ~ his poems, essays, and novels make for great viewing any time ~ enjoy all the views today     :)

Friday, August 4th 2017 ~ A very Happy Birthday to jazz legend Louis Armstrong, born 116 years ago in the Storyville neighborhood of New Orleans. So we're off to New Orleans for a view there (where it seems to be raining this morning just like it is on the driveway) before heading out to the rest of the views. Rumor has it that it is also National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day ~ just in case it's true (and because chocolate chip cookies go so well with viewing) a very quick recipe for chocolate chip cookies to celebrate birthdays or any special occasion... like watching it rain. Enjoy the views (and the cookies) ~

Thursday, August 3rd 2017 ~ We were going to head north to escape the heat and celebrate the day back in 1958 that the U.S. nuclear submarine Nautilus accomplished the first undersea voyage to the geographic North Pole, but we can't find a working webcam up there, mores the pity. So we'll check in with the penguin's webcam ~ (sans penguins) ~ as well as with some polar bears (not usually seen with penguins but both are here today on the driveway) in their natural habitat (camera was being very slow this morning) and in a more controlled environment. The polar bears legal defense team insisted we show penguins in a more controlled environment as well and not wishing to cast aspersions on the polar bears, plus wanting to see some penguins, we complied, and you can see them thusly here. Now, before grammar's legal defense team shows up, it's off to the views ~

Wednesday, August 2nd 2017 ~ While driveway cam always supports visiting relatives (in all parsings of those words) we urge you not to go visit your Aunty Matter today. Sure, it's the day back in 1932 that physicist Carl Anderson discovered the first physical evidence that antimatter wasn't just a theory... but resist the pull to get reacquainted ~ it can only lead to a kerfuffle (so to speak). You can always wander the views instead. It's safer in the long run, and though it may have much less of the explosive excitement of the above mentioned reunion, you'll be back tomorrow to view some more ~

Tuesday, August 1st 2017 ~ adjective: respected and impressive ~     synonyms: distinguished, respected, eminent, venerable, hallowed, illustrious, prestigious, renowned, celebrated, honored, acclaimed, esteemed, exalted ~     noun: the eighth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the last month of summer, the fifth month to have the length of 31 days ~     adverb: happening now in a view near you ~     It's August ~     :)

Monday, July 31st 2017 ~ The views have put on their July shine one last time for us today and are out there waiting for us ~ And while out viewing check out the animal sites and the National Parks as it is World Rangers Day as well as the last day of National Parks & Recreation Month (okay, so maybe they didn't mean the National Parks per se, but we do!). It's also the last day of National Wheat Month ~ we couldn't find a wheat field cam (if you find one let us know!) but here is one of a Wheat Ridge which we're using because we are declaring it Tangentially Related Links Day too. Enjoy seeing July pirouette today while it makes a graceful (we hope) exit stage right...

Sunday, July 30th 2017 ~ Where to begin? They are cleaning up, or will be once the Fling Fog clears for them, on coycam, the last day of the Blueberry Festival can be seen in Eli, and it's National Cheesecake Day(!) which means 1/2 priced slices of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factories! Plus if you come to Rochester tomorrow (which we encourage all our viewers to do) you can join in with us and get a FREE SLICE of cheesecake: Cheesy Eddie's at 602 South Ave in Rochester is giving away a free slice of cheesecake to anyone who walks in the door ~ with all that in mind it's on to the penultimate day of July and all the lovely views held therein.

Saturday, July 29th 2017 ~ Drop what you're doing, make a Razzmingo or two, and cozy up to your favorite viewing location... It's Flamingo Fling Day! We're going to be watching Flamingos at The Fling, and all around town (town being a relative word for the entire universe of viewing from the driveway). There are flamingos to watch in Arizona, and watch in Texas, and our favorite view in Florida (which was having a hard time this morning, hopefully it will sort itself out). And of course in Russell Kentucky ~ home of the Flamingo Fling being flung this very day. Enjoy ~ and get your fling on ~

Friday, July 28th 2017 ~ The date flippers blew it again. We may have some job openings here soon. Although stretching July out by having back to back 26ths isn't such a bad idea... We're heading into a star studded viewing weekend, this last weekend of July, as it's Flamingo Fling Weekend (actual Fling is tomorrow) on coycam ~ and some stars are being flung skyward (earthward that is) as the Alpha Capricornids and Southern Delta Aquariids meteor showers hit peak. More info on the showers here ~ but basically you want to lay in viewing supplies, a comfy pillow and blanket that works indoors or out and head for the views (indoors and out!)

Thursday, July 26th 2017 ~ The 208th day of the year is here, which means it's about the 200th day this year the blurbettes have been running late ~ so let's just get on to the views without further delay. Viewing note: besides the rain in Russell there is much action on coycam as Cheryl and Etna Street prepare for this weekend's Flamingo Fling! Today while dancing under the thunder storms Cheryl is also supervising the staff of workers in to smoke the meat and get ready for the party ~ you can catch all of them scurrying about right here. (click on pictures for larger views)

Wednesday, July 26th 2017 ~ Welcome to Wednesday on the Driveway ~ Today is the birthday of Aldous Huxley ~ he'd be 123 if only he could. Wonder if he'd recognize today's Brave New World, at all, or too much? Still it's cake all around and a toast to Aldous! It's also keep the Post Office in Business Day on the 242nd anniversary of the day Benjamin Franklin became the first postmaster general of the US Postal System established the same day. So more toast, and some more cake, this time for the Post Office ~ they'd love a letter or postcard or two as well! Enjoy wandering the views, including these two (also for Aldous)...Here is one and here is the other   :)

Tuesday, July 25th 2017 ~ Try not to let a rainy Tuesday get you down either ~ and now that we've gotten that song going 'round and 'round in your brain again, it is a good time to mention that today is the 146th anniversary of the first U.S. patent (#117336) for a carousel, issued to Willhelm Schneider of Davenport, Iowa. Not the first carousel by a long shot, as people in Philippopolis Turkey had been going 'round since 1620, and the first one in England was noted in 1729. We're still enamored of them, and when not wandering the views you might want to wander out to a carousel and take a pony for a spin. C'mon by and we'll go to Ontario Beach and try out any (or all of) the 33 horses, 3 rabbits, 3 cats, 3 ostriches, 3 pigs, 2 mules, 1 lion, tiger, goat, giraffe and deer that are running around there ~

Monday, July 24th 2017 ~ Don't let a rainy Monday get you down ~ it's not raining around and about in Atchison KS (couldn't find any actually in Atchison) where Amelia Earhart was born 120 years ago today. Nor is it raining at Salt Lake where the Mormons were led by Brigham Young 170 years ago today. And of course there are always the desert views to escape the rain... here, and/or here, and/or here ~ so enjoy viewing Monday's weather all over the views, from whatever your weather may be. (and for you historians... the old what's the weather shots are still out there if you like some views of ancient weather)

Sunday, July 23rd 2017 ~ Here we are starting the last full week of July and it is not only National Grilling Month and National Watermelon Month, but it is zooming by so we're going to combine the two in this recipe so we don't miss out on either. It's a good one to try today to stay out of a hot kitchen as much as possible (sure, you'll be over a hot grill, but for only 3-5 minutes!) And if you are in the 80+ degrees areas of the map, or even if you're not... try ice-cream in a cone to cool down, and to celebrate this day in 1904 when the ice cream cone was introduced at the St. Louis world’s fair (rumor has it) ~ rumor also has it you can grill your ice-cream too but it's so much easier to eat it from a cone! C'mon over, we'll try it all ~

Saturday, July 22nd 2017 ~ A big heartfelt apology AND and even bigger and also heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!! to Ms. Lexi ~ who turned 12 on Wednesday while her memory challenged Aunt Debbie for some reason thought she was going to turn 12 on the 24th. We all hope it was an amazing day for you Lexi and that this year is the best one for you yet!!! Many many many happy returns for your birthday, for today, and for each and every day!!!! We're going to head off to the views now with a few pictures of Ms Lexi's past to lead the way here, here, here, and ~

click on pictures for larger views

Friday, July 21st 2017 ~ A quick Happy Birthday to Ernest Hemingway (who is (or would be) turning 118 today) and a look in at Oak Park, Illinois where he was born. And perhaps another quick look in at Key West to maybe find and give equal time to his cats? And then it's off to the views on this lovely 202nd day of the year ~ enjoy your wanderings! (and if you happen to find a six-toed cat today, take it to lunch (or maybe just out for a drink?!))

Thursday, July 20th 2017 ~ While the Blurbettes are einen späten start bekommen today, so to speak (in case you don't know the blurbettes you can mouse over that), it was this very day back in 1969 at 10:56 pm, that Neil Armstrong, some 240,000 miles from Earth, took a giant leap for mankind as he stepped onto the moon for the first time. We (mankind, and the Blurbettes for that matter) may not be able to do that anymore (at the moment anyway) but we can, and do, remember ~ As always we hope for more giant leaps for mankind today. Collectively of course, but more specifically, individually for each, and all, of us too (and if we especially hope that for our viewers (both of you!) we hope you'll forgive our obvious bias). We also hope that everyone enjoys exploring whatever views are found today ~

Wednesday, July 19th 2017 ~ Not only is it the middle of the week (Hump Day if you will) it is National Hot Dog Day! So get yourself a camel and let it get thee to a hotdog stand! (for where you can find free or inexpensive hot dogs today, check here) Or check out some hot hotdog places ~ a spot where a Hot Dog Truck appears regularly and a spot in Manhattan that started as a Hot Dog Stand and is a lovely view regardless of the food ordered there. Or fire up the grill at home, set the microwave to stun, put a match to a campfire, or boil up some water and get hot-dogging (while enjoying the views of course) ~

Tuesday, July 18th 2017 ~ Since the Great Fire of Rome began in the late evening on this date in 64 A.D. we'll hop on over there (oh if only we could!) and wander the streets as best we can. And actually this isn't a bad view even if it is from the driveway, from where we can also watch here as well as watch another favorite here. Ah....you can almost hear Nero fiddling here, and sliding down any of those views will bring you more Rome to roam. Godetevi le viste ~

Monday, July 17th 2017 ~ Happy Monday ~ well it will be once you get going and wander the views. Or maybe if you're luck you get going and get to wander Disneyland... the Happiest Place on Earth! It opened its doors to the public 62 years ago today. We wish we were standing in line for almost anything there right now. But you don't have to stand in line to get to the views ~ Or to views of amusement parks ~ one of our favorites is here at Cedar Point, and here is a list of others (we haven't checked them all so we don't know if all of them on this list works but hey it's Monday, trying web cam links is certainly better than working!) Plus ~ cricket is back on Google! So a good day all over online ~

Sunday, July 16th 2017 ~ It's a stop and go sort of day as we celebrate both the very first parking meter which was installed in Oklahoma City back in 1935 ~ AND ~ the launch of Apollo 11, in 1969, as it started the trip to the take the very first men to the moon! (just 34 years separated the invention of the parking meter and going to the moon...) So with feet (or tires) planted firmly on the ground and heads in the clouds we will stop this blurbing and go to the views ~ and who knows, we might even stop viewing (!?! (wait, what???)) to go visit a parking meter since going to visit the moon, unfortunately, is not an option currently.......

Saturday, July 15th 2017 ~ Hmmm, seems the Department of Date Flipping fell down on the job yesterday. The Change the Day Already committee got it right but yesterday was NOT Friday the 13th. Today IS Saturday the 15th and the blurbetts are running late so we're going to turn you over to the views as quickly as possible. Since we are smack dab in the middle of National Blueberry, National Hot Dog, and National Horseradish month ~ before we go, may we suggest some Blueberry Horseradish Sauce for your hotdogs ~ should go well with viewing (and an ice cold beverage perhaps?) Enjoy the views and the flavors of the middle of July ~

Friday, July 13th 2017 ~ Une journée de Bastille très heureuse à tous! If you go our storming any Bastilles today be sure to take some time out to rest, hydrate, and to visit some views.     :)    As for other storming, there are a few storms lurking about ~ and maybe even some storming on the driveway (although we hope not by angry crowds). There will be fireworks in Paris later today (their tonight) ~ so grab some cake and enjoy the views ~

Thursday, July 13th 2017 ~ Sadly, the Tintern Abbey webcam isn't functioning... So instead we'll get a few miles away via views along the way to Tintern Abbey, as it was on this day, in 1798, that William Wordsworth wrote one of drivewaycam's favorite poems, Tintern Abbey or as he called it "Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, on Revisiting the Banks of the Wye during a Tour. July 13, 1798". Then it's a quick Happy Birthday to Erno Rubik who gave us Rubik's cube (in 1974) with it's 1 solution among the 43 quintillion possible configurations of said cube ~ rather popular, by the mid 1980's 20% of the world's population had played with it. Not one of those 1 in 5 people in the world? Don't have one? Don't worry, you can play with one here, when not wandering the views ~

Wednesday, July 12th 2017 ~ Before we fritter away the day in detail, we're going to simplify, simplify, by quickly saying Happy Birthday to Henry David Thoreau, George Eastman, and Julius Caesar. (another interesting lunch group!) As well as mention that it was this day in 1844 Captain J.N. Taylor of the Royal Navy first demonstrated the fog horn! At the time, it was called a telephone - to mean far-signaling, thus an instrument used on ships, railway trains, etc., for signaling by loud sounds or notes. Wonder if we'd be using Cellhorns today if that original name had stuck? Too much to ponder, instead we're simply going to wander the snapshots of today just out there waiting in the views ~

Tuesday, July 11th 2017 ~ The All Star Game is tonight ~ on Fox, at 7:30 ~ should you be looking for a ball game. Which is the perfect thing for a summer evening. The perfect thing for this summer day (which happens to be 7/11) is a free slurpee which you can get today from 11:00am to 7:00 pm at your local 7-Eleven store! Speaking of baseball... today is the 103rd anniversary of the major league debut of George Herman “Babe” Ruth ~ he pitched 7 innings and helped the Red Sox win that day 4-3 over the Cleveland Indians. He is part and parcel of the languishing Quiz #10 of Ought Nine ~ could this be the year it gets answered? (of course neither quiz from this year has been answered yet either... pick up a free slurpee and get quizzling!)

Monday, July 10th 2017 ~ July is (now) National Honey Month and you should bee aware that today, which happens to be in July, is 'Don't Step On A Bee Day' ~ excellent advice in any month! One way to avoid stepping on a bee is to be inside watching them from the driveway. Watching with a honey pie is always good too! While we do not recommend you spend the entire day avoiding stepping on bees this way, we do offer up Bee Cam.... for pure unstingable and unstepuponable bee viewing. When you are outside remember that bees are our friends (eating would be a whole lot less interesting without them) so please bee careful ~ oh and some of that honey pie would go great while watching the Home Run Derby tonight as well... :)

Sunday, July 9th 2017 ~ We're running late so a quick Happy Birthday to Donkey Kong which is turning 36 as it as it was on this day in 1981 that Nintendo released the game. That means Mario is also turning 36 since we first met him this day back then as well ~ but frankly we think he's older.... Rumor has it you can play Donkey Kong here or you could wander the views and look at actual donkeys (virtually). And if you see any donkeys wandering on the driveway ~ other than the ones that live on this side of the camera ~ do let us know. And especially let us know if you see Kong wander by!

Saturday, July 8th 2017 ~ A rainy summer day is underway ~ there will several trips out from and (hopefully) back to the driveway ~ with a visit from Haydon and Jess in the works as well. So grab some popcorn, and perhaps some coca-cola as it is the birthday of John Pemberton ~ creator of the drink and founder of the company, and settle in. According to Coca-Cola historian Phil Mooney: Pemberton's medicine was advertised as particularly beneficial for "ladies, and all those whose sedentary employment causes nervous prostration" ~ but it also works for taking in the views even if you are not a lady or suffer from sedentary employment! So take a pause that refreshes and take in some views ~ like this one sponsored in part by the Coca-Cola company! :)

Friday, July 7th 2017 ~ It's the first full weekend of July starting today ~ and it's one of those days that cries out for travel given that it's the day (in 1891) that travelers cheques were patented *and* the day (in 1965) that the first successful surgery to replant a completely amputated thumb was accomplished! Hard to ignore historical hints like that ~ so if you can... get out there and travel, expand your horizons. If you can't physically go traveling today you can always give your cheques and thumbs a rest, and use your other digits to hitchhike the world virtually and travel... digitally.     :)    Being able to do that is the best thing since sliced bread ~ which it turns out was sold for the first time this very day in 1928. Whatever other views you connect, or reconnect, with today the driveway is always an excellent starting point ~ enjoy the views here and all over ~

Thursday, July 6th 2017 ~ Today is the 62nd anniversary of Mark making his debut in Detroit (Happy Birthday Mark!) and it's the 84th anniversary of the first Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game which took place at Chicago’s Comiskey Park ~ this year's All Star Game is July 11th ~ as well as the 131st anniversary of the day Horlick's of Wisconsin offered the first malted milk to the public ~ So use a dollar (which became our base unit of currency 232 years ago today) or two and buy a malted milk to raise a toast to Mark, to baseball, and of course to the dollar too, while enjoying the views on this lovely summer day ~

Wednesday, July 5th 2017 ~ It's Take A Clone to Lunch Twice Day as it was 21 years ago today, at the Roslin Institute in Scotland, that scientists got to say "Well Hello, Dolly" as Dolly the sheep ~ the first mammal to have been successfully cloned from an adult cell ~ was born (why call her Dolly? It was a mammary cell used to clone her). It's also fingers crossed all around day for a Space X Launch Today Day which you can watch right here, or use that link to find out when the launch will be if it's not tonight at 7:37 eastern. Until then, enjoy the day, the extra lunch, the launch, and of course all the other views ~

Tuesday, July 4th 2017 ~ There are no more teenaged cousins (of "the Cousins" as seen here many moons ago on driveway cam) as Ellie turns 20 today!!! Happy Birthday Ellie ~ we hope it's a great day for you and the start of a wonderful year ahead!!! We hope the same thing for the US of A as it turns 241 today (you are remarkable USA, you don't look a day over 240!) We hope everyone has a safe day celebrating and that we all can still count to 10 on our fingers tomorrow! Now, get out there and picnic, play, grill some corn on the cob, spit watermelon seeds, and have some cake and ice-cream in Ellie's and the US's honor!! If you can't get out to fireworks you can watch online and on TV ~ Enjoy the 4th of July views ~

Monday, July 3rd 2017 ~ Drivewaycam is back watching the driveway! We'd like to thank Cheryl and the entire CoyCam crew for their help in getting the driveway view back online! And just in time for Plastic Bag Free Day ~ And to wish the 43rd state to join the union, Idaho, a happy 127th anniversary, with thanks for making our Union stronger and more enriched. So we'll visit Idaho (A favorite view here, as well as a lovely view here, a look via their traffic here, and a list of other cams here) then it's off to all the views (including the driveway again... yay!) ~

Sunday, July 2nd 2017 ~ Drivewaycam is still out there somewhere, just not here with it's eye on the driveway. We now think it's out looking for Amelia Earhart and her navigator Frederick Noonan who disappeared this very day 80 years ago ~ we normally watch for her return on all the sites, and always hope to find both Amelia and Frederick walking up the driveway. Hopefully they won't pick this year to visit since drivewaycam is off duty! We will find drivewaycam and convince it to turn it's gaze back to the rush of views of the driveway ~ until then take in all the other views and enjoy your wanderings. And if you find drivewaycam, Amelia, or Fred ~ let us know!!     :)

Saturday, July 1st 2017 ~ A very happy July to all! Especially to Canada who is turning 150!!! We found a note this morning from drivewaycam that just said "gone fishing" ~ so we are going to spend the day trying to lure said drivewaycam back, but in the meantime the rest of the views are waiting for you on this start of a brand new month of summer! You can check out some of drivewaycam's favorite fishing spots here (if you see it, let us know! (we can't find its See Ruby Falls baseball cap so it may be wearing it, which we hope will make it easier to spot)) as you enjoy all the views on this pre-holiday Saturday ~ and here's to Oh Canada ~ we wish we were there to celebrate with you ~ you are looking fabulous!

Friday, June 30th 2017 ~ Extree! Extree! Get yer last day of June viewing here! On this date in 1864, President Lincoln granted the Yosemite Valley to California for "public use, resort, and restoration." The Yosemite Land Grant of 1864 marked the first time the federal government set aside land specifically for preservation and recreational use. So we're headed out to Yosemite to start our viewing day there and ponder plans to get there in person ~ let us know if you're up for a road trip!     :)

Thursday, June 29th 2017 ~ Time to hit the roads ~ the roads we have thanks to then General Eisenhower being impressed with the Autobahn ~ as it was this very day in 1956 that President Eisenhower signed the Federal Highway Act, which established the Interstate Highway System. It took longer than expected to build ~ 35 years instead of 12 ~ and it cost more than $100 billion, or three times the initial budget, however... The interstate system totals 46,300 miles and the first coast-to-coast interstate highway, I-80, was completed in 1986 (!). Running from New York City to San Francisco it is the 10th longest road in the world and the 2nd longest in the US clocking in at 2,899.54 miles. So re-set your odometers to zero, and get ready to wander the viewing highways if nothing else ~ oh! and try out Quiz # 2 of 2017!!! Happy Travels!

Wednesday, June 28th 2017 ~ A very happy last Wednesday of June ~ we're setting our sites [sic] on Michigan as it was this day in 1958 that the Mackinac Bridge In 1958, the Mackinac Bridge, then the world longest suspension bridge (now the world's 19th longest suspension bridge), was dedicated. And why not have a couple of pieces of PI to celebrate the bridge as today is Tau Day or 2 PI (6.28) ~ well, it is. Don't forget that All Star Voting ends tomorrow ~ vote early, vote often, vote here (and vote Yankee Players!). Enjoy the views ~

Tuesday, June 27th 2017 ~ It doesn't bode well for the rest of the day when you're running late at 8:01 AM ~ and yet here we are.... running late. There will be several to many (they are technical terms) trips in and out of the driveway today and the appearance of a van at some point this afternoon as it's shuffle beds day here, and at Emily's, and at Alan's, and at Chris's. A good time will be had by all! And there may even be a water delivery! Pace yourselves in your viewing ~     :)

Monday, June 26th 2017 ~ Hard to believe but it was 20 years ago today, Harry Potter was taught to play, Quidditch (so, how long will that tune be stuck in our heads?) ~ late last century on this very day, the first book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, was published in Britain. It is also the day in Iceland where every year at noon, according to Jules Verne in describing ancient Icelandic legend, the tip of the shadow of Mount Scartaris points to the secret entrance of "Centre Earth", and the land of giant humanlike creatures and prehistoric monsters. If only Hogwarts and Mount Scartaris had web cams.... Enjoy the views do you find on this last Monday in June!

Sunday, June 25th 2017 ~ Today is the birthday of George Orwell who gave us intrigue in the barnyard and a big brother to watch over all of our collective shoulders. So... keep an eye out for intrigue, barnyards, and shoulders (or big brothers) as you never know where they might turn up. There will be a big brother on the driveway later today as it's games and laundry day this side of the driveway in case you don't find any in other views. A lovely barnyard we love to watch for intrigue sure but mostly for a good time is here ~ and all the other views are waiting including those in the land of midnight sun where you can watch for a fare-thee-well these days ~ Enjoy all the views and some cake and ice cream for George!

Saturday, June 24th 2017 ~ Happy Birthday to St. John of the Cross ~ poet, mystic, saint. Patron saint of mystics, contemplatives, Spanish poets and bee keepers we are told. So raise a glass of mead in his honor and enjoy this lovely Midsummer Day (also St Johns Day in his honor). We hope you all escaped the bonfire dancing unsinged last night and are ready for another spectacular summer day of watching the views ~ It was this day (rumor has it) in 1497 that the name America was first used for the newly discovered continent ~ named by John Cabot in honor of his Bristol sponsor, Welshman Robert Ameryk. Found in records from that period: "... on Saint Johns Day, the land of America was found by merchants of Bristowe, in a ship of Bristowe called the Mathew." So another glass of mead (well, it's already open) to America and then it's to the views ~

Friday, June 23rd 2017 ~ Today is St. John's Eve ~ aka Midsummer Eve ~ so gather ye bonfire supplies while ye may ~ According to voodoo practitioners, on St. John's Eve the spirit world comes closest to the realm of the living, so lets be careful out there while dancing 'round the bonfires not to step on any spirits, sprites, fairies, elves, or other wee folk as we get ready for Midsummer Day. Take them to lunch...yes. Stomp on their toes...no. We'll be dancing to 'St. John's Night on the Bare Mountain', while enjoying the insomniac views in the countries that celebrate Midsummer the most. (Sweden is always a good place to start). C'mon over, and enjoy the views ~

Thursday, June 22nd 2017 ~ As weather continues to dominate the scenes we hope everyone stays indoors as needed. You can wander outside digitally on this 2nd day of summer from the safety of your house and the driveway ~ If you are inundated with rain and wish some dry views try either of these ~ Dry View 1 or Dry View 2. And if you are sweltering may we suggest a trip to the land of penguins? Whatever the day brings stay safe, cool, and dry, and enjoy the views ~ ~ The morning heat had already soaked through the walls, rising up from the floor like a ghost of summers past. ~ Erik Tomblin

Wednesday, June 21st 2017 ~ It's here! Summer! And 15 hours 23 minutes of daylight for viewing the driveway today to go with it!! Want to know how much daylight you have where ever you are? You can check here ~ or you can just get out there and enjoy the views for a very long time today (or stay in and enjoy them if you are in the super heated/stormy areas of the country/world). Ice tea? (check) Porch swing? (check) Hammock? (we wish) Ready? Set? Summer! ~ Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy. To do nothing and have it count for something. To lie in the grass and count the stars. To sit on a branch and study the clouds ~ Regina Brett

Tuesday, June 20th 2017 ~ It is quite a day for the sea (more or less) as it is the day back in 1975 that Jaws was released on an unsuspecting public (!) ~ and ~ it is the day back in 1782 that after 6 years (sound familiar?) of debate the congress finally adopted the Great Seal of the United States. Besides being National Rose Month June is also the start of Hurricane Season in the Atlantic and unfortunately said season is underway ~ the 2nd named storm (Bret) is off the northern shores of Venezuela and the 'Potential Tropical Cyclone Three' is getting ready to impose upon the Gulf States. No matter where you live ~ if the sea is unsafe today, or just too far away, you can always watch the shores, safely, from the driveway ~ (haven't had a shark sighting for quite some time now) ~ And don't forget that the Summer Solstice happens just after midnight tonight (!) at exactly 12:24 am (Eastern)(on the 21st). So enjoy all the waves of water and light on this long last day of spring ~

Monday, June 19th 2017 ~ Today is Karen's birthday! And we wish her the happiest of days and the best of years ahead! How many candles should we put on her cake? Well, that would be telling. But.... were you to drive the US Route that is the same number as that of the required number of candles you could drive from Port Arthur, Texas to Albert Lea, Minnesota (or vice versa, as it goes in both directions) While if you drove the state route similarly numbered you could take a more international-sounding trip starting in the village of Mexico, going through Rome, and ending up in Yorkville! So take a trip, have some cake, have some ice-cream too and enjoy the views all in Karen's honor today ~

Sunday, June 18th 2017 ~ A very Happy Father's Day to any and all who have worn that mantel ~ we hope you get to spend the day in whatever way you like. We also hope everyone takes some time today to vote for the All Star Teams as the All Star Game is coming up pretty quickly! You can vote right here (You can vote up to 5 times every 24 hours (up to a total of 35 ballots) ~ so get started soon as voting ends June 29, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET.). As we round the corner and start the slide towards the solstice, the official start to summer, be sure to enjoy the lengthening days, and the joys of insomniac viewing. And since we are still happily in National Rose Month, don't forget to stop and smell the roses too! ~ I was a lousy hitter in May doing the same things that made me a great hitter in June ~ Carl Yastrzemski

Saturday, June 17th 2017 ~ It's a great day for getting presents as it was 132 years ago today that the dismantled Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor with its 350 individual pieces packed in more than 200 cases as a gift from France. A visit is in order, always ~ to remind ourselves of so many things. It's a good day for giving gifts too as Iceland (always a favorite) is turning 73 today and seriously doesn't look a day over 72! As the sun shines on longer and longer on all of us, and especially on Iceland where the midnight sun is in full bloom, we have more and more time for views both digital and actual. So enjoy wandering them, all night if you like!

Friday, June 16th 2017 ~ A very Happy Birthday to Uncle Ed today!!!! We all wish for you a wonderful day and an excellent year ahead!!! As today is also Bloomsday ~ we will visit our favorite Dublin views ~ O'Shea's Pub and The Temple Bar. On this side of the Atlantic, in 1884, on this very day, the first roller coaster in the US opened at Coney Island, in NY. So, we're off to Coney Island today to visit the site of the Switchback Railway ~ that sparked the first wave of roller coaster mania in the United States, also known as the Golden Age of roller coasters. You can relive some of that golden age in person if you happen to be going to an amusement park today, or via the driveway by visiting Cedar Point, Santa Monica Pier, Kings Island, Carowinds, Holiday World, or a host of others ~ why, you can even visit Sea Breeze!?! We hope it's a rollercoaster of a day ~ in only the good sense of the words. Enjoy the views ~ and have some cake and ice-cream... AFTER the coasters....

Wednesday, June 15th 2017 ~ Half way through June already!?!? Too fast! Time to slow it down and stop to smell the roses, or leave a "gone fishing" sign on your desk and wander a National Park. It was 83 years ago today that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was founded with its more than 520,000 acres of land spanning Tennessee and North Carolina. It is the most visited national park in the country ~ with some 10 million guests each year. Make it some 10 million +1 today... if you can get there actually, so much the better (and send pictures!). If you can't, there is always visiting digitally ~ in Tennessee, or in North Carolina. Or take off and visit as many National Parks as you can today! Don't forget to take a nice tall glass of your favorite iced tea with you... it goes well with digital hiking ~ enjoy the views ~

Wednesday, June 14th 2017 ~ It is Flag Day here in the U.S., and is the 240th anniversary of the day the Continental Congress chose a national flag ~ so we'll once again visit some of our favorite flag sites...in Maine, and in North Carolina, and in D.C, and in Yellowstone. Or enjoy looking for flags on all the other views ~ It's also the day in 1822 that Charles Babbage presented a paper proposing a hand cranked machine to make computations using the decimal numbering system. And 195 years later here were are watching webcams and driveways on such a machine, but without the hand crank luckily ~ Thanks Charles!!! and it's on to the views ~ You're a grand old flag, you're a high flying flag and forever in peace may you wave ~ George Cohen

Monday, June 12th 2017 ~ It is the birthday of Anne Frank, and it was on this day 75 years ago, on her 13th birthday, that she received a diary as a birthday present. A month later, she and her family went into hiding from the Nazis in rooms behind her father’s office. If you haven't read her diary today is the perfect day to do that. As well as being the perfect day to read about how her diary still affects people (you can add your thoughts to the conversation) and start a diary of your own, no matter what age you are and no matter when your birthday is ~ Enjoy the views ~ I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn ~ Anne Frank

Sunday, June 11th 2017 ~ Summer has decided to pay a visit with temperatures running up to the high 80's today! It's paying a visit in a lot of places so make a pitcher of ice tea, and grab a frosty pint or two (of tea, or beer, or what ever calls to you) and head to the veranda, nearest tree, hammock, or porch swing you can find (preferably your own, or at least those of a friendly neighbor). In honor of summer we'll also note the 175th birthday of Carl von Linde, German chemist, engineer and inventor who invented mechanical refrigeration first testing his refrigeration equipment in a Munich brewery to help make making a beer a 4 season process! Thanks Carl! We'd also like to wish Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon (wife #1) a happy 508th anniversary today but we think it might just make her mad so let's not lose our heads over it (she didn't after all) and simply pour another cold beverage then it's off to the views ~ She did not need anyone else's love when she had roses. ~ Holly Lynn Payne ~

Saturday, June 10th 2017 ~ It is go fly a kite day in honor of the day in 1752 that Benjamin Franklin flew a kite during a thunderstorm and collected a charge in a Leyden jar when the kite was struck by lightning, which enabled him to demonstrate the electrical nature of lightning. Luckily it's clear skies here (at the moment) ~ and if (and only if (we don't want the legal department to have a breakdown by getting some shocking news about our viewers)) it's clear skies where you are... drag out a kite and let it soar. Some running around, some visitors for the afternoon, and a beautiful day in June. Enjoy the views of the driveway and everywhere else! ~ Each fairy breath of summer, as it blows with loveliness, inspires the blushing rose. ~ Author Unknown

Friday, June 9th 2017 ~ A late start, but it's day 2 of the garage sale across the street (drivewaycam says it will keep working today....) and Cheryl and Mike are still wandering Chicago. Cheryl says she'll try to hit a couple of the cams there in town ~ no schedule so a prize to anyone who catches her on any Chicago webcam today. A good couple to start with are: here on the street and here at Daley Plaza. Another good cam that she could theoretically show up on is this one (fun to watch even if it's cheryless). And now before the bloom is off the rose of this Friday ~ it's on to the views and the cherch for cheryl! (sorry, we're giddy it's Friday) ~ I do believe in roses! And I believe in lots and lots and lots of them, too! ~ C. JoyBell C.

Thursday, June 8th 2017 ~ Could be much running around today ~ at least a few trips out and back ~ and ~ there is going to be a garage sale across the street so could be all sorts of things showing up on (or at the bottom of) the driveway. Plus... Cheryl and Mike are heading to a Cubs game tonight, and we can look for them here! With a quick Happy Birthday to Frank Lloyd Wright who loved his roses and is celebrating his 150th birthday somewhere, we're off to the views (and to said running around) and to listen to this as we (collectively) can't stop humming it. ~ And the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose ~ Isaiah

Wednesday, June 7th 2017 ~ A good day to get to the views quickly as it's Global Running Day ~ and if everyone, globally, is running in the same direction we could either find the day zooming past as we speed up... or having a lot more than 24 hrs in the day as we slow down (depends on the direction everyone chooses) :) You may want to run into the British Museum if it's on your running path as it was founded this very day back in 1753(!!!) and is the world's oldest public national museum. While we tend to avoid all that twittering out there we figure if you are 264 years old, and have over 6 million visitors a year, then tweet away ~ Whatever your path be sure to take a break from all your running around (running in circles won't hurt the general rotation of the earth, plus, it would actually be pretty amusing to see everyone doing that... but we digress...) take a break and enjoy the views and some roses along the way ~ I feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday sweet and fragrant, between its leaves. ~ L.M. Montgomery

Tuesday, June 6th 2017 ~ It is the 73rd anniversary of D-Day, so we'll stop for a moment to go virtually to the American Cemetery in Normandy to remember. It is also the day back in 1833 that Andrew Jackson became the first president to ride a train, as well as being Yo-Yo day in honor of the birthday of Donald Duncan (Sr) ~ who started the company (Duncan Toys, known for the Yo-Yo) but didn't invent the Yo-Yo ~ he also founded the Good Humor Mobile Ice Cream Company (way to go Mr. Duncan!) ~ and it is the day back in 1949 that Orwell's 1984 was published. Haven't read it lately? Might want to give it a go. Doesn't seem like a 68 year old book. Enjoy wandering the views up and down, 'round the world, and while walking the dog ~ These are the heroes who helped end a war... ~ Ronald Reagan ~

Monday, June 5th 2017 ~ We want to wish Chase the HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TODAY ~ as he is turning 7 today and we are quite amazed!!! Hope it's a wonder filled day for you Chase. And while it is raining here and another morning when stopping to smell the roses would be a soggy thing to do....it is June, and there are roses waiting to be smelled even if only figuratively, and there are stories to be read about rain ~ and stories to be read about roses as well, even green ones... So with a tip of the hat to our old friend Ray Bradbury, with whatever the weather is wherever you are, enjoy the views there, here, and every where in between along with (of course!) lots of cake and ice-cream to celebrate with Chase!!! (Rain never affects the eating of birthday cake and ice-cream!)

Sunday, June 4th 2017 ~ Given it's a rainy day ~ and the day the first Pulitzer Prizes were awarded back in 1917 ~ may we suggest it's a lovely day to wander the planet from inside, out of the rain, and read, and nap, and read some more before wandering more views. It's also the day back in 1784 that the very first woman to fly in a balloon (only 8 months after the first manned flight), lifted off when opera singer Élisabeth Thible took her place with a Mr. Fleurant for the flight. So while napping you may want to dream of floating in a balloon in her honor, and if you can fit some tea or coffee in there along the way, between naps of course (it's really not the best of ideas to drink a hot beverage while napping (we can get you sworn affidavits if you don't believe us (just saying))), it's a bonus!

Saturday, June 3rd 2017 ~ It's Fast and Furriest Day! Time to put on our walking shoes and hit the trail! Bailey wanted to join us but is going to have to sit this one out, and wait until we get back ~ We'll get it done for you Bailey!!!     :) (you can click on pictures for larger views)

Friday, June 2nd 2017 ~ Bailey would like to remind you that it is not too late to donate to the Team Bailey team in the Fast and Furriest Walk in Rochester tomorrow ~ want to help support the team and the Verona Street Animal Society? Click on this link: https://www.crowdrise.com/teambailey2 ~ And Thank You! From Bailey, Emily, Doug, and Deb ~ (you can click for a larger view)

Thursday, June 1st 2017 ~ June is busting out all over ~ and what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days; And actually then come 30 of them, and then they are gone. So it's time to revel in the juneness of it all and... it's the start of National Rose Month so only stop the reveling to smell the roses. We are about out of June clichés to string together so lets get (meteorological) summer and the view viewing insomniac or otherwise underway ~ What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer... ~ Gertrude Jekyll

Wednesday, May 31st 2017 ~ More driveway in view today and a new trial view as well (well it's one that is rapidly becoming an old favorite ~ try it, it's pretty addicting) ~ throw that in with Walt Whitman's 198th birthday and the 158th anniversary of the day Big Ben went into operation and bells will be ringing all day, all over the views ~ well at least here, and here, and maybe even here, or here ~

Tuesday, May 30th 2017 ~ We're running late (well it is an ersatz Monday after all) so a quick note that it was this day in 1922 that the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated (we wish there was a camera there), and also this day in 1971 that our space probe Mariner 9 launched on a mission to gather scientific information on Mars. Mariner 9 sent back more than 7,000 pictures of the Mars and succeeded in photographing the entire planet. Mariner 9 also sent back the first close-up images of the Martian moon. Its transmission ended on October 27, 1972. We're still checking out Mars (why wouldn't we?) and you can too here, even though we'd rather be there ~ happy faux Monday, and enjoy the views ~

Monday, May 29th 2017 ~ A Happy Memorial Day to all ~ and a most wondrous Happy 21st Birthday to Brannaman!?! You read that correctly ~ Brannaman is turning 21 today! We are as confused as you are by how that is possible...but are so excited to shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him. So cake and ice-cream all around to celebrate with Brannaman, and have a safe Memorial Day in honor of those who died while serving ~ you can again check in on the American Cemetery in Normandy until noon ~ or watch the oldest continuing Memorial Day parade in the US, which is in Ironton Ohio (in progress now until...??)

Sunday, May 28th 2017 ~ There is much sunshine pouring down on the driveway for the moment ~ and we're trying to soak it all in. A walk in the woods perhaps? It is Sierra Club Day after all so a hike might be in order... Some reading may be order as well should other things start pouring down ~ but for now we're walking on sunshine ~ enjoy the views ~ and getting that song out of your head.     :)

Saturday, May 27th 2017 ~ The weekend is here ~ rumored to bring summer with it, we're cautiously optimistic. There will be a fair amount of running around, petunias are in the deck's future, and with luck much reading will be done as well. Which works because it's the birthday of Dashiell Hammett who would be turning 123 today if only he could ~ once working as a Private Eye himself, he said that his favorite assignment was searching for a stolen Ferris wheel (we want to read that story!). Cake and ice cream in his honor with a side of views of Falcons and Malta. Our favorite view of Malta is here ~ we just know at some point we're going to see General Kemidov, Casper Gutman, or Joe Cairo sneaking by with a package, wrapped in brown paper, under their arm.

Friday, May 26th 2017 ~ In case you didn't get enough rain yesterday, we had a little bit more this morning. Maybe a little more this afternoon then we're good until Sunday (is the rumor). Meanwhile, it's the first weekend of the summer season ~ with luck grills will be grilling, gardens will be tended, flowers will be planted, hammocks will be slept in, picnics will happen... who knows, maybe even on this side of the driveway. Whatever happens it's going to start with today ~ and in Texas it's going to start with a Polka to celebrate the weekend of the National Polka Festival! So dust off your oom-pah-pahs and enjoy the views ~

Thursday, May 25th 2017 ~ If you like watching it rain then does drivewaycam have a view for you today ~ you can also find out if it's raining on any of the other views, or wander them looking for sunshine instead. A map of hints as to where you might find either is here. You can read about rain poetically here, or scientifically here. So grab a cup of tea and watch it rain how ever and where ever you find it ~ (click for a larger view)

Wednesday, May 24th 2017 ~ A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jimbo today!!!! We know some of you are wondering if there are any numbers bigger than the number of candles that should go on Jimbo's cake today??? Surprisingly... the answer is yes!! (it took a while, but we found some) After all, he's only going to be: The atomic number of holmium, the 19th prime number, the number of counties in Florida, the highest two-digit odd number not presently designating any highway in the Interstate Highway System of the United States, but which does designate the European route called the Via Baltica from Prague to Helsinki, the number of the laps of the German Grand Prix since 2002 if the race was held at Hockenheimring (?), and, final clue... Buddy Arrington's best-known NASCAR car number. Have you guessed it yet? In case you want proof that there are larger numbers you can see a couple of them here ~ but for now its off to find birthday cake and ice cream and the views ~ Have a great day Jim and we all hope it's the start of a great year for you ~ party on and enjoy the views ~

Tuesday, May 23rd 2017 ~ Seems like a good day to just look at birds nests, rivers, views of Iceland, flowers..... so with a quick happy birthday to the New York Public Library which was dedicated this very day back in 1911 ~ [It is the second-largest public library in the U.S., behind Library of Congress, and fourth-largest in the world. The library has 92 locations, holds nearly 53 million items, and serves about 18 million patrons (visiting a library is also a good thing for today as well if you can get to one. They are very reassuring)] ~ we'll wander off to the views.

Monday, May 22nd 2017 ~ It is Put On Your Sneakers and Cardigan Day as we are reminded that it was this day in 1967 that Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood debuted on public television and from there would go on to become the longest-running children's program on television. We miss you Mr. Rogers! And we miss the concept of real-time television for children. But that's a soap box we can save for another day ~ A quick nod to the brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright who on this day in 1906 received the first airplane patent (U.S. No. 821393) in the USA, for "new and useful improvements in Flying Machines"... and to (then Congressman) Abraham Lincoln who on this day in 1849 received a patent (U.S. No. 6469) (he is to date the only president to have gotten one) for "A Device for Buoying Vessels Over Shoals". Cardigans on? Then it's off to fly through the views and even check out a shoal before you attempt to go through it...     :)

Sunday, May 21st 2017 ~ We'd like to thank Aunt Joyce for uncovering yet another day problem the blurb division perpetrated upon our viewers. Yesterday wasn't the 2nd Friday of the week, but was (everywhere but in the blurbettes mind apparently) Saturday. A new oversight committee, with authority over this site, has been established under the auspices of the Department of Date Flipping, and is tasked with checking the day of the week in the date portion of the blurb. We are still staffing the Hey! Change the Day Already committee and hope to have it fully functional by the end of the week (no matter how long that week may turn out to be without it functioning! lol) However, even without the H!CTDA up and running we can safely assure everyone that it is Sunday (this side of the international dateline anyway) and it is the 21st. As such, a thank you to Clara Barton for founding the Red Cross on this day in 1881 and then, with a nudge to donate some of your blood, time, and/or money to the Red Cross, it's off to the views ~

Friday, May 20th 2017 ~ Shakespeare's sonnets were first published on this day in 1609 ~ and without his permission rumor has it. So with apologies to Will for having his work used against his will (as it were) we are off on this sunny morning to get the day rolling, and to find out what comes into our view(s). Read a sonnet or two, especially #33 for this morning. While parting is such sweet sorrow, do enjoy the last weekend of May, all the views too, and we bid you good day until tonight becomes tomorrow... (yeah, yeah, not from a sonnet ~ but not really from a play either (we did apologize before we started))     :)

Friday, May 19th 2017 ~ In case you haven't left yet... it's National Bike to Work Day! If we had a bike we'd ride it proudly down the hallway of drivewaycam international and right up to our desk ~ but we don't, so if you have one please bike to work once for us too. :)     And a tip of the hat (so to speak) to Mrs Henry VIII (2) (aka Anne Boleyn) who lost her head this very day 481 years ago. That was 2 years after the earliest known sketch of a bicycle, rumored to be by a pupil of DaVinci, was made. If that idea had caught on, and Henry had been able to bike to work, who knows how different her story might have been (history too). Okay, we'll stop, and send you, on 2 wheels or on a couch, to the views ~ oh and to work! Pedal On!

Thursday, May 18th 2017 ~ Given it was this day back in 1980 that Mt. St. Helen's erupted we are going to check in on it, as well as wander lots of volcano links with cams here, and here from Wired, and here from the BBC. If you are curious about when you might see an eruption we'll also do something we rarely do ~ we suggest you check out the DON'T LOOK LINK! (our name for it) for more volcano information and other information that could potentially ruin your mood (and/or day (we named it Don't Look for a reason)) ~ There are many other, less stress inducing, views waiting for you as well ~ so perhaps make some tea or coffee, and some 5 minute Lava Cake and enjoy all the views today ~

Wednesday, May 17th 2017 ~ A very Happy Anniversary to Allison and Drew! (it's their 14th we think...) and a very happy World Telecommunication and Information Society Day! On this lovely W.T.A.I.S. day we'd like to offer, once again, a tip of the old driveway cam to the Antikythera Mechanism (the 2300+ year old precursor to Driveway Cam) which was found this day back in 1902 ~ And, as always (well, almost always) on this day we like to take a look in at the Temple of Apollo with a big thanks to the ancient Greeks for starting it all ~ then of course, it's off to the rest of the views as we humbly attempt to "raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of the Internet can bring... as well as of ways to bridge the digital divide".

Tuesday, May 16th 2017 ~ A quick Happy Birthday to Neil Arnott. Born in 1788, he was a Scottish physician and scientist who invented the water-bed (in 1832!) for the comfort of patients during a prolonged illness. Rumor has it that it is also the day, back in 1940, that nylon stockings went on general sale for the first time in the US, in Wilmington, Delaware. Four million pairs were sold in several hours. Wilmington, Delaware is currently 36.0% smaller than it was in 1940, the year of its peak recorded population. So, the 75th largest city in the US in 1940, Wilmington had 112,504 inhabitants ~ who all must have bought about 36 pairs of stockings each (!) that day!??! A look in at Wilmington, and a new trial site to check out, before hitting the rest of the views ~

Monday, May 15th 2017 ~ Half way through the darling month of May has landed us with a thump upon the birthday of Lyman Frank Baum ~ who after celebrating his first birthday in 1856 went on a few years later to write The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and send us all down the yellow brick road. In his honor a look in at Kansas and then the rest of the views for when you don't want to be looking at Kansas any more ~ but it is a lovely state and one you'll want to go back to again and again. Enjoy the views and heads up for any houses (or monkeys) that might be flying about today ~ (birthday parties in his honor have been known to get out of hand)

Sunday, May 14th 2017 ~ A very Happy Mother's Day to all moms everywhere. Moms come in ~ all shapes and sizes, various levels of proximity, and all manner of full-time, part-time, one-weekend-when-we-really-needed-a-mom-to-talk-to-and-found-one, and even that-one-time-when-we-may-have-been-short-on-change-and-a-mom-passing-by-helped-pay-the-check-at-a-diner. We all needed, and still need, you all in our lives, memories, and hearts, and we are grateful for the love, patience, lessons, laughter, eye-rolling, and tears, you gave and caused! :) None of us could become the person we are continually becoming without all of you. A toast to Moms! And it's off to the views ~

Saturday, May 13th 2017 ~ The Lilac Festival continues ~ there is still plenty of time to come and smell the flowers (and of course the fried dough and sausage). A quick Happy Birthday to Daphne du Maurier ~ her books and movies of those books have kept us enthralled on many an afternoon. No reason why they shouldn't again if your circumstances allow ~ Meanwhile, it's off to the views on this lovely'ish Saturday. The tree next to the driveway is looking fabulous as are all of the views waiting for you out there. Enjoy them one and all ~

Friday, May 12th 2017 ~ The Lilac Festival gets underway today (with a Guinness Record attempt at a Hug Relay!) ~ c'mon down (over)(up)(by) and smell the lilacs! Today is also the day, just 114 years ago, that a president first had an official activity recorded on film, ever (!) ~ when in 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt participated in a parade during a trip to San Francisco and was captured on film. He was also the first president to take advantage of the impact motion pictures could have on the presidency. The photogenic president encouraged filmmakers to document his official duties and post-presidential personal activities and he purposely played directly to the camera with huge gestures and thundering speeches. Today is also National Hug Your Cat Day ~ so if you can't make it to the Hug Relay and you have a huggable cat, hug away... if your cat is less than cooperative... looking at cute kittens can release endorphins (and much less blood) as well we're told ~ in Washington D.C. (in honor of Teddy of course), in Washington state, and in California. :)

Thursday, May 11th 2017 ~ Ack! It's after noon here in the Eastern Time Zone.... way past time to get the blurb pushed up to the server! Just a note that today is the day back in 1910 that that federal authorities officially established nearly 1 million acres of Montana land known as Glacier National Park. With the mountains there containing some of the most well-preserved early-life fossils found anywhere on Earth we are so very glad it's not on the list of federal lands to be re-evaluated as being "land grabs". A look in at so many of our favorite views that we gratefully all own ~

Wednesday, May 10th 2017 ~ The Blurb Division took an unplanned, and un-approved, day off to sort out their calendars (their mistake with the 2 Saturdays confused them) ~ but they're back (is the rumor): It was this very day back in 1869 that east met west in our country in Promontory, Utah, when California Governor Leland Stanford pounded in (took 2 tries) a ceremonial golden spike that completed the nation’s first transcontinental railway. And in one of those delightfully odd coincidences, or maybe it's just good planning, today is not only National Bike to School Day it's also National School Nurse Day! We sincerely hope doing one does not require meeting the other... Couldn't find a school nurse cam (thankfully), but here is a really beautiful view of the beach and many bikes going by in California (even this early we've seen several!).

Monday, May 8th 2017 ~ After 2 Saturdays in a row the driveway is quite surprised this morning to find out it's Monday ~ however, it is indeed, and it is the 8th and so we are wishing naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Frederick Attenborough (OM CH CVO CBE FRS FRSB FLS FZS FSA) a very Happy 91st birthday! His shows are the ultimate way (and only way most of us will see most of those locations) of wandering the planet and when you take a break from exploring the views here then by all means explore the views there....

Saturday, May 6th 2017 ~ Happy Birthday to Robert Browning, Gary Cooper, and the integrated circuit (which was first presented in concept on this date in 1952 by Geoffrey W.A. Dummer). They have all spent time with us in one form or another so cake all around! And while we don't know if Robert ever actually walked on Camberwell Road (being born in Camberwell he may well have) you can look in there here to watch for aspiring poets wandering by. While we are visiting hometowns ~ a look in at Mr. Cooper's here and the town where the IC was first presented here. Then it's on to the views ~

Saturday, May 6th 2017 ~ The Run for The Roses is upon us ~ It's Kentucky Derby Day!! ~ we just found out who is actually running for them this morning and are working on picking our favorite(s). It's supposed to rain here most of the day, and there as well so think mud, and mudders (we all know a few).... Meanwhile, we need to make a run for the groceries. Odds are we will forget something, even better odds are that a car belonging to either Haydon or Jess will appear on the driveway, so if you aren't into horse racing you can always just enjoy the views ~ and we're off!!!!

Friday, May 5th 2017 ~ The 5th day of this month is an excellent day for firsts ~ it was this very day in 1961 that Alan B. Shepard became the first U.S. astronaut to make a flight into space! His fifteen minute flight in Freedom 7 began a tradition of Americans in space that continues today (tho' a bit more slowly than some of us imagined it would be at this point...) But we digress. It is also the very day in 1809 that Mary Kies received the first US Patent granted to a woman! Until 1790, only men could author a patent. However, the Patent Act of 1790 opened the door for any male or female to protect their invention with a patent ~ and while now 12% of all patent applications are authored by women inventors, Mary Kies's "new and useful improvement in weaving straw with silk or thread” patent was the first one awarded. Hats off to her for her improvements in hat making and on to the views ~ with some views of hats and caps (sort of) around and about, in Canada, as well as in California, and in Chideock England ~

Thursday, May the 4th be with you 2017 ~ A very happy May the 4th day to all you Star Wars fans out there (in whatever galaxy you may be in) ~ while you are deep in (perhaps) binge watching Jedis get trounced and fight back, we are going to wish a very Happy Birthday to Ms Edda van Heemstra Hepburn-Ruston born on this day in 1929 in whatever galaxy she is now in. We'll be watching one of her movies in her honor we just don't know which one.... Two for the Road?, Breakfast at Tiffany's?, Robin and Marion?, oh! maybe Charade! Hard to beat an Audrey/Cary movie! However, if you are watching any movie at 4:15, pause it because there is a rival show ~ A SpaceX launch to watch here! The launch is from French Guiana at 4:31 pm (eastern). And because it's that sort of a day ~ Audrey Hepburn's grandfather was, at one point, the governor of Dutch Guiana, later Surinam, which borders French Guiana. We love it when the pieces wander together ('ish) like that! (click on picture for a slightly larger view)

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017 ~ An oddity for day 123 of the year 2017 ~ with thanks to Pat's Blog (from the archimedes-lab.org/numbers file)     ~ Write down any number (excluding the digit 0): for example: 64861287124425928    ~ Now, count up the number of even and odd digits, and the total number of digits it contains, as follows: 12 | 5 | 17     ~ Then, string those 3 numbers together to make a new number, and perform the same operation on that: 12517 gives 1 | 4 | 5     ~ Keep iterating: 145 ................. 1 | 2 | 3     ~ You will ALWAYS arrive at 123.     Try it out, and then check out the views on day 123 ~

Tuesday, May 2nd 2017 ~ The blurbettes were in late this morning, or we are assuming they will be in later, but as they are still no-shows we're going to quickly turn you over to the links ~ the Loch Ness link in particular as it was this very day back in 1933 that a sighting of the Loch Ness Monster was first reported in the paper, The Inverness Courier (not first reported of course because people had been spotting Nessie for over 1500 years (!)) Today may just be the day you spot her/him/it! Fingers crossed for all of us Nessie Spotters!!!! And now, we're off to wander the shores of Loch Ness (more or less)(one of these days...road trip!!) ~ and to day dream about making a noise like a fog horn....

Monday, May 1st 2017 ~ A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Hannah today! Here's to a great day and a wonderful year for you Hannah!!! And we welcome all the new citizens that we gain today! "It's an honor and a privilege to call you a fellow citizen of the United States of America. This is now officially your country." (from the official welcoming letter each new citizen receives and we couldn't agree more) With a "YAY" also to The Empire State Building which was dedicated on this day in 1931, as President Herbert Hoover pressed a button from the White House and turned on the building's lights! (couldn't find a working cam of (or from) it, if you know of one please let us know) Quick side note: just learned this morning that amid a weekend of destructive weather, Goshen also had a tornado on Friday ~ a 1 mile swatch of the Nature Preserve behind Settlers Point was hit. Luckily Settlers Point was not on the path. Scarily nearby, but not on it. bsp (and the cake!!)

Sunday, April 30th 2017 ~ April is washing itself down the driveway and out of town. Given the amount of April rain we're getting (and have gotten) we think May is going to be filled to the rooftops with flowers! But until then ~ it's a good day to see what is out there by wandering some nature via the views (of course) or online with some Anne Dillard as she is celebrating her birthday today. Some cake and ice cream with a bit of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek on the side would be lovely (with so many thanks to Emily who introduced me to it, and to Dillard). Seeing is believing, and we believe you will enjoy seeing April's last fling as it is flung all over the views ~ now, on to the cake! er, um, that is we mean on to those views!     :)

Friday, April 28th 2017 ~ After yesterday's bloviated blurb the blurb division's blurbettes are sticking with "Happy Arbor Day" to one and all (with thanks to Cheryl for the reminder) and it's to the views with a wish for many trees to be planted, appreciated, and viewed today (they are available for a fare-thee-well in the links below, all over driveway cam, and outside too!). Enjoy breathing in the lovely oxygen they make for us and try not to dwell on the rumors that we are here simply to provide the trees (and their friends the other plants) with carbon dioxide to help them grow, and eventually as fertilizer to feed them (...hmmm, they have been here a lot longer than we have...). Click picture for a larger view, or go outside and find a life-sized tree! :)

Thursday, April 27th 2017 ~ It's supposed to get in the mid 80's today ~ and NONE of us are amused (not the Blurbettes, not the Legal department, not the Quizzlers department (who are actually pretty sad about the fact that no one has answered their quiz #10 from 2009, or quiz #1 from this year ~ and the weather is just making them worse), not the Most Splendid News department, not the strange folks in the Accounting department, the Just-Can't-Get-Good-Help department, the Sommelier Department, the Numbers Verified Here department, the Department of Snow Links, the Prevention of Spurious Random Nonsense Being Touted as Science department, the Calendar department, the Eschew Marginal Segues department, the Department of Date Flipping, the Wow-You-Really-Got-That-Wrong department, the Department of Foods for Links, the 'Things aren't always as they seem' department, the Raison d'Cake department, the New (to the driveway) Word department, the Camera department, the Department of Birds Nest Links, the Department of Totally Unconnected Connections (a subsidiary of the Blurb Division it's true, but they are still not amused), the Public Service department, the Details R Us department, the Prizes for a Fare Thee Well department, the Driveway Cam International Iceberg and Glacier Threats Assessment department ~ or any of the other divisions and departments we've forgotten exist (we really need to get an organizational chart around here....)). There is a total lack of amusement at mid 80 degree temperatures in April. Just saying. That said, we ALL do hope you enjoy the views while (as you always do, our favorite thing about our viewers) staying cool.     :)

Wednesday, April 26th 2017 ~ A very happy birthday to Charles Richter, born in Overpeck, Ohio in 1900 ~ he is the geophysicist/seismologist who gave us the Richter Scale to let us all know what's shaking! If you are a devotee of Don't Look, you already know and in fact may be shaking as well... (we call it Don't Look for a reason). But you do want to look as Cassini is making it's first dive towards it's last jump at Saturn ~ through the rings, (if it makes it through all the other dives, the last one is on September 15th), and you can follow along here. Not going to be a walk through the park for Cassini ~ which is too bad given it's Frederic Olmsted's birthday and he gave us all so many wonderful parks! (but none, that we know of, on Saturn). Plunge on into the views and enjoy the ride (or the park if you can get to one!) ~

Tuesday, April 25th 2017 ~ It's yard beautification day around the driveway as well as being the day Robinson Crusoe was published back in 1719 (!). We can take a look in at the island, now named Robinson Crusoe Island as of 1966, where Robinson was shipwrecked for 28 years (his real life counterpart Alexander Selkirk was there for 4 years) and where luckily there is an airport now (among other amenities) in case you wash up on its shores. Enjoy wandering all the views, reading about Crusoe's adventures and daydreaming about being stuck on a tropical island (well, maybe one with room service...)

Monday, April 24th 2017 ~ A very Happy Birthday to Allison today ~ cake and ice cream and books all around!! Books because it is also the birthday of The Library of Congress and there are hundreds (883 is the rumor) miles of book shelves filled and waiting for us! So grab your reading glasses (if you don't need them now, you will when we're finished) and meet us there! After we have cake of course and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday ~ we hope it's a great day for you Allison and the start of a remarkable year ~ (and if you can't get to the Library of Congress in person today... there are always their digital collections (let your family know so they don't worry and pack some food... you'll be gone for days wandering there) (you might just run into us there too)) Enjoy the views ~ and the cake!

Sunday, April 23rd 2017 ~ Today is the presumed birthday of William Shakespeare and the known birthday of Roy Orbison ~ they are more alike than one might guess. Both were performers and then writers in the industry in which they performed. Orbison moved to Memphis to make his mark, and Shakespeare moved to London to pursue writing and acting (and maybe even to skip out on some poaching charges but you didn't hear that from us). They both wrote about the times, and about pretty women. And there should be cake and ice cream for both of them while we listen to them (click on the soliloquies) and enjoy the views ~

Saturday, April 22nd 2017 ~ Happy Earth Day!!!! (or, as we like to call it, Home Day) Get out and visit a tree or two, take a deep breath, throw rocks in a pond/lake/river/ocean, watch some birds, have a picnic in a park, read some science in a library (if the weather is not cooperating where you are). Get out if you can and enjoy being home. Have to type fast and post this quickly... the computer went belly-up yesterday and could very well do that again today. So without further ado enjoy all the views ~ especially those that are from cams on the earth, or pictures of the earth, today :) And fingers crossed the PC forgets it's having issues.

Friday, April 21st 2017 ~ Driveway cam has turned it's eye to it's nearby flowering tree today in preparation for Earth Day tomorrow, and will continue to watch the tree until the bloom is off the rose (so to speak)(since, you know, it's not really a rose). However, speaking of roses (well there is one named after her) ~ the Queen (Elizabeth II of course) is turning 91 today! We wish her well and many happy returns of the day. A toast, with pinkies proudly up ~ ELIZABETH! There was a lovely PBS show called The Queen's Garden a few years ago ~ if you can find a copy of it in your library, or find it showing on your local PBS station, it's well worth the watch! (as are all the views... enjoy the day, and the views) Click on them for larger views ~ in the middle picture Elizabeth is on the left ~

Thursday, April 20th 2017 ~ It's a mystery as to where the blurbettes get off to some days ~ and today is no exception. A good detective on their trail could be illuminating. It'd be a good day for hiring one to figure it out as today is the 176th anniversary of the day the first detective story was published. In The Murders in the Rue Morgue, Edgar Allan Poe created mystery's first fictional detective, C. Auguste Dupin. The story also gave us many elements of mysteries that are still popular today: the genius detective, the not-so-smart sidekick, the plodding policeman, and the use of the red herring to lead readers off the track. (thanks to Writer's Almanac for the info). We don't need a detective to find some illuminating views ~ they're all out there waiting to be enjoyed ~ as is this only tangentially related but lovely view ~ and now to the views, and the Rue Morgue!

Wednesday, April 19th 2017 ~ As it is the day after taxes were due it is Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day ~ now many of you may already be at work, and didn't realize you didn't need to change... we're sorry for the late notice but offer up some pages of pajamas you can print and color at work. :) Sadly the animal planet sloth cam isn't working, but watching Lions sleep is always fun too, and you can do that right here thanks to the Smithsonian National Zoo! Relax and enjoy the views ~

Tuesday, April 18th 2017 ~ Sadly for us Amy is on her way back home ~ last update she was in Angola at 10:30 so adjust your traffic watching accordingly. And, the fiver for spotting her is still up for grabs! :) Today is not only the day you HAVE TO MAIL YOUR TAXES in, if you haven't already, it's also World Amateur Radio Day ~ so if you have a shortwave radio be sure to hit the airwaves and say howdy! (when you get back from the post office that is). And if you can't wander the world on your Radio, the views are waiting for you as always ~

Monday, April 17th 2017 ~ The last day of Amy's visit is upon us. We're not sure what will be happening, but our guess is that it will be on that side of the driveway at least for a portion of the day. :) It was 47 (?!?!?!) years ago this very day that Apollo 13 made it's remarkable safe return to earth, and it's also this day back in 1885 that Karen Dinesen, Baroness Blixen-Finecke, better known by her pen name Isak Dinesen, was born in Rungsted, Denmark. We couldn't find a working camera there, but this is a lovely one in Denmark ~ enjoy the views!

Sunday, April 16th 2017 ~ A very Happy Easter to All! We hope your Easter is full of chocolate, fun, good food, and of course, more chocolate! (No Virginia, there is NO such thing as too much chocolate) It's a beautiful day to start off here on the driveway and around the nests and many other sites. So, if you can't get out enjoy hopping the views ~ cars may be multiplying like rabbits on the driveway today for your viewing pleasure and if you spot the Easter Bunny on any of the views, or anywhere else, today please (oh please) let us know and send pictures!!!!

Saturday, April 15th 2017 ~ There will be some hopping around on the driveway today as the weekend meanders it's way to Easter tomorrow. If you are hopping around doing your taxes...relax... returns aren't due until April 18th this year, as 15th falls on a Saturday, and Monday the 17th is a holiday ~ Emancipation Day ~ in Washington, D.C. So pace yourselves, don't make the day too taxing on you. Take some time to wish Leonardo da Vinci a happy birthday, to remember the sinking of the Titanic, and on a more hopeful note to remember this is the day Jackie Robinson first stepped out on the field to play Major League Baseball and break the color barrier there ~ enjoy all your views today ~

Friday, April 14th 2017 ~ It's the Red Wings Opening Day!!!! (the Church of Baseball is open)(see Bull Durham for reference) :) And we're going! You can watch for us here and on the driveway of course. Enjoy the day, and the views, and a baseball game if you can get to, or listen to one ~

Thursday, April 13th 2017 ~ A very Happy Birthday to both Thomas Jefferson and Eudora Welty on this sunny April day ~ and a happy travels day to Amy who is wending her way up here as we type! You can look for her along the traffic cams of I-71, I-90, I-390, and I-590 (and then of course here on the driveway). A fiver to any one who spots her on one of the traffic cams (not on the driveway cam, that cam is subject to the established rules of the ongoing driveway viewing contest (which we just realized hasn't been updated in some time... we currently have 37(!) winning views that have been sent in... you could be #38!)). So get your viewing goggles on, and your psychic vibes working as we aren't telling you what kind of car she's driving, but we will tell you she left at 9'ish am) Enjoy the views ~

Wednesday, April 12th 2017 ~ The world turned a little greyer today ~ and the clouds here are helping it celebrate and are keeping with the theme ~ as Ms Pebble Mobley officially becomes a senior citizen today!!!!! (we had put that in big font just for her!) We all hope it's a wonderful day for you Pebble and the start of a wild year! At 65 it's time to move on to WILD years! Have as much cake and ice cream as you want today, and tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that...! Just don't light ALL the candles on your cake ~ if it doesn't give you heat stroke from the flames it will certainly wear you out trying to blow them all out! Love you! And here's to many more great views ~

Tuesday, April 11th 2017 ~ We are in National Library Week, and today is National Library Workers Day so if you know one, take them to lunch. If you don't know one, go to a library and meet one! (In a not creepy way you understand... it's not scare a library worker day after all) It is also National Pet Day ~ so take your pet to lunch, to the park, for a walk, or share a movie with them, or a nap, or a hug. You'll both be much happier for it! And in between all of the day's celebrations ~ enjoy the views ~ of animals (there are plenty, including the nesting links), of libraries, and all the rest of them as well ~

Monday, April 10th 2017 ~ So.... the blurbettes are no where to be found. We're off to check the views to see if we can find them wandering around out there some where. If you spot them anywhere please let us know. Meantime... enjoy the views and what's left of the day!

Sunday, April 9th 2017 ~ We are remembering the birthday of J. William Fulbright today, the senator from Arkansas, who gave his name to the Fulbright Scholarships to encourage and provide for the exchange of students and teachers between the United States and other countries. He'd be 112 today ~ And we're going to go wandering in Scotland, and catch the views (from the seasonal lights link) in Amsterdam, as well as many others today while we dream of actually wandering those places someday and while we hope for (and with luck figure out ways to help) sanity to return to the planet ~ The Fulbright Program aims to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason, and a little more compassion into world affairs and thereby increase the chance that nations will learn at last to live in peace and friendship ~ Senator J. William Fulbright

Saturday, April 8th 2017 ~ Had to get up early today because there is so much to fit in... First up, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY T!!!! Still the reigning Ms. Wright Drive ~ :) Secondly, it's hopping at the nests ~ eggs and chicks for a fare thee well! Thirdly, we've retired the (christmas) seasonal links, if you're still watching them (we are) you'll find them on the retired page (at the bottom). Fourthly, it's Take Your Parents to the Playground Day ~ not an easy thing for many but if you can, by all means do! Fifthly, there is a new Trial Site to peruse. Which brings us to... Sixthly, but not leastly ~ it's also Slow Art Day... so before or after the playground stop off at a museum or gallery and take your time looking. The longer you look the more you see. Our viewers have embraced slow viewing for tens of years! And we'll leave you to that very process now ~ enjoy slowly wandering the views ~

Friday, April 7th 2017 ~ We'd like to thank winter for it's return ~ we know it's going to be fleeting, summer temperatures are due in over the next few days, but what a lovely gift no matter how brief for some snow and a call to coats! While we are reveling in the snow laced rain (and really hoping the snow gains some ground) we did see some daffodils yesterday. And hear tales of crocus and forsythia all of which makes us think of Wordsworth ~ maybe because it is his birthday, or maybe because he liked to write about such things. So we'll look for daffodils and/or tulips at our favorite Greenhouse and check in again on some clouds (wondering why? click here). We're also going to try to get past the irony of today being World Health Day and continue to hope for some planetary wide healing in all aspects physical and non. Enjoy the snow, and the views ~

Thursday, April 6th 2017 ~ Apparently the phools of April loved our April 1st post and are determined to recreate it as we continue to sit under flood watches. So we're going to ignore the rain running down the driveway and grab a tartan blanket to hide under complete with Twinkies for snacks! Why?, you ask. We'd ask too but we already know ~ it's Tartan Day in celebration of Scottish independence as this is the date on which the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. It's also the day that James Alexander Dewar invented Twinkies back in 1930. Some of the original Twinkies made that day are still out on shelves somewhere we're sure. You'd think with a name like Dewar the twinkies would be stuffed with scotch instead of cream but they might not have the same shelf life if they were. Celebrate how you will today, but do enjoy stopping in at the gang on Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth (even tho' it's the sixth) as well as all the other views ~ (The Dewar taran pattern ~ click on the picture to look up your clan's tartan)

Wednesday, April 5th 2017 ~ The blurbettes got lost yesterday on their way into work ~ but are back today (ed note: we put new batteries in their GPS chips and with luck they'll continue to show up) to wish Pocahontas and John Rolfe a very happy 403rd anniversary!! (We think the gift for that one is moss) Speaking of GPS, before there was that, there were road maps ~ lovely racks of free (!) folded road maps at gas stations ~ and since today is Read A Road Map Day (well, it is) we thought a link to free (!) folded road maps was called for ~ so here it is. It is also Deep Dish Pizza Day and as it turns out, those are the perfect side dish for road maps ~ you can find your way to one here so have a (deeply) delicious and enjoyable day reading maps and visiting the views ~ just hold the anchovies!

Monday, April 3rd 2017 ~ It's send a letter to your favorite horse day today as we celebrate the 157th anniversary of the first run of the Pony Express ~ This very day, in 1860, horse and rider relay teams simultaneously left St. Joseph, MO, and Sacramento, CA. Ten days later, the westbound rider and mail packet completed the approximately 1,800-mile journey and arrived in Sacramento, beating the eastbound packet’s arrival in St. Joseph by two days and setting a new standard for speedy mail delivery! (Previous records was 1 month) Riders were paid $25 dollars a week and were replaced every 75-100 miles on the trip, while horses were switched out every 10-15 miles. The company’s riders set their fastest time with Lincoln’s inaugural address, which was delivered in 7 days 17 hours! With thanks to This Day In History ~ we're off to get some coffee and make a run to the Post Office... after checking the views of course...

Sunday, April 2nd 2017 ~ First up ~ Baseball is Back!!!!! There is much rejoicing all over the land!!!! We're so excited, it's hard to focus ~ however focus we will! A very Happy Birthday to Hans Christian Anderson who was born in Odense, Denmark 212 years ago today. It is also the day 504 years ago that Ponce de Leon, searching for the fountain of youth, went ashore on the Florida coast near present-day St. Augustine and claimed the territory for the Spanish crown. You can reclaim some of your youth by reading some Hans Christian Anderson to yourself, or even better, aloud to someone unable to read yet as they are still in the throes of their (very early) youth! Youth is highly contagious you know. Anderson himself was a youth when he began writing and his earliest known fairy tale The Tallow Candle, was found in 2012. So enjoy the views, any fountains you find today, and/or any baseball you watch or play today, and raise a toast to looking for and refinding all of our (at least inner) youths ~

Saturday, May 1st 2017 ~ It's May! It's May! The lusty month of May! And not a moment too soon. The rains of April stopped just in time preventing the driveway, its cam, and the house behind it from slipping into the void (as it were) as the rest of the neighborhood did. But we made it, and flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and it's off to the views ~ Enjoy! (now... where did we put the kayak?)

Friday, March 31st 2017 ~ The last day of March and the rain are both running down the driveway ~ so before both are gone (tho' rumor is the rain is here for a while) it's a good day to (A) visit Paris on the anniversary of the opening of the Eiffel Tower back in 1889. [The tallest man made structure in the world until 1930 (the Chrysler Building took over the top spot) it is still a world wide icon and a great place from which to view the city of lights.] and (B) it is also a great day to stay in bed and read some Marge Piercy as it is her birthday and she is turning 81 today. Luckily, from the driveway, you can do both! Enjoy the views ~ (if you do have to get up ... go to the library (or stop by here) and get Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time, it's great. Or He She and It, or any of her books. It will make the trip out more than worth it)

Thursday, March 30th 2017 ~ It's time to wish Vincent van Gogh, born this day in 1853, a Happy Birthday again ~ today is also the anniversary of the day in 1867 that William Seward (Secretary of State at the time) signed a treaty with Russia to buy Alaska for 2 cents an acre (aprox). Arguably the best thing we've ever gotten from Russia. Throw in that it is also the day 3 years later that then Secretary of State Hamilton Fish issued a proclamation certifying the ratification of the 15th Amendment ("The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude") by the states and and thus became part of the constitution, and it is indeed a day to celebrate. So with a quick look in at Seward, Alaska and some of Vincent's work it's off to the views and to wonder what will be said of this day 150 'ish years from now ~ "To do good work, one must eat well, be well housed, have one's fling from time to time, smoke one's pipe, and drink one's coffee in peace" ~ Vincent van Gogh

Wednesday, March 29th 2017 ~ Since it is Manatee Appreciation Day we are going to do just that. We'd like to be down in Florida kayaking with them but as we are not, we'll check in on them via webcams ~ there are several in Florida: first of the 3 is here, the second one is here, and the third is here. There is also a lovely manatee cam in Dallas which you can watch right here. It is a good day for cameras as it was this day in 1974 that Mariner 10 (last of the Mariner probes) gave us our first close up look at Mercury. Mariner 10 also gave us the first use of the gravitational sling shot, the first use of solar wind as a means of locomotion, and it was the first space craft to visit 2 planets. You can see some of those photos taken 43 years ago (!) right here. Enjoy the views ~

Tuesday, March 28th 2017 ~ We're running very late but have just enough time to wish everyone a Happy Weeds Appreciation Day ~ we do not (yet) have Dandelions bedecking the driveway but we've heard rumors of them in Louisville. We couldn't find a Dandelion webcam (and we can't understand why) but here is a live cam (there are others on the site) in Jackson Ca which holds (just held the weekend before last) a Dandelion Days Celebration so it's good all around ~ enjoy the views on this the preantepenultimate day of March, and gather some dandelions if you have them ~

Monday, March 27th 2017 ~ It was this very day back in 1912, in Washington, D.C., that Helen Taft, wife of President William Taft, and the Viscountess Chinda, wife of the Japanese ambassador, plant two Yoshina cherry trees on the northern bank of the Potomac River, near the Jefferson Memorial. The event was held in celebration of a gift, by the Japanese government, of 3,020 cherry trees to the U.S. government. The Cherry Festival is in full swing (and working on full bloom) so we're headed there for a look as the viewing week gets underway on the driveway ~ and because it's way overdue.... the 2017 Nesting Link of Links is available!! Here and in the table below ~ enjoy the views ~

Sunday, March 26th 2017 ~ We wish to wish Robert Frost and Tennessee Williams Happy Birthdays today spanning the north and south of the eastern portion of our literary country ~ the south and east divisions of March Madness finish off the final four today in what is less a coincidence and more of a forced, and ill conceived, simile. (The blurbettes were up watching basketball last night and need to be given some leeway along with the necessary eye rolls). So grab some poetry if you are not into the motion of basketball and enjoy the views ~ including a look in at our birthday boys hometowns... Mr. Williams was born in Columbus, Mississippi and Mr. Frost was born in San Francisco (okay, so he didn't move to the northeast until he was 11, but we claim him anyway)    :)

Saturday, March 25th 2017 ~ The blurbettes failed to show up yesterday but were eventually rounded up and returned to their corral. And are here this morning to wish Béla Bartók a very happy 136th birthday ~ (you will often find the burbettes dancing about their corral to the strains of Mr. Bartók (to say nothing of the strain that puts upon their corral)(but we digress)). Given it is also Tolkien Reading Day *and* Waffles Day (!!) may we suggest that you grab your favorite Tolkien book, some waffles, and of course a hobbit or two (they do love waffled lembas)(and Bartók!) to enjoy the views and have a lovely day ~ "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world" ~ Tolkien (from The Hobbit)

Thursday, March 23rd 2017 ~ Okay (which entered the vernacular on this day in 1839, after the initials "O.K." were first published in The Boston Morning Post) ~ we're looking at puppies today... not just because it is National Puppy Day, but more as a brief time out from the news and noise that consumes us all these days. A couple of links from previous years that still work, slowly, but still work are for puppies in in Washington ~ as well as 4 (!) cameras of Schnauzer puppies here ~ and then a great view of a doggie day care that is simply hard to stop watching ~

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017 ~ As the weather in general, and temperatures specifically, go up and down... it's a good day to go ride an elevator as it was this day in 1857, that the first department store elevator for passengers was installed at E.V. Haughwout & Co. in New York City. National Geographic has a list of the top 10 elevator rides (between them the blurbettes claim to have crossed 3 off the list)(they want to organize a trip to get a few more under their belts)(let us know if you're interested) ~ but even if you can't get to any of those, you can visit any elevator and add it to the Elevators Ridden List we know you keep (because don't we all?). Here's hoping the views lift you up today before the sun goes down ~

Tuesday, March 21st 2017 ~ We're running late but want to wish Lydia a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!!!! We all hope it's a lovely day for you Lydia and the start of a wonderful year ~ banana milk shakes all around!!! Or, if Lydia's favorite isn't your favorite than any milkshake you want in her honor!!! The Cherry Blossom Festival is getting ready to start so we'll put up the link to check in on the blossoms a few days early so you can watch all the blooming excitement as it (when it?) happens. And now it's off to the views and to find the 26 candles for Lydia's cake ~ or maybe we'll forgo the candles and just mix the cake in with the milkshake.... it could happen ~     :)

Monday, March 20th 2017 ~ Spring gersproinged this morning at 6:28 AM (eastern) here in the Northern Hemisphere ~ it gersproinged without us paying attention but is here none-the-less. It's a lovely day for embracing our tilt, those darling little 23.5 degrees that bring us our seasons, and embracing the balance of the day, since it is on this day that the North and South Poles are equally distant from the sun ~ so we will have almost exactly the same amount of daytime as nighttime. (The word equinox is Latin for "equal night"). Take a deep breath, enjoy the views from the edge while we balance, and get ready for spring which can now start to make itself known.

Sunday, March 19th 2017 ~ For National Poultry Day we highlight (of course) our favorite chicken cam... along with a look in at another favorite the incubator cam. And along those lines, we usually head out to Capistrano to watch for the swallows to return, as they do, and will today ~ but that camera isn't currently active, more's the pity. We hope they have a great homecoming in any case. Enjoy the views, and the basketball as the last of the sweet 16 get decided today ~

Saturday, March 18th 2017 ~ A late start as we wish everyone a Happy World Wide Quilting Day ~ best celebrated by crawling under a quilt to watch the views, read a book, watch the snow, yell at some basketball games, or inspect the lining of one's eyelids. All of these are enhanced by the addition of a quilt ~ do the experiment yourself and let us know if your results vary... Enjoy the snow we have falling (sure mixed with rain, oye, but snow none the less) and good luck on your brackets! ps ~ for those of you waiting patiently (or not) ... the Nesting branch of the Bird Watching Division here at Drivewaycam International is hoping to have the list of nests up and running by the weekend's end... they said they want to do a good job of it and not be caught-out just winging it.

Friday, March 17th 2017 ~ Both the PC and Driveway Cam decided to go on strike but we've signed some tentative bargaining agreements so with any luck they'll both work today (eventually) to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day to all and a Happy Birthday to Mike!!! With out too much ado (we don't know how they feel about ado crossing the picket lines) we'll head out to Dublin and the joys of cameras on drunken leprechauns. :) Here is the ever delightful and fun to watch O'Shea's, with a link to The Temple Bar for fans of it. So green beer, tea, or whatever else you want to throw food coloring into, all around as we raise a toast to Maewin Succat and head off to travel the views ~

Wednesday, March 15th 2017 ~ The Ides are here and have decided to keep Cheryl here one more day (yay!)(well, we think it's yay even as she eyes the maps and traffic cams and plots her escape...) Snow and wind and more snow are conspiring to stop her in her tracks (et tu Barom Oter?) Thus we are going to stay in, watch the views, watch some basketball, and watch the snow ~ and we hope you'll join us. (Please note, if your name is Julius perhaps you could visit tomorrow? Just a thought) :) Before we go to find hot chocolate for this lovely, blustery, snowy, day we'd like to welcome the buzzards back to Hinkley Ohio as they make their annual return to the Buckeye state today ~ we're hoping one day Hinkley will install a buzzard cam but until then we'll keep an eye out for them and ~ enjoy all the other views ~

Tuesday, March 14th 2017 ~ What a fabulous Pi Day it is ~ we have actual snow (!!), it's the start of the NCAA March Madness Tournament (!) ~ AND ~ IT'S PI DAY!!!!! So with Happy Birthdays flung out to Einstein where ever he might be, and before we rush out to play in the snow before the games start..... be sure you fill out your brackets, put on your boots (accumulations may vary but some is better than none(!!), do some math, and have some pi ~ oh, and enjoy the views too! (there is great joy in mudville today amid the blurbetts and all the divisions here at Driveway Cam International) :)

Monday, March 13th 2017 ~ Turns out it was less of an office retreat than it was a Cirque du Soleil/Special Forces boot camp program (note to selves, read the small print in the brochures), but we made it back (only a little worse for wear) and while we have cancelled the St Patrick's Day 10K race we are pleased to once again be bringing you the blurbs (and the views) of spring ~ spring here being defined as single digit wind chills and the hint of a nor'easter brewing. Drivewaycam is back (so it says) with sadly still sort of random/hourly updates but as in all weather conditions the traffic cams, along with the costal cams (in this case eastern), and really all the views, are ready and able to entertain you. Nesting cams list will appear soon (really!) but until then Happy Monday, Happy Holi , and enjoy the views ~

Tuesday, March 7th 2017 ~ The office staff at Driveway Cam International is taking a few days off for an office retreat ~ the camera says it will keep running until we get back, and all the other views have also agreed to not go on this retreat (they're catching the next one) so enjoy the views as the blurbettes, along with everyone else, will be back week's end ~ happy viewing ~     :)

Monday, March 6th 2017 ~ Cheryl's car (and Cheryl!) have come to visit ~ YAY ~ as the new week gets underway. Luckily for Cheryl it was this day back in 1899 that the German pharmaceutical company Friedrich Bayer received a patent for Aspirin. In Aspirin's honor a look in at some nearby willow trees, okay maybe a look at some places that are near willow trees.... like this one in Alpharetta, Georgia which is 8 miles from Willow Tree Georgia ~ or this one near Willow Tree, New South Wales. And for all you huskies that like mushing... the Iditarod gets it's official (re)start underway today in Fairbanks (missed the ceremonial start/hoopla over the weekend) ~ If you're there here are some hints where to watch... if you're not, you can always watch Fairbanks here ~ Enjoy the views

Sunday, March 5th 2017 ~ Big doings on the driveway today ~ comings and goings and an out-of-town guest! And since we have gained 2 minutes and 55 seconds of daylight over yesterday (!) it should be light enough, long enough, on the driveway to see all the excitement. There were big doings in New York (city) too this very day back in 1750 when Richard III became the first Shakespearean play ever presented in America (it was a Thursday)(well, it was)(struck us as odd for some reason) ~ we want to quickly say Happy Birthday to Momofuku Ando the man who invented instant noodles and Cup Noodles (!)... cake all around?~ and now it's off to the views to see how the rest of the world is doing this lovely day ~

Saturday, March 4th 2017 ~ Welcome to a snowy (yay!) Marching Music Day on the driveway ~ it is also, by happy coincidence (?), Toy Soldier Day!? So be sure to have your toy soldiers march with the tunes blaring! Throw in that it's National Frozen Food Day (in the midst of Frozen Food Month) and well, the possibilities are endless. (Yeah, okay maybe not "endless" per se, but the blurbettes are fans of hyperbole so we're going with it). So get your toy soldiers out, dressed warmly for the frozen tundra (or tuna?) they'll be facing, and march on! Should none of that come to pass, you can always just enjoy marching from view to view ~ (for other marching tunes click on the picture ~ or google away )

Thursday, March 2nd 2017 ~ It's Read Across America Day today, but before we begin we'd just like to say....Oh how we like white snow and ice! We always find it very nice. We like it on the street and house ~ we even like it on a mouse ~ We like it piled in a box, and like it like an arctic fox ~ Most times we like it here not there, but actually like it anywhere! We now can't see green grass or land, and thus it's time to clap our hands. So thanks to Boreas, it's back ~ and on Seuss's birthday... imagine that! Happy Birthday Theodor ~ we're off to see what the views have in store ~ (and to read and read and read some more) ~

Wednesday, March 1st 2017 ~ March is here ~ very lamb like in it's appearance as we head towards 70 today (if you find our lost winter, please send it home... we'll pay postage) Today is the day back in 1872 that President Ulysses S. Grant signed legislation making Yellowstone this country's first national park. Those were the days eh? We think a road trip to Yellowstone is called for, until then we'll visit via webcam but let us know when you're ready to go! Some of our favorite views are of Yellowstone ~ and we particularly like watching Old Faithful. If you're in the neighborhood stop by and watch with us ~ We'll be on the veranda with a pitcher of ice cold lemonade 'cause, you know, it's March!?!     :)

Tuesday, February 28th 2017 ~ Happy Mardi Gras!!! You can catch the last of the parades here (and discover when to watch them here). As if Mardi Gras isn't enough it's also Double Helix Day as we celebrate the day in 1953 that scientists James D. Watson and Frances H.C. Crick announced that they have determined the double-helix structure of DNA, the molecule containing human genes. And you know what that means.....you can (and will, yearly testing proves it's in your genes) click here for this year's gene joke ~ Enjoy your double helix and the lovely way it recombined for you ~ oh, and the views ~

Monday, February 27th 2017 ~ On this day in 1827, a group of masked and costumed students danced through the streets of New Orleans marking the first of the now famous Mardi Gras celebrations ~ that tradition continues in the lead up to Mardi Gras tomorrow ~ check out the time of the parades here, and the parades themselves here. It was also this day in 1867 Dr. William Bonwill of Philadelphia invented the dental mallet (?), and as it turns out, not so coincidentally we think, it is also the birthday of Alfred Einhorn a German chemist who would grow up to develop the mono-hydrochloride of para-amino-benzoyldiethyl-amino-ethanol, aka procaine, aka Novacain! Throw in it's also the day the patent (No. 644077) was awarded for Aspirin, and it becomes clear the universe has a lovely sense of whimsy and timing ~ enjoy both of those qualities today (since we can't avoid them, might as well enjoy them) and the views ~

Sunday, February 26th 2017 ~ On our way to make a big batch of honey-lemon tea and find some more kleenex... however, first a reminder that it is another day of parades as we march towards Mardi Gras (it's on Tuesday)(you can watch the parades here). We are hoping some of our viewers got to see the eclipse this morning (sadly, this side of the driveway did not) ~ if you did, send pictures! Lastly, before we wander to find tea, and the views, we want to say Happy Birthday to: the Grand Canyon National Park (1919); New Orleans' own Fats Domino (1928); the Grand Tetons National Park (1929); and NPR (1970) ~ we'll have cake for them all soon (we promise), but until then... enjoy the views ~

Saturday, February 25th 2017 ~ More spring training games today (lots more) and more parades today (ditto) in case you were wondering. Today is also International Sword Swallowers Day (!?) see list on that site for participating locations with live performances (!!??!!)**. It is also the birthday of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, one of the Impressionists who loved the light found "en plein air" (in the open air) rather than in the studio. We're not sure how to combine all of these things ~ but if you can get out en plein air ~ by all means do so, or enjoy the views "de l'allée" (from the driveway) if you are stuck inside with a sore throat (thinking of you Amy and hoping for quick healing) from any other celebrations... ** the legal department just swallowed their tongues reading that and insists we remind our viewers that we are NOT recommending sword swallowing in any manner (they don't want us to even recommend you watch it but that's just because they are a bit squeamish more than it being a legal issue). Consider yourselves reminded: Don't swallow swords. (they are such swords in the muds about so many things)    :)

Friday, February 24th 2017 ~ It's here!!! Spring Training games start today!!! At 1:05 the crack of the bat will be heard again as play gets underway and the Yankees play the Phillies, the Tigers play the Orioles, the Reds play the Giants, and there are 4 other games today as well!!! Baseball and Mardi Gras parades.... AND it's a Friday ~ it doesn't get much better than this. You can follow the games here, and follow the parades here.     :)

Thursday, February 23rd 2017 ~ Spring continues it's springing, which has us all confused. But we don't care because today is our favorite of the Mardi Gras Parades and we're not confused about that... The Krewe of Muses takes the spotlight at 6:30 (N.O. time) and we'll be ready. Get yer shoes on and meet us there. Well, meet us here since we aren't actually there, at least not in person, 'tho certainly in spirit. To Amy we wish rapid healing, to everyone ~ Enjoy the parades, and the views, and pass the étouffée please (this recipe looked good, but shouldn't there be some roasted garlic in there???) ~

Tuesday, February 21st 2017 ~ Break out the cake (and ice-cream) it's Happy Birthday Aunt Joyce Day!!!!! Let the celebrations begin!!! We hope it's a great day for you Aunt Joyce and the start of a wonderful year ahead ~ that year having 52 weeks, and (not coincidentally) since today is the 52nd day of the year... and... 52 is the fewest number of moves needed to solve the sliding 15 puzzle if it's in it's hardest configuration (?)(which apparently is this?). We say how about some puzzling with that cake and ice-cream? You can try solving the 15 puzzle, in a multitude of configurations, right here ~ (the blurbettes record to beat? an embarassing 202 at the moment) ~

February 20th 2017 ~ A very happy President's Day ~ whatever your celebrations include we hope they are... yeah, we don't know how to finish that thought, so we're changing it to we hope you find lots of pictures of presidents in your wallet!?! Okay, so we need to study up on what the appropriate and correct Presidents Day greetings are. Meanwhile... it's a lovely day because it's the day George Washington (a lovely president) established the Post Office (one of our favorite things) *AND* it's the day (way) back in 1962, that John Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth, circling it 3 times in 5 hours! (there are currently 2 Americans, 1 Frenchman, and 3 Russians orbiting the earth 16 times a day in the ISS)(which we think would also be really lovely). We'll be orbiting with them here, virtually anyway, c'mon along and enjoy the views ~

Sunday, February 19th 2017 ~ It is apparently still spring ~ and it is the birthday of Carson McCullers. Both excellent reasons to grab a book (or some reading device), find a sunny spot, and read. Well, and watch the views as well. Here are the links to last year's bird nests ~ haven't been updated yet but they are a start if you want to take the spring thing one step further and start nest watching. And of course, last but in no universe least ~ it's parade season in New Orleans! So beads on, drinks in hand (the hand not holding your book), and it's off to the Big Easy (Carson will understand if you watch parades instead of reading, really) Let the good times roll!     :)    ~

Saturday, February 18th 2017 ~ The blurbettes didn't show up for work yesterday ~ but they're back today... and so is spring? Rumor has it the temperatures are heading up to the high 50's here and even higher nonsense (for February) in other locations. The sun is as shiny as diamonds so far and since it's already 54 here we're guessing the rumors are true. Although, it does make some sense as the last teams to report for spring training report today (GO YANKEES!!) ~ and the spring training games start next week!! And given that this is also the day 87 years ago that Pluto was discovered (a planet then, a planet (on the driveway anyway) now) and that this day 132 years ago we were first introduced to Huckleberry Finn when his adventures were published ~ it's a lovely day for viewing and finding all the spring like sites that sparkle ~ Enjoy the views ~

Thursday, February 16th 2017 ~ Running very late which is unfortunate because it cuts into reading aloud today and since it's World Read Aloud Day (!) we do not want to be the cause of less reading aloud. So enjoy the views and participate in reading aloud today, if only because we can! Enjoy your voice, your books, and the day ~ (Yes a thinly veiled reference, in the blurb, and in the picture(!) to Fahrenheit 451 which is an excellent book to read any day ~ And PS, we do know that this scene from the movie doesn't happen in the book ~ but we like it anyway)

Wednesday, February 15th 2017 ~ It's Maple Leaf Day here on the driveway ~ as it is the day back in 1965 that with a formal proclamation by Queen Elizabeth II of England, a new Canadian national flag is raised above Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Oh Canada! The search for a new national flag began in 1925 and ended up with the raising of the red and white (the official colors of Canada as decided by King George V in 1921) flag, with the stylized 11-point red maple leaf in its center 40 years later. So with a little Maple Leaf Rag in the background, and some maple syrup cake in our future, we hope, it's off to the views ~

Tuesday, February 14th 2017 ~

Monday, February 13th 2017 ~ A merry Monday to all ~ we are getting some snow which is a nice start to the week, and it's the birthday of Chuck Yeager, the first man to travel faster than the speed of sound, born on this day in 1923 which means cake all around (may we suggest the very fast mug-o-cakes in honor of Chuck?) which is also a nice start to the day. Hopefully, those two things, plus all the views (and maybe some ice-cream to go along with the cake (fastest ice cream we know of is at the store)), should make this Monday marvelous rather than manic ~ or at least deliciously manic? ~ Enjoy the views ~

Sunday, February 12th 2017 ~ Abraham Lincoln would be turning 208 today ~ if only he could. It is also Darwin's 208th birthday, so cake and ice-cream around while catching up on some readings (both Lincoln and Darwin) and of course some viewing ~ for Lincoln and Darwin (that's his home town). Enjoy the views ~

Saturday, February 11th 2017 ~ A very Happy Birthday to Jessie today! We all hope it's a great day and the start of a great year for you Jessie!!!! Today is also National Don't Cry over Spilled Milk Day so we can all have some milk with our birthday cake and not worry one whit about it spilling ~ talk about a great day. :) A small reminder that it is also the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison (2 pieces of cake ~ yay!) who gave us light and music and was the subject of a quiz back in '15. That quiz was answered, however, the current quiz remains unanswered. Enjoy the views, the weekend, and maybe some quizzling?

Friday, February 10th 2017 ~ There is much joy in mudville ~ We got some snow!!!!!!!! It's beautiful, it actually covered the grass this time, and it's still coming down. :) Perfect weather, and even better because we got it on the birthday of Boris Pasternak ~ who among many other things wrote Doctor Zhivago. Pebble, there is no curse, you really should watch the movie... Speaking of movies (and Russians and what not*)(*that's code, we can't tell you what for. It's classified) today is also the 55th anniversary of the swap of US Pilot Gary Powers and Soviet KGB Colonel Vilyam Fisherand at the Glienicke Bridge in Berlin and Bridge of Spies is also a good movie for the day ~ when not reveling at and/or in the snow. Enjoy the views ~

Thursday, February 9th 2017 ~ Well our snowflaking did start a blizzard (or two), just not here. However, there is snow all over the place! And lots more coming down along the east coast ~ so that is where we are heading for our viewing today. With many thanks to the National Weather Service, begun 147 years ago today, for keeping us informed! Try out the traffic cams ~ especially in NYC (our current favorites in NYC are the Brooklyn Bridge Cams, here's one of them), and New York, "down state", and in Boston, and Massachusetts, or in Philly, and Pennsylvania. Then, of course, the east coast wave cams! The Snow Watching Links are always fun, and check out the lovely Coney Island this morning, and in fact any (and all) of the views you can wander in the areas ~ (air quality links  ~  statue of liberty/Ellis Island  ~  a roof top in NYC) so many views, so little time! Enjoy the snow ~ 11:15 update ~ Be sure to check out the other cameras on the roof top link too ... they are here as well just fyi... so jealous of the snow there!!! ~ Additional view 1 ~ Additional view 2 ~ Additional view 3 ~

Wednesday, February 8th 2017 ~ Spring wandered in for a couple of hours last night, only to be blown away by the return of cooler temperatures this morning ~ and still no snow. We here at Drivewaycam International are trying not to take the lack of snow personally, but it seems rather pointed... which reminded us of scissors (!?!) so we're off to make our own snowflakes as we wander the views. Happily there is snow on the majority of the Snow Watching Links (especially on the John Dee North Woods cameras). Happy viewing, and flaking! ~ Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake ~ Sara Raasch

Tuesday, February 7th 2017 ~ With freezing rains due in upon the driveway seems like the perfect day to stay under the blankets and wander the views ~ maybe listen to the Beatles as it is the 53rd anniversary of the day they landed in New York for the first time, or maybe read some Sinclair Lewis since it's his birthday, or maybe just make a pot of tea, pull up the blankets and hide out in the purview of penguins ~ whatever your day includes, (there is still a quiz (actually there are 2 as it turns out) awaiting solving, which goes well with tea too) enjoy the views ~

Monday, February 6th 2017 ~ It's pinkies up and toast all around for Queen Elizabeth ~ today celebrating the 65th (!) year of her reign ~ first British Monarch ever to reach their Sapphire Jubilee!!! (Victoria who?)(lol) A remarkable woman ~ Elizabeth!!

Sunday, February 5th 2017 ~ Turns out it's National Nutella Day (?) ~ and ~ it may or may not be (depends on your calendar of choice) National Popcorn Day!?! So, while checking out the views this might be a super Sunday to try out Nutella Popcorn! You can make it quickly or spend a little more time on it... in either case we're guessing it will be delicious. A nod of the old space helmet to Apollo 14 as it was this very day in 1971 that it touched down on the lunar surface and then we are off to wander the views. Especially this one, just because. :)

Saturday, February 4th 2017 ~ And as always on this day ~ a Happy Birthday to Clyde Tombaugh who is still out there, traveling on after his visit (fly-by) of Pluto. To see where he is now, check out this map. Happy Travels Clyde! Today is also the fabulous meet-up of National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day **AND** Take Your Child To The Library Day! (always the first Saturday in February). We highly recommend both ~ and remember if you don't have a child, and don't know one you can take to the library (without frantic calls to the police ensuing mind you), you have an inner child who would love both ice cream for breakfast and a trip to the library. So enjoy the views and a double dip of ice-cream and books! (maybe books about ice-cream? check out section 641.8 or any of these) Our favorite ice-cream for breakfast on this day? Bet you guessed it ~

Friday, February 3rd 2017 ~ 675 score and 15 days ago the atom configuration (of somewhere between 1 X 10 (to the 14th) and 7 X 10 (to the 27th) atoms of star stuff ~ according to the interweb, and Carl Sagan) that became known as the wee beastie began sparkling on the planet we are all currently on. It was a bright day then, and she, and all of those atoms, continue to sparkle now. Happy Birthday Em! We all wish you many more incandescent years ahead ~ hope it's a great day and the start of a wonderful year for you ~

Thursday, February 2nd 2017 ~ Whether you call it Candlemas, Imbolc, or Groundhog, day, we are smack dab between the solstice and the equinox and that is a lovely place to be. Whatever the weather is to come (Punxsutawney Phil says 6 more weeks of winter, Ontario's Wiarton Willie says we'll have an early spring)(it's pretty evenly split among all the predicting marmots) we're going to have some (weather that is) and you'll get to see what that weather is, and where it is, right here on all the views, oh and here, and of course outside your windows, which is a another view for you to enjoy today as you while away the time weather watching ~

Wednesday, February 1st 2017 ~ Bunny, Bunny, Bunny ~ as February hops into view on the driveway. Best wishes for feeling better soon to Brannaman, we hope his views today are mostly of his closed, and napping, eyelids. While he's resting, we'll wish S.J Perleman (1904) and The Oxford English Dictionary (OED)(1884) both very Happy Birthdays ~ seems right some how that they share this day. You can use either Perleman's writing, or the OED, to get a new password as today is also National Change Your Password Day. We couldn't find a dictionary webcam, but here is a view of an area that will someday house a dictionary ~ to add to your new month viewing selections today ~ Enjoy the views ~

Tuesday, January 31st 2017 ~ Last day to get your January viewing it ~ it's out of here soon, and so are we as we are running late and today is also moving day for Em ~ enjoy the views and if you want to move boxes..... c'mon by Em's!!!

Monday, January 30th 2017 ~ January is about to wander down the driveway for the last time this year ~ but it's going out in style with a little bit of snow to brighten up the day. Another thing that may be very useful in brightening up today is the fact that it's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day ~ so, some online bubble wrap to pop where ever you are! (ed note: the blurbetts are, annoyingly, fans of the manic mode ~ well it is a Monday after all and they are the blurbetts (their lateness today is due (almost) entirely to that site... if we hadn't wrestled it away from them you may not have heard from them until next week)) Here's to more snow, and bubble wrap all around ~ :)

Sunday, January 29th 2017 ~ Some of our neighbors have gotten snow measured in feet... while we here are puzzled over what is happening... to the snow along with everything else there is to puzzle about. While we are trying to sort it all out a tip of the birthday hat to William McKinley, born 174 years ago today. He'd go on to become the 25th president, and the first president to ride in an automobile (a Stanley Steamer no less). A "first" amazing in its own right even if dwarfed by later presidential firsts. He was born in Niles, Ohio (Niles is in between Warren and Youngstown). Turns out it's also National Puzzle Day so we'll puzzle on and if you find the answers let us know, we'll do the same ~ Enjoy the views ~ Click on puzzle peices to solve (it took the blurbettes 5 minutes/2seconds to solve it first time, just putting that out there)

Saturday, January 28th 2017 ~ A very Happy Year of the Rooster ~ as the Chinese New Year gets underway today and approximately 1/5 of the world's population celebrate. It's the beginning of year 4715, and is a time for fireworks and family feasts. A delightful combination. If that isn't enough for you to celebrate too, today is also National Kazoo Day (!) so get thee to a Kazoo and get humming! Is your kazoo out of tune due to lack of use? ~ well here are some tips on tuning your kazoo so you can celebrate/play all day while watching the views. By the by, the largest kazoo ensemble, on record, is 5,190 participants and was achieved at the Royal Albert Hall, on March 14, 2011. Just in case 5,191 of you want to get together to try to break that... a look in at Beijing (loads slowly) then it's off to the views ~ :)    click on each for larger view images found on www.jugbandsupply.com/product/mouthbow-solo/, pintrest(no source given), and www.afsc.tk/lunar-new-year-rooster/

Friday, January 27th 2017 ~ We are always hopeful on this day that we will get to see a white rabbit (with a pocket watch of course) racing by on its way to a birthday party for Lewis Carroll ~ so far the only one we've ever seen was waltzing, not racing, and was humming some Mozart so we think it was on it's way to another birthday party... a look in on Salzburg (where Mr. Mozart was born) and also a look in on the road to Daresbury (where Mr. Carroll was born) and then it's off to the views as our pocket watch says we're running late! Happy (Chinese) New Year's Eve and enjoy the views ~

Thursday, January 26th 2017 ~ On January 26, 1788, the honorable Captain Arthur Phillip guided a fleet of 11 British ships which were carrying convicts to the colony of New South Wales, effectively founding Australia. So Happy Australia Day to our friends down under and to all of us ~ with a quick look in at Sidney, and a wave hello to Twentysix, KY just because we love their name, as well as a look in there, well as close to there as you can get (camera is at:37°55'17~N 83°15'34~W and Twentysix is at:37°56'41~N 83°21'40~W) ~ then it's off to the views ~

Wednesday, January 25th 2017 ~ Happy Macintosh Day! The Macintosh Apple computer went on sale to the public on Jan. 25, 1984 ~ it had been hinted at to the public 2 days earlier in a super bowl commercial, and was unveiled by Steve Jobs on the 24th, but actually went on sale on the 25th. (Both of those links are worth the few minutes it takes to click on and watch) ~ Before heading to the views you may want to make something Macintosh to celebrate so the views will wait here and if you need a recipe check here ~ and as always we are available for any taste testings you may require. :)

Tuesday, January 24th 2017 ~ A calendar mishap caused us to miss Patti Beth's birthday yesterday! And National Pie (with an e) Day ~ but first things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY + 1 DAY PATTI BETH!!! We hope it was a great day for you and that your new year ahead is a wonderful one. In your honor, as today is National Peanut Butter Day, not one but two peanut butter pies ~ one you bake and one you don't. These pies also are great for celebrating snow, if you (like the driveway) were lucky enough to receive some (to make it more authentic you can always throw on some vanilla ice-cream), and of course they both go perfectly with wandering the views ~ a new view here to wander, with an oh so tenuous tie to today's tributes ~ which is not easy to say with a mouth full of peanut butter... :)

Monday, January 23rd 2017 ~ Good Morning Driveway Cam! We're celebrating building bridges today as it was this day, in 1855, that the first permanent bridge across the Mississippi River opened! That was only 162 years ago which amazes us. It's true that we are easily amazed but still, not that long ago considering there are some 130+ bridges that now cross over the 2300 (aprox.) miles of the Mississippi... which means, given the bridges that were built and have be replaced or just removed, we've built an average bridge a year since the first one was opened! That very first one was in Minneapolis, MN. So a look (or 2) in there and then a look at the start of the Mississippi as well as a look in at the end of the Mississippi (this one is slow to load, be patient) then it's off to the other views, and to build other bridges real or metaphorical (if you don't want to don a hard hat this early). Oh, and if anyone wants to set up an expedition to travel the Mississippi and count bridges... let us know!

Sunday, January 22nd 2017 ~ Late (and somewhat crooked) start to a foggy day on the driveway ~ check out the Irondequoit Bridge Traffic Cam for some fun fog watching ~ or the Golden Gate Bridge Fog cams for some bay to shining sea fog watching ~ the fog on this side of the driveway rarely lifts but the views on that side should clear up some time today. Until they do you can watch and/or play the Golden Gate fog horn here ~ Enjoy all the views ~

Saturday, January 21st 2017 ~ It's another overcast, damp, Saturday on the driveway ~ we hit 72+ hours here without seeing the sun at some point yesterday, it appeared ever so briefly and then wandered away again, or you know, January in upstate New York, just without snow. :) So, we are thinking of brighter days ~ back when the world was moving forward, across boundaries not building them, and when, on this very day in 1976, from London’s Heathrow Airport and Orly Airport outside Paris, the first Concordes with commercial passengers simultaneously took flight. The London flight was headed to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, and the Paris to Rio de Janeiro via Senegal in West Africa. (We are still angry with them for stopping the Concorde flights before we got to ride on one, just in case they check in on driveway cam today we want them to know). To the rest of you checking in on driveway cam today, we want you to enjoy the views ~

Friday, January 20th 2017 ~ Whatever your views are on the incoming and outgoing administrations, today is once again a demonstration of how strong our republic is and can continue to be, if we all work together. And our elected officials can only preserve, protect, and defend our country if they work together, and now, more than ever, is the time. Meanwhile, also whatever your views are ~ here are 3 words: DC Traffic Cams! LOL Enjoy all the views ~

Thursday, January 19th 2017 ~ Running late, so a quick promise to try and miss a day nevermore ~ a quicker Happy Birthday to one of the driveway's favorites Edgar Allan Poe ~ and it's off to the views.... with a quick look in at a Raven, here and there. Enjoy ~

Wednesday, January 18th 2017 ~ Before we head off to the views a very Jubilant Natal Day to physician and lexicographer Peter Mark Roget who gave us the thesaurus. With additional jubilations to A.A. Milne and Cary Grant (a lovely article about him here) both of whom had such a way with words as well ~ c'mon by today and read some Milne, or watch some Cary Grant, or simply savor the scenes with us ~ If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something to do with a shortage of flowers. ~ Doug Larson

Tuesday, January 17th 2017 ~ A very Happy Birthday (his 311th) to Benjamin Franklin. It's also the 351st birthday of Antonia Valsalva (he named the Eustachian tube), the 118th birthday of Nevil Shute (author of 'On the Beach' among others), the 88th anniversary of the birth of Antonio Prohías, creator of Mad Magazine's Spy vs Spy comic, as well as the 88th anniversary of the first appearance of Popeye in a comic strip ~ coincidence? Probably. In any case, birthday cake (and ice cream) is called for, to take along as you wander the views ~

Monday, January 16th 2017 ~ Here's to a peaceful and measured Martin Luther King Jr day ~ the views are available for wandering, or let the views wait and participate in National Service Day. The views will be here when you get back. So with a quick Happy Birthday nod to Frank J. Zamboni (inventor of the Zamboni) it's off to the day ~ and whatever comes into view ~

Sunday, January 15th 2017 ~ It is Pinkies Up day as it is the anniversary of the day in 1559 that Elizabeth Tudor, the 25-year-old daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, was crowned Queen Elizabeth I at Westminster Abbey in London. She reigned for a long and remarkable 44 years ~ her namesake Elizabeth II came to the throne a year older than young Bess, but is now just 22 days away from starting her 65th year as Queen! (and is piling on to her title of longest reigning British Monarch of all time, which she earned on Sept 9th 2015, along with all her other titles). So it's pinkies up then for all the Elizabeths to have ruled Britannia ~ a quick look in at Trafalgar Square and then off to the views ~

Saturday, January 14th 2017 ~ [The Blurb Division spent yesterday hiding under their respective desks avoiding Friday the 13th. They're back, and will be dealt with (after they get a blurb out today, hopefully).] Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day, though we are still not sure why you'd want to (except for dressing the wee ones warmly during the winter) ~ it is also the day back in 1784 that the Continental Congress ratified the Second Treaty of Paris, ending the War for Independence. You can work out how to combine those two things, or you can make some tea/coffee/hot chocolate and head to the views to watch the day unfold. You could also try your hand at the quizzes that remain unanswered from this year, and from 2009 (we're talking 7, going on 8 years people!) ~ Enjoy ~

Thursday, January 12th 2017 ~ In the movie, 2001, today is the anniversary of the day in 1992 that the HAL 9000 became operational, in Urbana Illinois (in the book Clarke changed the year to 1997). So a quick Happy Birthday to HAL! (oh HAL, we hardly knew ye), and a look in at Urbana then it's off to the views ~ In between views take some time to remember the sights and sounds of HAL, and his friends ~ Enjoy ~

Wednesday, January 11th 2017 ~ One day after the U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell officially signed into being the newest park to become part of the National Park Service System, the Harriet Tubman National Historical Park, we celebrate the 109th anniversary of the day U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt declared the massive Grand Canyon a national monument. It didn't become a National Park until 1919, but it started on its way this day in 1908. So visit as many of the National Parks today as you can (it's warming up, a perfect day for it) via their lovely cameras if not in person ~ we haven't verified every one of these links, but you can! (Random clicking found the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse links not working and the National Mall Webcam removed). One of these days... a road trip to them all! Enjoy ~

Tuesday, January 10th 2017 ~ Some snow, some rain, a little bit of everything out on the driveway and around so let's be careful out there people. And if you can stay in, enjoy a little music with your views by pulling out the old 45s in honor of the 68th anniversary of their debut ~ it was this day in 1949 that RCA introduced the “single”, the 7-inch diameter 45 rpm record, in the U.S.A. The single could play eight minutes of sound per side, and those 8 minutes changed the world. :) So, 45s stacked on a turn-table, bobby socks on, fountain coke in hand, ignore the weather, and enjoy the views ~

Monday, January 9th 2017 ~ While we wish for more snow ~ we are also remembering that it was this day in 1968, that the Surveyor 7 space probe made a soft landing on the moon. It marked the end of the American series of unmanned explorations of the lunar surface prior to the Apollo Program starting. A project, underway for a while now, will bring the 87,000 images captured during the Surveyor era to the public ~ we look forward to seeing them ~ in the meantime, we'll look at the moon from afar and remember when... (the next full moon is on Thursday and you can watch it right here cloudy skies or no) ~ Enjoy!

Sunday, January 8th 2017 ~ Snow!!! Not a lot, but snow none the less ~ insert loud YAY here!!! We wish to wish Elvis Presley a very happy birthday (he'd be turning 82 if only he could) and a very happy birthday to Stephen Hawking who is turning 75!! Throw in that it is also the 113th birthday of Walter E. Diemer (the salt water taffy company accountant who accidently invented Bubble Gum!) and the anniversary of the day in 1889 that Dr. Herman Hollerith received patent #395,782 for the first tabulating machine (and of course brought us to the doorsteps of the beginning of key hags! Where would we be without him?) and it's just the perfect day to celebrate and wander outside in the snow ~ or maybe just wander the views...     :)

Saturday, January 7th 2017 ~ The first weekend of the new year ~ and winter is almost every where you look (the driveway has the cold, just no the snow). It's the perfect weekend for curling up under some blankets after making a large pot of soup of course, then spending time: penguin watching, reading, napping, and eating soup (it's National Soup Month so it's practically a requirement). Enjoy the winter ~ embrace it even! (aka, eating soup, staying under blankets, reading, napping, etc etc etc) For inspiration, try our favorite list of soups, or perhaps Campbell's delicious list, or this site which might keep you so busy looking you forget to actually make some soup. :) Enjoy the views, the season, and the seasonings! ~

Friday, January 6th 2017 ~ Whether you need one, have one, had one, want one, or provide one for some one else ~ today is the day ~ epiphany: noun epiph·a·ny \i-'pi-f?-ne\; a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience; a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something; an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking; an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure; a revealing scene or moment... Enjoy the views today, you just never know what light you'll uncover ~

Thursday, January 5th 2017 ~ Besides the 5th day of the year being Twelfth Night, with us wishing we were in New Orleans where they DO Twelfth Night, it is also National Bird Day ~ so here is a link to some bird watching in Canada, and a busy feeder in Texas for some bird viewing, as well as the link to the penguins who are eminently viewable (as well as being dressed (to the nines) perfectly for celebrating Twelfth Night!). Put out some bird seed and enjoy the views (here and at your bird feeder) ~

Wednesday, January 4th 2017 ~ On this day, the older of the two Grimm brothers, Jacob, was born in Hanau, Germany. With his brother Wilhelm he would document folk tales including Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and Rumpelstiltskin among many others. And as winter weather spreads out across the country this might be the perfect opportunity to brew up some hot chocolate or tea and read something Grimm ~ perhaps something with snow? Enjoy the views (and the baby penguins) ~

Tuesday, January 3rd 2017 ~ Today we wish J.R.R.Tolkien the happiest of 125th birthdays ~ or would if we could. His Lord of the Rings was once described by a critic as "a children's book which has somehow gotten out of hand."! Whatever your views on his books (there were more than the Ring trilogy), with over 150 million copies sold world wide of just the Lord of the Ring Trilogy it is ranked 7th of favorite books of all time (sure that's subjective, sales doesn't necessarily equal favorites, but it is a measure). So, in his honor, a new quiz to start out the new year! Cheryl has won the top Quizzler of the Year award 2 years running. Will it be 3? Wander here to see ~ and bring a Hobbit with you if you know one (after you take them to lunch of course, or second breakfast, or both...)

Monday, January 2nd 2017 ~ Good morning on this back-to-work after the holidays day ~ 1 small announcements before we leave you to the views: 1) New viewing contest rule ~ there is no time limit on when you send in what you saw on the driveway. The two hour window between seeing and sending has been removed. If you see something, send it in! (all other rules still apply). And now it's on to the views people, they're waiting for us ~ Enjoy ~

Sunday, January 1st 2017 ~ Here we are again ~ out of the 'ber months, at the very start of another run around the Sun, and ready to take in all the views of that run in progress. It is the birthday of many (in fact, the UNICEF estimates that an average of 353,000 babies are born each day around the world, and with an average life span of 71.0 years world wide that means there are potentially 25,063,000 people with a birthday today), such as E.M. Forster who brought us A Passage to India, so a quick look there before we have some tea to prepare our throats for all that singing of Happy Birthday, and head to Antarctica to visit the penguin chicks, which is the absolute best way to start out any, and every, year ~ there are 365 viewing days ahead of us in this shiny New Year ~ enjoy ~ and a very Happy 2017 to us all ~

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